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Thomas Lloyd
Foulke Thomas
Edward Foulke
Hugh Foulke
Samuel Foulke
Judah Foulke
Jesse M. Foulke
George B. Foulke
Grace Gertrude Foulke
Walter Clifton Robbins, Sr., ID0005
Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr. ID0001

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John Fries Rebellion
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Foulke Family Herald
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Rhiwaedog (Home of Rhird Fflaid)
Rhird Fflaid
Amasa J Foulke
John F "Big Little John" Foulke
Joseph Foulke and Gracie Mansion
William Dudley Foulke
William Parker Foulke

Charles Levie

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Foulke Resources
Surname Variations:  Foulke/Foulk/Folk
Surname Meaning for "Foulke"
English (Derbyshire:  Variant of Foulks (
Coed y Foel (Ancestral home of Edward Foulke in Wales)
Rhiwaedog - Ancestral home of Rhird Fflaid
Foulke Family Association (  - Aug 2014:  The web site appears to have not been updated since 2007 and is not active - All links appear to function properly
-  Current Newsletter is the Nov 2007 issue Link,
Foulke Bibliography List and Resources
Foulke Family and the Friend's Church
- Foulke Family buried at Gwynedd Friends Burial Ground, Older Burials (Gwynedd, Pennsylvania)
- Foulke Family buried at the Richland mm (Pennsylvania) Burying Ground -
- See Foulke Family Timeline
Foulke Family Information ( Philadelphia County Wills, 1682-1819 - Foulke Family members listed
American Last Names, Foulke:
Bailey, David Wayne.  Descendants of Silas McCarty and Sarah Carrell, The.  2006.   - Part 1 - Part 2  -
-  Search in Browser (Ctrl-F) for names
-  Detailed Family Histories on the McCarty and Foulke Families and other families
-  Jesse Foulke 94(10) & Mary Baker:
    - John B. Foulke 94(10)1
   - George Foulke 94(10)2
   - Sarah Ann Foulke 94(10)3
   - William Foulke 94(104
   - Amasa J. Foulke 94(10)5
Foulke Family Herald -
-  Reading Notes - Doc2308.pdf
-  Foulke Family Herald (1991-2008) - Link,
April 1991 - Doc2310.pdf
Nov 1991 - Doc2311.pdf
May 1992 & Nov 1992 - Doc2313.pdf
May 1993 & Nov 1993 - Doc2314.pdf
May 1994 & Nov 1994 - Doc2315.pdf
May 1995 & Nov 1995 - Doc2316.pdf
May 1996 & Nov 1996 - Doc2317.pdf
May 1997 & Nov 1997 - Doc2318.pdf
May 1998 & Nov 1998 - Doc2319.pdf
Nov 1999 - Doc2320.pdf
Dec 2000 - Doc2321.pdf
Nov 2002 - Doc2322.pdf
Sept 2003 - Doc2323.pdf
May 2005 - Doc2324.pdf
May-Nov 2006 - Doc2325.pdf
May-Nov 2007 - Doc2326.pdf (Nov 2007 also Doc0717.pdf)

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Foulke Family Archive Holdings
Foulke Family Collection
- Foulke Family Collection, 1966-1984
This collection contains correspondence between Roy A. Foulke and Evelyn A. Benson, genealogy notes, photocopies of pages from genealogy books, bills for research trips, a newspaper obituary, and book inserts. Also included are correspondence and a photocopy of the obituary of Leslie Ann Ricardo pertaining to fraudulent genealogical research.

Link to Archive Collection
OCLC WorldCat Link -

Foulke family papers, 1737-1859.  Foulke, John.  University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Foulke family papers consist of correspondence and legal documents, as well as a few genealogical documents, for a prominent Quaker family living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, through the 18th and 19th centuries.
- Catalog Record
- OCLC WorldCat Link
- Finding Aid
Foulke family. One branch descended from James Ffookes, 1972.  Foulke, Roy A.
- Catalog Record, Cornell University:  205 page genealogical pamphlet of the Foulke family starting with James Ffookes.
- OCLC WorldCat Link:
Pedigree of Edward Foulke / revised and edited by Charles M. Foulke.  State Library of Pennsylvania
- Published 1983 - 34 leaves
- Catalog Record, State Library of Pennsylvania
- OCLC WorldCat Link -
Papers, ca. 1703-1911.  Foulke family(Swarthmore College - Friends Historical Library)
The Foulke family of Richland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, descended from Hugh Foulke, the son of Edward and Eleanor, who moved from Gwynedd at the time of his marriage in 1713. Members of the family were prominent Quakers, active in Richland Monthly Meeting. Hugh's great grandson, Caleb Foulke (1783-1852) married Jane Green. Their son, Benjamin G., married Jane Mather, daughter of Charles and Jane of Whitepain in 1837. Benjamin was Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and a conveyancer and farmer.
The collection includes family correspondence, business and legal papers, and other miscellaneous materials of the Foulke family of Richland, Pa. Correspondents include Benjamin G. Foulke and his wife, Jane M. Foulke, his mother, Jane Mather, his brother, Caleb Foulke, the latter's brother, Thomas Foulke, Catharine P. Foulke, a Quaker minister, and Thomas Foulke of Gwynedd, Quaker educator. Of particular interest is a letter from Reubens Peale to Jane Roberts concerning silhouettes and correspondence between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana, about the Hicksite controversy. Also include genealogical information on the descendants of Edward Foulke of Gwynedd.
-  Foulke Family Papers, ca. 1654-1999 [bulk ca. 1750-860]  (10 Jan 2015)
Catalog Record
OCLC WorldCat Link
Foulke Family Papers, ca. 1654-1999 (bulk ca. 1750-1860)  (web page accessed 18 Feb 2013)
(Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College)

