Our Westfield 1834-1984
Alda, Alan :
Alter, Jonathan :
Promise, The
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Bainbridge, Beryl :
Every Man for Himself (Titanic)
Baldacci, David :
Fallen, The  (2018)
Finisher, The
Hit, The (Will Robie)
King & Maxwell (King & Maxwell)
Memory Man

No Time Left
One Summer
Target, The (Will Robie)
True Blue
Box, C. J. :
Back of Beyond
Breaking Point
Cold Wind
Disappeared, The
Highway, The - NOT a Joe Pickett Book
Off The Grid (Joe Pickett) -
Paradise Valley
Shots Fired
Vicious Circle
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Carter, Jimmy:
Hornet's Nest, The
Remarkable Mother, A
Chadwick, Bruce :
Reel Civil War, The
Commanger, Henry S :
Documents of American History
Connelly, Michael :

Harry Bosch:
   -  Black Box, The  (Harry Bosch)
   -  Burning Room, The - (Harry Bosch)
   -  Harry Bosch Novels, Vol 2
   -  Last Coyote, The (Harry Bosch)
   -  Snow White - Harry Bosch
   -  Suicide Run - Harry Bosch
Concrete Blonde
Gods of Guilt, The  (Mickey Haller) 
Poet, The
Safe Man, The
Cornwell, Patricia :
Body Farm, The [Scarpetta]
Body of Evidence [Scarpetta]
The Bone Bed (Scarpetta)
Cruel and Unusual [Scarpetta]
Dust (Scarpetta)
Hornet's Nest (Andy Brazil)
Last Precinct, The [Scarpetta]
Red Mist - [Kay Scarpetta]
Southern Cross (Andy Brazil)
Time for Remembering, A [Scarpetta]
Crichton, Michael :
Eaters of the Dead
Currie, David :
Constitution in Congress, The
Cussler, Clive
-  Assassian, The
Bootlegger, The (Isaac Bell) (4 March 2014)
Built for Adventure -
Eye of Heaven, The - (A Fargo Adventure) (Sept 2014)
Ghost Ship

Golden Buddha
Jungle, The  (The Oregon Files)
Kingdom, The
Mayan Secrets, The (Fargo Adventure) 5 Sept 2013
Mirage (The Oregon Files) - 2013
Pacific Vortex
Poseidon's Arrow
Striker, The
Thief, The
Tombs, The
Vixen 03
Zero Hour

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Davis, Patrick A:
Colonel, The
General, The
Passenger, The
Davis, William:
Honorable Defeat, An: The last days of the Confederate Govt
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Eckert, Allan W :
Conquerors, The
Frontiersmen, The
Gateway to Empire
That Dark and Bloody River
Twilight of Empire
Wilderness Empire
Wilderness War, The
Edsel, Robert:
-  The Monuments Men:  2013
Elbow, Peter:
-  Writing for Power
Elkins, Aaron:
Deceptive Clarity, A
Murder in the Queen's Arms, A
Evanovich, Janet - Link

Stephanie Plum:
-  1 - Visions of Sugar Plums
-  3 - Plum Lucky - Stephanie Plum

17 - Smokin' Seventeen
23 - Turbo Twenty-Three -  (15 Nov 2016)
24 - Hardcore Twenty-Four -  (21 Nov 2017)
25 - Look Alive Twenty-Five - Nov 2018

