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Nicholas Warthan Family
[001] Iowa Resources
[001-001] Maps:
Iowa County Maps and Atlases
-  Iowa Counties Map - Link,
Map of Iowa, 1856 -
[001-002] Iowa Civil War Research[Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2011, page 18]
- Iowa, Adjutant-Generals Office Report - Google Books
- Iowa and the Rebellion by Lurton D Ingersoll - Google Books
- Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion Together with Historical sketches of Volunteer Organizations, 1861-1865.  Des Moines, Iowa, EH English, 1908 - Google Books
[001-003] Misc. Resources
Iowa Federal and State Census Mortality Schedules

Online Iowa Death Records & Indexes
Iowa Land and Property  - (FamilySearch Wiki)
Iowa Courts Links
-  Iowa Genealogy - Wiki Page
Iowa Court Records
Iowa GenWeb Project - Link,
Iowa RootsWeb Databases - (Accessed 4 Jan 2017)
A Memorial and Biographical Record of Iowa, 1896 - Read Online:
-  Free Searchable Photo Collections, Iowa:
[001-004] Iowa Digital Collections:
-  Iow Digital Library:
-  Iowa Heritage Digital Collections:
[001-005] Research Guides:
Legacy QuickGuide:  Iowa Genealogy - Doc1716-002.pdf
Ancestry Iowa State Research Guide  - (available 9 Dec 2014)


[001-006] FamilySearch Iowa Record Collections:
Iowa Births and Christenings, 1830-1950:
Iowa Death and Burials, 1850-1990:
Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992
Iowa County Marriages, 1838-1934
Iowa State Census, 1895
Iowa, Fayette County Probate Records, 1851-1927  (Browse Images Only)
Iowa, County Births, 1880-1935
Iowa State Census, 1885

FamilySearch Wiki Page

Genea-Musings: Tuesday's Tip - Check Out Iowa Record Collections on FamilySearch-30Oct2012-EN0491

[001-007] Newspapers:
-  "Online Digital Newspapers Collections by State", Genealogy's Star, 28 July 2014  - Link,
-  Cedar Rapids Public Library:
[001-008] Articles

-  "Iowa History at Risk" - EOGN, 9 March 2016 - Tyler Priest’s article at
-  "State Historical Society of Iowa to Digitally Preserve more than 12 Million Pages of Newspapers, Some as Old as the 1830s" - EOGN, 17 Feb 2017 - EN0778
[001-009] Polk County, Iowa -

[001-010] FamilySearch DB, Iowa:

Iowa Births and Christenings, 1830-1950
Iowa City News Index
Iowa County Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Iowa County Death Record Indexes (July 1919-1924, 1928, 1936-1939)
Iowa County, Birth Records, 1921-1935
Iowa Death Certificates, 1904-1951
Iowa Death Records, 1904-1951
Iowa Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990
Iowa Federal and State Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1880
Iowa Marriage and cemetery Records, 1945
Iowa Marriage Records, 1938-1941
Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992
Iowa Marriages, ca. 1844-1900
Iowa Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
Iowa, Birth Records, 1921-1942
Iowa, Church and Civil Marriages, 1837-1989
Iowa, County Births, 1880-1935
Iowa, County Death Records, 1880-1992
Iowa, County Marriages, 1838-1934
Iowa, Death Records, 1921-1940
Iowa, Delayed Birth Records, 1850-1939

(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)
[001-011] Fayette County, Iowa:

-  Web site where the info from the email came from about Growler's Gulch:  (Accessed, 16 Sept 2021)

- Wikipedia:,_Iowa 
- FamilySearch Wiki:,_Iowa_Genealogy 
-  IAGenWeb Page, Fayette County:

-  (History)  Past and Present of Fayette County, Iowa: (, DB):  (Bk4359)
-  The Little Turkey River is north of the Volga and is a tributary to the Turkey River. The Little Turkey appears to be named "Crane Creek" in earlier maps, I think? (Email from Seth, 20 Sept 2021, 0955am)
   - Windsor Township, Fayette County, Iowa
      -  Map, 1879:  Ph13070.jpg (Ph13070-InfoSheet.txt)
      - Hawkeye:
          - Coordinates: 42°56′17″N 91°57′4″W
          - Newspaper: Hawkeye Beacon
          -  River to the east:  North Branch Volga River

-  See:  Prj047


[002] Chickasaw County
County Seat:  New Hampton
County Formed:  1851
WikiPedia Article
Chickasaw County Genealogical Society
PO Box 434
New Hampton, Iowa 50659-0434
Chickasaw County Recorder
Requesting a certified copy of an Iowa Birth, Death, or Marriage License
-  How to request a certified Record by mail:  Link,
-  Death Record Application:  Link,
Chickasaw County Histories - S1, S2, S3,
County Courthouse
Chickasaw County Courthouse
8 East Prospect St.
P.O. Box 14
New Hampton, Iowa 50659-0014
(641) 394-2336
-  Research Guide, FamilySearch Wiki - Link,
-  County i
Chickasaw County Death Record Indexes (1919-1939)
Chickasaw County, Birth Records, 1921-1941

(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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[003] - Polk County:
Polk County Birth, Marriage, and Death Indexes
Polk County Death Record Indexes (1917-1939)
Polk County Birth Records, 1880-1921; Indexes, 1880-1885
Polk County Marriage Certificates, 1846-1849
Polk County, Birth Records, 1921-1941
Polk County, Marriage Applications, 1886-1889
-  Plat book of Polk County, Iowa:  Compiled from County Records and actual surveys:
The History of Polk County, Iowa - DesMoines, Iowa:  Union Historical Company, 1880.  Read Online at -
Polk County, Iowa raves Registration:
-  A-G:
-  H-L:
-  M-Q:

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[030] Sources

Source Citation

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(To Magnify larger image - use CTRL + )

S1 Book:  Alexander, W. E History of Chickasaw and Howard counties, Iowa. Decorah, Iowa: Western Publishing Company, 1883. Bk3533
Read Online
S2 Book:  Powers, J H. Historical and Reminiscences of Chickasaw County, Iowa. Des Moines: Iowa Printing Co, 1894.. Bk3402
Read Online
S3 Book:  Fairbairn, Robert Herd. History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties, Iowa, 2 vols.  Chicago: S J Clarke Publishing Company, 1919. Bk3500.
Vol. 1:  -

Vol. 2:


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