History of the
Robbins, Haas, Foulke, Worthen

and Associated Families

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History of the
Robbins, Haas, Foulke, Worthen

and Associated Families

Walt Robbins, Jr
Start Date:  May 2016


The seeds for this project were planted by my cousin Rev. Dale Robbins. Once these seeds were dropped into my mind they continued to germinate until finally the tiniest part of them are beginning to break the surface.

I have been researching, gathering information and publishing that data since the mid 1980's. I have accumulated a vast amount of material including documents, photos and some family heirlooms. I created several web pages where I am able to publish all of this information but it is about as interesting to most people as watching grass grow. Another family historian would, however, be able to easily navigate the pages and be able to derive a lot of valuable insight into the people that I have documented. Dale's suggestion was to create something that could be digested by a family member who did not want all the details, sources, timelines, and other material that tend to remind us of our school days filled with memorizing dates, places, and people. I can well imagine most people when their eyes glaze over with excitement at the prospect at tackling such a thing.

There were three very kind people who gave me much encouragement and willingly shared their research, copies, photos and other material with me.  They also gave of their time.  We corresponded mostly but also had face-to-face meetings as well.  The Haas Sisters, My Aunts Wilma and Marjorie gave me a huge head start on the Haas, Worthen and associated families.  I still have most of our correspondence that went on for several years.  Wilma lived mostly in Texas and Marjorie in California.  These two fine gals continually sent me documents and other items they thought I would find helpful to fill in the holes in our family history.  On the Robbins side Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr. was a prince.  He and Mary Elizabeth opened their arms to me and spent some weekends giving me tours of Hamilton County and allowing me to copy hundreds of documents, family group sheets and all manner of other material.  This man was a walking encyclopedia on our family and Hamilton County and how they all connected.  I have a hard time keeping it all straight having it in my computer, but Uncle Myron had it ready and available at the drop of a hat.   The Robbins, Foulke, Tomlinson, Hiatt, Baker, and other families came to life for me thanks to Uncle Myron.  I am deeply indebted to all three of these people.  

What I intend to do here is to present the history of my family in a narrative style with unobtrusive links to the pages that give all the details and other boring history stuff for those who care to dig deeper. I have to admit that I feel that I am a better gatherer of information than I am at putting it all together into a style that will be readable for the typical family member. I do realize, however, that the story or the narrative needs to be written and I am maybe the best positioned to do that because I have all the underlying data at my disposal. I have known that this needed to be done for a long time and have been looking for the best way of accomplishing it. Dale has given me that push that I needed and I hope this method will tell the story in way that will inform family members of where they came from. 

I will start with my parents and work backwards through my ancestors. Along the way I will talk about those relatives that I either knew and interacted with or that I never met but admired, or found interesting for one reason or another. The closer these people are to me the more information will be available. So, therefore, my parents and grandparents will have the largest sections. My father served as the administrator for the estates of my mother and all but one of my grandparents so I had access to most of their financial and other personal papers. The farther back we go in time the more I have to rely on documentation obtained from other research.

I again want to thank Dale for planting the seeds and recommend that you visit his web pages which include his many inspirational writings plus several heartfelt pieces he has written about members of his family.

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Table of Contents
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Family Members

-  Johann Leonhard Haas (1720-1782) and Anna Maria Unknown (1720-1795)
   -  Johann Peter Haas (1754-1806) and Anna Maria Margaretha Frick (1758-1807)
      -  Johann Georg Haas (1785- aft 1842) and Anna Maria Reichert (1788-aft 1842)
         -  Valentin Haas (1815-1897) and Elisabetha Becker (1814-bef 1880)
            -  Heinrich Haas (1846-1904) and Caroline Whetstone (1849-1928)
               -  August Haas (1894-1943) and Mabel Marie Worthen (1899-1978)
                  -  Norma Louise Haas (1919-2004) and Walter Clifton Robbins (1918-2012)
                     -  Walt Robbins, Jr.
Edward Foulke (1651-1741) and Eleanor Hugh (1653-1732/33)
   -  Hugh Foulke (1685-1760) and Ann Williams (1693-1773)
      -  Samuel Foulke (1718-1797) and Ann Greasley (1724-1797)
         -  Judah Foulke (1763-1847) and Sarah McCarty (1769-1844)
            -  Jesse M. Foulke (1805-1875) and Mary Baker (1814-1888)
               -  George B. Foulke (1845-1913) and Mary Frances Underwood (1853-1935)
                  -  Grace Gertrude Foulke (1880-1964) and Oscar Clifton Robbins (1876-1959)
                      -  Walter Clifton Robbins (1918-2012) and Norma Louise Haas (1919-2004)
                         -  Walt Robbins, Jr.
James Robbins (1738/39-1799) and Martha Beasley (1740-1784  )
   -  Jonathan Robbins (1785-1827) and Mary Masagee (1785-  )
      -  Joshua Robbins (1815-1875) and Hannah Commons (1818-1898)
         -  Isaac Robbins (1844-1909) and Keziah Tomlinson (1852-1931)
            -  Oscar Clifton Robbins (1876-1959) and Grace Gertrude Foulke (1880-1964)
               -  Walter Clifton Robbins (1918-2012) and Norma Louise Haas (1919-2004)
                  -  Philip Eugene Robbins (1946-1977)
                  -  Walt Robbins, Jr.
-  Nicholas Warthan (1786-1872) and Elizabeth Spurling (abt 1830-   )
   -  James Perry Worthen (1820-1904) and Elizabeth Snyder (1825-1910)
      -  William Alfred Worthen (1866-1941) and Mattie Jane Klinger (1879-1910)
         -  Mabel Marie Worthen (1899-1978) and August Haas (1894-1943)
            -  Norma Louise Haas (1919-2004) and Walter Clifton Robbins (1918-2012)
               -  Walt Robbins, Jr.

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