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17th St House
Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

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-  1927 E 17th St. - Muncie, Center Township, Delaware Co, Indiana
-  South side of east 17th Street between Macedonia on the west and Mock on the east. It is located closer to Mock
-  31 July 1931, full address: 
R. R. 6, Box 24 1927 E. Seventeenth Street  S14,
Coordinates: 4010'24.31N 8521'51.98W
Map:  A very good map showing the 17th St. area in Apr 1928 - the map is page 2 - Doc1605.pdf
Google Custom Map
House Floor Plan - Doc1728.pdf  (S3)
1919:  Built for August and Mabel Worthen Haas  S2, S6,

Aug 1955:  Sewer Installed  S13,

Postcards sent to occupants of this house - Link  (See:  Index/17th St. House)


1919 - 1978
August lived here until his death on 17 July 1943 and Mabel until her death on 13 March 1978
This home was also the residence of the five girls that made up the family of August and Mabel.  All of the girls, with the exception of Wilma were born in this house.  Not long after the construction of the home, August built a single car garage and a small structure that was used as a coal storage facility during the winter but was then cleaned in the spring and used by the girls for their playhouse until fall.  Later August dug a partial basement I9, under the home.  The basement was then used to store coal and the playhouse was mostly used as a playhouse from that point on.
At some point Caroline Whetstone, mother of August, came to live with the family and lived in a room (porch?) off the back of the house which was later removed.  When this room was attached there was a door between the back bedroom and this room.  After that room was removed the door was replaced by the window that is present today.
Following the death of Mabel in 1978 an estate sale was held in May and the home sold shortly thereafter.  The neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse today.  Most of the homes in the area have not been well taken care of as this home was used to when August and Mabel occupied it.
There was a piano in the house - I10,
July 1931 - Gas probably first available at this location - S14,
Some of the changes in the look of the house:
-  Home built 1919
-  Original Garage and Playhouse (Coal Storage) - built by August shortly after 1919
-  Original Siding, Original front porch, West side of house - I-02 - Picture taken about 1930
-  The original Siding:  I-09,  This picture was taken in 1944
-  New Siding:  This picture was taken in 1945 - I-15,
-  New Siding, Front Porch Enclosed, abt 1960 - I-03,

-  The original siding was wood - the new siding which was installed sometime around 1944 was an asbestos shingle kind of thing
-  According to an interview with Norma Haas Robbins there was at one time a room on the back of the house and Caroline Whetstone Haas, mother of August, lived there.  The door to that room was the window in the southwest bedroom later.  That room had been removed.  I have not seen any pictures that show any indication of a room ever being attached.
-  The front porch was enclosed about 1955
-  The new extra garage was built by Bill Crabill in the late 1960s - I-13, on left

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Family Members who Lived Here
August Haas ID0377 Norma Louise Haas Robbins ID0006
Mabel Worthen Haas ID0378 Barbara Jane Haas ID0382
Wilma Haas ID0379 RobbHaas ID0001 (Dec 1944 to Fall of 1945)
Olive Haas ID0380 Caroline Whetstone Haas ID0385
Marjorie Haas ID0381  

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Stevenson Elementary School -  I5, I8, S12
-  Located on Mock at the end of E 17th Street - This building has been torn down. (See S12 for info on school)
-  Coordinates: 4010'24.28N 8521'44.21W
Google Custom Map
The girls all attended this school


Ball Brothers Factory
-  On the west side of Macedonia, north and south of 12th St. (Now Memorial Drive)
Google Custom Map
Coordinates: 4010'43.33N 8522'10.04N
WikiPedia Article
August Haas ID0377 was a supervisor at the plant and was employed with them from 1913 to 1943.  Most of the girls, with the exception of probably Barbara, also worked at the plant.  August contracted his lung disease from working in the plant being exposed to the silica sand used in production of the glass.  He spent some time in Washington, Pennsylvania at a clinic for his lung condition and died shortly after returning home from the treatments.  Letters and Diary Link

Other members of the family, including John Haas, brother of August and William Franklin Worthen, Brother to Mabel Worthen Haas also worked at this plant.

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Source Citation

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S1 Polk's Muncie Directory , digital images, Directories ( : viewed 20 January 2010).

