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1 Scrapbook
Created by:  Wilma Neoma Haas, ID0379

About 1933
Freshman, Muncie Central High School(1)
Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

Source:  Wilma Haas Lucas Papers


Title Page (My addition to this Online scrapbook)

2 Contents

Chapter                                      Page
   Frontpiece                               1
   Dedication                               2
   Contents                                 3
I  Autobiography                        4
II  My Interests                           6
III  My Home Family & Friends     8
IV                                             22
V  My Vocation                           23
VI  What my Health Depends On  24
    Autographs                            25
3 To My Mother and Father

at the turn of the road the grass is green,
and the brook goes twinkling by,
Washing the smooth-worn Stepping-stones,
    and glimpsing the summer sky.

at the turn of the road I pause today,
and I gaze with a glad surprise
at the dear old spot I love so well,
While the quick tears fill my eyes.

For over the hill is home - my home!
and welcome, and peace, and rest;
and I hasten on to its shady door
as the bird flies to its nest!

4 Chapter I  Autobiography of Wilma Haas

In the year of 1918 on the 14th day of April there came into this world a baby girl. as you can guess I was this baby.  In 1918 I fell ill with influenza, as  my father was in the navy I was taken to a Red Cross Hospital where I received the greatest care.  If it had not been for those nurses I would not be here to tell the story.  During the course of years I had three other sisters.
   When about eleven months old I first walked.  I progressed rapidly from then on.
   As the years went by I had my share of sickness and of Health and still have.  Everytime there was to be a play or some entertainment I was in some way not quite able to join in on it.
   In elementary school I progress rapidly and never failed to get a promotion.  and expect to get through with passing grades.  In Junior High school I have enjoyed myself and also learned my lessons.  If I succeed as

5 well in high school as I did in elementary and Junior high I will be well pleased.  I have told my history in a brief form and you may not be able to understand it, as many times I had to hurry.

Picture of 9a's (no picture)


6 Chapter 2  My Interests

A. My Hobby
   My hobby is outdoor exercise such as hiking, swimming, skating, basketball, etc.  This tends to make me feel and makes my health better.  I also enjoy it and would like to do them everyday.  I will tell about one day in which I did some of these things.
   When I was in the sixth grade the Girl Reserve Club planned to go on a hike.  We met after school, with the different articles we were to take.  We walked about a mile, out to Parkamore Bridge.  Some stopped at Bid-a-Wee t get sandwiches.  When we tot there we all went to work.  Miss Clelland showed us how to make a girl Reserve campfire.  We baked potatoes and apples and wieners.  After we had eaten we went farther down the river.  We took our shoes and stockings off and went in wading.  some of the girls slipped and fell


7 and as a result got rather wet.  We later returned to the place where had eaten our supper.  I found my had was gone.  We looked everyplace for it, but it could not be found.  We of course walked home.  When we got home we were very tired and we had been very active.  although we were very tired we were feeling fine as we had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
8 Description of 9a's

Raye Mosier - Crazy as day is long
Dorothy Bright - quiet by very nice
Leona Buffin - Likes to read plenty
Helen Case - very quite - Nice
John Case - Loo Dumb - sleeps
Louise Cox - ?
Mary A. Davison - Nice & can she write
Gene Forman - Sweet something - dances well
Margereate "Pete" Frazier - dances divinely
Deloris Fuller -
Mary Jane Guindhart - coming Doctor claspel ?
Wilma Haas - It is I.  What do you think
Agnes Hilyard - a mathematician
Merrill Hale - "??"
Kenneth Martin - very quiet, at times
Loyd Miles - cuckoo most of the time
Ruth Miller - rather noisy at times
Franklin Mulligan - rather nice most of the time
Ina Parker - cute and little
Harry Parkhurt "Red"
Catherine Runkle - can sing well
Betty Sebree - cute and nice
Wilbur White - very quiet
Mary J. Shore - nice
Frances Wilson - cute & nice
Verlie Stoncipher - nice
Virgil Wolfe - nice - quiet
Eula Wyne -cute
Joe Wih?? - nice


August & Wilma Haas, Sept. 1918
Hi-Res Image


Olive, Wilma, Marj, Norma
June 16, 1924
Hi-Res Image

Chapter 3  My Home, Family & Friends

[Photo Missing]
August, Wilma, Mable Haas
Great Lakes Naval Training Station
Sept 1, 1918
(Possibly Ph3232.jpg Image )


