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Foulke Family Reunion - 1898
30 May 1898
Gwynedd Meeting House, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

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The original suggestion for the reunion came from Lydia A Foulke Wilson as early as 1895
A meeting was called by Howard M Jenkins in Philadelphia on 7 Jan 1898.  A proposal to hold a reunion was made at this meeting  and on the next meeting of 28 Jan 1898 the Association of Descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke  was formed.  The Chairman of the Association was Howard M Jenkins and he named William Dudley Foulke [ID2689] as President, Edward M Wistar, Treasurer and Frank Foulke as Secretary
"It was directed that all living descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke, and those whom such persons had married, should be invited by card to the Reunion.  Those invited became 'ipso facto' members of the Association."  [1]


Descendants of Welsh Settlers to Have a Big Celebration
Extracts from the Family History of Edward Foulke, Who came to America in 1698 [2]



Foulke Family Reunion - Gwynedd Friends Meeting House in Background [1 between pages 6 & 7]




Program for the Reunion [1]


Reunion to be Held at Gwynedd on the Thirtieth of May

The Executive Committee in charge of the reunion of he Foulke family, to be held at Gwynedd, on May 30, decided yesterday to have a special train from this city to Gwynedd, on that date, stopping gat Penllyn to visit the old Foulke homestead, near the latter station

The house built some years after the arrival of the Foulkes in this country in 1698, is still standing.  In it Edward Foulke, the emigrant from Wales, is supposed to have lived for a time.  It is located on the Wharton estate and is occupied by J. A. Colwell, Jr.  It has been decided to hold the reunion at the Friend's Meeting House, one mile from Gwynedd Station.
Reports of committees show that 564 descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke have so far been located, and it is probable that 100 more will be heard from.
Robert R. Corson presided at the meeting, which was held at 921 Arch street, and Charles E. Jenkins acted as secretary.  [3]


Descendants of a Prominent Welsh Patriarch Meet Out at Gwynedd
Fully Five Hundred Persons Participate in Celebration and Discuss Family History  [4]


"Looking at our past to guide us to our future!"  [5 - May 1993]
-- "A Report on the 1898 Foulke Family Reunion at Gwynedd"
[Article appeared in the Souderton Independent in June 1898]



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