See S15, Library Link,

A VERY detailed description of the collection and its contents

The Foulke family was a prominent Quaker family of Richland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, descended from Edward (1651-1741) and Eleanor (Hugh) Foulke (d. 1733) who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1698. Their descendents married into the Roberts, Mather, Morris, and other Quaker families and were active in Quaker and Bucks County affairs. The Foulke Family Papers contain correspondence, business and legal papers, surveys, genealogical notes, and memorabilia of the Foulke, Roberts, and Mather, and related families. Of particular interest is a letter from Reubens Peale to Jane Roberts concerning silhouettes and correspondence between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana,  about the Hicksite controversy.

(10 boxes; 5 linear ft.)
RG 5/045

Contact information:
Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
[ ]
500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399


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Other Foulke Family Members of Interest
Amasa J Foulke - ID0097 (Accused and convicted of murdering his first wife - 2nd trial found innocent)


William Dudley Foulke ID2689

-  President of the 200th Reunion [1898] - [S12 - May 1998  Photo and bio]
William Dudley Foulke:  Civil Rights Champion at Home and Abroad - [S12 - Nov 2006]
-  WikiPedia Article:
- article:
-  William Dudley Foulke: A Register of His Papers in the Library of Congress:  Link,
-  Some Books by William Dudley:
   -  Remarks on Cellular Separation, 1861 - Bk3143 - Read Online
   -  Life of Oliver P. Morton, 1899 - Bk2911 - Read Online
   -  Protean Papers, 1903 - Bk3297 - Read Online
   -  Fighting the Spoilsmen:  Reminiscences of the Civil Service Reform Movement - Bk3728 - Read Online
   -  A Hoosier Autobiography, 1922 - Bk3727 - Read Online  (Thanks to ID4757 for link to this book)

   -  A List of his works (Internet Archive) - Link
   -  Google Search for Books - Link
John E Foulke - No ID - [S12 - Nov 1999]
        -- Big Little John
            -- died 22 Jan 1945 - New Douglas, Illinois - 77 yrs old
            -- He was 43 inches tall and weighed 58 pounds
            -- Born 24 July 1867
            -- 12th of 13 children born to Israel Foulke [25 Oct 1820 - 1903] and his wife
            -- John had 6 brothers and 6 sisters
William Longfellow Foulke - No ID - (1882-1918) - [S12 - Nov 2002]
Joseph Foulke, ID2653 - Minister, Teacher, Author  Link,


William Parker Foulke ID2630

        -- William Parker Foulke - A Foulke Discovers the First Dinosaur in America  [S12 - Nov 1991]
        -- Hadrosaurus Foulkii
        -- Hadrosaurus Foulkii Rises Again - [S12 - Sept 2003]
            -- "In the summer of 1858, William Parker Foulke ushered in a new era in the scientific world...With the unearthing
                 of an almost complete Skelton of an unknown animal larger than an elephant, the study of dinosaurs became fact
                and began to enter the world of reality."
            -- "The Foulke family has been invited to participate in the unveiling of Hadrosaurus Foulkii in Haddonfield,
                New Jersey on October 18, 2003."
            -- For more information
        -- WikiPedia Article - William Parker Foulke
        -- William Parker Foulke Papers ca 1840-1865

-- Foulke, William Parker William Parker Foulke was a US scientist and dinosaur artist who found the first American dinosaur skeleton, Hadrosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur. The fossilized bones were found by workmen in a Cretaceous marl (a crumbly type of soil) pit on the John E. Hopkins farm in Haddonfield, New Jersey beginning in 1838. Foulke heard of the discovery and recognized its importance in 1858. The dinosaur was excavated and named by US anatomist Joseph Leidy who named it Hadrosaurus foulkii (meaning "Foulke's big lizard"). [ ]

"The Dinosaur Hunters" -

In 1858, in a sand quarry in Haddonfield, New Jersey, William Parker Foulke discovered a near complete dinosaur skeleton - Hadrosaurus foulkii.   This was the first reasonably complete skeleton found in the world.   The real significance of it, however, was that for the first time scientists were able to study limb proportions, concluding that these animals walked upright in a bipedal mode - a revolutionary line of thought for reptiles.  

