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  Chester Friends Cemetery
Washington Township,
Hamilton County, Indiana

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Blessing, Mary E. ID0965
Bond, Alice E.  ID1420
Bond, Violetta Tomlinson, ID0946
Bond, Wesley, ID0950

Carey, Abigail Tomlinson ID0941
Carey, Alice Unknown
Cary, Cyrus ID0948
Carey Lindley
Carey, Mary

Davis, Abigail ID0766
Doan, Jane Tomlinson ID0763

Hiatt, B - ID5272
Hiatt, Delilah ID0185
Hiatt, Enos ID2179
Hiatt, Etta
Hiatt, Gracie T.
Hiatt, C. - ID5270
Hiatt, James
Hiatt, Keziah Montgomery ID1865
Hiatt, L. ID5271
Hiatt, Solomon ID0067
Hiatt, Solomon Family
Hoag, Eliza E. ID0939
Inman, Julia ID0962

Jessup, Lydia ID0964

Kellum, Lydia ID0061
Kivett, Effie Litteral ID1417
Kivett, Ellen Tomlinson ID0945
Kivett, Harry ID1416
Kivett, Imogene ID4321
Kivett, Max ID4324
Kivett, Milo ID0949
Kivett, Zimri ID5139

Lindley, Gula Elma ID0977
Litteral, Effie ID1417

Marshall, Mary Ann ID4255
Montgomery, Keiah ID1865

Perisho, Martha A. ID0767

Rich, Miriam ID4253
Robbins, Ahava Williams ID4258
Robbins, Clark
Robbins, Clyde
Robbins, Daisy Unknown
Robbins, Dale Max
Robbins, Emeline
Robbins, Isaac ID0069
Robbins, Joel ID4254
Robbins, Keziah Tomlinson ID0070
Robbins, Mable
Robbins, Mary Ann Marshall ID4255
Robbins, Miriam Rich ID4253
Robbins, Robert
Robbins, Viola
Robbins, William B. ID0072

Statker, Eliza ID0768
Tomlinson, Abigail  ID0941
Tomlinson, Abigail Davis ID0766
Tomlinson, Allen ID0764
Tomlinson, Arthur ID1406
Tomlinson, Asher K. ID0957
Tomlinson, Ashley ID1405
Tomlinson, Bessie ID1404
Tomlinson, Byron J.
Tomlinson, Delilah Hiatt ID0185
Tomlinson, Eliza Hoag ID0939
Tomlinson, Eliza Statker ID0768
Tomlinson, Ellen ID0945
Tomlinson, Emily A. ID0761
Tomlinson, Esther ID0762
Tomlinson, Esther H. ID0760
Tomlinson, Gula Elma Lindley ID0977
Tomlinson, Jane ID0763
Tomlinson, Julia Inman ID0962
Tomlinson, Keziah ID0070
Tomlinson, Levi B. ID0934
Tomlinson, Luther Lee ID0971
Tomlinson, Lydia Jessup ID0964
Tomlinson, Lydia Kellum ID0061
Tomlinson, Martha Perisho ID0767
Tomlinson, Mary E. Blessing ID0965
Tomlinson, Milton ID0184
Tomlinson, Morton ID0958
Tomlinson, Noah ID0768
Tomlinson, Robert ID0060
Tomlinson, Robert ID0955
Tomlinson, Russell ID1407
Tomlinson, Ruth ID0954
Tomlinson, Willie ID1403

Williams, Ahava ID4258


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Cemetery Information

- Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
- SW corner of US 31 and 196th St
- Coordinates:  40.072492130119755, -86.12841696002421   [S1]
Google Map

Google Custom Map -
Overhead View - (Google Maps, 2018) - (196th St. no longer crosses US 31 as before)
Google Map View, 17 March 2019

