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George B. Foulke (1845-1913)

Narcissa Adaline Wilson  (1855-1877)

Mary Frances Underwood (1853-1935)

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 James K. Polk was President when George B. Foulke was born on Saturday 7 June 1845 in Harrison County, Ohio. Harrison County is located near the east central border of the state and had been formed from portions of Jefferson and Tuscarawas Counties in 1813 [1]. George was the second son born to Jesse M. and Mary Baker Foulke. Son, John Baker, had been born in March of 1844 also in Harrison County. The family were Quakers and members of Short Creek mm located in Short Creek Township. Sister Sarah Ann joined the family on 20 Nov 1846. Brother William was born 5 Dec 1847 and Amasa came along in Aug 1849. In the 1850 Census for Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio the father, Jesse was shown to be a farmer. The census showed the following persons in the household: Jesse, 45 - Mary, 36 - John, 6 - George, 5 - Meary A. (Sarah), 4 - William, 3 and Amasa, 1. Jesse was also reported to have been a Cooper and manufactured barrels to support his family. [2]  Short Creek mm (Harrison County, Ohio) granted the family a certificate to Fall Creek mm (Highland County, Ohio) on 24 June 1852.

The family moved to Hamilton County, Indiana and Jesse and Mary eventually purchased a 285 acre farm in Jackson Township which was located on Anthony Rd., just south of present E 236th St, about 5 miles west of Cicero.

The 1860 Census shows the family living in Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana and the household consisted of Jesse, Mary and the five children. Jesse was shown to be a farmer and the value of the real estate was $12,000.00. Washington Township is to the southwest of Jackson Township.

George was 18 when he was a Minute Man member of Co. I, 109th Indiana Regiment from the 9th to the 17th of July 1863 when John Hunt Morgan raided into southern Indiana during the Civil War. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan crossed the Ohio River in two captured steamboats near the small town of Mauckport, Indiana on 8 July 1863. The Battle of Corydon was the next day and the citizens were far outmatched by the 2,100 Rebels and they were forced to surrender. Along with the approximately 15 causalities for the locals, Morgan also Ransomed the town out of money and supplies before leaving. This was the only pitched battle in Indiana during the Civil War and the last battle to have been fought in Indiana. [3]

Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton called for Citizen Volunteers, and several regiments were organized, including the 109th Infantry which was organized on 10 July 1863. The unit consisted of 10 companies of "Minute Men" with two of the companies comprising men from Hamilton County. According to records, George was mustered into the 109th Infantry, Co. I, on 9 July at Boxley. On 13 July the 109th left Indianapolis heading to Hamilton County, Ohio and when they arrived the Rebels had already fled the state so they returned to Indianapolis and the 109th was disbanded on 17 July.  The Civil War continued until 9 Apr 1865 with the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox.  Five days later President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth. 

Amasa and Lucetta Carlisle were married on 1 Aug 1868.  By 1870 George was living with Amasa and Lucetta in Jackson Township probably on the Jesse & Mary Foulke farm and his occupation was listed as farmer. (Jesse and Mary were still living in Washington Township).

On 17 Nov 1873, Amasa's wife Lucetta was murdered and Amasa was convicted of the crime during his first trial but was found not guilty at his second trial on 14 Feb 1875. George was a participant in the trials by posting bond and then later testifying at his second trial. Jesse and Mary also testified at the trial along with many other friends and relatives. This had to be a very stressful situation for everyone involved, especially the parents, to see their youngest going through this experience. Jesse died on 18 Feb 1875 after having seen his son acquitted of the charges.

George and Narcissa Adaline Wilson were married on 9 Jan 1875 in Hamilton County. Narcissa was born 21 Apr 1855 in Henry County, the daughter of Howland Embree and Ruth Stanley Wilson and was listed in the 1860 and 1870 census living with them.

In Feb 1876 George was a part of a Guardianship hearing for Charles W. Foulke, son of Amasa and Lucetta. Guardianship was given to Amasa and again George was part of a bond on his behalf.

Jesse Alvin Foulke, son of George and Narcissa was born on 6 Nov 1876. 

William Foulke, George's brother died 28 May 1877, at age 29 and is buried at Friends Cemetery in Madison County, Indiana.  William had married Caroline Garretson on 23 Apr 1874 and they had at least one child, Mary Foulke born 2 Nov  1875.  The next month Narcissa died on 30 June 1877 at age 22 and was buried in Hinkle Creek Cemetery in Jackson Township, Hamilton County. George was 32 and Jesse Alvin was 7 months and 24 days old. In August Amasa Married Belle Linder who died in Oct 1887. 

George and Mary Frances Underwood were married on 1 March 1879 in Hamilton County. Mary Frances was born on 6 Dec 1853 in Hamilton County, Indiana to Lewis and Sarah Stratton Underwood of Sheridan. She was listed in the 1860 and 1870 Census living with her parents in Sheridan, Adams Township.