This specimen is now on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.   It was originally mounted in 1868 in bipedal pose, by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins (who also designed 'Owen's Dinosauria' for the Crystal Palace display in 1854). [ ]

-- "William Parker Foulke" -

-- William Parker Foulke - OpenLibrary -

-- When dinosaurs roamed New Jersey - By William B. Gallagher - Published by Rutgers University Press, 1997 - ISBN 0813523494, 9780813523491 -         176 pages.  [William Parker Foulke cited on pages 28 to 34]

--  Hadrosaurus Foulkii:  The Dinosaur that changed the world -
                -- C\AAA\Genealogy\Documents\Doc0009.doc

-- "[This] ... Memoir was prepared in accordance with a resolution of the American Philosophical Society, read before a meeting of its members, ... 1868, and published in Vol X of its Proceedings."  More Details:  Memoir of William Parker Foulke: Read Before the American Philosophical Society, November 6, 1868 - By J P Lesley - Published by Amer. Philosophical Soc., 1869 - 77 pages.  [Google Books]

-- Remarks on Cellular Separation by William Parker Foulke - [Google Books] - Bk3143



Charles Levie,  ID4758 -
Foulke Ancestry
Edward Foulke, ID0168
Hugh Foulke, ID0166
Thomas Foulke, ID2314
Everard Foulke, ID2445
Caleb Foulke, ID2665
Benjamin Green Foulke, ID2677
Charles Mather Foulke, ID3279
Gladys Foulke, ID4751
Charles Levie, ID4758
Living, ID4757
Charles Levie, Artist -

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Orphan Research
John Wilhelm Foulke - Naturalized 24 Sept 1762 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania S1
- At this time [13 May 2008] I do not know who this individual might be
George Foulke McCulloch  
- A statue used to be in McCulloch Park in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
- Is there any connection?
- 25 Sept 1855 to 27 Mar 1915 - Buried:  Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie - Find a Grave Link
- George McCulloch Memorial (Sculpture) - Link
Samuel Jones Levick
    -- Died 19 Apr 1885 at his home in West Philadelphia
    -- Buried at Merion Meeting House
    -- First Wife:  Ellen Foulke
        -- Daughter of Caleb Foulke
        -- Married 3 Apr 1841 - Richland Meeting House
        -- Ellen died 1842
        -- Children of Samuel and Ellen
            -- Jane Foulke Levick
                -- 1st Marriage:  Edwin A Jackson
                -- 2nd Marriage:  William W J Cooke 17 Oct 1910
    -- Second Wife:  Susanna Morris Mather
        -- Died 9 Apr 1904
        -- Buried Merion Meeting House
        -- The children of Samuel and Susanna are listed S3
A Samuel Foulke served in the Pennsylvania Assembly abt 1785-1788
-- Source:  Newspaper articles, several mentioning Samuel Foulke - Acc1321 - SB-13/Folder 3
-- Printed copies of articles from - Acid Free
-- The articles pertain to a Samuel Foulke - I am not sure of the identity of Samuel - none of the Samuel's in my database seem to fit the time period.
-- Samuel ID0147 served in the assembly from 1761-1768
-- The only other Samuel I have would only have been 18-20 at the time - so this is a possibility
Foulke Email: Doc0205.txt

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Other Possible Foulke Family Data
Cil Owen and Eriviat Hall - Denbigh, North Wales
Foulkes Family Tree (Cil Owen) - Doc1312.pdf

Eriviat was associated with what was to become the Ffoulkes family at least as early as the time of
Ednyfed AP Goronwy Llwyd (fl. 1457).

The earliest mention of a member of the family in the archive appears to be a 1518 grant by
Goronwy AP Ieuan AP Einion (d. 1525), a free tenant of the township of Eriviat.

Einion Llwyd was the son of
Ednyfed AP Goronwy Lloyd.

Ffoulkes ap Thomas ap Goronwy ( fl. 1539-1573), son of Thomas ap Goronwy ( fl. 1524-1545) and great-great-great grandson of Ednyfed, was to provide the family name as the traditional Welsh
patronymics fossilized into an English surname.

After Ffoulkes, the estate passed from father to son for several more generations until the
death in 1728 of Robert Ffoulkes.

He was succeeded by his youngest brother Peter.

His four eldest sons all died without issue so that the estate descended on his fifth son,
John Ffoulkes (1699-1758), who acquired the Rhydonen estate in Llantysilio, Denbighshire, through his marriage with Catherine, daughter and heir of Henry Roberts of Rhydonen, in 1729.

The estate then descended from father to son for several generations: to John Ffoulkes (1736-1814) who married Margaret Clough of Plas Clough;
to John Powell Ffoulkes (1770-1826) who married Catherine Mary Jocelyn, daughter of Robert Jocelyn by Elizabeth, daughter of John Salesbury of
Bryn y Barcut, Denbighshire; and to
John Jocelyn Ffoulkes (b. 1813- 1858).

