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Philip Klinger ID0420

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Philip Klinger & Anna Ickes Family Rev War Pension Application Questionable Research Ohio Pensioners
SAR Application      



Spring 1775 Enlisted under Captain Griffin for 1 year at Yellow Springs, Chester County, Pennsylvania - Marched to Philadelphia and put under command of Colonel Wayne - went into winter quarters at Ticonderoga Page 3 , S7 page 3,
May or June 1776 Returned to Philadelphia - Discharged by Colonel Wayne  Page 3
1776 Enlisted under Capt. Hattling - S7 page 3,
Enlisted under Capt Worth for duration of war - S7 page 3,
about Aug 1776 Enlisted at Painted Hook, New Jersey for 9 months - Captain Jacob Hetherlin's Company  Page 4   
    -- Marched to New York and remained about 2 weeks
    -- Marched to Fort Washington and remained about 10 days
        -- Philip, along with 12 others, were sent to Fort Lee to obtain provisions - while they were gone Fort Washington was taken by the British -
           They drove the cattle to headquarters located about 6 or 8 miles from Fort Lee
Oct 1776 to March 1777 Served under command of Captains Caleb and William North  Page 4
    -- Marched to Lehigh, Pennsylvania - then marched to White Plains - a battle ensued but Philip's company was not engaged
    -- Various marches through New Jersey
3 Jan 1777 Battle of Princeton - Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey -  Page 4, S2, S3, S7 page 3,
    -- Fought under the immediate command of General Washington
    -- Philip received a wound to his right shoulder and was confined for 2 weeks
    -- WikiPedia Article
March 1777 to 1781 or 1782 Drove a team for General John Clark until the end of the war  Page 5
1781 or 1782 Written discharge at Little York, York County, Pennsylvania  Page 5
    -- This discharge was lost among papers of Philip's father
    -- Served a total of 5 years and 11 months
?? - 1828 Bounty Land Warrant # 2051 - 100 acres - S1,
21 Sept 1832 Made application for a pension Page 3
7 May 1834 Pension Issued, signed by Lewis Cass - S7 page 3,
Pension is recorded in report of Sec. of War, under Act of
Congress, June 7, 1832, in relation to Pension Est. of the
U.S. Printed by Duff Green in 1835.
The name spelled then "Clinger" instead of Klinger.  Service
verified by records on file in Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C.
11 March 1834 Page 2
?? - 10 June 1834 Bounty Land Warrant

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Revolutionary War Pension Application  S5,  (Acc000685)


Transcription Image
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Page 1

Service:  Penn     Klinger, Philip  Number:  S. 8.798/  Carded



Page 2

Ohio  26.240 (8)
Philip Klinger [unreadable]
Preble Co in the State of Ohio
who was a Priv in the Company commanded
by Captain Griffin of the ??? commanded
by Col Wayne in the ?? Penn
line for ----------------
2 Y???  $[Unreadable]
Inscribed on the Roll of Ohio
at the rate of 80 Dollars ____ Cents per annum
to commence on the 4th day of March, 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued the ?? day of Nov
183? [unreadable] - Eaton, Ohio

Arrears to the 4th of ????                 $240.00
Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 Sept     $40.00

                Revolutionary Claim,
                Act June 7, 1832.

Recorded by  ? ? Sprague,  Clerk
Book 6 Vol. 8 Page 14

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Page 3

The State of Ohio, Preble County
court of Common Pleas September
Term A.D. 1832

[The following located to the right of the above]

First Judicial
Circuit Court of
Common Pleas in
the State of Ohio

On this twenty first day of September in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
two personally appeared in open Court before the Judges
of said Court of Common Pleas (being a Court of Record)
Philip Klinger, a resident of the County of Preble in
the State of Ohio, aged seventy eight years, who being first
duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make
the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit
of the pensions made by the Act of Congress of June
the twelfth, eighteen hundred and thirty two.
Deponent saith that he enlisted in the army of the
Revolution some time in the spring of the year of
our Lord seventeen hundred and seventy five, under
Captain Griffin, for one year at the Yellow Springs
in Chester County Pennsylvania. The Corps in which
Deponent enlisted was intended to join the expedition
against Canada. That they marched to Philadelphia
where the battalion was put under the command of
Colonel Wayne. They remained at Philadelphia a
short time, and were marched to Ticonderoga, where they
received intelligence of the defeat of General Montgomery
before the walls of Quebec. They then went into winter
quarters at Ticonderoga, and remained there untill (sic) some time
in April seventeen hundred and seventy six to the best of
of Deponents recollection, when they returned to Philadelphia
where they arrived some time in the latter part of May or
first of June where they were discharged by Colonel Wayne.
Deponent received a written discharge, which deponent left
with his father in Chester County Pennsylvania he being then
a young man. said discharge was lost among the papers of his said father