- Google Map: Link,

- FamilySearch Chester Cemetery Page
: Link

1866 Plat Map - Sec. 25, Link,
-  1922 Plat Book, Washington Township, Sec. 25  S9,

Find a Grave Page
Cemetery size: about 250’ North to South – About 260’ East to west
“This cemetery lies north of Westfield Ind. Road 31, the church meeting house
was there between 1859–1946, the school 1869-1896."  S5, page 46
Cemetery Listings are available at Hamilton East Public Library, Indiana Room in the Family History Vertical Files
A good article about the formation of Chester Friends Church - S3 pages 320-323. - Doc 0245.pdf
"Chester Friends Church; membership, 100; Sunday school scholars, 50, Luther Tomlinson, superintendent; property, $800." [1874]   S8,
The Friends Church and school building (School # 17) (Now gone) are shown on the 1880 Washington Township map between pages 134 and 135 on the land of Allen Tomlinson ID0764, who provided the land for them both - They are located north of Westfield on the Lick Creek Gravel Road (U.S. 31 & 196th St)- S4
23 Dec 1908 :  Proposition to add land to the Cemetery - (S11, Record Page 13)
This meeting is united in giving the Trustees of the meeting’s
property the right to Transfer a plat of ground described as follows
to the Cemetery Co.
Description, Begining [sic] at the north west
corner of the origin la grave yard
running North to a line straight with the North fence of the first adition [sic]
thence East to a line straight with the east side of the original thence
south to the North East corner of the original thence West to place
of beginning, containing twenty five Sq. rd more or less.
Final Business Meeting of Chester Preparative Meeting (S11, PDF Page 18, 19 - Record Pages 112, 113)
($278.00 from the sale of the meeting house and property turned over to the Trustees of the Cemetery)

Page 112
Date: 20 Nov 1935
At the Business meeting of Friends held 11-20-1935
This meeting asks Westfield Monthly Meeting to appoint the following persons
Trustees of Chester Church Property: -
Robert Tomlinson, Merrit J. Barker, Asher K. Tomlinson
The meeting concluded
Roxie Stalker, Clerk

At Chester Business Meeting of Friends held 3-25-1936
The following annual report of the
Treasurer was read and accepted by this
meeting: -
"Treasurer's Annual Report for 1935.
To Chester Business Meeting.
No money on hand at last report
Received Chester's share of the interest on the Tomlinson Memorial Fund $4.87
All bills payable this year have been paid. No debts on the meeting
no money left on hand."
Asher K. Tomlinson, Treas.

The following report of the Trustees of Chester Meeting is read and accepted
at this time: -
"The Trustees of Chester Meeting would make the following report to
the meeting - We have sold the house and ground containing one
acre more or less. The deed is made
page 113:
and recorded at Noblesville. The title transferred to the purchaser
Receipts -
The house and grounds - $250.00
23 benches @ $1.50 each - 34.50
Chairs 5.00
Total Receipts $289.50

Making Abstract $11.00
Making Deed .50
Total Expenses $11.50
Balance on hands 278.00
This amount $278.00 has been turned over to the Trustees of Chester
Cemetery to be added to the Endowment Fund. On behalf of the Trustees
of Chester Meeting.
Asher K. Tomlinson.

Benevolence Treas. Report for year
. . .

This meeting requests Westfield Monthly Meeting to discontinue
Chester Meeting for worship and business.
The meeting concluded.
Roxie Stalker, Clerk.
9 members of the 109th Indiana Infantry, who were killed pursuing John Hunt Morgan in July 1863, were buried at Chester Cemetery [S12]

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Family Buried Here  Images/ Links
Bond, Alice E. ID1420 - Find a Grave     [Row 20, GS 13 - S6]  -  ,   
"Alice E. Dau. of/ Wesley &/Violetta [Tomlinson] Bond/Sep. 27, 1893/Jan. 18, 1900/ Aged 6Y. 3M. 21D/Bond"
Daughter of Wesley & Violetta Tomlinson Bond

Bond, Violetta Tomlinson, ID0946 (Apr 1860-22 Aug 1930) - Find a Grave -

Bond, Wesley, ID0950 (Nov 1854-23 June 1934) - Find a Grave -


Carey, Cyrus ID0948 - Find a Grave -
Carey, Abligail Tomlinson ID0941 - Find a Grave -
[Row 20, GS 14 - S6,]  -   

Inscription:  "Carey/Cyrus Carey/10M. 13, 1828/12 M. 18, 1910/Abigail T. His Wife/12 M. 19, 1842"
Headstone, 2011
Carey, Lindley ID????  & Alice ID???? - [Row 13, GS 6, 7 - S6,]  -    
Inscription:  "Lindley:  1863-1945    Alice:  1867-1921"
Headstone, 2011
Carey, Mary Unknown  -  ID????  [Row 5, GS 7 - S6]  - 
Inscription:  "Mary/Wife of/Eli Carey/Died/12th M. 27th 1886/Aged/60Y. 8M. & 26D."
Headstone, 2011
Doan, Jane Tomlinson ID0763 -        [Row17, GS 12 - S6,]   Find a Grave
(stone with her sister Esther Tomlinson)