He had eight daughters and the estate appears to have passed to his second daughter Edith Caroline, who married P.H. Humberston of Glan y Wern, Denbighshire.
(Source:  )
Eriviat Estate Records - National Library of Wales (Wales) 
Ffoulkes Family of Eviviat Hall -
Order of the Crown of Charlemagne - possible Link through Foulke/Lancaster Line - Link,
   -  OCC 2135 - (From Crown of Charlemagne website) - Link,
Thanks to my Cousin, ID4757 for the information above

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Landholders of Philadelphia County 1734 -
The Township of Gwinedeth have hitherto refused to give the Constables an Account of their land for which reason it is not known what they hold.

Leonard Hartling
Peter Wells
Evan Griffith
John Jones, penman
John Griffth
Robert Hugh
John Harris
Theodorus Ellis
John David
Eliza. Roberts
Rice Harry
Evan Evans
Owen Evans
Thomas Evans Junr.
Owen Evans
Thomas Evans Junr.

John Jones, Robert's son
John Parkor
Hugh Evans
Morris Roberts
William Roberts
Robert Evans
Catherine Williams
Thomas Evans
Cadwaldor Evans
Robert Parry
John Jones, weaver
Cadwalador Jones
Hugh Griffith
Hugh Jones, tanner
Robert Evan ap Rhiderth
Robert Roberts
Robert Humphry
Gaynor Jones
John Humphry
Rowland Hugh
Jenkin Morris
Evan Foulk
Edward Roberts
Rice Nanny
Evan Roberts
Thomas David
Hugh Jones
John Chillcot
John Wood
William Williams
Thomas Wyat
Edward Foulk
Lewis Williams
Thomas Foulk


Map of Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1734 S14
    -- Shows a John Foulke as a land holder