1938, p 136
: "Haas Aug (Mabel M) formn h1927 E 17th" 
1940, p 155:  Haas/ "Aug (Mabel) glasswkr Ball Bros Co h1927 E 17th"
1941, p 164, 165:  "Haas Aug (Mabel M) glasswker Ball Bros Co h1927 E 17th"
1943, p 132: "Haas Aug (Mabel M) reprmn Ball Bros Co h1927 E 17th" - "Haas Marjorie emp Excel Mfg Corp r 1927 E 17th" - "Haas Norma clk r1927 E 17th" - "Haas Olive J bkpr r609 Wald av" 
1945, page 140
:  "Marjorie R USN r1927 E 17th" -  "Olive J USN r1927 E 17th" -  "Haas Robt A (O Jean) USA r609 Wald av" 
1946, page 152:
 "Haas Mabel M (Wid Aug) h1927 E 17th" 
1948, page 183:  "Haas Mabel M (wid Aug) h1927 E 17th"

S2 Document, Misc, Lease Option, 17th St. House - 28 Mar 1919 - Harold C. R. Wall and August and Mabel M. Haas. Acc000158/Doc1421.pdf

Contract between Harold C. R. Wall and Mabel M. Haas - Document signed by August Haas - for the home at 1927 E 17th St - This document gives details about the building of the home, its cost and the date and the name of the builder. The date was 28 March 1919, the builder Harold C. R. Wall and the price was $1295.00. This house was built with electricity included. This document shows August's signature.)

     Lot Twenty-two (22) of Wall's First Allotment, of the Eureka, Centre Township, Delaware County, Indiana.

The above described property is leased with the option of purchase with the express agreement that it is a part of the Consideration of this lease with said option of purchase that a party of the second part,

(1) Will keep all buildings erected on said premises painted white at least until the year 1925.
(2) That all buildings shall be at least 30 feet from the road line.
(3) That no spirituous liquors be sold thereon.
(4) That the premises shall never be sold to a colored person.
(5) That the above named lessee herein promises and agrees to insert with out reservation all these promises and agreements into any contact of lease or sale, said lessee may hereafter make for said premises.

The said Wall offers to build the following described House:  Outside dimensions are 24x28.  This will be the same plan as the "Herman Lewis" house, except roof shall be comb roof, fronting the street and the porch roof hipped to the main building.

     Foundations of house shall be concrete raised to one foot above the level of ground.  Upon which shall be placed two rows of concrete rock-faced blocks.  Upon the blocks shall be laid the 2x6 for sub-sill.  Upon these shall be placed the lower joists, 2x8's, which will be properly bridged.  The ends of joists shall be boxed.  Upon the outside ends of
joists 2x4 sills shall be laid, to which shall be toe-nailed 9-foot
studdings every 16 inches. Upon the studding shall be placed building
paper. Upon the building paper shall be nailed drop siding with at least
two nails in each studding. A11 joints to be upon studding. Upon the .
top of the studding shall be placed 2x4's for plates. Rafters shall be
placed every
1 two feet, ends boxed. Upon rafters shall be placed 1x8 or 10,
No. 3 sheeting. Roof shall be of green slate shingles, asphalt.

The floors shall be No. 1 Common Yellow Pine, 1x4. Casing, square
finish, Caps of 1x6. Doors shall be No. 1, four-panel. Windows and
doors of the sizes indicated on plans.

Outside shall be painted two coats of white paint,. Inside shall
have one coat of filler, one coat of stain and one coat of varnish.

House shall be wired for electricity with one outlet in each room
and one outlet on the front porch.



S3 Floor plan of 17th St House, 1927 E. 17th St., Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Floor plan drawn by Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001 from memory and verified by Norma Haas Robbins ID0006, 19 Mar 2002. Acc000113/Doc1728.pdf



S4 Document, Misc, Electric Service Deposit receipt. Invoice# 8436 - Indiana General Service Company, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. $3.00 - Dated 23 June 1919 - From August Haas. Acc000132/Doc0598.pdf

Consumer's Deposit Receipt
No 8436/ $3.00/ June 23 1919
Received from August Haas
Three and No/100 Dollars in Advance for Electric Current used at
1919 [S/B 1927] E 17th St. 4th house E of Mac [Macedonia] which Amount is to be Refunded in Final Settlement, the
Bills, meanwhile, to be Paid Regularly as Rendered in Accordance wit Contract.
This Receipt is NOT TRANSFERABLE, and must be Returned to the Office upon Discontinuance of Services.
Indiana General Service Company/ Signed Per H. Pickerill
Paid June 23 1919 Rubber Stamp at bottom right

S5 Indiana Bell Telephone Directory 1946, page 35 -Acc000138

Notes:  Telephone listing in Muncie Phone book for Indiana Bell Telephone dated April 1946 lists August Haas residing at 1927 E 17th Street with a phone number of 9410. August was already dead by this time - Mabel kept the phone in August's name for a long time after his death.


