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CR 1270N Farm - Moved to Robbins Family Farms -

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16th St House
Muncie, Center Township, Delaware County, Indiana
-  Located on west 16th Street, east of Hoyt Avenue
-  Address, 1945:  1108 W. 16th St (See image below)  Postcard showing address - Doc4192.pdf -         --  Ph3963.tif and Ph3963-WOB.jpg which shows the Address
-  Coordinates: 40°10'30.02”N  85°23'53.67”W
- Google Map Coordinates: 40.175222837704936, -85.39820414907432
Google Custom Map
House Floor Plan

Purchase date:  30 Nov 1945  [S17]
Sale Date:  3 June 1947 . [S18]

Property Description:
Lot number eighteen (18) in Block number eleven (11) in the Muncie Land Company’s
Subdivision of the Witt Tract, an addition to the City of Muncie, Indiana. [S17]
-  Lot numbered eighteen (18) in Block numbered eleven
(11) in the Muncie Land Company’s Subdivision of the
Witt Tract. [S18]
Occupants -
Before 30 Nov 1945:  Peter Wasson  [S17]

-  From 30 Nov 1945 to 3 June 1947
Walter C. Robbins, Sr., ID0005    |    Norma Louise Haas Robbins, ID0006   |   Walt Robbins, Jr.,  ID0001    |    Phillip Eugene Robbins, ID0007

After 3 June 1947:  Thomas M. and Bertha A. Corwin
I don't remember anything about this house.  According to stories it was a nice little house that did not have a bathroom when we moved into it in 1945 so Dad installed a small bathroom in the rear portion of the house.  This was the first house for the new family and with Walter just back from the War and a new GM worker things were looking up.  The War was over and the economy was improving, people were buying houses and cars and spending money again after a long dry spell.  In October 1946 brother Phil became the 4th member of the household.  This house also had a garage on the alley behind the house.

I had my first dog at this house.  His name was Jackie and he was tied to the clothesline in back of the house.  He was a small black and white dog that I only know about because of pictures and stories.  Someone eventually stole him according to Dad.
Images:  View of the house from 16th Street looking Northeast (Ph13338-001.tif)
Images - (Click for Larger Image)    - Hi-Res Versions Available for most Images - Contact Me
Walt, Jr. sitting on porch
16th St House - Looking East
Norma, Walt, Jr.
Walt Jr., Tricycle
front of 16th St. House
(Shows House Number)
Sept 1947
16th St. House
abt 1946
16th St. House
From Google Maps
Accessed, 25 Feb 2020
Ph6900.tif Ph3010.tif Ph2954.tif   Google Map Images (5)

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67S House# 1
Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana
West side of Highway 67 south of Muncie between CR 400S and CR 500S and north of the Stoney Haven Motel site
-  Coordinates: 40°07'34.42”N   85°27'02.53”W
-  Address at the time the family lived there: R R 1, Box 250A - Daleville, Indiana 47334
Google Custom Map

House Floor Plan - Doc0615.pdf
House Purchase, March 1973
-  Purchase Papers:  Doc0262.pdf
-  Mortgage Papers:  Doc0263.pdf
Occupants (From 1973 to 1976)
Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001    |    Shirley Kay Musick Robbins, ID0002  |   Living, ID0003    |    Living, ID0004
This house, in 1974, was located far off the highway and there was a concrete drive leading to the house. The house had 3 nice sized bedrooms, living room, family room, kitchen, laundry area and a 2-car detached garage. It also had a large patio. The house sat on about ¾ acre.  Today the highway is much closer because of a widening project that took place around the year 1999 which expanded the highway from a 2 lane road to what is now a five lane highway.
House Sale, 1976: 

Listing Agreement
- 13 March 1976 - Ed McKibben Realtors - Doc2449.pdf
Purchase Agreement - 4 May 1976 -  Doc2450.pdf
Settlement Statement - 25 June 1976 - Doc2452.pdf
Sellers Closing Statement - 25 June 1976 - Doc2453.pdf
-  Sale Papers:  Doc0261.pdf (Listing Sheet with picture, Mortgage Paid, 25 June 1976, Real Estate Ad)
Images -    (Click for Larger Image)
        Back of House:  Ph10307-001 (1973)
Garage:  Ph10307-002  (1973)
Abt 1973
Highway 67, a 2-lane road

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 Centennial House - Moved to:  Centennial House -

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Cole Farm - Moved to:  Robbins Family Farms -

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Fairview Farm - Moved to:  Robbins Family Farms -

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Little Green House
-  Address:  2628-1/2 Pendleton Ave - Anderson, Madison County, Indiana
-  Coordinates: 40°05'19.63”N 85°41'51.83”W
Google Custom Map
House Floor Plan:   Doc0614.pdf
   -  Outside: 
      -  Ph12802-001-LR.Jpg (Garnet Brown, May 1965)  - 
The large complex to the west of the house was Guide Lamp, Division of General Motors Corp   (Has since ceased operations and been torn down)

The large oval to the east of the location of the house is the Sun Valley Speedway (Anderson Speedway today). There was a large, tall, wooden fence surrounding the speedway. This fence was directly behind the house and we were able to climb up on top of the shed next to the house and watch the races. Joe Helpling, who owned the speedway at that time, would come around and run us off.