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Misc Foulke Info
Relative to Independence Hall  [S12]
        -- Edward Foulke (1834-1900) - no ID
        -- Helped to remodel Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1854-55.
Farm 'Foulkes'  - By brent Edward Foulke [S12 - Nov 1991]
Foulke Heritage Found a New Life in a 'Fair Land'  
        -- [Fairland, Gwynedd by Phil Johnson Ruth - a retrospective celebrating the 100th anniversary of Upper and Lower
                Gwynedd Townships]
        -- [S12 - May 1992]
        -- [S12 - Nov 1992]
            -- Shows a plat map of the Edward Foulke land
        -- "Foulkes Milling Around" - [S12 - Nov 1993] - Foulke history in the grain milling business
                -- "Edward Foulke's Gristmill at Penllyn in the 1840s"  [S12 - Nov 1993]
Harry Foulke" by Linda Foulke White - [S12 - May 1992]
    -- Harry Harvey Foulke
    -- No ID - (1872-1944)
"The Burgess Foulke Home - Quakertown, PA"  by Margaret Ann Hellmann - [S12 - May 1992]
Red Wolf to the Front  [S12 - Nov 1992]
    -- "There has been much speculation within the family about the Coat of Arms.  William G Foulke of Philadelphia
        has been kind enough to share his research and knowledge."
    -- Edward Foulke
    -- "Rhirid Flaidd was a Welsh knight who lived during the reigns of King Henry II of England (1154-89 and King Richard I 1189-99).  His coat of arms is extant in the College of Arms in London. . ."
Foulke Mansion:  The site for Historical Writing
    -- Sally Wister's Journal - written at the Foulke Manison in Penllyn, Pennsylvania
        -- "Evacuated Germantown Teenager of 1777 - Sally Wister (1761-1804) - Describes Revolutionary War
            activity in the vicinity of her temporary home at Penllyn"  [S12 - May 1992]
Foulke Family and the Underground Railroad
-- Foulke Family Helps Underground Railroad  [S12 - May 1993]
        -- The Foulke Family and the Underground Railroad - [S12 - Nov 2006]
                -- William Foulke ID ???? Penllyn - he ran a station near the Orthodox Friends Meeting House
                -- Sara Foulke ID2848 and Richard Moore ID2849
                    -- Married 17 Jan 1819
                    -- Assisted Slaves
Foulke Mansion - a Place in Time - Mansion at Penllyn, Pennsylvania - [S12 - May 1993]
Coming home again to Wales - by Carol (Willy) Laycock
        -- Describes her trip to Wales - June 1993 - [S12 - Nov 1993]
Liberty Bell Stops at Foulke House - [S12 - Nov 1993]
        -- Hugh Foulke ID0166 Home - California Road just outside of Quakertown, Pennsylvania
        -- Photo of the Hugh Foulke Home
        -- Gives a short history of the house and farm
Early Foulke Teacher:  Nourishing Spirit and Mind  [S12 - Nov 1994]
        -- Joseph Foulke ID2653 [I Think]
        -- Reprint of "Recollections of Gwynedd Schools in the Late 1700s from Quaker minister and educator
            Joseph Foulke (1786-1863) (From the unpublished journal of Joseph Foulke)
Life at the Old Home - by Melissa K Foulke 
    -- An account of Edward (1784-1851) ID2673 and Tacy Jones (1791-1865) ID2674 Foulke and
        Susan Foulke (1781-1842) ID????
    -- by Hannah Jones Bacon from an edition of 50 copies published by Francis L Bacon (Hannah's son) in Dec 1916
    -- Publishing Info from Google Books: Life at the Old Home: Edward Foulke, 1784-1851 :
        Tacy Jones Foulke, 1791-1865 - Susan Foulke, 1781-1842 : Some Account of Edward and Tacy Foulke,
        and Susan Foulke, with Life at the Old Home - By Hannah Jones (Foulke) Bacon - Published by F.L. Bacon, 1916,
        47 pages
    -- "Cleaning the Mill Race"  [S12 - Nov 1994]
    -- "Making Candles"  [S12 - Nov 1994]
    -- "Soap Making"  [S12 - Nov 1994]
    -- "Putting up Pork for Winter"  [S12 - May 1995]
    -- "Outings"  [S12 - Nov 1995]
Theophilus Foulke Dines with George Washington - [S12 - May 1995]
        -- ID2457
        -- "... born in Richland in 1761, on the property conveyed to his father from his grandfather. This property was about
            half of the tract that Hugh purchased upon his 'removal to the Great Swamp.' The property is located on the west
            side of the 'Road to Durham,' now known as California Road."
        -- ". . . no record of why the invitation was issued, or what the topic of discussion ..."
        -- "... much evidence to support the notion that Theophilus was a very dedicated public servant and loyal patriot."
        -- "He served as a Justice of the Peace by appointment of the governor."
        -- "... elected and served as a member of the House of Representatives in 1794-1797."
        -- "... killed by falling from a tree he had climbed to disentangle a fishing line." 1798
The ffoulkes and the Monarchy - [S12 - May 1995]
        -- Originally published summer 1918 - New York Evening Sun [Reprinted from "Early Friends ... of Upper Bucks
Decision to Come to America [S12 - Nov 1995]
        -- Edward ID0168 and Eleanor ID0169 Foulke
        -- farmed land belonging to Roger Price of Rhiwlas known as Coed Y Foel
        -- Coed Y Foel means "the wood of the bare hill"
            -- Lies along the river Treweryn - about 2 miles from Bala
            -- In he Parish of Llanvor and county of Merionethshire, Wales
        -- See description of their removal in "Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd" and other books
Relatively Speaking by Margaret Ann Hellmann [S12 - Nov 1995]
    -- Some of the Children of Edward and Eleanor Foulke and Info on them
        -- Gwen Foulke ID2293
        -- Grace Foulke ID2287
        -- Catharine Foulke ID2289
        -- Evan Foulke ID2290
            -- His two wives Ellen Roberts ID2303 and Anne Coulston ID2302
            -- Daughter Margaret ID2764 - her spouses and children
            -- Daughter Esther ID2768 - her spouse and children
Foulke Family member considered one of the great American painters - Excerpt from an article by Bennett Schiff
    -- [S12 - May 1996]
    -- Stewart Davis - Son of Helen Stewart Foulke and Edward W Davis
        -- Born 1892 in Philadelphia
Foulkes populate Canada - [S12 - May 1996]
    -- Job and Eleanor Hughes [no IDs]
Ffoulkes in the arts - [S12 - May 1996]
    -- copied from "The Tapestry Collection of he Late Charles M Ffoulke"
Olden Times - [S12 - Nov 1996]
    -- Written by Joseph Foulke [1786-1863] ID2653
    -- "... collection of reminiscences of life while growing up in the 'olden times.' "
The Human Condition - From the Genealogy Department - [S12 - Nov 1996]
    -- Military data for descendants of Edward and Eleanor
        -- Silas and William Foulke - sons of John and Sarah [Hartley] Foulke
            -- John was son of Judah and Sarah [McCarty] Foulke
                -- Judah was the son of Samuel and Ann [Greasley] Foulke
                    -- Judah moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio
                    -- Samuel was the son of Hugh and Ann [Williams] Foulke
                        -- Hugh was the second son of Edward and Eleanor Foulke
            -- Silas eldest son
            -- William P was the fourth son
            -- Both served in the Indiana Infantry during the Civil War
            -- The account of Silas's service record
            -- William P's information is shorter - Home of the Foulke Family - New Web Site - [S12 - Nov 1997]
Chirk Castle - [S12 - Nov 2002]
        -- The Coat of Arms of Rhirid Flaidd is displayed in this castle
He Sailed the sea 50 years, Now at 80, he paints it - [S12 - Sept 2003]
        -- Bayard F Foulke  -No ID
        -- Source: Bulletin Newspaper, New York - 1958
Ancient Family with a rich Heritage - [S12 - Sept 2003]
        -- Weekly Post Newspaper - Bala Wales - 18 Apr 1998
        -- "The Foulke dynasty has a rich history in North Wales, entwined with the aristocracy and royalty."
Larry Foulke Inducted into Hall of Fame for Engineering at Kansas State University - [S12 - Sept 2003]
        -- Treasurer of Foulke Family Association
Red Sox Pitcher Keith Foulke - Helps win World Series - [S12 - May 2005]
Reflections of Foulkes by Melissa Kay Foulke - [S12 - May 2005]
        -- From records of Eliza Ambler Foulke
        -- Excerpts from letters written by Theophilus Foulke ID2457
        -- Lots of good family info
        -- Marriage certificate image - William ID2308 & Martha ID2307 (Foulke) Edwards - 24 Aug 1738
The Beaumont-Foulke House - [S12 - May 2006]
        -- Photo of the house being moved
        -- Purchased by Dr Antrim Foulke in 1817 ID2667
[US] Senate confirms . . . Edwin G Foulke, Jr, to head Occupational Safety and Health Administration -
        -- [S12 - May 2006]
        -- Photo
Reflections of Gwynedd Schools in late 1700s - [S12- May 2006]
        -- Photo of Joseph Foulke ID2653
            -- Minister at Gwynedd Friends Meeting
            -- Founder of the Gwynedd Boarding School for Boys
            -- Image circa 1845
Foulkes Journey in Wales -
        -- Part 1:  Plas Rhiraedog - [S12 - May 2007]
                -- Richard W and Lucinda Foulke
                -- Photo of Rhiwaedog - 2006
        -- Part 2:  St Melangell - [S12 - Nov 2007]
Foulkes in the News - [S12 - May 2007]
        -- Bill Foulke
        -- Larry Foulke
        -- Bruce Foulke
        -- Keith Foulke - Baseball Player Retires
Liberty Bell Mural Commemorates a visit to the Home of Evan Foulke - [S12 - May 2007]
        -- Photo of Mural

