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[001] Location -
SW Pennsylvania
Coordinates: 40 10' 30" N, 80 15' 2" W - Link,
Land:  3 Sq. Miles, Population, 1940: 26,166 -  2010:  13,663 (Wikipedia)
Wikipedia Article
Map:  I1

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[002] Resources -
Web Page: "Washington County 'Little Washington' Pennsylvania: Genealogy and Family History"
Genealogical Society of SW Pennsylvania  

Washington County Historical Society

Washington County, Pennsylvania USGenWeb Page
Washington County Courhouse, Washington, PA, About 1940 - Ph12001.jpg

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[003] George Washington Hotel -
Wikipedia Article
The George Washington HotelNew Owner Remodeling Hotel


Doc2537.pdf  S1,

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Dining Room,
Doc2537.pdf  S1,

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Lobby, 1940s
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Color Image
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Main & Beau Sts.

Looking SW
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[004] Hillsview Farms Sanitarium -
Kenny stated that a Presbyterian Senior center now occupies the site of the Hillsview Farms Sanitarium complex  S1,
- See: Acc003226/Doc2534.pdf
- There is a Sanitarium Rd in Washington PA, but this complex is on S. Main St.
Presbyterian Senior Care
835 S. Main St.
Washington, PA 15301
Web page from Bizapedia - Link,


Data Updated April 17, 2014

Claim My Company
Hillsview Farms Sanitarium is a Pennsylvania Domestic Fictitious Name filed on November 9, 1926. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 2259394. The company's principal address is Unknown Washington Pa 0, -0 .

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Guy H. Mckinstry.

Company Information:

File Number: 2259394
Filing State: Pennsylvania (PA)
Filing Status: Active
Filing Date: November 9, 1926
Company Age: 88 Years, 1 Month
Principal Address:
Lookup Address on Google Maps
Washington Pa,

Company Contacts:

Web Page with Info - Link,

Hillsview Farms Sanitarium.
Edgewood Ave and Redstone Rd
Estab. 1913
50 beds, 1 bassinet
Outpatient dept
Individual control
G.H. McKinstry, med.dir. and owner
Sanitarium Mentioned:

The Daily Notes (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania), Thursday, 4 June 1931, Page 8, Col. 2. , accessed 5 Dec 2014.

Mrs. D. H. Fee who has been a patient for the past three weeks at Hillsview Farms Sanitarium, Washington, returned yesterday to her home on Ridge avenue much improved in health.

The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania), Monday, Juen 3, 1929, Page 1, Col. 3. , accessed 5 Dec 2014.

"Washington, Pa., June 3--Judge John Addison McIlvaine ... died ... in his apartment in the Hillsview Farms Sanitarium . . ."

The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania, 5 July 1938, page 6, Col. 4. , accessed 5 Dec 2014

Mrs. Mary L. Hull
Mrs. Mary L. Hull, 76, who, with her husmand, the late Harry H. Hull, founded Hillsview Sanitarium 25 years ago [1913], died suddenly Saturday morning after a brief illness of a heart attack.
The death occurred at Hillsview Sanitarium, ...
In 1913 She and her husband, Harry H. Hull, a native of Washington, built Hillsview Sanitarium. IN the fall of 1923 she sold Hillsview to her son, Dr. McKinstry, who has conducted it ever since.
News article detailing Hillsview Farms Sanitarium, Aug 1922:

"Hillsview Sanitarium set amid beautiful surroundings". The Daily Notes (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania), 8 Aug 1922, Page 1, Col. 4, 5 and Page 3, Col. 4, accessed 5 Dec 2014

Page 1:  Clipping, Full Page
Page 3:  Clipping, Full Page

Hillsview Sanitarium Set amid Beautiful Surroundings
By D. H. Fee
Hillsview Sanitarium
Washington, Aug., 8, 1922.
'Hillsview,' like Mount Zion is beautiful for situation. It stands high and dry on what was long the LeMoyne farm, and the farmhouse still stands within a short distance of the sanitarium. This is where Julius LeMoyne, long one of he county's most prominent and successful Livestock breeders and farmers, lived. His widow, now well past her eightieth milestone, still resides in the homestead, and will as long as she remains in the flesh.
Near the old farmhouse are a number of elm trees. One of these is particularly fine. It is said Mr. LeMoyne planted this tree about a half century ago. It is of the 'weeping' variety of elm. The top is finely shaped, and its branches (it is a weeping elm) touch the ground. A few years ago a lady who was here for treatment, and whose room looked out on the weeping elm, wrote a beautiful poem on this noble tree, and it was published in a periodical of general circulation.
The buildings of the sanitarium are modern and well adapted to the purpose for which they are devoted. There are some sixty rooms in the building, and during the greater part of the year they are all occupied.
The buildings stand on a beautiful lawn, which is nicely kept and which is bordered by beds of choice flowers and flowering shrubs. Mr. Hull, who with his wife, Dr. Hull, are the proprietors of the sanitarium and the farm in connection with it, is a great lover of flowers and an authority on their cultivation.
Appropriately Named
The views from the sanitarium warrant the name 'Hillsview.' In fact there are views in several directions, all of them fine. To the south, in the direction of Waynesburg, is unfolded a panorama comprised of hills and vales and rimmed by a ridge semi-circular in form. Beyond this ridge appear a number of high points, one of which is Mount Wheeler, said to be the highest point in this region.
The Waynesburg and Washington Railroad is just over the ridge from here. It climbs to the tops of the highest hills and then daringly runs along the ridge until it finds a point where it can safely slope down into the next hollow
(Continued on Page Three)
In the next hollow, at a point not far from Chambers Dam, it is said by local Baron . . .
The patients here come from Washington, Canonsburg, Wheeling, Pittsburg and other points. There are more women than men, but there are also some men. . .
This 'hill' is not unknown historically. It was originally 'Gallows Hill,'. . .
Later Dr. Julius LeMoyne erected his crematory on Gallows Hill . . .

Doc2538.pdf    S1,


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[005] Glass Factories -
Atlas Glass Plant

". . .circa 1910 depicts the old Atlas Glass House in Washington, Washington County, PA. Later renamed "Hazel Atlas," the plant was a good source of employment for our cousins over the years until it closed circa 1927."

Atlas Glass Co., Washington, PA, - and later Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., 1896-1965 - Source -

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company (1902-1964) - Source -

The Ball Glass opened around 195, at which time it was called Washington Glass.
Later they had a contest to change the name, chose Metro Glass. - See Doc4570.pdf for first Newsletter from Metro Glass
Kraft bought the business.
Next Ball Glass bought, who much later joined with Ball-Icon.
The plant was closed in Oct. 1989

Duncan Glass Co.
Doc2540.pdf  S1,

Atlas Glass House

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[006] Downtown Images -
Washington County Postcards
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N. Main St. Looking South

Doc2539.pdf  S1,
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Main & Beau Sts.

Looking SW
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[007] Text -

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[008] Text -

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S1 Genealogical Society of SW Pennsylvania -
Thanks to Kenny and all the others from GSSWPA for their generosity in supplying their knowledge and images
S2 Property of RobbHaas.  Acc003227/Doc2536.pdf/Ph10598.tif  


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