Our Westfield 1834-1984
Alter, Jonathan Promise, The
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Bainbridge, Beryl Every Man for Himself (Titanic)
Baldacci, David Finisher, The
  Hit, The (Will Robie)
  King & Maxwell (King & Maxwell)
  No Time Left
  One Summer
  Target, The (Will Robie)
  True Blue
Barr, Nevada High Country
Battles, Brett Cleaner, The
Bausch, Robert Gypsy Man, The
Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward 2000-1887
Berry, Steve Alexandria Link, The - Cotton Malone Series - #2
  Balkan Escape, The - eBook Original -
  Devil's Gold, The - eBook Original -
  Jefferson Key, The - Cotton Malone Series - #7
  King's Deception
  Lost Order - (Civil War Related)
  Third Secret, The
Berthoff, Ann Forming, Thinking, Writing
Beschloss, Michael Presidential Courage
Black, Lisa Defensive Wounds
Block, Lawrence All Books by
Box, C. J. Back of Beyond
  Breaking Point
  Cold Wind
  Endangered (15 March 1915)
  Highway, The - NOT a Joe Pickett Book - 30 July 2013
  Off The Grid (Joe Pickett) - 8 March 2016
  Paradise Valley (25 July 2017)
  Shots Fired (15 July 2014)
  Vicious Circle (21 March 2017)
Brandon, Jay Fade the Heat
  Loose among the Lambs
Braun, Lilian Jackson Book List -
  3- The Cat Who Turned On and Off (1968)
  4- The Cat Who Saw Red - 1986
  5- The Cat Who Played Brahms (1987)
  6- The Cat Who Played Post Office (1987)
  7- The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare (1988)
  8- The Cat Who Sniffed Glue (1988)
  9- The Cat Who Went Underground (1989)
  10- The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts (1990)
  11- The Cat Who Lived High (1990)
  12- The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal (1991)
  13- The Cat Who Moved a Mountain (1992)
  14- The Cat Who Wasn't There (1992)
  17- The Cat Who Blew the Whistle (1995)
  20- The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (1999)
  21- The Cat Who Saw Stars (copyright, 1998; published, 1999)
  23- The Cat Who Smelled a Rat (2001)
  24-The Cat Who Went up the Creek (2002)
  25- The Cat Who Brought Down the House (2003)
  27- The Cat Who Went Bananas (2005)
  28- The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell (2006)
  29- The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (2007)
  30- The Cat Who Smelled Smoke (cancelled by publisher, Putnam)[8]
 Brookhiser, Richard What Would the Founders Do?
Brown, Dan Inferno
Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown Whisker of Evil
Brown, Sandra Smash Cut
Buchanan, Edna Ice Maiden, The
Buckley, Christopher No way to Treat a First Lady
Burke, James Lee Cimarron Rose
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Caldwell, Sarah All Books By
Carter, Jimmy Hornet's Nest, The
  Remarkable Mother, A
Chadwick, Bruce Reel Civil War, The
Child, Lee Bad Luck (Jack Reacher #11)
  Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher # 13)
  Never Go Back (Jack Reacher)
  Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher #12)
  Personal (Jack Reacher)
  Without Fail (Jack Reacher)
Chastain, Thomas Case of too many Murders
Child, Lee Without Fail
  Personal - (Jack Reacher) (Novel)
Not a Drill (Jack Reacher)  (Short Story)
Collins, Max Allan Titanic Murders, The - 2012
Commanger, Henry S Documents of American History
Connelly, Michael Angels Flight - (Harry Bosch)
  Black Box, The (Avail. 26 Nov 2012)
  Burning Room, The - (Harry Bosch)
  Concrete Blonde
  Darkness More than Night, A - (Harry Bosch)
  Gods of Guilt, The  (Mickey Haller)  -  (Dec 2013)
  Harry Bosch Novels, Vol 2
  Last Coyote, The (Harry Bosch)
  Poet, The -
  Safe Man, The
  Snow White - Harry Bosch
