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Warner Gear Band

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The members of the band, reading from left to right, are as follows:  Back row, Jess Chambers, tuba; Martin Carey, baritone; Lawrence Butler, tuba.  Middle row, Irvin Heeter, bass drum; Arthur Hillard, trombone; Earl Longnecker, trombone; Thurman Hensley, alto; Clifford Babb, snare drum.  First row, Raymond Hoyt, cornet; Charles Hollopeter, cornet; Frank Tilton, cornet; Clifford St. John, cornet; Gus Doerman, clarinet and director; Claude Moore, clarinet; August Haas, clarinet; William Neighbors, clarinet; Norwood Carey, mascot (seated on floor), and John Rinard, trombone.

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[001] Timeline -
Feb 1916 - Warner Gear Band is organized - (August Haas is a member) - S2, S5,
   -  Organized by Gus Doerman  S16,
30 May 1916 - Warner Gear Band plays at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - S9, S11,
9 Sept 1916 - Warner Gear Band awarded 2nd place in band contest at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - S14, S15,
Nov 1917 - Warner Gear Band reorganized into an orchestra - (August Haas is not a member of this group) - S13,
Sept 1918 - Warner Gear Band gets a new leader - S16,

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S1 Warner Gear Band photo in frame. Acc000069

Note:  This was given to me by Olive Jean Haas Hanson ID0380 - August played the clarinet. Picture shows him in the first row, second from the right with his feet crossed. He is not wearing a wedding ring in the picture.
S2 Newspaper Article: "Album of Yesteryear: Musicmakers". Muncie Star, (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana), 8 July 1973, page 9C. August Haas, ID0377, front row, 2nd from right., accessed 16 Apr 2017. Acc000137/Doc1727.pdf.

Image Caption: "Eighteen men and a boy comprised this Warner Gear Company band in Muncie an indefinite number of years ago. The identity of the director and the well-uniformed members is not known to us at The Muncie Star, but readers may recognize a friend or relative".
S3 Email: from Wilma Haas Lucas to Walt Robbins, Jr., 25 Jan 2008.

"remember now, Mother gave my fathers clarinet to Ball state during the war. They needed instruments. I was so angry because I felt it should have remained in the family./Do you have a picture of him in the warner Gear band. He is holding the clarinet in that picture. I don't have it here/but have perhaps two or three different ones with the clarinet in Indiana. Will get you one when I return/Love Wilma"
S4 Web Page: Warner Gear Information Page - .

-- In 1901 Warner Gear of Muncie, Indiana, was formed
-- By 1906 Morse manufactured a line of automobile chains that were soon licensed for sale in England and Germany. Then came the production of automotive timing chains, followed quickly by Warner Gear's development of the industry's first manual transmission
-- At the same time, Warner Gear standardized its manual transmissions and introduced the T64, at nearly half the cost of its predecessors.
-- In a sweeping merger in 1928. Borg & Beck, Marvel Carburetor, Mechanics Universal Joint (renamed from Mechanics Machine in 1925), and Warner Gear became the Borg-Warner Corporation.
S5 Newspaper Article, "Magic City's Latest Musical Organization", August Haas, Member - The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), 13 Feb 1916, Second Section, page 1, Col. 4 & 5. Doc4023.pdf

From Image:
Magic City's Latest Musical Organization
Photo of band
Warner Gear Band.
   The Warner Gear Band, the latest musical organization in Muncie, starts off with the promise of becoming one of the best concert bands in the city.  Among its members are band men who have had lots of experience.  The organization first attracted attention at the Y.M.C.A. by playing at the Factory Basketball League games.  It made its first public appearance by heading the parade at the district Red Men's meeting and later took an active part in the Y.W.C.A. campaign.
      Gus Doerman is leader and Clifford Babb is the business manager.  The handsome uniforms were furnished by the Warner Gear Company.
   The members of the band, reading from left to right, are as follows:  Back row, Jess Chambers, tuba; Martin Carey, baritone; Lawrence Butler, tuba.  Middle row, Irvin Heeter, bass drum; Arthur Hillard, trombone; Earl Longnecker, trombone; Thurman Hensley, alto; Clifford Babb, snare drum.  First row, Raymond Hoyt, cornet; Charles Hollopeter, cornet; Frank Tilton, cornet; Clifford St. John, cornet; Gus Doerman, clarinet and director; Claude Moore, clarinet; August Haas, clarinet; William Neighbors, clarinet; Norwood Carey, mascot (seated on floor), and John Rinard, trombone.
S6 Web Page:  
S7 Newspaper Article: The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), Wednesday, 13 Jan 1915, page 6, Col. 5., accessed 11 Feb 2017. Doc4046.pdf.

