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R = Read
W = Want
Our Westfield 1834-1984
Albom, Mich:
Five People you meet in Heaven
The Next Person you meet in Heaven (Oct 2018)
Alda, Alan :
Alter, Jonathan :
Promise, The
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Bainbridge, Beryl :
Every Man for Himself (Titanic)
Baldacci, David :
Escape, The (John Puller)
Fallen, The  (2018)
Finisher, The
Forgotten, The (John Puller)
Hit, The (Will Robie)
Last Mile (Amos Decker)
No Time Left
Target, The (Will Robie)
Zero Day (john Puller)
Berney, Lou:
November Road (Oct 2018)
**Beschloss, Michael
Presidents of War (Oct 2018)
Box, C. J. :
Back of Beyond
The Bitterroots (Cassie Book) (Aug 2019)
Breaking Point
Cold Wind
Disappeared, The
Highway, The - NOT a Joe Pickett Book
Shots Fired

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Carter, Jimmy:
Hornet's Nest, The
Remarkable Mother, A
Chadwick, Bruce :
Reel Civil War, The
Cole, Alyssa:
-  When no one is watching (2020)
Commanger, Henry S :
Documents of American History
Connelly, Michael :

Harry Bosch:
    -  Harry Bosch Novels, Vol 2
   -  Last Coyote, The (Harry Bosch)
   -  Snow White - Harry Bosch
   -  Suicide Run - Harry Bosch
Concrete Blonde
Gods of Guilt, The  (Mickey Haller) 
Poet, The
Safe Man, The
Cornwell, Patricia :
Body Farm, The [Scarpetta]
Body of Evidence [Scarpetta]
The Bone Bed (Scarpetta)
Cruel and Unusual [Scarpetta]
Dust (Scarpetta)
Last Precinct, The [Scarpetta]
Red Mist - [Kay Scarpetta]
Southern Cross (Andy Brazil)
Time for Remembering, A [Scarpetta]
Crichton, Michael :
Eaters of the Dead
Currie, David :
Constitution in Congress, The
Cussler, Clive
-  Assassian, The
Bootlegger, The (Isaac Bell) (4 March 2014)
Built for Adventure -
Eye of Heaven, The - (A Fargo Adventure) (Sept 2014)
Ghost Ship

Golden Buddha
Jungle, The  (The Oregon Files)
Kingdom, The
Mayan Secrets, The (Fargo Adventure) 5 Sept 2013
Mirage (The Oregon Files) - 2013
Pacific Vortex
Poseidon's Arrow
Striker, The
Thief, The
Tombs, The
Vixen 03
Zero Hour

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Davis, Patrick A:
Colonel, The
General, The
Passenger, The
Davis, William:
Honorable Defeat, An: The last days of the Confederate Govt
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Eckert, Allan W :
Conquerors, The
Frontiersmen, The
Gateway to Empire
That Dark and Bloody River
Twilight of Empire
Wilderness Empire
Wilderness War, The
Edsel, Robert:
-  The Monuments Men:  2013
Elbow, Peter:
-  Writing for Power
Elkins, Aaron:
Deceptive Clarity, A
Murder in the Queen's Arms, A
Evanovich, Janet - Link

Stephanie Plum:
-  1 - Visions of Sugar Plums
-  3 - Plum Lucky - Stephanie Plum
25 - Look Alive Twenty-Five - Nov 2018
26 - Twisted Twenty-Six - Nov 2019
27 - Fortune and Glory (Nov 2020
28 - Game On (Nov 2021)