Dangerous Minds
Heist, the June 2013 - Kate O'Hare Adventure #1
Husband List, the
Metro Girl
Pursuit, The
Scam, The
Evans, Mariana:
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Faust, Drew Gilpin :
Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, This
A. Fuller, James :
Olver P. Morton:  Politics of The Civil War and Reconstruction
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Gerritsen, Tess:
The Keepsake - Rizzoli & Isles #7
Ice Cold - Rizzoli & Isles #8
The Silent Girl - Rizzoli & Isles #9
Last To Die - Rizzoli & Isles #10
Grafton, Sue:
W is for Wasted 
Y is for ???
Grisham, John :
Abduction, The - Theodore Boone Series
Calico Joe
Gray Mountain
Litigators, The
Sycamore Row (sequel to A Time to Kill)
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Hicks, Brian :
Sea of Darkness (Unraveling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley) - (Forward by Clive Cussler)
Hinshaw, Gregory P :
Indiana Friends heritage 1821-1996: the 175th anniversary history of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)
Hoffman, Howard S :
Vision and the art of Drawing
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Jackson, Lisa:
Absolute Fear - New Orleans Series #4
Afraid to Die - Montana Series #4
Born to Die - Montana Series #3
Chosen to Die - Montana Series #2
Cold Blooded - New Orleans Series #2
Hot Blooded - New Orleans Series #1
Left to Die - Montana Series #1
Lost Souls - New Orleans Series #5
Malice - New Orleans Series #6
Shiver - New Orleans Series #3
Jakes, John:
James, P D:
Murder Room, The
Johansen, Iris:
Blind Alley - Eve Duncan #8
Close Your Eyes
Countdown - Eve Duncan #9
Dead Aim - Eve Duncan #6
Face of Deception, The - Eve Duncan #1
Fatal Tide - Eve Duncan #7
Final Target
Firestorm -
Killer Dreams - Eve Duncan #10
Killing Game, The - Eve Duncan #2
No One to Trust - Eve Duncan #5
Pandora's Daughter - Eve Duncan #12
Reap the Wind
Stalemate - Eve Duncan #11
Taking Eve #1 in trilogy
Johnson, Robert:
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Katzenbach, John:
Analyst, The
Kellerman, Faye:
A Serpent's Tooth
Blindman's Bluff - Peter Decker
Capital Crimes
Day of Atonement - Peter Decker
Double Homicide
False Prophet - Peter Decker
Grevious Sin - Peter Decker
Hangman - Peter Decker
Jupiter's Bones
Justice - Peter Decker
Mercedes Coffin, The
Moon Music
Prayers for the Dead - Peter Decker
Ritual Bath
Sacred and Profane - Peter Decker
Sanctuary - Peter Decker
Stalker (2000) - features Cynthia Decker
Stone Kiss - Peter Decker
Straight Into Darkness
Street Dreams
The Forgotten - Peter Decker
The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights
The Mercedes Coffin aka Cold Case - Peter Decker
The Quality of Mercy
Kellerman, Jonathan:
Blood Test
Bones - Alex Delaware
Butchers Theater, The
Evidence - Alex Delaware
Therapy - Alex Delaware
Time Bomb
True Detectives - Alex Delaware
Victims - Alex Delaware
When the Bough Breaks
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Lily, Eli:
Yankee Artileryman: Civil War
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McCullough, David:
John Adams

Mitzner, Adam:
Never Goodbye
Norris, David A:
Life During the Civil War
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O'Brian, Patrick J. :
Fallen, The
Ghosts of West Baden: Book Five in the West Baden Murders Series
Red Rain

Retribution: Book Two of the West Baden Murders Trilogy
Risen from the Ashes (West Baden Hotel)
Sawmill Road
Sin Killer
Sins of the Father: Book 3 - West Baden Murders Trilogy
Sleeping Phoenix, The
Snowbound: Book Four in the West Baden Murders Series
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Patterson, James :

Women's Murder Club:
9th Judgment - Women's Murder Club
10th Anniversary - Lindsay Boxer - Women's Murder Club
12th of Never - Women's Murder Club
Unlucky 13 - Women's Murder Club
14th Deadly Sin - Women's Murder Club
17th Suspect - Women's Murder Club (2018)
Trial, The

Alex Cross :
Alex Cross, Run
Cross Fire
Cross Justice
Cross Kill
Hope To Die: The Return of Alex Cross
Kill Alex Cross
Line, The
Merry Christmas

Against Medical Advice
Alert (Michael Bennett)
Black Book, The
Burn - Michael Bennett Book 7
Christmas Wedding, The
Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Confessions:  The Paris Mysteries (Tandy Angel)
Confessions:  The Private School Murders (Tandy Angel) 
Crazy House
Don't Blink
Fifty Fifty
First Love
Games, The - (Private)
Guilty Wives
I, Michael Bennett
Kill Me if you Can
Sam's Letters to Jennifer
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Quigley, Harry A:
Troopship Monterey
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Roberts, Nora:
High Noon
Roosevelt, Elliott:
All books by
Murder at the President's Door
Murder in the Oval Office
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Shaara, Jeff:
No Less Than Victory
Smith, Page :
America Enters the World, V 7
Nation Comes of Age, The - V 4
Smith, Richard Norton :
Uncommon Man: The Triumph of Herbert Hoover
Sparks, Nicholas :
At First Sight
Bend in the Road, A
Best of Me, The
Choice, The
Dear John
Guardian, The
Rescue, The
Three Weeks
True Believer
Two by Two
Walk to remember, A
Wedding, The
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Taylor, C James and Margaret Hogan, :
My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams
Thom, James Alexander :
From Sea to Shining Sea
Panther in the Sky
Truman, Margaret :
Experiment in Murder
Murder at the Washington Tribune
Murder at Kennedy Center
Murder at the National Gallery
Murder in Foggy Bottom
Murder in Havana
Murder inside the Beltway
Murder on K Street
Undiplomatic Murder
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Wagner, Margaret E :
American Civil War: 365 days
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