From Image:
Birthday Dinner.   A pleasant time was enjoyed, Sunday, at the home of Bernadette McKenzie, east of the city, when she entertained the members of the I.U.B. Orchestra in celebration of the birthday anniversary of Miss Zora Evans.  Music was a feature of the day and 12 o'clock an elegant dinner was served to the Misses Zora Evans, Jessie and Ruth True, Mabel Lutz, Opal Bell, Eunice Wray, Viola Clark, Rachel Jones and Bernadette McKenzie, Messrs. Jacob Hofherr, Clifford Fullhart, Claude Moore, Arthur Hilyard, Merrill Tuttle, August Haas, Earl Oliver, Ezra True, Ishmael Evans, Rev. and Mrs. O.E. Evans and Mr. and Mrs. H. M. McKenzie.
S8 Newspaper Article: The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 15 Apr 1917, page 1, Section 2 and Page 9, Section 2. Warner Gear Band part of Patriotic Parade., accessed 15 Apr 2017. Doc4209.pdf.  
S9 Newspaper Article: "Warner Gear Band is to Play at Auto Races" The Muncie Morning Star (Muncie, Indiana), 26 May 1916, page 14, Col 7., accessed 16 March 2017. Doc4210.jpg.

From Image:
Muncie Organization Preparing for Trip to Indianapolis Memorial Day.
Request has been received from the Indianapolis Speedway Association by Clifford St. John, Manager of the Warner Gear Band, for the services of the band at the Memorial day races, May 30. The contract covers their appearance at the races for four consecutive years.
This is the first time a local band has been asked to play at the big motor event, and considerable pride is taken by the members in the fact that their organization was selected.
Although organized but a few months, the band has been singularly successful in obtaining the most talented musicians, and their work has been highly complimented upon every appearance.
The band of twenty-five pieces will journey to Indianapolis Tuesday and arrangements are under way to provide a special car. [Train car]
S10 Newspaper Article: "Our Neighborhood" The Warner Gear Band. The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 18 Apr 1974, page 4, Col. 5. accessed 16 Apr 2017. Doc4211.jpg.

From Image:
     On July 8, 1973, the Sunday Star in the Album of Yesteryear pictured the Warner Gear Band. When it existed was uncertain and names of the personnel were not known to members of the news staff.
     Since then, Goley R. Hurst, 1403 W. Tenth St., has been examining the photo and has supplied information. He was not surprised that we did not know about the band because it has been 57 years since it was playing.
     He Cannot identify all the members but can name Gus Doermann, director; Orla Harris, who was a mail carrier; Ira James and himself, although the picture reproduced was not clear enough for him to be sure he is the man.
     The band mostly was composed of Warner Gear employes, men mostly in their twenties and thirties and all experienced instrumentalists. Jake Hoffer was the first director, "a very popular and well-known music teacher." Because the band was taking so much of his time Mr. Hoffer relinquished the directorship and Gus Doermann took over. The band existed two years or so.
     In its years the band filled several engagements. One that Mr. Hurst well remembers was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
"We were invited to compete in a band tournament and 21 bands from all over Indiana participated," Mr. Hurst recalls. "The Warner Gear Band won second prize and received a beautiful trophy which we proudly presented to Warner Gear."
     The Band played two afternoons at what then was called the Muncie Fair; concerts at Riverside Park near Eaton; at Muncie's Heekin Park; at an open house held by a Muncie Store, Bath-Paris, then at 116-118 South Walnut St. The store dealt in dry goods, notions, cloaks and suits.
     Although the band has a short existence, the members very much enjoyed the experience and Mr. Hurst remembers the period with pleasure.
     "If there is anyone around who played in the band, I would be pleased to hear from him," he writes.
S11 Newspaper Article: "Warner Gear Band Made Big Hit at Auto Races" The Muncie Morning Star (Muncie, Indiana), 1 June 1916, Page 6, Col. 4., accessed 16 Apr 2017. Doc4213.jpg.