Esther/Tomlinson/ 1841-1936 
Jane T. [Tomlinson] Doan/ 1835-1928
Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Hiatt Family  
Hiatt, Enos ID2179    - [Military Stone - Corpl Co. G 147th Ind Inf] - [Row 17 Stone 9  S2,]  - [Row 7, GS 11 - S6,]    Find a Grave  
Hiatt, Keziah Montgomery ID1865  - [Row 17, stone 11  S2,]  -  [Row 7, GS 13 - S6,]   -  Find a Grave
   - The headstone is now laying down on the ground (2011)
Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Hiatt, Solomon ID0067      [Row 17, stone 10   S2,]   -  [Row 7, GS12 - S6,]   Find a Grave  Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Solomon Hiatt Family   Find a Grave
Row 7S6,  
GS 11:  Enos Hiatt, GS 12:  Solomon Hiatt,  GS 13:  Keziah Hiatt

GS 14 - I. O or C./     E. Hiatt  ID5270 - Headstone, 2011 - Find a Grave
GS 15 - L. Hiatt   ID5271 - Find a Grave
GS 16 - B. Hiatt ID5272  - Find a Grave

   (Children of Solomon & Esther Haines Hiatt ???)

Family Headstones
Hiatt, Gracie T.  ID???? -    [Row 9, GS 1 - S6,]   -   Find a Grave
Inscription:  "Gracie T./Hiatt/Died/Oct. 30. 1906/Aged/13Y. 8M. & 4 D"
Birth Date:  Cal 26 Feb 1893
Hiatt, James ID???? -   [Row 9, GS 2 - S6,]  -     Find a Grave
Inscription:  "Hiatt/James'1861-1944
Headstone, 2011
Hiatt, Etta  ID????   [Row 9, GS 2  S6]  - Find a Grave
Inscription:   "Hiatt/Etta/1863-1928"
Headstone, 2011
Kivett Family  
Kivett, Harry ID1416 -   [Row 23, GS 12 - S6]     Find a Grave
See Acc1865, Line 95 for Harry & Effie Family
Inscription:  "Harry C/Kivett/1880-1913/Age 33Y./9M & 27D."

Kivett, Effie Litteral ID1417 -  [Row 23, GS 12 - S6]   Find a Grave
Inscription:  "L Effie/His Wife/1880-1909/Age 28Y./3M & 1D"

Headstone, 2011
Kivett, Imogene - ID4321 - Find a Grave
Daughter of Harry & Effie
Inscription:  "Imogene/Kivett/1907-1922"
Kivett, Max ID4324 - Find a Grave
Funeral Home Marker [Row 1 GS 4 [Find a Grave]]
1909-1967 [Find a Grave]
Kivett, Milo ID0949 - [Row 23, GS 12 - S6]    Find a Grave
Father of Harry Kivett
Inscription:  Milo J./Kivett/Died/Nov. 17, 1887/Aged/43Y. 5M & 4D"


Kivett, Ellen Tomlinson (Ella) - ID0945   [Row 23, GS 12 - S6]  - Find a Grave
Mother of Harry Kivett
Inscription:  "Ella T./Wife of/Milo J./Kivett/1856-193

Headstone, 2011


Headstone, 2011

Kivett, Zimri - ID5139  -  [Row 23, GS 10 - S6]  - Find a Grave
Inscription:  "Simri/Kivett/Died/12th M. 6th D. 1894/Aged/60Y. 8D."
Headstone, 2011
Robbins Family  
Robbins, Isaac ID0069     [Row 12, stone 9  S2]   -  [Row 13, GS 11 - S6]   - Find a Grave
My Great Grandfather

Died/ Aug/8, 1909
Age 84Y/11M. 14D.
Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Inscription, 2011
Robbins - Isaac and William B.
Stones at south end of Row 13 - Isaac's very near the south fence
Headstones, looking south

Headstones, looking southeast
Robbins, Keziah Tomlinson   ID0070 -  Find a Grave -
No stone found - according to her obituary and two different death records, she was to be buried here.
Robbins, William B. ID0072   [Row 12, stone 8  S2]   -  [Row 13, GS 10 - S6] - Find a Grave

