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Research Project
This project was initiated by an email from my cousin Mike, ID0452 on 27 Sept 2012.  He stated that he had recently driven through the little town of Evansport and passed a building that he thought might be the school building that our grandfather had attended.  I had this on my To Do list but had not done any further work on it until this email.
1.  Find the History of the brick School that August Haas, ID0377 had attended in 1905, 1906
2.  Find location of the brick School
3.  Locate Photos of the School
28 Sept 2012:
1.  Used Google Maps and located Evansport, Defiance County, Ohio - I cruised up Main St. (Evansport Rd. from south to north and located the building I think Mike was talking about on the east side of the road - Coordinates: 41.423184 -84.396319
- Location: SE corner of Main Street (Evansport Rd.) and Mill St.
- I snipped an image from street view (Ph9605.jpg) Looking northeast
- Sent Mike an email with the image (Ph9605.jpg) attached to see if that was the building he had referred to
- I snipped another picture looking Southeast, also showing Mill St. street sign - (Ph9605-002.jpg)
- Mike confirmed this was the building he was talking about and gave me permission to use his email on my web page

2.  URL:
- This source (Photo at bottom of page) indicates that this building was a mill NOT a school -
COY-SNIDER MILL - The original was built in the Spring of 1835 along the Tiffin River.

This rebuilt Grist Mill and Saw Mill on the Tiffin River, Tiffin Twp. Spring of 1835- was built & owned by John Coy,Jacob Coy (brothers) and their brother-in law John Snider. The old one was on the exact same location.

The three of them stayed in business until 1857. Then in 1868 Abraham Coy built the New mill at a cost of $13,000. In the fall of 1872, Daniel Fribley purchased Abrahams interest in the Mill. This is documented in the History of Defiance Co,-1883 by Beers -Tiffin Twp. pg.358 [Page 348] The photo was taken by researcher Nancy Schultz

All information submitted May 2002 by Connie Coy Rice,

- This mill is talked about in detail in the Defiance County History, Bk3260, page 348  S1,

28 Sept 2012,
-  308pm
: Sent email to Defiance County Genealogical Society asking about the School -
946pm: Received email from DCGS - Forwarding my request to a member who had that information

-  Google search for Evansport School - nothing found

16 Nov 2012:
Another Google Search for Evansport School - Found this wonderful web page:  Evansport Photos
17 Nov 2012:
Constructed this web page

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Evansport, Defiance County, Ohio
1.  Tiffin Township
2.  1.4 miles south of U.S. 6 on County Road 150 - S4,
3.  ZIP Code: 43519 - Has a Post Office   S3,
4.  Coordinates:  41 25' 34" N, 84 23' 47" W   (41.426111, -84.396389)   S3,
5.  22 Miles north of Defiance, Ohio  S4,
6.  5.6 miles south of Stryker, Ohio  S4,
Wikipedia URL:,_Ohio
Evansport Surveyed 14 Dec 1835 for Amos Evans, Albert G. Evans and Jacob Coy into 122 lots  S1 page 348S6, S9 Plat Map,
Evansport Map, 1890 - S6,


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Evansport School
1.  SW corner of Main and Church Streets (old 3rd St)  S5,
2.  East side of West St., north of Fourth (Mill) St.    S6,
3.  Coordinates:  41.423281  -840397397   S4,
13 March 1843 - Lots 104 - east side of West St., north of Fourth (Mill) St. for $30 - Schoolhouse erected by 1847.    S6,
1876:  Lots 105 and 106 - north of Lot 104 were purchased - wooden school building constructed/moved to this location    S6,
1883:  "The school buildings are frame, but have two departments, with about eighty scholars in attendance."   S1 page 348
About 1890:  Two-story brick building built on this site,  S6,
About 1920:  Second floor removed   S5,   S6,
Late 1940s:  Brick building used for classes   S6,
Building used as the home of Evansport Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall after classes were discontinued    S5,
Nov 2004  -  Building razed  S5,   S6,
Present-day:  The location is now occupied by the Tiffin Township Fire Station.    S6,
Evansport School:   S1 page 348,
Photos of Evansport School      S5,   S6,
Student Roster - Evansport School, 1905-1906 - Doc1299.pdf
- August Haas listed in 3rd Grade (My Grandfather)

