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Crown View Cemetery
Hamilton County, Indiana

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Entrance Post
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Foulke Family with
Chapel in Background

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Entrance Sign
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Cemetery Information
Adams Twp, Hamilton County, Indiana

St Rd 38, NW of Sheridan East side of the road

Coordinates: 40 08' 37.87" N     86 13' 49.07" W
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Cemetery Listings are available at Hamilton East Public Library, Indiana Room
Cemetery Map, nd  - Doc1996.pdf


Family Buried Here
Baker Stones - Find a Grave
Baker, Alvin K.  ID3472 - Find a Grave
Baker, Louva O.
 ID3473 - Find a Grave
Baker, John P.   ID2121 - Find a Grave
Baker,  Jennie   ID1808 - Find a Grave
Headstone image
Baker, Thomas D. ID3498 - Find a Grave   (Parents:  Joseph R. and Rachel Dilworth Baker)
Baker, Sarah Fletcher   ID3499    Find a Grave  

Arthur D. Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave
Edna A. Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave  (Bakers Corner Cemetery)
Zula May Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave  (Bakers Corner Cemetery)
Gertrude G. Baker  ID3899 - Find a Grave
Leonidas Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave  (Bakers Corner Cemetery)
Alphonso Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave  (Bakers Corner Cemetery)
Ethel L. Baker  ID0000 - Find a Grave  (Bakers Corner Cemetery)
Foulke Stones - Find a Grave
Phillips, Alice Foulke   ID0082 - Headstone - Find a Grave
Daughter of George and Mary Frances
Foulke, Arthur ID0086 - Headstone    I1,
Son of George and Mary Frances

Inscription:  "Arthur/1894-1934"
Foulke, Carrie   ID0081   I1, Headstone/1986 - Headstone/2011
Daughter of George and Mary Frances

Inscription:  "Carrie Foulke/Dec. 30 1881/Nov. 12 1908"
Foulke, Cora D. Hester  ID0106 - Find a Grave Page
Daughter:  Hester L. Foulke Foust ID2256 - Find a Grave Page
Daughter:  Lavonne F. Foulke Ploughe ID2257 - Find a Grave
Foulke, George and Mary Frances Underwood     RobbHaas Family Page
I1,    Headstone-Front      Headstone-Rear    Foulke Area & Chapel    

Foulke, George  ID0076        Find a Grave Page

Foulke, Mary Frances Underwood   ID0078    Find a Grave Page

Inscription:  "FOULKE/George Foulke/June 6 1845 - Apr 13 1911/Frances His Wife/1853 - 1935"
Foulke, John Baker and Mary Hodson Foulke    RobbHaas Family Page    Headstone image

Foulke, John Baker    ID0091   Find a Grave
Foulke, Mary Hodson    ID0092   Find a Grave

Inscription:  "John B./ 1844 1924/Mary H./1841 1919/Foulke"

Foulke, Jesse Alvin and Lula Kellam -

Jesse Alvin Foulke ID0079- Find a Grave
Lula Kellam Foulke ID0080    Find a Grave

Hodson Stones - Find a Grave
Hodson, John  ID1624
Hodson, Mary Elizabeth Bates  ID1633
Headstone Image
Kassebaum, Lydia Underwood  ID4216 - Find a Grave Page

Kassebaum Family - Find a Grave
Kellam, Jesse and Rachel Alice Baker

Jesse Kellam, ID2943   Find a Grave
Rachel Alice Baker, ID2944   Find a Grave


Kincaid, Robert C.  ID0710   Headstone - Find a Grave Page -
Kincaid,  Ava (Alvaretta) Underwood
  ID1396  Headstone - Find a Grave Page 

(Ava Also has a Headstone in Spicewood Cemetery)
Robbins, Myron Foulke  ID0016   - Find a Grave
Robbins, Cora Irene Brown ID0178  - Find a Grave

Inscription:  "Robbins/Myron F./1911-2006/  C. Irene/1915-1977"   Headstone-1  -  Headstone-2
Other Robbins Stones:
Elsie May Robbins Bailey   Find a Grave

Robbins, D.H. (Daniel H.), ID4244   Find a Grave
Robbins, Eliza Unknown
, ID4245    Find a Grave 

Coy Daniel Robbins  ID4250  (Son of Daniel H. and Eliza)  Find a Grave

Underwood, Elmer E.    ID1395  Find a Grave - (Parents:  Lewis and Sarah Stratton Underwood)
Underwood, Carrie Zimmers   ID2254 - Find a Grave -

Inscription  "Underwood/Elmer E./1865-1938/ Carie/1869-1914"    Headstone, 2011
Owen,  Squire Y.   ID0772 - Find a Grave
Owen, Laura B. Underwood    ID0771 - Find a Grave - (Parents:  Lewis and Sarah Stratton Underwood)
Headstone Image

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Newspaper Article

THIS MONTH'S SUBJECT:  -  "The old chapel at Crown View Cemetery"

From Rose Dwiggins Evans, Class of 1967:  I don't know when the little chapel at Crown View was last used; I'm pretty sure it was used when I was a small child (about half a century ago!).  My grandpa, Carl Spear, was the sexton (not sure what that is) for the cemetery.  My brothers & I grew up either playing or working in the cemetery; that's probably why none of us ever had any fear of cemeteries.  I have a few wooden folding chairs that were once used in the little chapel; I guess Grandpa took some of them home when they were no longer used out there.  This whole story basically doesn't give any information!  I can say that I do love that little chapel & am always relieved to see that it's still there when I have occasion to visit the cemetery.

From A Centennial Salute to Sheridan, Indiana, 1860 - 1960, researched and compiled by James L. (Jim) Land, SHS 1960
From Jim Land, SHS60, From The Sheridan News, June 26, 1903
-- One of the most beautiful cemeteries in central Indiana was dedicated at this place on Sunday last.  It was a beautiful day and probably 4000 people were present although the number has been placed much higher.  A procession consisting of various Orders, Sunday School children, Soldiers as of two wars and the 30 incorporators headed by the Citizens Band, was formed at Main Street and preceded to the cemetery where the sessions were held.  The procession extended half the distance from the starting point to the cemetery gates.  The program consisted of a short history of the enterprise by the vice-president, Dr. J. C. Newby, the principal address by Rev. C.W. Tinsley of Terre Haute and the final consecration by the president, John H. Cox.  The opening prayer was by Elder Conner and Rev. C. E. Parsons read from the scripture, while the music was furnished by a choir led by G. W. Scott.

-- The address of Rev. Tinsley was listened to attentively for 35 minutes.  He gave a short history of ancient methods of disposing of the dead and showed that the custom of burying came from the Jews.  He also spoke of death, the grave, and the resurrection.

-- Dr. Newby, in his history of the Association and its objects, read a section from the By Laws of the organization in reference to its perpetuity.  Said section provides that the revenues from all sources go into a fund for the perpetual care and benefit of the cemetery.  No Officer or person receives any salary or compensation except the Superintendent or the persons who labor on the grounds.  The organization was formed in November, 1901, but no work was done on the grounds until about one year ago.  There are several persons already buried there and quite a number have been removed from other places.  A large number of lots have been sold.

[Source:  Our Home Town, By Barbara Hiatt - 1 Aug 2009 - ]


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S1 Map of Crown View Cemetery, ND - Doc1996.pdf
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