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Page 4

which fell into the hands of his said fathers administrator many
years after. Deponent again enlisted in the army of the
Revolution some time in August of the year seventeen hundred
and seventy six, at Painted Hook, New Jersey, for nine months
in what was called the nine months men or "flying camp"
it was in Captain Jacob Hetherlins Company that he was
enlisted. They marched over to New York, and remained there
about two weeks, when they were marched to Fort
Washington, at ???? gate, after remaining at the Fort
about ten days, this deponent was ordered under the
command of a sergeant, with twelve others, to go to
fort Lee a new fort on the Jersey bank of the Hudson
river to obtain provisions for the detachment. in the Fort
while they were absent on this expedition, Fort Washington
was taken by the British and all the officers of this
deponent, being Captain Hetherlin and Lieutenant John
Fetting, and the men were made prisoners. Deponent
then assisted in driving the cattle which they had obtained
to head quarters six or eight miles from Fort Lee.
Deponent again enlisted in the army of the Revolution
at the aforesaid head quarters about the middle of September [crossed out] October [written above]
seventeen hundred and seventy six in Captain Caleb
Norths company of a Regiment of the Pennsylvania
line for during the war of the Revolution -- They were
then marched to Lehigh Pennsylvania and from thence
to the white plains, and was present at the battle but
not actually engaged in it. Deponent further that after that
time they performed various marches through New Jersey,
not now particularly recollected he was in the battle of
Princton (sic), on the third of January seventeen hundred
and seventy seven, and fought under the immediate command
of General Washington. Deponent received a wound with a
buck shot in the right shoulder in the said battle and
was confined from the wound near two weeks. After this
battle was over Caleb North was made a major ??? the
company in which deponent remained. was then placed under

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Page 5

the command of Captain William North, and that he
remained in that company until March, of the year
seventeen hundred and seventy seven, when at the request
of General John Clark, and with the consent of his
officers he took charge of and continued to drive a team
for said Clark, untill (sic) the close of the war of the Revolution.
Deponent received a written discharge some time in the
year seventeen hundred and eighty one, or eighty two, but
which deponent is unable to state, at Little York york
county Pennsylvania. Deponent placed his discharge
among the papers of his father in Chester County
Pennsylvania, but it has been lost among the
papers of his father. Deponent served in all, as
a soldier of the revolution five years and eleven
months -- Deponent was born in Chester County
Pennsylvania, on the tenth day of November
seventeen hundred and fifty three; and has lived
in Preble county Ohio seventeen years. Deponent has
no documentary evidence, nor does he know of any
witnefs having by whom he can prove his services
except John Swisher and Frederick Miller to whom he is known
Deponent hereby relinquishes his every claim whatever
to a pension or annuity except the present and he
declares that his name is not on the pension roll
of any agency of any state
Sworn to and subscribed in open court Philip Klinger [signature]
the day and year aforesaid
J.E. Hawkins Clerk [signature]

Mr. John Swisher and Frederick Miller residents of the county of
Preble Ohio, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted
with Philip Klinger who has subscribed and sworn to the
above declaration; that we believe him to be seventy eight years
of age; that he sustained a good character for truth and veracity;
that he is respected and believed in his neighborhood to have
been a soldier of the Revolution; and that we have full confidence
in the truth of his declaration as above stated.

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Page 6

War Department
Pension Office
12 Aug 1833

The evidence in support of our claim under the act of June 7, 1832, has
been examined, and the papers are herewith returned. The following is a statement of
your case in tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules, and
the subjoined notes, you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed
before a pension can be allowed. The notes and the regulations will shew what is
necefsary to be done. Those points to which your attention is more particularly directed,
you will find marked in the margin with a brace, (thus } ). You will, when
you return your papers to this Department, send this printed letter with the, and you will by compling with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your

A Statement, shewing the Service of Philip Klinger

Period when the service
was rendered
Duration of the
Claimants Service
Rank of the
Name and rank of the
Field Officers under
who he served
En 1775 1 Yr    


Cap Griffin
Aug 1776      


Col Wayne
Cap Hetherlin
Oct ?? [76]      


Cap North
Age at Present
and place of abode
when he entered
the service
Proof by which
the declaration is

and served until the
close of the war -- Says
he served 5 years and
11 months.