  Suicide Run - Harry Bosch
Cook, Robin Cure
  Foreign Body
Cornwell, Patricia Body Farm, The [Scarpetta]
  Body of Evidence [Scarpetta]
  The Bone Bed (Scarpetta)
  Cruel and Unusual [Scarpetta]
  Dust (Scarpetta) - 2013
  Hornet's Nest (Andy Brazil)
  Last Precinct, The [Scarpetta]
  Red Mist - [Kay Scarpetta]
  Ripper - (Feb 2017)
  Southern Cross (Andy Brazil)
  Time for Remembering, A [Scarpetta]
Coulter, Catherine Backfire
  Double Take
  Split Second - Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock
Crais, Robert First Rule, The - Joe Pike Series
  Sentry, The - Joe Pike Series
Crichton, Michael Eaters of the Dead
Cross, Amanda Edge of Doom, The
Currie, David Constitution in Congress, The
Cussler, Clive Assassin, The (Isaac Bell)
  Bootlegger, The (Isaac Bell) (4 March 2014)
  Built for Adventure -
  Eye of Heaven, The - (A Fargo Adventure) (Sept 2014)
  Ghost Ship
  Golden Buddha
  Jungle, The  (The Oregon Files)
  Kingdom, The
  Mayan Secrets, The (Fargo Adventure) 5 Sept 2013
  Mirage (The Oregon Files) - 2013
  Pacific Vortex
  Piranha - (The Oregon Files)
  Poseidon's Arrow
  The Striker
  Thief, The  (published March 2012)
  Tombs, The
  Vixen 03
  Zero Hour
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Davis, Patrick A Colonel, The
  General, The
  Passenger, The
Davis, William Honorable Defeat, An: The last days of the Confederate Govt
Deaver, Jeffery Blue Nowhere
  Bodies Left Behind, The
  Bone Collector, The
  Broken Window, The
  Burning Wire, The
  Coffin Dancer
  Cold Moon, The
  Kill Room, The  (Available 4 June 2013)
  October List, The - (1 Oct 2013)
  Roadside Crosses
  Skin Collector, The
  Stone Monkey
  Twelfth Card, The
Demille, Nelson By the Rivers of Babylon
  Gold Coast, The
  Lion, The
  Up Country
Depoy, Phillip Booklist -
  Messages from Beyond - 1979
  Easy - 1997
  Too Easy - 1998
  Easy as 1,2,3 - 1998
  Dancing made Easy - 1999
  Dead Easy - 2000
  The Devil's Hearth - 2003
  The Witch's Grave - 2004
  A Minister's Ghost - 2005
  A Widow's Curse - 2007
  The Drifter's Wheel - 2008
  The King James Conspiracy - 2009
  A Corpse's Nightmare - 2011
  The Tao and the Bard - 2013
  December's Thorn - 2013
Diamond, Harvey Fit for Life
Dunning, John Bookman's Promise, The
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Eckert, Allan W Conquerors, The
  Frontiersmen, The
  Gateway to Empire
  That Dark and Bloody River
  Twilight of Empire
  Wilderness Empire
  Wilderness War, The
Edsel, Robert The Monuments Men:  2013
Elbow, Peter Writing for Power
Elkins, Aaron Deceptive Clarity, A
  Murder in the Queen's Arms, A
Evanovich, Janet - Link  
   Stephanie Plum Series - (Between the Numbers)
-  1 - Visions of Sugar Plums
-  2 - Plum Lovin'
-  3 - Plum Lucky - Stephanie Plum
-  4 - Plum Spooky
  16 - Sizzling Sixteen
  17 - Smokin' Seventeen
  19 - Notorious Nineteen - Stephanie Plum Series
  20 - Takedown Twenty - Stephanie Plum Series
  21 - Top Secret Twenty-One - Stephanie Plum Series
  23 - Turbo Twenty-Three - Stephanie Plum Series (15 Nov 2016)
  24 - Hardcore Twenty-Four - Stephanie Plum Series (21 Nov 2017)
  Dangerous Minds (20 June 2017)
  Heist, the June 2013 - Kate O'Hare Adventure #1
  Husband List, the
  Metro Girl
  Pursuit, The (Feb 2017)
  The Scam
Evans, Mariana Artifacts
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Fairstein, Linda Kills, The
Farris, John All Books By
Faust, Drew Gilpin Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, This
Flynn, Gillian Gone Girl
Flynn, Vince Memorial Day
Forstchen, William R. Once Second After
Fose, Henry More than a Shadow
Frank, Frederick Awakened Eye, The (1979)