The house was very small and sat behind a restaurant belonging to the owners of the house (Herb and Garnet Brown). The restaurant was called “Brownies”.  Shirley and I rented this house and Shirley worked part time in the restaurant.  The house had green siding. It was a one story building that, according to Herb Brown, had once been a chicken house. They had remodeled it and turned it into a rental house. It consisted of a living room two bedrooms, a kitchen and bath. It was a very comfortable home for a new family to get started with.
Occupants:  (From June 1964 to 1966)
Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001   |   Shirley K. Musick Robbins, ID0002   |   Living, ID0003

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Milton Farm - Moved to:  Robbins Family Farms

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N of Daleville House
Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana
-  North side of CR400S [Cross Street out of Anderson], West of CR900W
-  Address: R.R. 1, Box 295A - Daleville, Indiana 47334 (When family lived there)
-  Coordinates: Google Map:  40.13516515589714, -85.56120536441796   (40° 8' 6.51" N 85° 33' 41.70" W)
Google Custom Map
House Floor Plan - Doc0613.pdf
-  Current Address (July 2021):  14820 W CR 400S
Property Tax Assessment Documents - Walter & Norma Robbins, 1962 - Doc0630.pdf
Postcards Received or sent while living in this house - Link  (See:  Index/North of Daleville House)
For Documents, See:  My Docs/Personal/Houses/
1-story brick ranch house with blacktop drive and sitting on ½ acre. It had 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, kitchen and 2-car attached garage, with a fenced-in back yard.

This home was newly-built when purchased by Walt Robbins, ID0005 and Norma Louise Haas Robbins, ID0006.  They lived in it until they built another new house south of Yorktown in 1966.  The home was built by a local builder George Harlan ID0568.  This was the first new home for the family. 

The home was purchased in 1966 by their son Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001 and Shirley K. Musick Robbins, ID0002 for $16,000 - Doc0258.pdf.  They lived in the house From 1966 to 1973 when they bought a house on Highway 67 south of Muncie [67S house #1].  Walter and Norma had decided to have a new home built south of Yorktown (400S House) and they selected George Harlan, ID0568 to build this house for them.


From 1960 to 1966 Walter C. Robbins, Sr., ID0005   |   Norma L. Haas Robbins, ID0006   |   Phillip E Robbins, ID0007   |   Living, ID0013
From 1960 to 1964Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001
From 1966 to 1973
Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001    |    Shirley Musick Robbins, ID0002   |   Living, ID0003    |    Living, ID0004
From 1973- : 
Images - (Click for Larger Image)
      Ph10299-001 - Front Porch, abt 1967
Ph10299-002 - Front Porch, Abt 1967
Abt 1968 Abt 1960        
Ph4280.jpg Ph12376-002.jpg        

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Paul & Mary Farm - Moved to Robbins Family Farms

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George Foulke Farm (Data moved to:  Foulke Family Farms Page)

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Family Farms - Delaware & Blackford Counties - (Data moved to:  Robbins Family Farms Page)

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2220 S Gharkey St
-  Northeast corner of 17th and Gharkey Streets - Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
-  Coordinates:  40° 10' 29.95" N  -- 85° 23' 36.46" W
Google Custom Map
Clarence and Artie Green Lucas (ID0691 and ID0692), (Parents of Living Lucas ID0454) lived directly across the street (west) from this house - The house is now gone (2008) and it is a vacant lot.
Email from Living, ID0452 dated 8 Oct 2008:

The picture [1940s image above] was taken not long after my parents bought the house. It was unpainted when we moved in. Also, there was a wall that Dad built next to the sidewalk not long after we moved. The day
we moved, I took bed pillows and slid down the little bank to the sidewalk several times before i was caught.

The apartment, such as it was, was in the back on the North side and consisted of two small rooms and a back porch. My parents rented it out to Geneva and Martin Morehouse, friends of the family
from Kentucky, while Martin was in the service after WWII. They, along with their children, died in a car crash sometime in the early 50's.