I am, respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
J L Edwards,
Commissioner of Pensions

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Page 7

In reply to your request of [no date], received [no entry]
for the statement of the military history of Philip Klinger [written]
a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired
information as contained in his application for pen-
sion on file in this Bureau.
                                                    S. File 8798

Dates of
Enlistment or
Length of
5 yrs & 11 Mos
Rank Officers Under whom service was rendered

Captain                                                        Colonel

??? 75 to May or June 1776 1 yr Pri Griffin Wayne Pa
Aug 76     Jacob Hetherlin Wayne "Flying Camp"
Mid Oct 76 to Mch 77     Caleb North/ William North Wayne  
Mch 77          
  81 or 82   on a team for Gen John Clark    

Battles engaged in, Princeton gs?? of rt shoulder
Residence of soldier at enlistment, ?? Yellow Springs, Chester Co, Pa.
Date of application for pension, Sept 21, 1832.
Residence at date of application, Preble Co, Ohio
Age at date of application, b Nov 10, 1753 in Chester Co, Pa
Remarks:  His claim was allowed.  No data as to family

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Page 8

Sworn to and ??? in open Court this day
and year aforesaid
            John  Swisher
J C Hawkins, Clerk
            Frederick Miller

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion,
after the investigation of the matter and after putting
the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department,
that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary
soldier, and served as he stated -- and the Court further
certifies that it appeared to them that John Swisher
and Frederick Miller, who have signed the preseding
certificate, are residents in the County of Preble, and
are credible persons - and that their statement is en
titled to credit.
By the Court       J C Hawkins, Clerk

I, Joseph C Hawkins, Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas, do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the
original proceedings of the said Court in the matter
of the application of Philip Klinger for a pension
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and seal of office this
twenty fourth day of September eight
teen hundred and thirty two
J C Hawkins, Clerk

Philip Klinger 11581 [running vertically at right, bottom of page]

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U S Pension List, Ohio
Original Document - S4,
Ohio - page 301
Name: Philip Klinger
Monthly Allowance: 40

1831:                Sept 2
1832: March 2    Sept 2
1833: March 2    Sept 2
1834: March 2    Sept ?
1835: March 1    Sept 3
1836: March 3    Sept 3
1837: March 1    Sept 3
1838: March 1    Sept 3
1839: March 1    Sept 3
1840: March 1    Sept -6
1841: March 2


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SAR Membership Application - S7,
Applicant:  Paul Ott Klinger ID4191 - SAR Membership Number:  66992 - Soldier:  Philip Klinger
Page 1
National Number:  66992         State Number:  5724
The Massachusetts Society
of The
National Society
Sons of The American Revolution
Application for Membership/ of / Paul Ott Klinger
Descendant of/ Philip Klinger
Application examined and approved - 15 October 1946
Accepted by the State Board of Management - 20 Nov 1946
Filed with State Secretary:  27 May 1946
Fees Paid:  21 Oct 1946
Duplicate sent to Registrar General:  21 Nov 1946
Approved and registered by Registrar General:  25 Nov 1947
Certificate of Membership Delivered:  3 Dec 1946
Rubber Stamped Date, lower right corner:  27 Nov 1947