  Love Life, I (1967)
  My Eye is in Love (1963)
Friedman, Thomas Hot, Flat, and Crowded
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Galbraith, Robert  (J.K. Rowling) Cuckoo's Calling, The (2013)
Galloway, Gloria Dead by my Side
Garretson, James Deadwood Conspiracy
Gerritsen, Tess The Keepsake - Rizzoli & Isles #7
  Ice Cold - Rizzoli & Isles #8
  The Silent Girl - Rizzoli & Isles #9
  Last To Die - Rizzoli & Isles #10
Goldstein, Paul Patent Lie, A
Grafton, Sue W is for Wasted  (Sept 2013)
  X is for ??? (Aug 2015)
Griffin, W E B Badge of Honor Series - Book 1 - Men in Blue
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 2 - Special Operations
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 3 - The Victim
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 4 - The Witness
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 5 - The Assassin
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 6 - The Murderers
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 7 - The Investigators
  Badge of Honor Series - Book 8 - Final Justice
  Traffickers, The
  Black Ops
Grisham, John Abduction, The - Theodore Boone Series
  Calico Joe
  Gray Mountain (2014)
  Litigators, The
  Sycamore Row (sequel to A Time to Kill)
Gross, Andrew Blue Zone, The
  Dark Tide, The
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Handler, David Hot Pink Farmhouse
Harris, Lee Happy Birthday Murder, The
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Gone Tomorrow
Hess, Joan Out on a Limb
Hicks, Brian Sea of Darkness (Unraveling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley) - (Forward by Clive Cussler)
Hinshaw, Gregory P Indiana Friends heritage 1821-1996: the 175th anniversary history of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)
Hoffman, Howard S Vision and the art of Drawing
Horman, Jim Yearning Toward Wilderness
Hyde, Christopher Hard Target
Iacocca, Lee Where have all the Leaders Gone?
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Jackson, Lisa Absolute Fear - New Orleans Series #4
  Afraid to Die - Montana Series #4
  Born to Die - Montana Series #3
  Chosen to Die - Montana Series #2
  Cold Blooded - New Orleans Series #2
  Hot Blooded - New Orleans Series #1
  Left to Die - Montana Series #1
  Lost Souls - New Orleans Series #5
  Malice - New Orleans Series #6
  Shiver - New Orleans Series #3
Jakes, John Savannah (2005)
James, P D Murder Room, The
Johansen, Iris Blind Alley - Eve Duncan #8
  Close Your Eyes
  Countdown - Eve Duncan #9
  Dead Aim - Eve Duncan #6
  Face of Deception, The - Eve Duncan #1
  Fatal Tide - Eve Duncan #7
  Final Target
  Firestorm -
  Killer Dreams - Eve Duncan #10
  Killing Game, The - Eve Duncan #2
  No One to Trust - Eve Duncan #5
  Pandora's Daughter - Eve Duncan #12
  Reap the Wind
  Stalemate - Eve Duncan #11
  Taking Eve #1 in trilogy
Johnson, Robert We
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Katzenbach, John Analyst, The
Kellerman, Faye A Serpent's Tooth
  Blindman's Bluff - Peter Decker
  Capital Crimes
  Day of Atonement - Peter Decker
  Double Homicide (2004) - written with Jonathan Kellerman
  False Prophet - Peter Decker
  Grevious Sin - Peter Decker
  Hangman - Peter Decker
  Jupiter's Bones
  Justice - Peter Decker
  Mercedes Coffin, The
  Moon Music
  Prayers for the Dead - Peter Decker
  Ritual Bath
  Sacred and Profane - Peter Decker
  Sanctuary - Peter Decker
  Stalker (2000) - features Cynthia Decker
  Stone Kiss - Peter Decker
  Straight Into Darkness
  Street Dreams (2003)- features 2nd Cynthia Decker
  The Forgotten - Peter Decker
  The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights
  The Mercedes Coffin aka Cold Case - Peter Decker
  The Quality of Mercy
Kellerman, Jonathan Blood Test
  Bones - Alex Delaware
  Butchers Theater, The
  Evidence - Alex Delaware
  Therapy - Alex Delaware
  Time Bomb
  True Detectives - Alex Delaware
  Victims - Alex Delaware
  When the Bough Breaks
Kemelman, Harry Rabbi Small Adventures
Kienzk, William X Body Count
King, Laurie R Game, The
King, Stephen Under the Dome
Koryta, Michael So Cold the River
Krentz, Jayne Ann Soft Focus
  Truth or Dare
Kurson, Robert Shadow Divers
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Larson, Erik The Devil in the White City
Leonard, Elmore Mr Paradise
Lescroart, John Second Chair, The
Life Magazine American Journey of Barack Obama, The
Lily, Eli Yankee Artileryman: Civil War
Lippman, Laura Another Thing to Fall
Lovesey, Peter All Books By
Lowell, Elizabeth Always Time to Die
Lynch, Patrick Carriers
  Policy, The
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Macomber, Debbie 50 Harbor Street
Margolin, Phillip After Dark
Martini, Paul Trader of Secrets - #12 Paul Madriani Series
Martini, Steve Double Tap
  Rule of Nine, The
  Shadow of Power
McBain, Ed Widows
McCullough, David 1776
  John Adams
McNaught, Judith Every Breath you take
Meltzer, Brad Book of Fate, The
  Dead Even
  First Counsel, The
  Inner Circle, The
  Millionaires, The
  Tenth Justice, The
Miller, James & John Thompson Almanac of American History
Norris, David A Life During the Civil War
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O'Brian, Patrick J. Risen from the Ashes (West Baden Hotel)
  Ghosts of West Baden: Book Five in the West Baden Murders Series
  Retribution: Book Two of the West Baden Murders Trilogy
  Snowbound: Book Four in the West Baden Murders Series
  Fallen, The
  Red Rain
  Sawmill Road
  Sin Killer
  Sins of the Father: Boook 3 - West Baden Murders Trilogy
  Sleeping Phoenix, The
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Palmer, Michael Fifth Vial
  First Patient, The
  Heartbeat Away, A
  Oath of Office
  Political Suicide
  Second Opinion
Paretsky, Sara Bitter Medicine - #4
  Black List - #12
  Bleeding Kansas - #14
  Blood Shot - #5
  Body Work - #16
  Burn Marks - #6
  Deadlock - #2
  Fire Sale - #13
  Ghost Country - #9
  Guardian Angel - #7
  Hard Time - #10
  Hardball - #15
  Indemnity Only - #1
  Killing Orders - #3
  Total Recall - #11
  Tunnel Vision - #8
Parker, Robert B Bad Business
Patterson, James 9th Judgment - Women's Murder Club
  10th Anniversary - Lindsay Boxer - Women's Murder Club
  11th Hour - Women's Murder Club
  12th of Never - Women's Murder Club
  Unlucky 13 - Women's Murder Club
  14th Deadly Sin - Women's Murder Club
  15th Affair - Women's Murder Club (2 May 2016)
  17th Suspect - Women's Murder Club (2018)
  Against Medical Advice
  Alert (Michael Bennett)
  Alex Cross, Run
  Black Book, The (27 March 2017)
  Burn - Michael Bennett Book 7 - Available 29 Oct 2014
  Christmas Wedding, The
  Confessions of a Murder Suspect
  Confessions:  The Paris Mysteries (Tandy Angel)
  Confessions:  The Private School Murders (Tandy Angel)   (7 Oct 2013)
  Crazy House (May 2017)
  Cross Country - Alex Cross
  Cross Fire - Alex Cross
  Cross Justice
  Cross Kill - Alex Cross (Avail 7 June 2016)
  Cross My Heart - Alex Cross
  Don't Blink
  Fifty Fifty (Feb 2018)
  First Love (Jan. 2014)
  Games, The - (Private) - (Avail. 27 June 2016)
  Gone (Michael Bennett)
  Guilty Wives
  Hope To Die: The Return of Alex Cross - 24 Nov 2014
  I, Michael Bennett
  Kill Alex Cross
  Kill Me if you Can
  Line, The (Alex Cross) - Fall 2016
  Maximum Ride: the Manga
  Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
  Mistress (5 Aug 2013)
  Nevermore - Maximum Ride
  Now You See Her
  NYPD Red
  NYPD Red 2 (24 March 2014)
  NYPD Red 3 (16 March 2015)
  NYPD Red 4
  Outside Man, The
  Postcard Killers, The
  Private Berlin
  Private Down Under
  Private LA (10 Feb 2014)
  Private London
  Private Paris (14 March 2016)
  Sam's Letters to Jennifer
  Season of the Machete
  Second Honeymoon (June 2013)
  Tick Tock
  Trial, The (Women's Murder Club)
  Unlucky 13 (Women's Murder Club)
  Woman of God (Fall 2016)
  Zoo (Avail. 3 Sept 2012)
  Zoo 2 (Avail. 7 June 2016)
Patterson, Richard North Caroline Masters
  Dark Lady
  Escape the Night
  Final Judgment, The
  In the Name of Honor
  Lasko Tangent, The
  No Safe Place (Kerry Kilcannon)
  Private Screening
  Protect and Defend (Kerry Kilcannon)
  Silent Witness
Pearson, Ridley Killer Weekend
Perry, Anne Callander Square
Pratt, Scott Injustice for all - Joe Dillard #3
  Reasonable Fear - Joe Dillard #4
  Conflict of Interest - Joe Dillard #5
  Blood Money - Joe Dillard #6
  A Crime of Passion - Joe Dillard #7
Quigley, Harry A Troopship Monterey
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Rable, George C Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!
Redmann, J. M. Book List -
  The Intersection of Law and Desire - 1995
  Lost Daughters - 1999
  Deaths of Jocasta - 1992
  Death by the Riverside - 2002
Remnick, David The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama
Ritchie, Donald A. Our Constitution
Robb, J. D. [Nora Roberts] Calculated in Death
  Concealed in Death  (Eve Dallas)
  Delusion in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Divided in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Fantasy in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Innocent in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Kindred in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Obsession in Death (Eve Dallas)
  Promises in Death (Eve Dallas)
Roberts, Nora High Noon
Robinson, Patrick Barracuda 945 - Arnold Morgan Series #6
  Ghost Force - Arnold Morgan Series #9
  H M S Unseen - Arnold Morgan Series #3
  Hunter Killer - Arnold Morgan Series #8
  Kilo Class - Arnold Morgan Series #2 1998
  Nimitz Class - Arnold Morgan Series# 1
  Scimitar S12 - Arnold Morgan Series #7
  Seawolf - Arnold Morgan Series #4 - AKS USS Seawolf
  Shark Mutiny, The - Arnold Morgan Series #5
  To the Death - Arnold Morgan Series #10
Roosevelt, Elliott All books by
  Murder at the President's Door
  Murder in the Oval Office
Rose, Mike When a Writer can't Write
Rosenberg, Joel C Dead Heat
Roth, Philip Plot against America, The
Rothwell, Robert L American Landscape, An
Rowling, J.K. The Casual Vacancy
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Sanders, Lawrence Anderson Tapes, The
  Capital Crimes
  Eigth Commandment, The
  First Deadly Sin, The
  Fourth Deadly Sin, The
  Guilty Pleasures
  Love Songs
  Marlow Chronicles, The
  McNalley's Caper
  McNalley's Gamble
  McNalley's Puzzle
  McNalley's Risk
  McNalley's Trial
  Passion of Molly T, The
  Pleasures of Helen, The
  Second Deadly Sin, The
  Seduction of Peter S, The
  Seventy Commandment, The
  Sixth Commandment, The
  Sullivan's Sting
  Tangent Factor, The
  Tangent Objective, The
  Tenth Commandment, The
  Third Deadly Sin, The
  Timothy Files, The
  Timothy's Game
  Tomorrow File, The
  McNalley's Dilemma
Sandford, John Broken Prey
  Buried Prey
  Certain Prey
  Dark of the Moon
  Dead Watch
  Easy Prey
  Eyes of Prey
  Field of Prey
  Mind Prey
  Night Crew, The
  Night Prey
  Rough Country
  Rules of Prey