My Lucas grandparents [Clarence & Artie Lucas] lived across the street at 2225 S. Gharkey. The house and shop are gone now

Ph6916:  abt 1945 - ID0452 - ID0451 - ID0001 - Good view of the back of the house -
John and Wilma Haas Lucas Family,    (Owners of the house) -Children:   Living, ID0452 and  Living, ID0451 -
     -  Purchased:  June 1945  [S15]
     -  Sold:  to Birl and Althea Pearl Lucas 3 Apr 1948 [S16]

Walter C. Robbins, Sr., ID0005, Norma L. Haas Robbins, ID0006, Son Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001 - June 1945 to Oct 1945  (Lived in two small rooms in back of house - fixed up as an apartment)
Images - (Click for Larger Image)
1940s 2008 Norma, ND
Ph4646.jpg Ph10240.jpg Ph9653-075.tif/.jpg
Hi-Res Image

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Jesse M. Foulke Farm  (Data moved to:  Foulke Family Farms Page)

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Cadiz Farm  - Moved to Robbins Family Farms

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Shirley Farm    Moved to Robbins Family Farms

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80-Acre Farm - Moved to Robbins Family Farms

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Source Citation

(Click for larger View)
(To Magnify larger image - use CTRL + )

S1 An Atlas of Delaware County, Indiana: From Actual Surveys under the Direction of B.N. Griffing, C.E. (Knightstown, Indiana: Griffing, Gordon & Co, 1887, Reprint 1971), page 18, Union Twp, Section 11.  Bk1849  
S2 Haas, Norma ID0006. Autobiography of Norma Haas Robbins. Yorktown, Indiana, 1992.  Transcription
S3 Book:  Helm, T B, History of Delaware County, Indiana, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (Chicago: Kingman Brothers, 1881, Bk1595).  
S4 Book:  "Our Own Baby" for Walter C Robbins, Jr., Dec 1944. Acc988  
S5 Plat BookFarm Plat Book and Business Guide Delaware County Indiana (Rockford, Illinois: Rockford Map Publishers, 1952. Bk1869), page 43.

Notes: Shows the 26 acre farm owned by Walter & Norma Robbins in 1952. and the farms owned by Oscar C. Robbins and Milton Robbins.
S6 Delaware County Indiana Official Farm Plat Book and Directory (Madison, Wisconsin: County Plat and Directory Co., Inc., nd [1957]); Acc000343 - Bk3332, page 33, 43.

Page 33: Section 11, north of Eaton - Shows 26 acres belonging to "L. B." [Leo Bettinger]
Section 7 & 8 Show the relationship of the Farms of Walter, Oscar and Milton Robbins
Page 43: Robbins, W [Walter] - Muncie, Union (Owner) and Eaton, Union (Renter)
Robbins, M [Milton] - Muncie, Union (Owner)
No listing for Oscar Robbins
Note: I estimated the publication date from page 12 - the ad for WLBC Radio - they state they have been serving the farm home for 31 years and they were established in 1926.
Plat Book Pages
S7 Real Estate Closing Statement, sale of Closing Statement, N of Eaton Farm, 14 Jan 1955. Acc000204 

January 14, 1955
Closing Statement
Noel - Bettegnies - Robbins
Buyer Bettegnies - $10500.00
Seller Noel - $$10500.00
Seller Robbins - $7859.00
Expense - Bettegnies
Expense Noel - $564.03
Expense Robbins - $23.30
Accepted Settlement
Buyer Signatures of Leo and Rachel Bettegnies
Seller Signatures - Signatures of Elmer T. and Ruby T. Noel and Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins



S8 Interview with Walter Clifton Robbins, by Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr., 22 Sept 2005,

Dad remodeled the bathroom - originally it only had a stool sitting out in the middle of the room with no walls. He put walls around it and finished the bathroom adding a tub with shower and a sink and ran water to the bathroom. He also remodeled the kitchen by first fixing the the drooping ceiling - it probably drooped 6 or 8 inches in some places. He put in new ceiling joists and jacked up the ceiling to make it all level and put in a new ceiling.

Had the house and barn painted. The barn had a metal roof. Dad installed stalls in the hog house for sows to have their baby's. The wood for these stalls came from logs out of the woods on the property. Dad hauled the logs to a saw mill in Matthews or Hartford City to have them cut into lumber. It was rough sawn oak and very hard. Dad bought a heavy duty 1/2" drill and a portable circular saw when he built these stalls and has these tools to this day. The hog house had a cement floor. The previous owner (Tatman) had been a tomato farmer and had built and used this building for something to do with the tomatoes but dad could not remember for what purpose.

We raised around 200 head of hogs each year. We had them at our farm and also down at Grandpa Robbins' farm. Dad raised them at both places. The hogs were born in January and we would be up half the night watching over them, using pitch forks to move the baby pigs out of the way so the sows wouldn't roll over and crush them.

