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USS  LeJeune
(AP 74)

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1944 World War II Troop Ship Crossings


Vital Statistics
Length:  577 feet  S1, Crew:  501  S5,
Width:  72 feet  S1, Troop Capacity:  4600  S5,
Depth:  31.5 feet Armament:  one 5 inch/ 3 dual purpose gun mount; four 3 inch / 50 gun mounts, eight 40mm guns, thirteen 20mm guns  S5,
Draft:  26 feet  S5, Propulsion:  Steam turbine, twin propellers  S5,
Speed:  17.5 knots  S5,  


Yellow Background relates directly to Walter C. Robbins
1936 The SS Windhuk was built in Hamburg, Germany - Originally a passenger liner - owned by Deutsche-Afrika Line  S1, I6,
- Originally had two funnels
- Accommodations for 490 passengers - 152, first class, 338 tourist class
  According to Lloyd's of London the ship was 577 feet long, 72 feet wide and 31.5 feet deep  S1,
  At some point the ship was put into service for the German Navy.  This came to an end on 7 Dec 1939 when the ship sailed into a Brazilian port.  The crew attempted to scuttle the ship but was only partially successful.  S1,
May 1942 Windhuk was purchased by the United States.  The US Navy went to work to make the ship sea-worthy.  S1,
February 1943 Windhuk sailed from Brazil to Norfolk Virginia, a voyage of 30 days.  Once in Norfolk, the ship was renamed USS LeJeune and was given hull number AP74 - S1,
- Captain John T Bottom, Jr  S4,
15 April 1944 Commissioned as a transport of the Navy Transportation Service   S1,
12 May 1944 Fully Commissioned - Captain L E Kelly in command - he remained in command until 15 February 1945  - S4, S5,
15 June 1944 First wartime voyage - New York to Glasgow, Scotland - transported 4460 army passengers  S1,
27 Aug 1944 Sunday, about Noon the USS LeJeune left the dock at New York City - Had the bulk of the 104th Infantry Division aboard - [S2, p 26]
- 56 ships in the convoy - largest convoy of the war - First direct trip from US to France
28 August 1944 Monday - Heavy weather, rough waters, lots of sick soldiers - [S2, p 26] -
7 Sept 1944 Thursday - Arrived Cherbourg, France
  After finishing her duty in the Atlantic, LeJeune moved to the Pacific Theater.  S1,
  "In all, she transported approximately one hundred thousand troops."  S1,
2 Oct 1947 sailed for Bremerton, Washington and inactivation  S1,
9 Feb 1948 Decommissioned and placed in the Pacific Reserve Fleet  - Tacoma, Washington - S1, S5,
July 1957 Struck from the Navy Register - S1, S5,
16 August 1966 Scrapped at Portland, Oregon - S1,
- Only the bell was saved from the ship and was put into storage - S1,
November 1971 The bell was taken out of storage and later mounted on the Flagstaff at Camp LeJeune's Marine Corps Base Headquarters - S1, S3, I3,
- 280 pound brass bell  S3,
- Every morning at 0800, eight bells is struck on the bell  S3,
- "USS LeJeune 1944" is the inscription on the bell  S3,
- "Camp LeJeune's morning bell was the first bell of the German warship Windhuk; the bell was aboard the ship when it became the USS LeJeune."  S3, I3,

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S8 Web Page:  "1944 World War II Troop Ship Crossings"

Date:  44-08-27 [27 Aug 1944]
Depart:  New York, NY
Ship:  USS LeJeune
Troops:  413th Infantry Regiment; HQ & HQ Battery 104th Infantry Division Artillery; 385th Field Artillery Battalion (all from 104th Infantry Division)
Convoy:  9599?  (56 ships [largest convoy of the war; first direct trip US-France])
Destination:  Cherbourg, France
Arrival Date:  44-09-07 [7 Sept 1944]

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