Page 2
National Number:  66992     State Number:  5724
Application for Membership
Issued by Authority of the National Board of Trustees/ May 27, 1946
To the Board of Managers of/ The Mass. Society/ Of The/ National Society
Sons of the American Revolution
I, Paull Ott Klinger being of the age of 55 years
hereby apply for membership in this society by right of lineal descent in the following line from
Philip Klinger
Who was born in Chester Co., Pa. on the 10th day of Nov. 1754
and died in Preble County, Ohio on the [Blank] day of May 1841
and who assisted in establishing American Independence.
I was born in Kokomo County of Howard
State of Indiana on the 28 day of Sept. 1890
(1)  I am the son of William Nelson Klinger born 28 Feb 1848, died 18 Mar 1894, and
his wife Jerusia Ott born 7 Oct 1852, died 18 Jan 1928, married 26 Jan 1873
(2)  grandson of Isaac Klinger born 8 Mar 1825, died 7 Apr 1873, and
his wife Elizabeth Copp born 21 Mar 1826, died 7 July 1892, married 26 Aug 1846
(3)  great-grandson of William Klinger born 12 Apr 1793, died 2 Jan 1863, and
his wife Mary Catherine Bean born 6 May 1791, died 27 Feb 1881, married 26 Feb 1818
(4)  great-grandson [Great-Great Grandson] of Philip Klinger born 10 Nov 1754, died May 1841, and
his wife Barbara Ekes (Ecos) born 28 Jan 1759, died 1837, married 23 Apr 1779
(5, 6, 7 and 8) - Blank
and he, the said Philip Klinger (No. 4) is the ancestor who assisted in
establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Soldier

Page 3
My Ancestor's services in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War
of the Revolution were as follows:
In 1775 enlisted under Capt. Griffin for one year
In 1776 enlisted under Capt. Hattling
IN 1776 enlisted under Capt. Worth for duration of war
Jan. 3, 1777, wounded at Trenton, N.J.

Pension was issued on May 7, 1834m signed by Lewis Cass.
Pension is recorded in report of Sec. of War, under Act of
Congress, June 7, 1832, in relation to Pension Est. of the
U.S. Printed by Duff Green in 1835.
The name spelled then "Clinger" instead of Klinger.  Service
verified by records on file in Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C.

Page 4
Full maiden name of applicant's wife:  Myrtle Leone Fleming
born June 1, 1891 - Married Feb. 5, 1910

Names of Children and grandchildren of applicant
(Added to blank by order of Trustees, July, 1915)
Headings:  Name - Date of Birth - Residence
Martha Klinger Garland - May 9, 1913 - 2106 Spring Valley Drive, Marietta, Georgia
Jane Klinger Parman - Sept. 15, 1916 - 217 Broadmoor, Munster, Indiana
David Ray Parman - Oct. 24, 1941
Donald Wayne Parman - Oct. 13, 1944

The following are references to the authorities for the record of my ancestor's service and for the
genealogical data contained in this application:

"Darke County, Ohio", biographical Sketches (Klinger) p. 183
Hist. of Preble County, Ohio, p. 321 [Bk2970]
Nat. D.A.R. #347459 (Mrs. Diller Howell, Isaac's granddaughter)
Family Records and tombstones, Bible and Curt Records
Ohio State Roster, 1929, p. 217 [Bk2969]
Nat. D.A.R. No. 73377 (Mrs. Virginia H. Briggs)

Nominated and recommended by the undersigned members/of the Society:
[2 signatures]

Signature of applicant (Name in full)
[Signature of Paul Ott Klinger]

Address:  1059 Franklin St., Melrose, Mass.
Occupation:  Tax Comr., B. & M. R.R.

The Following acknowledgement is required
State of Massachusetts County of Suffolk/ SS  October 18, 1948
Personally appeared Paul Ott Klinger
signer of the above and foregoing application and statement, and made oath before me that the state-
ments therein contained are true to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Official Signature, Ralph T. ???
Notary Public
Notary Seal [lower left corner]


