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Transcription of a Letter to Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr ID0016 from Merle B Hiatt ID3329, nd

(I obtained a photocopy - see at right - in the 1980s from Myron)

William and Jonathan Hiatt were born in Wales and went to England
from England they migrated with Wm. Penn and a colony of settlers,
Philadelphia Penn to homestead land in 1682.
Wm. Hiatt stayed around Philadelphia, Jonathan Hiatt finally left Philadelphia
and went to Carolina, where he was lost trace of.
William Hiatt, had a daughter named Nancy Hiatt, and a son named
she became a great minister, in the Quaker church, and was known far and
wide as a gifted preacher.
Solomon Hiatt, a descendant of Wm. Hiatt, was born in Penn. He had a son
and a daughter, the son’s name was Enos, the daughter’s name was Delia
Solomon Hiatt, our great grandfather, came to Indiana, and settled land
where Hortonville Ind. now stands,
About the year of 1833. Enos, and Delia, followed later, Delia Hiatt,
married Milton Tomlinson,
Enos Hiatt’s first wife was named Lida Davis, June 15, 1849. They had
three children, Levi, Eli, and Nancy.
Enos Hiatt married his second wife, Eunace Carney Hiatt, Mar 2, 1856
They had two sons – Absalom Hiatt and Charlie Wm. Hiatt. Our dad [“Harrison” written in]
Enos Hiatt married his third wife, Emma Orton July 7 1872 they
had five sons – Elmer, Milton, Eli, Martin, and Albert.

Solomon Hiatt, was born 1791, Died 1886 age 95 Consort of Neziah [Keziah] Hiatt
Enos Hiatt, son of Solomon, and Esther Hiatt, was born July 19, 1822
Died May 14, 1888, all buried at Chester Cemetery North of Westfield
Ind St Rd 31 and 196 St. We have three sisters buried there.
Eunace, Bertha, and Lola Hiatt, these are daughters of Charlie Wm and
Maggie Stutes Hiatt my mother and father. they had nine girls,

Eunace Hiatt born July 13, 1887 died Mar 22, 1903 – [Buried in Chester Cemetery]
Hannah Hiatt born Feb 10, 1889 died Feb 9, 1968
Eva Hiatt born Nov 21, 1890 died Mar 25, 1970
Ina Hiatt born Oct 10 1892
Clova Hiatt born Nov 27, 1894, died Dec 3, 1965
Bertha Hiatt born Sept 21, 1898 died March 22, 1903 – [Buried in Chester Cemetery]
Lola Hiatt born Jan 1, 1897 died Jul 1897 – [Buried in Chester Cemetery]
Stella Marie Hiatt born July 3, 1902
Merle B Hiatt born Nov 4, 1904 (me)
(Most of this is out of family Bible)

We were all born at Hortonville, Dad had a Barber shop and store there
Dad and mom were divorced, he left when I was 8 months old, later he
married Emma Baker, they had a daughter, name Myrthilda Hiatt, born at
Westfield, where dad had another barber shop. Emma died when Myrthilda
was about five years old, dad and Emma are Buried at Westfield

My mother, lived with me she died , Dec 22, 1936 and is buried here at
Anderson, Ind east Maplewood cemetery.

My aunt Hannah Jessep, and my grandmother, Eunace Carney Hiatt were twins
and they were identical, you couldn’t tell them apart, aunt Hannah was
pretty well fixed, with money, but she left my dad $100. dollars
They found pots of gold on my grandfathers farm, he had traded with the
Indians, could be great grandfather’s farm This I have heard from my
older sisters and my mom

Dad died Aug 6, 1939. He came to my house and asked me and my sisters
to forgive him for how he treated us and our mother.

Written on back side of paper:
This is what I have found on Dads family. I have pictures when I was little. Please excuse the typing.
I’m not to good at it. I didn’t know how to fill out the ancestor paper.

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Family Group Sheet which came with the letter

Name:  Soloman Hiatt ID0067
Birth: 13 Apr 1791 - Guilford Co, NC
Married Sep 1819 - Lees Creek, Highland County, Ohio [Esther Haines] - [mother of Children]
Death: 14 June 1886 - Hortonville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Burial: Chester Cemetery - Hamilton County, Indiana
Occupation:  Farmer
Church Affiliation:  Quaker
Wife #1:  Esther Haines ID0074
Wife #2: Kiziah Montgomery ID1865
Father: Christopher Hiatt ID0215
Mother: Elizabeth Mills ID0216
Wife: Esther Hiatt ID0074
-- Enos Hiatt
-- Born 13 July 1822
-- Married Lydia Davis 15 Jun 1843
-- Died: 14 June 1886 - Hortonville
-- Burial: Chester Cemetery
-- Delilah Hiatt ID0185
-- Born 3 March 1826 - NC?
-- Married: 1845 - Hamilton County, Indiana
-- Died: 1 Mar 1909 - Hamilton County, Indiana
-- Buried: Chester Cemetery
The following sources were shown:
-- Portrait & Biography Record of Madison & Hamilton Counties, Indiana, p 595, 596
-- [Solomon is only mentioned on these pages of this source]
-- Hinshaws Quaker Records, p 446 - Children w/ father, p 246
Creator of family history sheet:
Myrthilda H Lamb
1377 Sycamore
Tustin Calif
July 1981

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S1 Family History Sheet. Solomon Hiatt ID0067. Created July 1981 by Mythilda H Lamb, ID3331. Obtained from Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr. ID0016 in 1981. Acc001296/Doc4143.pdf  


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