  Secret Prey
  Shadow Prey
  Silent Prey
  Silken Prey - May 2013
  Storm Prey
  Sudden Prey
Santlofer, Jonathan Anatomy of Fear
  Dark End of the Street, The
  Death Artist, The
  Killing Art, The
  The Murder Notebook
Scottoline, Lisa Come Home
  Don't Go - April 2013
  Killer Smile
  Lady Killer
Shaara, Jeff No Less Than Victory
Smith, Page America Enters the World, V 7
  Nation Comes of Age, The - V 4
Smith, Richard Norton Uncommon Man: The Triumph of Herbert Hoover
Sparks, Nicholas At First Sight
  Bend in the Road, A
  Best of Me, The
  Choice, The
  Dear John
  Guardian, The
  Nights in Rodanthe
  Rescue, The
  Three Weeks
  True Believer
  Walk to remember, A
  Wedding, The
Standiford, Les All Books - Deal Series
Staub, Peter Mystery
Stoll, Clifford Cukoos Egg, The
  Silicon Snake Oil
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Tapply, William G Fine Line, A
Tartt, Donna Little Friend, The
Taylor, C James and Margaret Hogan, My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams
Thom, James Alexander From Sea to Shining Sea
  Panther in the Sky
Truman, Margaret Experiment in Murder
  Murder at Ford's Theater
  Murder at the Opera
  Murder at the Washington Tribune
  Murder at Kennedy Center
  Murder at the National Gallery
  Murder at Union Station
  Murder in Foggy Bottom
  Murder in Havana
  Murder in the House
  Murder inside the Beltway
  Murder on K Street
  Undiplomatic Murder
Van Lustbader, Eric Art Kills
  Blood Trust
Van Wormer, Laura Bad Witness, The
=W Top of Page
Wagner, Margaret E American Civil War: 365 days
Weld, William F Stillwater
Wellington, David Chimera:  A Jim Chappel Mission (Recommended by John)
Westfall, John E Atlas of the Lunar Terminator
Westlake, Donald E 361
  Adios Scheherazade
  Brothers Keeper
  Busy Body, The
  Castle in the Air
  Cops and Robbers
  Curious Facts Proceeding, The
  Dancing Aztecs
  Fugitive Pigeon, The
  Gave at the Office, I
  Hot Roc, The
  Jimmy the Kid
  Killing Time
  Likely Story
  Mercenaries, The
  Once Against the Law
  Pity Him Afterwards
  Under an English Heaven
  Up Your Banners
  Whole Stole Sassi Manoon?
White, Randy Wayne Hunter's Moon
Wolffe, Richard Renegade: The Education of Barack Obama
Wood, Gordon S Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History 1585-1828
Woods, Stuart Beverly Hills Dead - Rick Barron #2
  Blood Orchid - Holly Barker #3
  Capital Crimes
  Cold Paradise Stone Barrington #7
  Dark Harbor Stone Barrington #12
  Dead Eyes
  Dead in the Water - Stone Barrington #3
  Deep Lie
  Dirty Work Stone Barrington #9
  Doing Hard Time - Stone Barrington
  Hot Mahogany Stone Barrington #15
  Imperfect Strangers
  Insatiable Appetites - Stone Barrington
  Kisser Stone Barrington #17
  L A Times
  L.A. Dead Stone Barrington #6
  Loitering with Intent Stone Barrington #16
  Lucid Intervals Stone Barrington #18
  Lucie Intervals
  New York Dead - Stone Barrington - #1
  Orchid Beach - - Holly Barker #1
  Orchid Blues - Holly Barker #2
  Prince of Beverly Hills - Rick Barron #1
  Reckless Abandon - Stone Barrington #10
  Run Before the Wind
  Santa Fe Rules
  Strategic Moves - Stone Barrington #19
  Swimming to Catalina Stone Barrington #4
  The Short Forever Stone Barrington #8
  Two Dollar Bill Stone Barrington #11
  Under the Lake
  Unintended Consequences - Stone Barrington
  Unnatural Acts - Stone Barrington
  Worst Fears Realized
  Worst Fears Realized Stone Barrington #5
Wyler, Allen Changes
  Dead End Deal
  Deadly Errors
  Dead Head
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Yorke, Margaret Cause For Concern

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