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Source Citation

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S1 Database On-line, US War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858. . Original Data: NARA M829, 16 rolls. "US Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrants Used in the US Military District of Ohio and Relating Papers"; Records of the Bureau of Land Management, Record Group 49.  Acc001485
S2 Book, The Official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Adjutant General's Dept, F J Heer Printing Co, 1929, 3 vol. Bk2969 Vol. I., page 217. 
(Extract:  "Klinger, Philip, (Preble Co.) --On pens roll 1832 of Preble Co, O. Service 1775 in Capt Griffin's Company, also 1776 in Capt Jacob Hetterling's Company. Was in battle of Princeton. Was wounded. br 1754 in Chester Co, Pa. Mar Barbara (br1759) 1779. D in Ohio. Ref: Natl No 73377, Vol 74, p 142, D.A.R. Lin")
S3 Book, DAR: A Roster of Revolutionary ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution. Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphic, 1976, 2 vol. Bk2959, page 192.  
(Extract: KLINGER, PHILIP, b. 10 Nov. 1753, Chester Co., Pa., d. 1841, Presle, Ohio, m. Pa., Barbara Ecos, b. 26 June 1759, d. 1837. SERVICE: In 1775 served as Private under Captain Griffin and Colonel Wayne; Aug. 1776 under Captain Jacob Hatheilin and Colonel Wayne; "Flying Camp", Middle of Oct. 1776 to Mar. 1777 to 1781 or 1782 under Captain Caleb Smith and Captain Wm. North; drove a wagon for General Geo. Clark; sustained gunshot wound of right shoulder at Battle of Princeton. Received Pension for service to his country during the American Revolution. CHILDREN: John, b. 26 Mar. 1780; Jacob, b. 1 Aug. 1782; Henry, b. 20 July 1784, m. Polly ---; Philip, b 11 Nov. 1785; George, b. 13 Sept. 1787; Sammuel, b. 26 Oct. 1789; Jesse, b. 12 July 1791, m. Elizabeth Cassel; William, b. 13 Apr. 1793; Peter C., b. 20 June 1795, m. Catherine Cassel; Michael, b. 31 Mar. 1799, m. Catherine ---; Nicholas; Isaac, b 4 July 1803, m Sarah Cassel. DESCENDANT: Charles, Belle Klinger (Mrs. Geo.), No. 111703.)
Google Docs
S4 Database On-line, U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872. Ohio, Philip Klinger, page 301. Original data: Ledgers of Payments, 1818-1872, to U.S. Pensioners Under Acts of 1818 Through 1858 From Records of the Office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, 1818-1872; (National Archives Microfilm Publication T718, 23 rolls); Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Record Group 217; National Archives, Washington, D.C. , accessed 27 Dec 2009. Ph7098.jpg
S5 Revolutionary War Pension Application, Philip Klinger, 21 Sept 1832. NARA Series M805 Roll 502 Images 396- File S.8.798 7 pages. , accessed 17 Nov 2006. Acc000685/Doc1429.pdf Doc1429.pdf
S6 Document, Misc, Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Research System. Philip Klinger, Ancestor A066083. , Accessed 14 March 2010. Doc0068.txt. Google Docs
S7 Database Online: U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970". Philip Klinger SAR Membership Number 66992, Application of Paul Ott Klinger. Original Data: Sons of the American Revolution, Louisville, Kentucky, Microfilm: Vol. 335,. , accessed 2 July 2011. Acc001851/Ph8948-001-003.jpg

Extract from Database:
Name: Philip Klinger
SAR Membership: 66992
Birth Date: 10 Nov 1754
Birth Place: Chester, Pennsylvania
Death Date: May 1841
Death Place: Preble, Ohio
Spouse: Barbara Ekes
Children: William Klinger
Images: Available on - (Not able to save the image from site - 2 July 2011)
First Image: Right Side - There are 2 more images that follow this one

Images Clipped from site using Windows 7 Snipping Tool:
Document Images/Ph8948-001-003.jpg



S8 Bounty Land Warrant, Philip Klinger. Original Data: NARA,M805, Roll 502, Image 403-409, File BLWT2051-100. , accessed 18 Nov 2006. Acc000686/Doc1430.pdf  


Images    Click Thumbnails for larger Images
I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6

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Questionable Research
Note:  I am not sure these documents pertain to my Philip Klinger - The date of death is wrong.  I am keeping the data but placing it here for further possible review at a later time.
1.  Bounty Land Warrant Listing  S1,
2.  Bounty Land Warrant Papers   S8,   (filed by Philip's heirs in 1834) - Acc000686
Page 1 [Image 403] nd
Service: Penn
Name: Klinger, Philip
Number: BLW2051-100
Page 2 [Image 404]
?? ?? ?? ?? July 21 1834
Recd of the Hon Scy of War, Warrant
No 2051 of Michael, Peter Hannah
Klinger & Mary Geily only heirs of Philip
Klinger private Pa Line dated 12th July
1834 I ??? ?? ??? by M Gordon esq
(for 100 acres)
Page 3 [Image 405] nd
Philip Klinger
?? ??
Claim to Land
Bounty –

Signature [unreadable]
Page 4 [Image 406]
Philip Klinger
Michael Klinger, Son
Peter Klinger; Samuel Klinger, Mary Geily Grand Children

Something written down the right side of the image mostly not readable
…..with Philip Klinger and….
Page 5 [Image 407]