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Misc Foulke Photos
Old Foulke Mansion at Penllyn, Pennsylvania [S12 - Nov 1991]
Coed-y-Foel  [S12 - Nov 1991] - RobbHaas Web Page
1898 Foulke Reunion group shot  [S12 - Nov 1991] - [S12 - May 1997]
The countryside near Bala, Merioneth, Wales - [S12 - May 1992]
Hugh Foulke Home  [S12 - Nov 1993]
William Dudley Foulke - ID2689 - [S12 - May 1998]
1998 Foulke Reunion group shot [S12 - Nov 1998]

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Foulke Bibliography List and Resources
Jenkins, Howard M.  Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd:  A Township of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Settled, 1698, by Immigrants from Wales, with some data referring to the Adjoining Township of Montgomery, also settled by Welsh, Second edition.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Howard M Jenkins, 1897.  Bk2910
Glenn, Thomas Allen.  Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Oxford:  Fox, Jones and Co., 1911-1913.  Bk2909
Roberts, Clarence V and Warren S Ely.  Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Clarence V Roberts, 1925.  Bk2905
Hinshaw, William Wade and Thomas Worth Marshall. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol 2.  Bk2939
Davis, W W H, Warren S Ely and John W Jordan.  History of Bucks County Pennsylvania:  From the discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time, Volume 3, Second Edition.  New York:  The Lewis Publishing Co, 1905. [All Biographies] - Bk3104
    -- Available from -
    -- (Downloaded from Google Books)  C\AAA\Genealogy\Books\Bk3104.pdf
    -- Foulke Family members mentioned on the following pages:  (pdf = the corresponding page on the .pdf file)
            -- Page 21 -  - The Foulke and Long Institute
            -- Page 89 - pdf 170 - Foulke Family
            -- Page 90, 91, 92 -
            -- Page 114 - Elizabeth (Roberts) Foulke
            -- Page 184 -
            -- Page 251 - pdf 390 - Anna Foulke
            -- Page 335 - pdf 502 - John Ball and Hannah Foulke
            -- Page 388 - pdf 567 - George and Hannah (Foulke) Iden - (Rt Col, top)
            -- Page 403 - pdf 582 - Joseph Foulke (Rt Col, 2/3 way down)
            -- Page 406 - pdf 585 - Charles Foulke Beaumont - (Rt Col - 2 instances - neat bottom)
            -- Page 449 - pdf 636 - Theophilus and Hannah Foulke - (Rt Col, center)
            -- Page 469 - pdf 664 - Samuel and Mary (Foulke) Bunting
            -- Page 590 - pdf 833 - Charles Foulke Stawn
            -- Page 591 - pdf 834 - Jane Foulke
Davis, W W H.  The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania:  From the Discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time.  Doylestown, PA:  Democrat Book and Job Office Print, 1876.  Bk3104A
    -- Foulke Family members mentioned on the following pages:  (pdf = the corresponding page on the .pdf file)
            -- Page 456 to P 470 - pdf 474 to 490 - Richland Township section - Foulke family mentioned on several/ most of the pages
            -- Page 559 - pdf 584 - Samuel Foulke
            -- Page 608 - pdf 636 - Samuel Foulke
            -- Page 611 - pdf 639 - Samuel Foulke
            -- Page 622 - pdf 650 - Samuel Foulke
            -- Page 632 - pdf 660 - Foulke
            -- Page 789 - pdf 824 - Hugh Foulke
Foulke, Eliza Ambler.  A Book of Historical Facts of Gwynedd Meeting . . .
Jordan, John W. Colonial Families of Philadelphia, Vol. 2. New York/Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Co., 1911. Pages 930-944 -
Roberts, Ellwood.  Old Richland Families.  Norristown, PA:  M R Wills, 1898.  Bk2984   
-- Hugh Foulke ID0166 is mentioned on page 142
Roberts, Ellwood, ed.  Biographical Annals of Montgomery County Pennsylvania:  Containing . . . New York:  T S Behnam & Co, and The Lewis Publishing Company, 1904.
    -- 1329 pages
       -- I checked the Index and no Foulkes were listed  [1 Nov 2007]
Browning, Charles H.  Welsh Settlement of Pensylvania [sic].  Philadelphia:  William J Campbell, 1912.  Bk2912
    -- Google Books
    -- Pages mentioning Foulke:  224, 247, 273, 274, 276, 298, 300, 302, 559, 596, 604
Virkus, Frederick A, ed.  Immigrant Ancestors:  A List of 2,500 Immigrants to America before 1750.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Pub Co, 1964. Reprint 1986.  Bk3448
National Library of Wales site. If you go to the home page and register, which is free, then type
'Foulke' into the search box, you will get quite a few hits.
Foulke Family Papers, ca. 1654-1999 [bulk ca. 1750-1860]
Spraker, Hazel Atterbury, Compiler. The Boone Family. Genealogical Publishing Co, 1985.  Bk2981
            -- Several references to the Foulke Family
Lancaster, Harry Fred. The Lancaster Family: A History of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Huntington, Indiana: A J Hoover Printing Company, 1902.  Bk2930