Images:  Ph8961-028.jpg (11 Images)
- The middle portion of the stone with "Robbins" faces West - Image
- The top portion with the inscription faces East
- My Great Uncle
[Died in Reaper Accident]
In My Fathers House/There are Many Mansions
William B./Robbins
Son of
I & K Robbins
Born May 25, 1879
Died July 23, 1900
Aged /21YS 1M 28DS

Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Inscription, 2011

Not Sure how/if the following folks are related:  
Robbins, Ahava Williams  ID4258   [Row 11, GS 7 - S6,]  -  Find a Grave
Wife of Joel Robbins
Inscription:  "Ahava/Wife of Joel/Robbins/Died/4th Mo 18/1899/Age/76Y. 10D."
Robbins, Clark Headstone, 2011  (Maybe ID4292 "Clarkson")
Robbins, Emeline Headstone, 2011
[Row 12, GS 7 - S6,]  - Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Clyde & Daisy ID???? [Row 16, GS 11 - S6,]  -
Inscriptions:  Clyde:  1882-1954    -    Daisy:  1882-1959
Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Dale Max ID???? -   [Row15, GS 6 - S6]
24 Feb 1939 - 29 July 1940
Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Joel - ID4254 - [Row 11, GS 7 - S6]  -  Find a Grave
Inscription:  "Joel/Robbins/Died/6th Mo 14/1913/Age/89Y. 1M/& 23 D"

Robbins, Mary Ann Marshall - ID4255   [Row 11, GS 6 - S6]  -   Find a Grave
Wife of Joel Robbins
Inscription:  "Mary Ann/Wife of/Joel Robbins/Died/Jan 1, 1891/Aged/53Y. 7M. & 17D."


Robbins, Mable ID???? -  [Row 16, GS 12 - S6,]
Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Miriam Rich - ID4253 - [Row 6, GS 1 - S6,]   - Find a Grave
Wife of George Robbins ID4252
Mother of Joel Robbins ID4254
Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Robert -ID????-   [Row 12, GS 10 - S6,]  -  
Inscription:  "Robert Robbins/Died Dec/12 1892/Age 18 Y/2 M & 12D
Headstone, 2011
Robbins, Viola - Find a Grave  (Maybe ID4298 "Vilot:)  -  [Row 12, GS 8 - S6,]  
Tomlinson Family  
Tomlinson, Allen ID0764 - Perisho, Martha A.  ID0767  -  Statker, Eliza A. ID0768
[Row 7, Stone 6   S2,]  -  [Row 18, GS 18 - S6,]  -  Find a Grave
Tomlinson [Top of Stone]
Allen Tomlinson/Born 1M. 19D. 1827/Died 1 M. 12D. 1899

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Martha A. B 1M, 12/ 1832 -- D 3M 16 1880
Eliza A.  B 4 M. 16/1839 - D 11 M. 1 1912

Tomlinson, Martha A. Perisho ID0767  -  [Row 7, Stone 7   S2,]    Find a Grave
Stone for Martha Only:

Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011


Martha Only

Headstone-Martha, 2011

  Tomlinson, Asher K., ID0957 and Lydia Ann Jessup, ID0964  
[Row 8, stone 5   S2,]  - [Row 17, GS 11 - S6,]  
Find a Grave
Lydia Anne/1854-1932
Asher K./ 1861-1943

Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Byron J.   ID????      [Row 20, stone 7  S2-  [Row 3, GS 8 -  S6]   Find a Grave
Birth Date:  Cal 2 Aug 1883
Inscription:  "Byron J./Son of O.G. & J.E./Tomlinson/Died 6Mo. 14, 1884/Aged/10M. & 12 D."

Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Emily A. ID0761     [Row 18, Stone 5  S2]  -  [Row 6, GS 5 - S6]  -   Find a Grave   
Daughter of Milton & Delilah Hiatt Tomlinson
Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Esther H. ID0760     Find a Grave 
Daughter of Milton & Delilah Hiatt Tomlinson
(No location given)   S2,

Esther H./ Dau. of/ Milton/ &/ Delilah
Died Aug 3, 1863
Aged/16Y and 25D

Headstone, 1986
Tomlinson, Esther ID0762  [Row 8, Stone 6   S2]  -  [Row17, GS 12 - S6]  -   
Daughter of Robert & Lydia Tomlinson -
Find a Grave  Stone with sister Jane Tomlinson Doan