I certify that I was well acquainted with Philip Klinger and know that he was a soldier of the Revolutionary army in the Pennsylvania line and believe that he served in Colonel Butlers Regiment until the war ended and I know that he was, the same Philip Klinger who was the grandfather of Peter Klinger and others & that he died about the year 1824.
Signed: Nicholas Lott Senior

State of Pennsylvania
County of Lebanon
This day Philip Lott senr personally appeared before me
and made oath to the above certificate and I certify that he is
a man of truth and good character witness my hand as
Justice of the peace this 10th day of June 1834
Signed: John Bichel Junior JP

I certify that I was well acquainted with Philip Klinger and know that he was a soldier of he Revolutionary army in the Pennsylvania line and believe that he served in Colonel Butlers Regiment until the war ended and I know that he was the same Philip Klinger who was the grandfather of Peter Klinger and other & that he died about the year 1824.
Signature: Philip Hagle

State of Pennsylvania
County of Lebanon
This day Philip Hagle personally appeared before me
And made oath to the above certificate and I certify that he
is a man of truth and good character witness my hand as Justice of the peace this 10th day of June 1834
Signed: John Bichel Junior JP
Page 6 [Image 408]

State of Pennsylvania
County of Lebanon
I Peter Klinger heir at law of Philip Klinger
do upon my oath declare and testify that to the best of my
knowledge and belief the said Philip Klinger did
enlist in the year unknown for the term of ?? ??
And served in the Regiment No 9
under the Command of Colonel Butler
of the Pennsylvania line and that he continued in
the service until the war ended ……
I further declare that I have never received a warrant
for the Bounty Land promised to said Philip Klinger
on the part of the United States; nor do I believe that he
ever received it or transferred his claim to it in any
manner whatsoever; therefore know all men by these
presents, that I Peter Klinger aforesaid do hereby
constitute and appoint ?? Ellis of Acrom??
County ??? to be my true and lawful Attorney
for me and in my name to demand and receive
from the Secretary of war of the United States a warrant
for the quantity of land due to me as aforesaid; and my said attorney is hereby fully authorized and empow
ered to constitute and appoint one or more substitutes
or attorneys under him for the special purpose above
??? ???? my hand & seal this 10th day of
June AD1834

John Bichel Junior JP
Signature: Peter Klinger [Seal]

Fredrick Flicker[?}
Personally appeared the above named Peter Klinger
subscriber to the foregoing declaration and in my presence
acknowledged the power of Attorney ??? subscribed
to be his ?? and deed witness my hand and seal this
10th day of June AD1834

Signature: John Bichel Junior JP [Seal]
Page 7 [Image 409

State of Pennsylvania County of Lebanon
Personally appeared before me a Justice of he Peace in aforesaid
County Peter Klinger known to me as a credible person
and made oath that he is the grandson & one of the heirs at
law of Philip Klinger who was a soldier of the Pennsylvania
Line in Regiment No 9, under Colonel Butler in the
Revolutionary War & the said Peter Klingers father name
was Philip who was the older son, of said Philip Klinger
the soldier who died in the year 1824 leaving heirs
this applicant Michael Klinger a son & Samuel Klinger &
Mary Geily his grandchildren and only heirs at
law ___ ___ Signed: Peter Klinger

Sworn & subscribed before
Me this 10th day of June 1834
John Bichel Junior JP

State of Pennsylvania
Lebanon County
This day personally appeared before me Nicholas Lott &
Philip Nagle – two credible and disinterested witnesses
and made oath in due form of law that they were well acquainted
with Philip Klinger in his life time who was always
respected & believed to have been a Revolutionary soldier, that
we are also well with Peter Klinger and Samuel Klinger and
Mary Geily grandchildren of said Philip Klinger
The soldier & of Michael Klinger being a son of said Philip Klinger
the soldier & that they are reputed and believed to be the
only heirs at law of said Philip Klinger who died in the year 1824
Signed: Nicholas Lott Senr
Philip Nagel
Sworn and subscribed ????
This day of 10 June AD1834
John Bichel Junior JP
In testimony that the aforesaid John Bichel Junior is and was a Justice of the Peace duly qualified to act as such in and for Lebanon County, Pennsylvania at the dates of his foregoing
Certificates ??? his signature appears to be genuine.
I have hereto set my hand & seal of Court as ???
Of Lebanon County Court of Common Please in
Pennsylvania this 14the day of June 1834
Signed: Adam ???? ????


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