Wilma & Mother, June 1918
Hi-Res Image


The four girls - and their grandparents, Summer of 1925
Front: Wilma, Olive, Marj, Norma -
Back: William A. Worthen - Della Worthen
Hi-Res Image


Wilma at 18 Months [abt Oct 1919]
Hi-Res Image


Klinger Family, 1924
Hi-Res Image

[Photo missing]
Aunt Lizzie Burns, Aunt Carrie Stewart, 1925


The Family in 1920
Hi-Res Image

Wilma & Marjorie
Hi-Res Image


Marjorie, 1924
Hi-Res Image

The gang of the 17th St house neighborhood, 1932
Front Row:  2nd from left:  Olive - 3rd from left:  maybe Marj
Back Row:  2nd from right:  Norma
Hi-Res Image


Wilma Haas, Agnes Hilyard, April, 1919
Hi-Res Image


Maudella & Billy Worthen, 1932
Hi-Res Image


Wilma and Norma, 1921
at the fair
Hi-Res Image

[Photo Missing]
Uncle Vallie & Betty Mae


Wilma 1919
Hi-Res Image

Marjorie 1924
Hi-Res Image


Mabel & Marguerite Worthen
Hi-Res Image

Concord Stage Coach Model
Hand made By A. Haas
Hi-Res Image

19 [photo Missing]


Wilma - 1919
Hi-Res Image


Mabel, Wilma & Norma, 1920
Hi-Res Image


Wilma 1919
Hi-Res Image


Wilma, Olive, Norma, 1923
Hi-Res Image

Wilma, Olive, Norma, 1923
Hi-Res Image

22 Chapter 5  My Vocation
   When about eight years old I wanted to be a school teacher.  I suppose I wanted to be a teacher because they were great in my eyes.  But after helping teachers I soon came to the conclusion I would  rather try something else.
   For a while I wanted to be a nurse but when I found the done I decided other wise.
   I have always wanted to play the piano and sing but was never able to make much progress and as a result had to look around for something more suitable.
   After searching for awhile I found I would like to be a dietitian.  I studied and learned all I could about it and I think I can meet the requirement.  I am now planning to be a dietitian as I prefer it to all the others.
23 Chapter 6  What My Health Depends
   1.  I must have diets which are well balanced and rational
   2.  I must have as much rest as possible as a person who is growing must have plenty of rest
   3.  Fresh air make your blood more pure and the organs of the body function more readily.
   4.  Exercise is the best way to get rid of body poisons but his must be overdone
   5.  Cleanliness means all in making friends if you are not clean how many friends do you have?  If you are clean and nice also you have many friends




[Autograph Page]
(1)  Actually, she was probably a student in the 9th grade at Blaine Junior High School
(2)  I transcribed the pages and have provided Hi-Res images for all the photos included in the scrapbook

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Loose Photos     (In an Envelope inside the album)    Click Thumbnails for larger Images
I-01 I-02 I-03 I-04 I-05 I-06
Mabel Worthen Haas, May 1973 Mabel Worthen Haas, holding
Wilma Haas
Haas Girls -
Front: Olive, Marjorie -
Back: Wilma, Norma -
NE corner of front porch of 17th St house
abt 1925
Marguerite Worthen abt 1907 Klinger Reunion, nd
Abt 1925?
Mabel Worthen Haas - August Haas -
abt 1917
Wedding Photo?
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image


I-07 I-08 I-09 I-10 I-11 I-12
Wilma Haas, 1918 Camp Dewey
Wilma Haas, 1918 Wilma Haas, Della Worthen, 1918 August Haas holding Wilma Haas,
Mabel Worthen Haas -
Wilma Haas inside stroller -
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image


I-13 I-14 I-15 I-16 I-17 I-18
Mabel Worthen Haas
abt 1920
Wilma Haas inside stroller -
Wilma Haas, 1918 Wilma Haas, 1918 Wilma Haas, Mabel Worthen Haas, 1919 Wilma Haas, Agnes Hilyard, Apr 1919
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image


I-19 I-20        
Wilma Haas, 1918 Wilma Haas, 1919        
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image



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