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Veronica Unknown
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Parents - John George Unknown
Parents - Veronica Unknown
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About 1689 John George Born - Germany
About 1689 Veronica Born  - Palatine, Germany
Between 1708 and 1710 Married -
Abt 1750 Donated Land for Hain's Church (4 acres) [S5]
1746 John George Dies - Wernersville, Berks County, Pennsylvania  -  [S4, p 8]
Hain's Church Cemetery     Find a Grave Page
1756 Veronica Dies  - Wernersville, Berks County, Pennsylvania  -   [S4, p 8]
Hain's Church Cemetery      Find a Grave Page

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Elizabeth Gertrude Hain ID0431 -
John Christian Hain ID0556   
Anna Sabilla Hain ID0557     
Peter Hain ID0558   
John Adam Hain ID0559  
John Frederick Hain ID0560   
John George Hain ID0561  
John Henry Hain ID0562   
John Casper Hain ID0563    
Joseph Hain ID0564   

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"George Hain, donor of the church ground and probable ancestor of all the Hains in this vicinity, settled on what is now the Hill property, the second farm on the north side of he turnpike above Wernersville.  He must have been a man of energy, foresight and thrift - typical German qualities.  The large tract of land, more than 1200 acres, which George Hain by his will bequeathed to his children, lay on both sides of the present Berks and Dauphin Turnpike, and extended from somewhere near the school house at the asylum Road east to Furnace Lane on the south side of he pike.  On the north side of the pike the tract extended east to a corner below the present Hain's Church Road.  It is a striking fact that after the lapse of 172 years most of this land is still in the possession of the descendants of the original ancestor.  On all of them are found substantial stone buildings, most of them erected early in the last century or sometime before that.  The present buildings on the Hill farm, which was the first home site of George Hain, date back to the early days of 1800.  The house on the farm now owned by the widow of John Hain Ruth was built by John Adam Hain in 1816, and the barn is a fine specimen of mason work of an earlier date.  This tract of 200 acres, along with 50 acres 'lying near the church,' was willed by George Hain to his son John Adam.  There is a well-authenticated tradition that the Indians in their frequent trips to their fishing and hunting grounds along the Schuylkill and in Oley would camp around the Hain home, and that they were free to help themselves to garden vegetables and the apples of the orchard.  Governor Joseph Hiester was  a frequent visitor at this old homestead, and was himself the owner of large tracts of farm land around Reading."  [S1, p 460, 461]


"The Society of Friends in Penllyn" - in Wales


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Source Citation

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S1 Kershner, William Jacob and Adam G. Lerch. History of St. John's (Hain's) Reformed Church in Lower Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Penna. Reading, Pa: I. M Beaver, 1916. Bk2954 -  
S2 Comment from Dave ---- via WikiTree, 6 Apr 2018:

Does anyone know where the Koch comes from?
The history of the Hain's Church reports that Veronica's family name was unknown:

History of the Hain Family, page 5:

It is possible that George Hain, who belonged to the New York settlement, came to the Tulpehocken region after the first group had arrived there. His name first appears (as John George Hohn) in Ulster County, New York, where according to the magazine "Ye Old Ulster" there appears among the church records of the Kocherthal colony the following: "Baptized in Schoharie, June 6 1716, Johann, born February 8, child of John George and Veronica Hohn. Sponsors, Johann Cast and Commissioner."

Could the Koch surname have come from the "Kocherthal Colony" from above? That is the only thing close to "Koch" that I have been able to find

The Haas Family: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone Families, c1630 to 1983 (Written by Margorie Van Couwenberghe and Wilma Lucas, 1983)

Page 6 states:
George Hain and Veronica Koch were married c1708 to 1710.

The authors are my aunts, both deceased. I have no idea where they got the surname Koch. I have been using it because I found it in this source.

Thanks to the comment from Dave I will amend my records to reflect the fact that Veronica's surname is not known as stated in the Hain History.
S3 Swope, Frances Hain and Henry B Warner. History of the Hain Family: Descendants of George and Veronica Hain. Reading, PA: Reading Eagle Press, 1941. Bk2921.

Google Books
S4 Book:  Swope, Frances Hain and Henry B Warner. History of the Hain Family: Descendants of George and Veronica Hain. Reading, PA: Reading Eagle Press, 1941. Bk2921.
-  Read Online:
S5 Deed:  Deed, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Deed Book A, Vol. 3, Pages 25-27. "Deeds, 1734-1866 ; Indexes, 1752-1926" , Film # 008066883 (accessed 3 Dec 2021), Doc6219.pdf
-  Deed Images:  Doc6219.pdf
-  Transcription:  Doc6219-Transcription.pdf


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Memorial to George Hain
Hain's Cemetery
Memorial to George & Veronica Hain
Hain's Cemetery
Memorial to George & Veronica Hain
Hain's Cemetery
Memorial to George & Veronica Hain
Hain's Cemetery
Hain Homestead at Wernersville The Old Hain Mill
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