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John Fries Rebellion
John Fries led a rebellion against the tax - The Justice of the Peace and one of the assessors was Everard Foulke ID2445
Some of the sources for this Rebellion:  S5  S6 S7  S8  S9   S10  S11

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Foulke Family Timeline

14 Apr 1623 - Baptism of  Foulke Thomas - ID0170
13 July 1651 - Birth of Edward Foulke ID0168 - Wales
1682 - Edward Foulke marries Eleanor Hugh - Wales
6 July 1685 - Hugh Foulke ID0166 born - Merionethshire, Wales 
May 1698 - Edward Foulke Family emigrates from their home at Coed y Foel in Wales via Ireland [Including Hugh Foulke]
17 July 1698 - Edward Foulke Family immigrates to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Including Hugh Foulke]
1710 - Richland (Great Swamp) Meeting begins under the care of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting [S13]
4 April 1713 - Hugh Foulke Marries Ann Williams
1714 - the Friends Monthly Meeting established.  Includes Gwynedd and Plymouth and is called Gwynedd Monthly Meeting [S13]
4 Feb 1718 - Birth of Samuel Foulke ID0147 - Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
16 Jan 1733 - Death of Eleanor Hugh Foulke ID0169 - Gwynedd, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1741 - Edward Foulke Dies - Gwynedd, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1742 - Richland Meeting separates from Gwynedd, establishing their own Monthly Meeting. Note: Many of the Gwynedd families immigrated to Richland, Providence (now Upper Providence) and Exeter Meetings including about all of the Hughes and Hanks families to Exeter and many of the Foulkes to Richland.  [S13]
21 Oct 1743 - Samuel Foulke married to Ann Greasley
21 May 1760 - Death of Hugh Foulke - Richland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
18 Jan 1763 - Judah Foulke ID0109 born - Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania        Top of this Section  |  Top of Page
1761 - 1768 - Samuel Foulke is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania Representative in the Provincial Assembly of Pennsylvania
1781 - Samuel Foulke is disowned for taking Oath of Allegiance
1784 - Montgomery County established [S13]
29 Nov 1786 - Judah Foulke marries Sarah McCarty
21 Jan 1797 - Death of Samuel Foulke
18 Sept 1805 - Jesse M Foulke ID0088 is born - Pennsylvania
1818 - Judah Foulke and family moves to Miami County, Ohio [Including Jesse M Foulke]
31 March 1831 - Jesse M Foulke marries Mary Yost     Top of this Section  |  Top of Page
26 Apr 1843 - Jesse M Foulke marries Mary Baker - Highland County, Ohio
6/7 Jun 1845 - Birth of George Foulke ID0076 - Ohio
30 Nov 1847 - Judah Foulke dies - Belmont County, Ohio
1850 CensusJesse M Foulke - Harrison County, Ohio [Including George Foulke]
1860 CensusJesse M Foulke - Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana [Including George Foulke]
July 1863 - George Foulke probably called up for Morgan's Raid into Indiana
1870 Census:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
18 Feb 1875 - Death of Jesse M Foulke - Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana -
        Burial:  Bakers Corner Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana
9 Jan 1875 - George Foulke marries Narcissa Adaline Wilson
1 March 1879 - George Foulke marries Mary Francis Underwood      Top of this Section  |  Top of Page
1880 Census:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana- George Foulke & Family [Includes Grace Gertrude Foulke]
3 Feb 1880 - Grace Gertrude Foulke ID0015 is born
1894 - Grace Gertrude Foulke graduates from Baker's Corner, Hamilton County school
1900 Census:  George Foulke and Family - Jackson Twp, Hamilton Co, Indiana [Including Grace Gertrude Foulke]
1901-1902  - Grace Gertrude Foulke attends DePauw University, Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana
1904 - Grace Gertrude Foulke - St Louis World's Fair
1910 CensusGeorge Foulke & Family - Jackson Twp, Hamilton Co, Indiana - [Including Grace Gertrude Foulke]
14 Sept 1910 - Grace Gertrude Foulke marries Oscar C Robbins - Hamilton Co, Indiana
13 Apr 1911 - George Foulke dies - Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
    Burial:  Crown View Cemetery, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana
19 Mar 1918 - Walter Clifton Robbins, ID0005 is born - Hamilton Co, Indiana      Top of this Section  |  Top of Page
1920 Census:  Oscar C Robbins Family - Harrison Twp, Henry Co, Indiana
1930 Census:  Oscar C Robbins Family - George Foulke Farm,  Jackson Twp, Hamilton Co, Indiana
1934 - Oscar C Robbins Family - Farm - White River Twp, Hamilton Co, Indiana
1937 - Oscar C Robbins Family - Farm - Green Twp, Randolph Co, Indiana
1943 - Oscar C Robbins & Grace Gertrude Foulke - Farm - Union Twp, Delaware Co, Indiana [Cole Farm]
1944 - Living Robbins ID0001 is born - Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana
1945 - Charles Beaumont donates the Foulkeways property to Gwynedd Meeting [S13]
1947 - Oscar C Robbins & Grace Gertrude Foulke - move to a Farm - Union Twp, Delaware Co, Indiana [1270N Farm]
8 Feb 1959 - Oscar C Robbins dies - Union Twp, Delaware Co, Indiana      Top of this Section  |  Top of Page
About 1960 - Grace Gertrude Foulke - moves to Eaton, Delaware Co, Indiana
About 1962 - Grace Gertrude Foulke Robbins moves to Mechanicsburg, Henry Co, Indiana
1964 - Foulkeways established.  First residents in 1967.  [S13]
13 Aug 1964 - Grace Gertrude Foulke Robbins dies - Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana
17 Aug 1964 - Grace Gertrude Foulke Robbins is buried in Gardens of Memory, Delaware Co, Indiana

