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Between August and Mabel
June/July 1943

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August Diary    11 to 21 June 1943 - Doc0599.pdf
Description:  This Diary was kept by August in June of 1943 while staying in the Washington, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania area. He was there attending a medical clinic to help him with his lung disease. According to later letters this was being paid for by Ball Brothers Company, his employer
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Arrived in Pittsburg June 11 at 740 Friday met Doctor at Station took Bus to Washington arrived at 1230 went to Doctor Hammons office at 230 had Exray and Chest Exzam Saturday June 12 went to Doctors office at 230 had blood test uren test. Blod count Elergic test. and he gave me a chest Exzam and a one minit treatment
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 My Breathing was some easier Back to Doctor at 730 gave 2-1/2 minit treatment Sunday June 13 no treatment Monday June 14 Treatment at 1100 no noncable change Tuesday June 15 Awful hot last night felt pretty bad this morning am feeling lots better this evening some of the soarness has gone out of my
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chest and back took 2 minit treatment wensday 16 3 minit treatment feeling just about the same Thursday 17 3-1/2 minite feeling a little better than yesterday Friday June 18 Felt better this morning than I have anytime yet took 4 minit treatment today Saturday June 19 Just about the same 4-1/2 minit treatment
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Monday June 21 See no change 4-1/2 minit treatment Tuesday June 22 Just about the same 4-1/2 minit treatment
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 Letter from August to Mabel  3 July 1943 - Doc0600.pdf
Description:  This letter was written from August to his wife Mabel on 3 July 1943 while he was in the Washington, Pennsylvania area attending a medical clinic for his lung disease - written on George Washington Hotel stationery -
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July 3, 1943 Dear Mabel
I had a letter from you this morning and one this after noon. John told me he would be here some time sunday morning. I bought a small bottle of medicen to use in my ???elizer it cost 150 it does a pretty good Job. The way I caugh cold it was one of those hot nights all I had on was my pajam?? pants. I got up some time in the night all hot
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I sit in a chair and went to sleep. when I woke up the wind was blowing over me so thats the way I got it it got real cold here. it is getting warmer now. I hope it dont get to hot is Wilma going to work in the office or out in the factory. I suppose Mickey would soon get used to staying out thear. Wilma told me that they had enough garden for every one this winter if it done good
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you said you had a black out the other night they had one here [the is scratched out] one night last week it was just before day light I guess it was state wide I dont think it even woke many people up here in the hotel. well I cant think of anything to write so I will close for this time with lots of love from your loving husband August
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Letter from August to Mabel   8 July 1943 - Doc0601.pdf
Description:  This letter is from August to his wife Mabel - written on 8 July 1943. August is in the Washington, Pennsylvania area attending a medical clinic for his lung disease - written on George Washington Hotel stationery -
George Washington Hotel Washington, Pennsylvania
July 8, 1943
Dear Mabel well I hope you made your trip ok. You dident have much time for your buss did you. I guess barbra was glad to see you. I am feeling better today after you left I went to my room and [scratched out] had [scratched out] a rest till lunch. then after lunch I rested till 5 oclock then I went to the y.w.. I had a pretty good night last night
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I went to the Doctor at 930 this morning all he done was stuck a needle in my arm I dont even know what it was for. well I found a real good [scratched out] place to eat at lunch to day. you remember [scratched out] where you saw the windows broken well it is in the basement thear. it is a cafeteria. you can get about anything you want most any kind of meat mashed potatos gravey it looks like
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they could seat 150 or 200 peatle and it is air conditioned. so I suppose I will eat most of my meals thear. we had a pretty hard rain here this evening it is still drizzling well that is about all for this time let me know how you got home I remain as ever your loving husband August
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Letter from Mabel to August   8 July 1943  - Doc0602.pdf
Description:  This letter was written by Mabel to her husband August on 8 July 1943. August was in the Washington, Pennsylvania area attending a medical clinic for his lung disease
Muncie Ind
July 8, 1943
Dear August Ė
I will try to write a little this eve but I am awful tired. I didnít get much rest last night and after that ride I was tired. Wilma came out with me and then I took her to the house she is renting and went to town and got groceries so I havent had much time to rest yet. It is so lonesome here without you. If the Dr would say so it sure wouldnít be long till I would be up there. So when ever he says it is alright to come up there you ask Miss McCowey if she can get a room for me at the Y and I will be there in a little while. I will have $135.00 after
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the girls pay me so that would be enough to start on. Marjorie just used my lipstick to see how she like it and Barbara grabbed her and kissed her so she would have some on. I put my slacks on again today and they are so big I am going to have to make them over. Marjorie said to tell you she couldnt write this week but she would next. She is really working now. They think Bud will be home by the last of this month. Wilma & John just came and Wilma was calling Mike, cesspool Mickey. He fell in the Lucas cesspool. He is a dandy. Olive called today and wanted to know if I still had those gas tickets. Jimmy cant get any gas till after the 21st so I gave