At one time we had 60 head of Black Angus cattle plus 10 milk cows. At some point our milk cows got into the grainery and ate a large quantity of soybeans. They all swelled up and we had to have Dr Hyde, the veterinarian, from Hartford City come out. He opened up their stomachs in an attempt to relieve the pressure and remove the soybeans. Most of the cows died and dad had them made into hamburger. We had so much hamburger "we had hamburger out our ears." We had a fellow painting the barn - he worked with dad at Chevrolet. Instead of money dad gave him 200 pounds of hamburger as payment. He took the hamburger and forgot about it or something and it all spoiled - so he ended up painting the barn for nothing.

Castrating the animals - Dad attempted to castrate some of the calves one time. He had watched Dr Hyde and he thought it looked simple enough. When he tried it on his own, however, he was not quite as successful as he would have liked. He had lots of bleeding. The calves survived but it was a mess and he never attempted that again - he left that chore to Dr Hyde. Dad was very proficient at castrating the hogs though and could do 40 or 50 at a time. He did try to do some little pigs that were only 2 or 3 weeks old one time but it was almost impossible to find their gonads so he never tried that again.

Son, Phil had a horse named Trigger and son Walt Jr had a horse named Sliver - had a pony named Bill and another horse named Scout. 
S10 Book: Telephone Directory, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, page 118. Indiana Bell Telephone Company, July 1961. Repository: Muncie Public Library. Acc001943/Ph9045.jpg

Stoney Haven Motel
Photo of motel with sign
New Bedford Stone Motel/Free Television - Radiant Heat/ Reasonable Rates
New Restaurant in Motel
5 minutes from Muncie
Call AT 9-1331
Tiled Showers/ St. Rd. 67 So.

S12 1953 Taxes for Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins. Federal and State Forms. Acc000206/Doc1132.pdf

Doc1132.pdf Contents:
1: Withholding Statement - Walter - Chevrolet-Muncie
2-11: Federal Income Tax Papers
12-13: Indiana Income Tax, Walter
14-15: Indiana Income Tax, Norma

S13   Doc2500.pdf
S14 Map of Hamilton County, Indiana, 1866.  Waterloo City, Indiana:  C.A.. McClellan & Newtown, CT:  C.S. Warner, 1866.  Obtained from Library of Congress, - Accessed 21 Apr 2016  
S15 Deed No. 278, Page 268, Gharkey St. House, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. From Muncie Federal Savings and Loan to John E. Lucas, ID0454 and Wilma N. Lucas, ID0379. 29 June 1945. Repository: Muncie Public Library Resource Center/ Muncie/ Delaware County Digital Resource Library. Doc6089.pdf
-   Doc6089-Transcription.pdf
S16 Warranty Deed No. 25621, Deed Book 301, Page 321, Delaware County, Indiana. 8 Apr 1948. From John E. and Wilma N. Lucas To Birl Lucas and Aletha Pearl Lucas. Gharkey St. House, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Repository: Muncie Public Library Resource Center/ Muncie/ Delaware County Digital Resource Library. Doc6096.pdf  (Document Image)
S17 Warranty Deed No. 281, Deed Book, page 238, Deed No. 38521 for Lot 18, Witt Tract Addition, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, 30 Nov 1945. Seller: Peter Wasson, Buyers: Walter C. Robbins, ID0005 and Norma L. Robbins, ID0006. Repository: Digital Image, Muncie Public Library Resource Center/ Muncie/ Delaware County Digital Resource Library. Doc6087.pdf

Notes from Image:
- Grantor (Seller): Peter Wasson (Unmarried)
- Grantees (Buyers): Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins, Husband and Wife
- Date: 30 Nov 1945
- Property: 16th St. House (1108 W. 16th St.
- Location of Property: Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

- Property Description:
Lot number eighteen (18) in Block number eleven (11) in the Muncie Land Company’s
Subdivision of the Witt Tract, an addition to the City of Muncie, Indiana.
S18 Warranty Deed 8621, Book 294, Page 407, Delaware County, Indiana. Lot 18, Block 11 Witt Tract of the Muncie Land Company's Subdivision. Grantors (Sellers): Walter C. Robbins and Norma L. Robbins. Grantees (Buyers): Thomas M. and Bertha A. Corwin. Repository: Muncie Public Library Resource Center/ Muncie/ Delaware County Digital Resource Library,, accesssed 13 July 2021, Doc6093.pdf

Notes from Image:
- Grantors (Sellers): Walter C. Robbins and Norma L. Robbins, Husband and Wife
- Grantees (Buyers): Thomas M. and Bertha A. Corwin, Husband and Wife
- Deed Date: 3 June 1947
- Location: Delaware County, Indiana

- Property Description:
Lot numbered eighteen (18) in Block numbered eleven
(11) in the Muncie Land Company’s Subdivision of the
Witt Tract.

- Signature: Walter C. Robbins
- Signature: Norma L. Robbins


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