Bounty, The
Dangerous Minds
Heist, the June 2013 - Kate O'Hare Adventure #1
Husband List, the
Metro Girl
Pursuit, The
Scam, The
Evans, Mariana:
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Faust, Drew Gilpin :
Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, This
A. Fuller, James :
Olver P. Morton:  Politics of The Civil War and Reconstruction
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Gerritsen, Tess:
The Keepsake - Rizzoli & Isles #7
Ice Cold - Rizzoli & Isles #8
The Silent Girl - Rizzoli & Isles #9
Last To Die - Rizzoli & Isles #10
Goodwin, Doris Kearns:
Leadership in Turbulent Times (Sept 2018)
Goodwin, Nathan Dylan: (The Forensic Genealogist, Series)
R1.  Hiding the Past (Bk3853)
R2.  The Lost Ancestors (Bk4206)
R3.  The Orange Lilies (Bk4214)
R4. The America Ground (Bk4215)
R5.  The Spyglass File (Bk4216)
R6.  The Missing Man:  A Morton Farrier Novella (Bk4217)
7.  The Wicked Trade (Bk4271)
The Suffragette's Secret - (Bk4276)
The Asylum - (Bk4275)
#8. The Sterling Affair - Bk4285
Grafton, Sue:
Grisham, John :
Abduction, The - Theodore Boone Series
Calico Joe
Gray Mountain
Litigators, The
Sycamore Row (sequel to A Time to Kill)
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Hicks, Brian :
Sea of Darkness (Unraveling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley) - (Forward by Clive Cussler)
Hinshaw, Gregory P :
Indiana Friends heritage 1821-1996: the 175th anniversary history of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)
Hoffman, Howard S :
Vision and the art of Drawing
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Jackson, Lisa:
Absolute Fear - New Orleans Series #4
Afraid to Die - Montana Series #4
Born to Die - Montana Series #3
Chosen to Die - Montana Series #2
Cold Blooded - New Orleans Series #2
Hot Blooded - New Orleans Series #1
Left to Die - Montana Series #1
Lost Souls - New Orleans Series #5
Malice - New Orleans Series #6
Shiver - New Orleans Series #3
Jakes, John:
James, P D:
Murder Room, The
Johansen, Iris:
Blind Alley - Eve Duncan #8
Close Your Eyes
Countdown - Eve Duncan #9
Dead Aim - Eve Duncan #6
Face of Deception, The - Eve Duncan #1
Fatal Tide - Eve Duncan #7
Final Target
Firestorm -
Killer Dreams - Eve Duncan #10
Killing Game, The - Eve Duncan #2
No One to Trust - Eve Duncan #5
Pandora's Daughter - Eve Duncan #12
Reap the Wind
Stalemate - Eve Duncan #11
Taking Eve #1 in trilogy
Johnson, Robert:
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Katzenbach, John:
Analyst, The
Kellerman, Faye:
A Serpent's Tooth
Blindman's Bluff - Peter Decker
Capital Crimes
Day of Atonement - Peter Decker
Double Homicide
False Prophet - Peter Decker
Grevious Sin - Peter Decker
Hangman - Peter Decker
Jupiter's Bones
Justice - Peter Decker
Mercedes Coffin, The
Moon Music
Prayers for the Dead - Peter Decker
Ritual Bath
Sacred and Profane - Peter Decker
Sanctuary - Peter Decker
Stalker (2000) - features Cynthia Decker
Stone Kiss - Peter Decker
Straight Into Darkness
Street Dreams
The Forgotten - Peter Decker
The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights
The Mercedes Coffin aka Cold Case - Peter Decker
The Quality of Mercy
Kellerman, Jonathan:
Blood Test
Bones - Alex Delaware
Butchers Theater, The
Evidence - Alex Delaware
Therapy - Alex Delaware
Time Bomb
True Detectives - Alex Delaware
Victims - Alex Delaware
When the Bough Breaks
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Larkin, Rita - Getting old Series 1-6

Lily, Eli
Yankee Artileryman: Civil War
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McCullough, David:
John Adams

Mitzner, Adam:
Never Goodbye
Norris, David A:
Life During the Civil War
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O'Brian, Patrick J. :
Fallen, The
Ghosts of West Baden: Book Five in the West Baden Murders Series
Red Rain