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them one. I still have 3 so I will have plenty. Well I think I will go to bed and finish this in the morning. Fri morning -- Now August I am going to tell you something I dont know if John would want me to or not but I think you should know. He has found out in different ways, from what both you and I and Dr Mason has said. that over a period of several years you havent taken the care of yourself as you should not because you didnt want to but because you either felt to bad to make the effort or because you didnt have the money to do so. He understands why you havent. He said his father does the same thing. But [underlined] it is his job to report what he finds and he said he really didnt know how far the company would go after they had the
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Sili??sas taken care of. He said before, that they would see the whole thing through and I think if he can have his way they will do it. But you can never tell. So here is what I want you to do. Just make every minute you are there count the very most. Eat the most and best food you can get and drink to the drop as much milk as the Dr wants you to and you will have made a good start when you get home. I want you to find out from one of the Dr if the Silica could help to agrivate the asthma condition. that is very improtant for it it could, you could expect more from Balls. John said every man that had worked and lived like you had deserved a chance and I think he will try to help you, but if you know a lot about it too that will help. I
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dont want you to let this upset you but I thought you ought to know. I talked a lot coming home trying to get it out of him and I finally got him to tell me so I know just about how he stands. I know he will try to help us but it remains to be seen just what the rest will do. I do know you are a long way from well and it may take a long time to build you up but I know too that you are better than you were when you went up there. You looked so much more alive (that is the best way I can put it) and I was plenty happy about it and the fact that you are starting to put on flesh on your stomach means a lot. But that asthma and all is going to be a tough problem. You must tell the Dr of every little change, every thing that is different for it may be the very thing he is looking for to help you. Just see how quick that medicine helped your stomach. Gee whiz here is the
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mail man all ready and I missed him. I will have to take this up town. Your check came it is for $54.72. I just wish I knew how long they will keep coming that way. I weighed myself this morning and it is 156 now instead of the 184 it was at Christmas. Barbara just asked me if I was a blond. I told her I was a brunette, she said I thought they had red hair. She sure is dizzy. She gets some big ideas. Now darling please dont worry about what I told you but try so hard to get well for I want my old sweetheart back again. I am lonesome for him.
With all the love I have Mabel
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Wilma is sending you a hat. It was Mr Bensons brothers that is in the service. It will need to be cleaned but it is a good hat
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Letter from August to Mabel   9 July 1943 - Doc0603.pdf
Description:  This letter was written from August to his wife Mabel on 9 July 1943 from Washington, Pennsylvania. August was in this location attending a clinic for his lung disease - written on George Washington Hotel stationery -
George Washington Hotel
Washington, Pennsylvania
July 9, 1943
Dear Mabel
I rec your letter this morning and was glad to hear that you got home all right. how was barbra making it was she pretty lonsome for you. well I went to [scratched out] the doctor and got my treatment this morning at 11. I go at 930 in the morning I dont know what for. it was raining wensday evening and I caught a little more cold
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I am doping my chest tonight that will probely make it better if you will send me the receite [scratched out] for that liniment I will get some of it made I think it will work better than this other stuff. I know it will do me lots of good well it is getting late so I will stop for tonight and get ready for bed. I remain your loving husband August
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Letter from August to Mabel   10 July 1943 - Doc0604.pdf
Description:  This was the last letter in the possession of RobbHaas that was written by August to his wife. August was staying in the Washington, Pennsylvania area attending a medical clinic in an attempt to find relief for his lung disease. He would return home and pass away seven days later. - written on George Washington Hotel stationery -
July 10, 1943 Dearest Mabel
I rec your [Scratched out] letter of the 8th. So they finly found themselvs a house wilma hasent got her job yet has she. Well the Doctor hasent Said anything yet I have an idea that I will be here 6 weeks Then that will be all Of it. That would be One week from next Friday. I donít have The least idea they Would keep me here. I am doing every thing I know of to make it Successful I have been Eating and resting
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I have been short of breath But I caught that cold and I forgot to take my pills One night and my bowels Didnít move. So that donít make it any better but I will come along allright well I am getting so sleepy I just cant write so I will try and write tomorrow. I remain as ever your Loving husband
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