From Image:
Muncie Organization Won Rounds of Applause from Crowd - Appear Next Year.
     The Warner Gear Company Band more than made good at the Speedway races Memorial day with both the management and the crowd of 80,000 people. The band, twenty-six strong, under the direction of Gus Doerman, was a favorite with the big crowd from the time they arrived at the track at 9 o'[clock in the morning. Their neatness of appearance was also the cause of much favorable comment.
     The band passed through a trying ordeal with flying colors when at 10 o'clock all the bands assembled in one great band of 250 pieces. The Warner Gear Band was placed in second position ahead of the National Motor Company Band of sixty pieces, and brought forth great applause from the crowd in the grand stands when they played the national emblem march. The members of the band are justly proud of their success and also of the fact that they have closed a four-year contract for the Speedway races.
S12 Newspaper Article:  "Musician of Great Renown Comes Here" The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), 22 Sept 1918, Section 2, page 1, Col. 3., accessed 16 Apr 2017. Doc4214.jpg

From Image:
John Henri Sugden to be New Leader of the Warner Gear Band.
     Muncie music lovers will be interested to learn that a nationally known musician is coming to this city to make his home.  John Henri Sugden, has been chosen by the Warner Gear Company to lead their band, and by his acceptance, Muncie adds another famous musician to its list.
     Mr. Sugden ...
S13 Newspaper Article: "Orchestra Organized by Warner Gear Employees" The Muncie Sunday Star, 4 Nov 1917, page 1, Section 2, Col. 1., accessed 17 Apr 2017. Doc4215.jpg

From Image:
     The summer band season having closed, the Warner Gear Band has reorganized into an orchestra of eleven pieces, under the management of Clifford St. John.  It will be called the Warner Gear Orchestra.  A full winter's program is being arranged.  Those comprising the orchestra are:  Mark Carey, piano and director; John Coffman and Bennett Baker, violins; Charles Driscoll, cornet; Fred Coffman, trombone; James May, melophone; Clair Enjt, clarinet; Charles Wilson, saxophone; Lawrence Butler, bass violin; Edgar Hurt, drum and bells, and Clifford St. John, cornet and manager.
S14 Newspaper Article: "Warner Gear Band is awarded Second Prize" The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), 10 Sept 1916, Section 2, page 1, Col 6., accessed 16 Apr 2017. Doc4212.jpg

From Image:
Muncie Organization Makes Good Showing in Contest Held at Indianapolis
The Warner Gear Band received second prize in the band tournament at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday [9 Sept 1916]. The contest as held in connection with the Harvest Auto Classic.
Nineteen bands participated in the review. The Frankfort Band was awarded first prize and the Bailey's A. F. & M. Band, of Marion, was third. The National Motor Vehicle Band, of Indianapolis, and the Bloomfield Band were given honorable mention.
The judging was done by Captain John C. Scheffer, Battery D. Field Artillery, of Fort Wayne. Marching order and appearance were two of the points in scoring for prizes.
S15 Newspaper Article: "Warner Gear Band to Enter State Contest" The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 3 Sept 1916, page 12, Col. 4., accessed 18 Apr 2017. Doc4217.jpg

From Image:
Will Play at "Harvest Racing Classic" at Indianapolis Speedway on September 9.
     Under the leadership of Jacob Hofferer, the Warner Gear Company Military Band is fast gaining prestige as the best twenty-piece organization in the state.
     Two engagement are scheduled this month with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation, the first on September 9, called the "Harvest Racing Classic," which will be of special interest to the local organization as they are entered in a contest for a silver loving cup.  The rules governing cover quality of music, appearance and drill work.  The judges will be placed in the grand stands unknown to the musicians, and every move will have to count.  Over 200 other musicians will compete and the local band is confident it will make a very credible showing.
     The last engagement will be on September 19, when the big race meet is held at the speedway.
S16 Newspaper Article:  "Gus Doerman" Obituary, (82) - The Muncie Star, 5 June 1967, page 5, Col. 1., accessed 18 Apr 2017.  Doc4218.jpg

Extract from Obit:
   Mr. Doerman was employed at Warner Gear for many years and while working there organized and directed the Warner Gear Band...


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