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Rhiwaedog - Ancestral home of Rhird Fflaid
Wikipedia Article
"Rhiwaedog:  Our Ancestral Foulke Treasure"  [S12 - April 1991]
"Rhiwaedog - The Place of the Blood Stained Hill" - [S12 - Nov 2002]
        -- 2 Photos of home - close-up and wide angle
        -- Home of Rhirid Flaidd
"The Blood Stained Hill" - [S12 - Nov 2002]
        -- Photo of the hill reputed to be the "Blood Stained Hill" taken from Rhiwaedog
Foulkes Journey in Wales -
        -- Part 1:  Plas Rhiraedog - [S12 - May 2007]
                -- Richard W and Lucinda Foulke
                -- Photo of Rhiwaedog - 2006

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Rhirid Flaidd
Wikipedia Article     Welsh Biography Online/ Rhirid Flaidd
Sources:  S20 page 35-36,
Battle at Llechryd Bridge, Llechryd, 1088 - Link,
Connection to Gower Family - Link,


Recipe for Welsh Tea Cakes - Picau Ar Y Maen - S12 - Nov 1997
Welsh Bara Brith (Speckle Bread) - S12 - Dec 2000
Laver Bread - (Bara Lawr) - S12 - Sept 2003, Nov 2006
Ffest Y Cybydd (The Miser's Feast) - S12 - May 2006

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Transcript available at the Foulke Family Association web site:
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"The Foulke Family" - Vol. 3, Page 89 - Google Books Link,
S15 Foulke Family Papers at Swarthmore College

Separated material /
Materials catalogued separately: /
Other Materials:
- Foulke Family Herald (family newsletter), 1991-1998, transferred to FHL Periodicals

Ser. 8. Foulke 1998 Reunion Papers:
- Foulke Family Directory and Reunion program - Box 9
- Clippings, Welsh newspaper:  - Box 9

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"Mrs. Anna M. Shoemaker" section has information concerning the Edward and Eleanor Foulke Family

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Robbhaas Page

S20 Book:  Jenkins, Howard M. Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd: A Township of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Settled, 1698, by Immigrants from Wales, with some data referring to the Adjoining Township of Montgomery, also settled by Welsh, Second edition. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Howard M Jenkins, 1897. Bk2910 Read Online


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