Retribution: Book Two of the West Baden Murders Trilogy
Risen from the Ashes (West Baden Hotel)
Sawmill Road
Sin Killer
Sins of the Father: Book 3 - West Baden Murders Trilogy
Sleeping Phoenix, The
Snowbound: Book Four in the West Baden Murders Series

Orlean, Susan:
The Library Book (Oct 2018)
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Patterson, James

Women's Murder Club:

Kindle-Trial, The  (BookShot)

18: 18th Abduction - On Sale 4/29/19
19:  19th Christmas
20:  20th Victim (May 2020)
21:  21st Birthday

Alex Cross :
Alex Cross (also published as Cross) (Alex Cross #12)
Alex Cross, Run (#18)
Criss Cross (Nov 2019)

Cross Fire (#16)
Cross Justice (#21)
Cross Kill
Kill Alex Cross (#17)
Cross the Line (#22)
Merry Christmas (Other, not part of series)

Harriet Blue :
R-Kindle-01: Never Never
==W-02: Fifty Fifty
==W-03: Liar Liar
-  Hush - 2020

Instinct Series:
-  Killer Instinct (Sept 2019)

Michael Bennett:
Ambush (#11) (Oct 2018)
Blindside  (Feb 2020)
Tick Tock (#4)

Red Alert (#5)

Count to Ten:  A Private Novel  
Missing:  A Private Novel
Princess:  A Private Novel
Private (#1)
Private Berlin
Private India:  City on Fire

Private Paris (#5)
The Games:  A Private Novel (#6)

1st Case (Angela Hoot) - July 2020
Against Medical Advice (Non-Fiction)
All-American Murder (Non-Fiction)
Black Book, The
Chef, The (Feb 2019)
Christmas Wedding, The
Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Confessions:  The Paris Mysteries (Tandy Angel)
Confessions:  The Private School Murders (Tandy Angel) 
Crazy House
Fifty Fifty
Filthy Rich (Non-Fiction)
First Lady - 2019
First Love
Guilty Wives
Home Sweet Murder
Humans, Bow Down
Inn, The (Aug 2019)

Juror #3
-  Killer Instinct (Dr. Dylan Reinhart and Detective
      Elizabeth Needham - TV "Instinct")
Kill Me if you Can
Lost (Jan 2020)
Midwife Murders (Aug 2020)
Miracle at Augusta
Murder House
Murder Interrupted
Murder of King Tut, The (Non Fiction)
Now you see her
Postcard Killers

Sam's Letters to Jennifer
Season of the machete
Second Honeymoon
Store, The
Summer House
Texas Outlaw (Rory Yates) (March 2020)
Two from the heart (Romance)
Warning, The
Woman of God
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Quigley, Harry A:
Troopship Monterey
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Redfearn, Suzanne
-  No Ordinary Life
-  Hush Little Baby
-  Hadley & Grace
Roberts, Nora:
High Noon
Roosevelt, Elliott:
All books by
Murder at the President's Door
Murder in the Oval Office
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Shaara, Jeff:
No Less Than Victory
Smith, Page :
America Enters the World, V 7
Nation Comes of Age, The - V 4
Smith, Richard Norton :
Uncommon Man: The Triumph of Herbert Hoover
Sparks, Nicholas :
At First Sight
Bend in the Road, A
Best of Me, The
Choice, The
Dear John
Every Breath
Guardian, The
Rescue, The
Return, The
Three Weeks
True Believer
Two by Two
Walk to remember, A
Wedding, The
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Taylor, C James and Margaret Hogan, :
My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams
Thom, James Alexander :
From Sea to Shining Sea
Panther in the Sky
Truman, Margaret :
Experiment in Murder
Murder at the Washington Tribune
Murder at Kennedy Center
Murder at the National Gallery
Murder in Foggy Bottom
Murder in Havana
Murder inside the Beltway
Murder on K Street
Undiplomatic Murder
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Wagner, Margaret E :
American Civil War: 365 days
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