Several Coy Children Listed
2nd Grade Emma Coy, ID5351
3rd Grade Martha Coy, ID5358
4th Grade Clela Coy, ID5347 -  Lavina Coy, - Mary Coy,
5th Grade Clara Coy, 5356 - Amos Coy, ID5349 - Eddie Coy,
7th Grade:  Victor Coy,
9th Grade Irvin Coy, ID5348
Junior Alta Coy, ID4648

- This was scanned from a photocopy and the left side of the High School list was cut off on the photocopy

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Coy Mills
1.  1831:  Coy Family moved from Green County, Ohio to Evansport area.  S5,
2.  1835:  Jacob Coy was a founder of Evansport  S5,
3.  1830's:  Jacob and John Coy and John Snider built a gristmill and sawmill - Flour, meals, and lumber  S1 page 348S5,
   - East of main intersection - water powered by a dam across the Tiffin River - destroyed by fire 1885  S6,
4.  1888:  Abram and Isaac Coy (Brothers) constructed new mill - water/steam powered - destroyed by fire 1894    S6,
      -  The Coy Family Mills described in detail  S1,

5.  1895:  Evansport Milling Company
   - New Mill SE Corner of Main and Mill St. - powered by steam - later by diesel - operated into 1930s  S6,
   -  Photos of this mill -     S6,   I1, I2, Web Page at bottom,
   -  Coordinates:  41.423190   -840396292
"The grist mill at Evansport is the only one in the township.  It was built in 1836-37 by Jacob and John Coy and John Snider.  The saw mill was built about the same time and by the same parties.  Both have been running continuously up to the present time.  The mill is now owned[1883] by Fribley & Kimball, the latter purchasing an interest in December, 1882.  It has been remodeled and rebuilt by Fribley & Co. and does an extensive business.  This first mill was built by Coys & Snider, and ceased to grind in 1868.  IN 1872, Daniel Fribley and Abram Coy built the present mill on same site, or nearly so, where the old pioneer mill stood."  S1 page 348
Evansport was laid out in Spring of 1835 by Jacob and John Coy and John Snider for the purpose of building a grist and saw mill.
   -  Saw Mill completed, Sept. 1835
   -  Grist Mill completed, Apr 1837
   -  Coy & Snider Mill remained in business until 1857
Source:  S1 page 349,
Coy Family


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27 Sept 2012, 916pm - Email from Mike, ID0452 -
I went to play at a jazz festival in Toledo a couple weeks ago and we took the opportunity to drive through Evansport, the town that August Haas went to school in. I expected to see next to nothing, and that's about what I saw; a few houses, a gas station converted into a bar, an old store building, etc. I almost turned around but decided to go a bit further South when, low and behold, an ancient two story brick building
ca. 1870 that had been boarded up and appeared to be used for storage for a heating and cooling business appeared. I'm sure it is the school that our grandfather attended. Foolishly, I didn't think to take pictures.
It was kind of a neat experience. There was a convince store on the South edge of the town [about the size of Desoto or smaller] whose main feature was beer and wine. Definitely a German community!
28 Sept 2012, 359am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -

Thanks for the email - You inspired me to dig deeper into Evansport

I have attached an image - is this the building you saw? If so, do I have your permission to use the text of your email on my web page (No identifying information, just the body of the email?)

Thanks again, every tidbit of information is like finding gold in a stream - it all adds up!

Attachment:  Ph9605.jpg

28 Sept 2012, 424am - Email from Mike to Robbhaas -
That's the school and yes, you may use anything you want from my email.
28 Sept 2012, 430am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -

Your email inspired me to go visit Evansport (virtually) using Google maps and I cruised down Main St. (Evansport Rd.) going north until I found a likely building and used Street View to get a look at the building - I also saw the other sites you mentioned as well.