The first child for George and Mary Frances was Grace Gertrude was born 3 Feb 1880. In June 1880 the Census shows the family consisted of George, Mary Frances, Jesse Alvin and Grace. George listed his occupation as a farmer.

Carrie was born in Jackson Township on 30 Dec 1881.

Alice was born on 30 Oct 1883. 

Sarah was born in Hamilton County on 13 March 1886.

George's mother Mary Baker Foulke died on 6 March 1888 and is buried in Bakers Corner Cemetery alongside her husband.  She had remained on the family farm for 3 or 4 years after Jesse had died but then spent the rest of her life living with her children. 

The house on the George Foulke Farm was built about 1890 and George and family lived there from the time it was built until Mary Frances lost it in the 1930s.  Amasa got married for a third time to Elizabeth Lee Grant on 27 Feb 1890 in Nebraska. 

Arthur the only son of George and Mary Frances, was born 19 Jan 1894 in Jackson Township. 

Sarah Ann Foulke, sister of George died on 4 July 1906 and is buried in the Farley Cemetery in Hamilton County.  She left her husband William Francis McShane and her five children, Eva, Nona, Alma, James and Lena.

Daughter Carrie committed suicide at the family farm on 12 Nov 1908 and she was buried in the family plot in Crown View Cemetery.

On 14 Sept 1910 two of the daughters, Grace and Sarah were married in a double ceremony performed by the Rev. A. W. Murphy.

George died at 11 pm of a complication of diseases at his farm on 13 Apr 1911.  He was buried in the family plot at Crown View Cemetery near Sheridan on 17 April. 

Mary Frances continued living on the farm until she lost it in the 1930s.  She then lived with her children until her death on 2 June 1935.  She was buried along side of George at Crown View Cemetery. 

Following the death of George, Mary Frances first had the Robert E. Ross family living on the farm in the 1920s and then in 1930 the Oscar C. Robbins family moved there to run things for her.  On 2 Apr 1914 Mary Frances attended the 50th wedding anniversary party for John B. and Mary Hodson Foulke at their farm. 

Since I first found pictures of George I was struck with how distinguished and kind he appeared.  My father had the impression that he was a kind and generous man but was rather hen-pecked.  Naturally, none of the Robbins children knew him since he died before any of them was born. 

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_County,_Ohio
[2] Obituary for John Baker Foulke, 23 Jan 1924 - Doc2925.pdf
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Corydon

Jesse Alvin Foulke:
   Jesse was born to George and Narcissa on 6 Nov 1876 in Hamilton County, Indiana.  He was the only child of the couple.  In the 1880 US Census he was living with his father, step-mother and little sister Grace in Jackson Township, Hamilton County.  He married Lula Kellam on 10 Aug 1898 in Hamilton County.  Lula was the daughter of Jesse and Rachel Alice Baker Kellam.  She was born 23 Oct 1877 in Hamilton County.  They had two boys, Russell, born 26 March 1908 and Herbert born 27 April 1901.  Jesse was a farmer in Adams and Jackson Townships.  In 1918 when he signed the WW 1 Draft Registration he was described as Medium height, medium build, gray eyes and brown hair.  Lula passed away on 9 February 1933 and is buried in Crown View Cemetery.  Jesse became ill sometime around the time of Lulu's passing and his death came on 30 Jan 1936, and he was buried in Crown View Cemetery on 1 February 1936.  Son Herbert died 27 April 1984 and Russell on 19 Jan 1999.  Jesse is shown in the family group photo taken about 1895, he is standing in the back with his hand on the shoulder of his step-mother. 
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Grace Gertrude Foulke:

Carrie Foulke
   Carrie was born in Jackson Township on 30 Dec 1881 and was listed in the 1900 U.S. Census as a 19 year old daughter of George and Mary. Carrie committed suicide on 12 Nov 1908 and is buried in Crown View Cemetery near Sheridan in the family plot. Her headstone reads: Carrie Foulke/Dec. 30 1881/Nov 12 1908. The headlines of her obituary read "MISS FOULK'S SUICIDE/ Shot Herself With a Target Gun on Thursday Evening/ LIVED THIRTY MINUTES/ Rash Act Attributed to Poor Health - No attention Paid to Frequent Threats to Take Her Life - Funeral Will Occur Saturday." The obituary goes on to describe in some detail how she took her life. According to my father the reason she was despondent was because she wanted to marry a man who was a trash hauler or something and the parents, or probably her mother, according to Dad, did not approve and wanted her to marry someone of more importance.  Carrie is pictured in the family group photo taken about 1885, she is standing to the right of her father. 
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Alice Foulke:
   Alice was born in Hamilton County and she attended Bakers Corner School. In the 1900 Census she was shown as the 16 year old daughter of George and Mary in Jackson Township. She married Siah Clyde Phillips on 30 July 1903 in Hamilton County. In 1910 they were living in Adams Township and had 2 children, Bernice and Louis. The family grew to 6 children, with the addition of Dortha, Charles, Thomas and Margaret. Alice and Siah were divorced sometime before 1934 because Siah married Ina M. Young in that year and they were listed as living in Sheridan in the 1940 U.S. Census. Alice and 3 of her children were shown living in Sheridan on E. 6th St. in the 1940 U.S. Census and she was listed as "Divorced". Alice died on 17 Sept 1963 and is buried in the George Foulke Family plot at Crown View Cemetery. Alice is pictured in the family group photo taken about 1885, she is sitting on the lap of her mother. 
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Sarah Foulke:
   Sarah was born in Hamilton County on 13 March 1886.  She was listed as living with her parents in the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Census.  She married Robert E. Ross on 14 Sept 1910, they had a double wedding with her sister Grace.  According to the 1940 U.S. Census Sarah's education was through the 8th grade.  The family lived mostly in Jackson Township, Robert was an auctioneer.  They had three sons, Paul K., John W. and Robert C.  Robert E. died in Aug 1964 and Sarah died on 17 July 1974, both are buried in Cicero Cemetery.
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Arthur Foulke:
   Arthur, the only son of George and Mary Frances, was born 19 Jan 1894 in Jackson Township.  In the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Census he was living with his parents in Jackson Township.  His father passed away on 13 April 1911 when Arthur was 17 years old.  The Wainwright Trust Company became the Guardian of Arthur in Nov 1911.  He was a Quaker and had requested membership at West Grove Monthly Meeting on 24 Nov 1915 and it was granted to him.  By June of 1917, when he signed his WW 1 Draft Registration, he was living in Arcadia and was a machinist at Schaffer Brothers Garage.  He was described as Medium build, Blue Eyes and black hair. 

Arthur was drafted into the U.S. Army and was enlisted at Camp Taylor, Kentucky on 20 Sept 1917.  Because of his religion he had asked for an exemption and refused to serve in a combat role.  He was put on trial and eventually sent to the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Military Prison facility.  He was discharged from Camp Taylor on 27 Sept 1918 and in Nov 1918 he was sentenced to Fort Leavenworth.  As of March 1919 he was still being held at Fort Leavenworth.  On the 1930 US Census he listed himself as a Veteran of WW.  For More details on his military experience see the Links for Arthur below.

By 1920 he was living with his sister Sarah and her family who were now living on the George Foulke Farm and running it for his mother, Arthur was listed as an automobile ???, home garage.  He and Iva Inez Everman were married on 17 Apr 1920 and they resided in Arcadia.  There were several mentions of them in the Tipton Newspaper attending social events and club meetings.  They had one child, Helen Irene, who was born 28 Jan 1922 in Arcadia (Helen died 22 Dec 2007 in Switzerland County, Indiana - She is buried in the Manville Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana). 

By 1930 the Oscar Robbins family had moved to the George Foulke farm to try to save it for Mary Frances and along with the help of Arthur they managed to keep it going but finally Mary Frances lost it to the bank in the mid 1930s.  Arthur committed suicide on 6 June 1934 at his home in Arcadia.  Dad always said that the combination of his having been a military prisoner, his mother losing the family farm and some other things accounted for his committing suicide.  Dad said that he liked being around Uncle Arthur and that he was a great guy and could fix anything.  He felt that he got interested in fixing things by seeing and helping Arthur on the farm.  Arthur is buried in the George Foulke Family Plot at Crown View Cemetery. 

Iva and Helen moved away following Arthur's suicide and Iva eventually married A. C. Vore and they ended up in Southern Indiana. 

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George Foulke Farm

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Mary Frances, 1880

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George B. Foulke, 1880

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George Foulke Family
abt 1895
Grace, George, Carrie
Jesse Alvin, Mary Frances

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George, 1910

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Mary Frances, nd

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George Foulke Farm House
Built abt 1890

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George Foulke Farm House
Built abt 1890

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George Foulke Farm House
(17 May 1986)

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Foulke Brothers, 1910
George, John Baker, Amasa

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Sarah -
Mary Frances Foulke
Eliza Ann Stratton Higbee ID4326  S53,

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Five Generations
Mary Frances Underwood ID0078 - Bathsheba Brown ID0307
Sarah Moore ID0222 - Grace Foulke ID0015
Sarah B. Stratton ID0202

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Bakers Corner School
Abt 1899
Grace Foulke, front row at left
Alice Foulke, Top Row, 7th from left
Carrie Foulke, top row, 8th from left
(See roster below for others)
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Original Photo with Roster
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Foulke Sisters
Alice, Grace, Sarah

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Quilt made by Mary Frances
abt 1900

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George Foulke Family
Crown View Cemetery

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Arthur Foulke Headstone
Crown View Cemetery

Alice Foulke Headstone
Crown View Cemetery

Headstone for Carrie
Crown View Cemetery

Sarah Foulke Ross
Robert E. Ross

Cicero Cemetery

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