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  Roberts Cemetery
Roberts Settlement

    Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana


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[001] Location:
-  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
-  3102 E. 276th St., Atlanta, Indiana  S7,
Coordinates:  40.190591, -86.113670
Current location of Chapel and Cemetery:  276th St., 1/2 mile east of U.S. 31  Jackson Township Map S1 between pages 120 & 121 -
Find a Grave PageLink,

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[002] Roberts Settlement -
"In 1837 the colored neighborhood, as it was called, was settled by John Roads, Micajah Waldron, Dolphin and Stephen Roberts, Elias, Jonathan and Hansel Roberts, Bryant Waldron and Harry Winburn, all colored.  In 1841 they erected a church and school house.  These colored men were peaceable, law abiding, hard working men.  They cleared the lands and they had purchased and soon made for themselves and families comfortable homes.  Before building their church, they assisted in paying white school teachers, and their children received their share of the benefits."  S3, page 153 -
"In 1835, Micajah Waldon, a colored freeman of North Carolina, came to the township and purchased a tract of land.  Soon he was followed by others of his own race, vis.:  Dolphin and Stephen Roberts, Henry Wilson, Elias, Jonathan and Hansel Roberts, who came in the same year;  Guilford Brooks and Bryant Waldo, who came in 1836, and Harry Winburn, and Jameson White, who came in 1838 and 1839, respectively.  In 1841, they erected a church of the Methodist Episcopal denomination, on land donated for the purpose by Elias Roberts.  It was used as a church and schoolhouse, and services were conducted by ministers of the Westfield circuit.  About 1861, a new church was erected on the same lot, and at a later date the congregation united with the Wesleyans, by which denomination the church is now controlled.  Rev. Talbert is the present Pastor.  They assisted in the maintenance of the subscription school of those days, and their children enjoyed the benefits.  They proved themselves sturdy pioneers and skillful farmers, and have kept pace with their white neighbors in the march of improvement." 
S1, page 121 -
Roberts Settlement Page
   Genealogy:  (Picture of Church and part of cemetery)
Library of Congress  -
1. Map Locating Noblesville, Indiana: 
2. Roberts Settlement Land Grant:
3. Roberts Family Genealogical Chart:
Indianapolis, 1 Feb 2013:
1. Blacks formed their own settlements in the state
2. Roberts Settlement
- Location: Chapel & Cemetery; Jackson Township, 1/2 mile east of US 31 on 276th St
3. Lyles Station (Gibson County) - Just north of Ind. 64
- Snow Hill and Cabin Creek (Randolph County)
Visit Hamilton
Indiana Historical Society
Elijah Roberts Collection, 1832-1972 "Descendants Of Freed Slaves Reunite In Indiana" (4 July 2010) (Video: 2:01)

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[003] Family Buried Here -
Infants of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Robbins - Find a Grave Memorial
Note:  I have been unable to determine who A. B. Robbins is at this time (25 June 2014)

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