Thanks - I will add this possible information to my web page - I will also do further research to make certain this is indeed the old Evansport School.
28 Sept 2012, 710am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -
Thought you would be interested

I have found a reference to this building being a Mill - See this page, at the bottom: 
(Source: Defiance County History, page 348)

The School building in Evansport, in 1883, was of frame construction and had 80 "Scholars"

Source: History of Defiance County, Ohio. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1883, page 348 -
URL for book:
28 Sept 2012, 817am - Email from Mike to Robbhaas -
This isn't the same building as the one
on Main St. The mill is three windows wide and the Main St. building is five windows wide. Same style, though. Also, the Tiffin River runs North and East of Evansport and not through it.
Coy is the married name of one of great -uncle Valentine Haas's daughters. He was a sawmill operator, so there may be some connection to the family that built the mill.
28 Sept 2012, 1015am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -
I beg to differ - in the photo in the website -  is a front-on photo - the road (Main St. in Evansport) is running in front of the building - and Mill St. is on the left.

Refer to the image you will see that it is indeed five windows wide on the side but only 3 windows wide on the front of the building.

I agree it does look like a school, except for the entrance on the north side and the drive going down into the lower story on the south side - Also, it seems to be too far from the river to be a mill - they were normally right on the river or on a dug channel from the river. In this case, the dug channel is quite a ways behind the building. I do, however, remember at one of the Indiana State Parks that the water for the mill was brought to the mill by a wooden conduit of some kind.

OR the info in the web page is incorrect. I don't see any indication of a mill wheel on either side of the building.

The other interesting thing is that this building is located on the southeast corner of Main and Mill Streets in Evansport. The Mill Street being right there has to have some significance I would think

I have sent some email inquiries about this photo and will see if I get any response.

Just like the journey is usually more rewarding than the destination, the hunt for data is the most fun
28 Sept 2012, 1111am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -
Yes, there is a connection in both the Haas and the Whetstone branches

John Coy was the second husband of Elizabeth Mae Haas, daughter of Valentine and Bertha

The other Coy connections are marriages by the children of Emma Rebecca Whetstone, daughter of John Whetstone and Hannah Heckert

Emma was married to Elmer Elsworth Schlosser
- Their daughter, Lulu M. Schlosser, married Charles Edward Coy (no marriage date) (Found them in the 1940 U.S. Census)
- Their son, F. Earl Schlosser, married Alta V. Coy 15 Feb 1913


28 Sept 2012, 452pm - Email from Mike to Robbhaas -
I do believe i'm wrong and you're right!
13 Nov 2012, 7pm - Email from Mike to Robbhaas -
In your search, did you find any more history on this building? It still has me intrigued.
14 Nov 2012,441am - Email from Robbhaas to Mike -
Thanks for your email.

I have done nothing further on the building you saw (the mill) - I do have some inquiries out about the Evansport Schools though, but as yet have not heard anything back from them. I did get one reply from a lady who forwarded my request to the lady who has all the county school information but have heard nothing from her. I have it in my calendar to bug them on a regular basis. :) If this does not pan out I will begin a different search path to get to the bottom of this.

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Source Citation

(Click for larger View)
(To Magnify larger image - use CTRL + )

S1 BookHistory of Defiance County, Ohio. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1883. Bk3260
Page 348, 349
Read Book Online
S2 Emails between Robbhaas and Mike, ID0452, 27-28 Sept 2012.  Doc1158.txt -
See Correspondence above for extracts from these emails
S3 Wikipedia URL:,_Ohio  
S4 Google Maps  
S5 Web Page:  Stryker Area Heritage Council/Historic Photos
1.  Shows Photo of the Coy Steam Mill - Information about the mill
2.  Shows Photo of The Defiance County Sunday School Assoc. in front of the Evansport School - Includes information about the school
Evansport Historic Photos
S6 Web Page:  An Historic Tour of Evansport.  The Stryker Area Heritage Council.  2010.  (Doc1297.pdf) Brochure
S7 Google Maps/ Street View  
S8 Stryker Area Heritage Council
PO Box 180
Stryker, OH 43557
S9 Web Page:  Original Plat Map of Evansport, 1835  (Doc1298.pdf) Plat Map


Images    Click Thumbnails for larger Images
I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
Steam-Powered Mill
Steam-Powered Mill
Evansport School
Abt 1900
(With permission of the
Stryker Area Heritage Council)



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