Esther/Tomlinson/ 1841-1936
Jane T. [Tomlinson] Doan/ 1835-1928

Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011

Tomlinson, Levi B. ID0934    [Row 18, Stone 9   S2]  -   Find a Grave


Tomlinson, Eliza E. Hoag ID0939     [Row 18, Stone 8   S2]  -  [Row 6, GS 8 - S6]      Find a Grave
Inscription:  "Eliza E/Wife of/Levi B. Tomlinson/Born/2nd Mo. 14 1846/???/5th Mo. 2 1879"
Note:  The inscription on the headstone has deteriorated considerably over the past 25 years

Headstone, 1986


Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Inscription, 2011

Tomlinson, Luther Lee ID0971 and Gula Elma Lindley, ID0977  
[Row 19, Stone 2   S2]  -   [Row 5, GS 2 - S6]  - 

Gulaelma/ Wife of/ Luther Lee/ Tomlinson/   
Find a Grave    Inscription, 2011
Born May 28, 1852/ Died/ Jan 16, 1875

Luther Lee/ Tomlinson    Find a Grave    Inscription, 2011
Born/ June 11, 1852/ Died
(Headstone does not have a death date for Luther Lee - My data shows he died in Iowa)

Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Milton, ID0184 and Delilah Hiatt, ID0185     [Row 5, Stone 9   S2]  -    [Row 20, GS 12- S6]  -    
Find a Grave Milton       Delilah

Milton Tomlinson/July13, 1820-June 12, 1899.
Delilah, His Wife/Mar. 3, 1826-Aug. 1, 1909
Headstone, 1986
 Tomlinson, Morton ID0958  and Mary E. Blessing, ID0965   
[Row 8, Stone 4   S2]  -  [Row 17, GS 10 - S6]  -  Find a Grave
Morton   Mary E

Tomlinson/Morton/1863-1930/Mary E./1860-1945

Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Noah ID0765 - Tomlinson, Abigail Davis ID0766 - [Row 7, Stone 5   S2]  -  [Row18, GS 6  S6]  -   
Find a Grave Noah    Abigail

:  Noah Tomlinson/ 1824-1918/ Age 93Y.

Abigail:  Abigail [Davis] Tomlinson/ 1824-1892/ Age 68Y.  Mother  Father

Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Robert ID0060    Find a Grave
[Row 18, Stone 7  S2]  -  [Row 6, GS 7 - (10 July 2011:  Base Only, No Headstone) - S6]

Inscription:  "Our Father/ Robert Tomlinson/ Died/ 12 mo 4 1875/ Aged/ 82 yrs 8 M 28D"


Tomlinson, Lydia Kellum ID0061     [Row 18, Stone 6   S2]  -    [Row 6, GS 6 - S6]  -   Find a Grave

Headstone, 1986


Headstone, 1986
Headstone, 2011

Tomlinson, Robert ID0955   and Julia Inman ID0962 -     [Row 3, Stone 13   S2]  -  [Row 23, GS 14 - S6]  -    
Find a Grave
Robert   Julia
Robert 1854-1937
Julia/ 1854-1928
Willie/1884-1884   ID1403 -  Find a Grave
Bessie/ 1885-1888  ID1404 - 
Find a Grave
Ashley/ 1889-1891 ID1405  - 
Find a Grave   Headstone, 2011
Arthur/ 1893-1899  ID1406 - 
Find a Grave
Russell/ 1895-1896  ID1407  -  Find a Grave

A separate headstone for Bessie:
Row 23, GS 15 - S6]   Headstone 2011 
"Bessie/Dau. of/Robert & Julia/Tomlinson/Died/11th M. 30th 1888/Aged 3 Yrs. & 6Ds."


Headstone, 2011
Tomlinson, Ruth ID0954      [Row 7, Stone 6   S2]  -  [Row 18, GS 7 - S6]  -  Find a Grave

Headstone, 2011

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Source Citation

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Title Page (Doc2528.pdf)
Sec. 25 (Doc2523.pdf)
S10 My Father stated several times that the Chester Friends Cemetery had been moved from the east side of the highway to the west side sometime in the 1930s because the highway was widened.   
S11 Minutes, 1905-1935, Chester pm, Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana, Select Pages. U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana Yearly Meeting Minutes. Earlham College Friends Collection & College Archives, Richmond, Indiana. (Images only), accessed 18 March 2019.
-  Select Images:  Doc5178.pdf
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- Images -
S12 Book, Rumer, Tom. A History of Westfield Indiana: The Promise of Land. Charleston, SC: The history Press, 2015. Bk4289, page 49  


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