S6 Warranty Deed 17th St House, from Harold C R Wall and Minnie S Wall to August Haas and Mabel M, husband and wife. Recorded 20 May 1920 - Record 175, page 561, James L Davis, Recorder. Acc000159/Doc1422.pdf

Notes:  Between Harold C R Wall and Minnie Wall and signed by August Haas and Mabel M. Haas Dated 20 May 1920 - This document gives details about the building of the home, its cost and the date and the name of the builder. The date was 28 March 1919, the builder Harold C. R. Wall and the price was $1295.00. - Warranty Deed. dated 20 May 1920 for house at 1927 E 17th St Muncie, IN.


S7 Haas, Norma ID0006. Autobiography of Norma Haas Robbins. Yorktown, Indiana, 1992., Thoughts about the 17th St house. Acc000502.

Extract:  "Mother made pies, jelly and canned a lot of fruit. I remember she used to make lemonade and put cherries in to make it look pretty & appetizing. She made homemade bread - so delicious, we would go around from house to house & sell it. She also baked pork loins and make big sandwich buns. She sold the sandwiches to the employees of Ball Brothers. They really did enjoy them. I also remember she would fix noon meals for the teachers at Stevenson. They would come down to our house and buy their lunch.") - [August and Mabel had this house built in 1919. August later built a garage. He also dug a basement by hand under the South portion of the house. August also built a small building that was originally used to store coal until the basement was dug. During the summer the coal house was cleaned and used by the girls as a play house. August built them furniture to use in it. The house had a back porch that went across the entire length of the back of the house. There was a door in Bedroom #2 where the south window is located. This was used by the mother of August (Caroline Whetstone Haas ID0385) while she lived with them. This door was later removed and replaced by a window. The front porch originally had 3 round pillars. The front porch was enclosed in the 1950s. The back porch was removed. House built June 1919. Phone number 9410. I can recall when it was AT (Atlas) 9410

S8 1920 Federal Census, Muncie Ward 8, Delaware County, Indiana. SD 8, ED 43, Sheet 15. dwelling 169, Family 169, 1927 E 17th St, Line 1, August Haas. Original Data: NARA, T625, roll 427.  Acc000713.

August Haas - 25 yr old white male, Head of household, owned home with mortgage, married - Able to read, write and speak English - Born in Ohio, Father in Germany and Mother in Ohio - Father speaks German - Occupation: laborer at Ball Bros, Worker. Mabel M Haas 29 yr old white female, married - did not attend school during year, Wife of head of household - Able to read, write, and speak English. Born in Indiana, Father born in Indiana, mother in Ohio - Occupation: None. Wilma N Haas: 1-9/12 yr old white female, single, born in Indiana, father born in Ohio, mother in Indiana. Norma Louise Haas: 9/12 yr old white female, single - Born in Indiana, father in Ohio and Mother in Indiana. Marguerite Worthen: Sister-in-law to head - 13 yr old white female, single, attended school during the year, able to read, write, and speak English - Born in Indiana, Father in Indiana, Mother in Ohio - Occupation: None. Link
S9 1930 Federal Census, Muncie, Center Township, Delaware County, Indiana. SD 5, ED 17-20, Sheet 35B, 1927 E 17th St, Dwelling 783, Family 849, Line 51, August Haas. Original Data: Nara, T626, Roll 583.  Acc000758.  

August Haas: 35 yr old white male - 25 yrs old when first married - Owns home - Value $1800 - Family has a radio set - Did not attend school during the year - Able to read and write and speak English - Born in Ohio - Father born in Germany - Mother born in Ohio - Occupation: Furnace man in a glass factory [Ball Brothers - Veteran of US military service - WW [WW1] Mary M [Mabel] Haas: - 30 yr old white female - 17 yrs old when first married - Did not attend school during the year - Able to read, write and speak English - Born in Indiana - Father born in Ohio - Mother born in Indiana - Occupation: none. Wilma N Haas: 11 yr old white female, single, daughter of head, attended school, able to read, write and speak English, born Indiana, Father in Ohio, Mother Indiana. Norma L Haas: 10 yr old white female, single, daughter of head, attended school, able to read, write and speak English, born in Indiana, father in Ohio, and mother in Indiana. Olive J Haas: 8 yr old white female, single, daughter of head, attended school, able to speak English, born in Indiana, father in Ohio, and mother in Indiana. Marjorie R Haas: 6 yr old white female, single, attended school, born in Indiana, father in Ohio, and mother in Indiana. Link
S10 Database On-line, US World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942, August Haas, Local Board: Muncie, Indiana. Original Data: Selective Service Registration Cards, NARA Roll: WW2_2281512. , accessed 1 March 2008. Acc001073.

Extract:  Serial Number: 1862 - Name: August Haas - Place of Residence: 1927 E 17th St Muncie Indiana - Mailing Address: [Same as residence] Telephone: 9410 - Age in Years: 47 - Place of Birth: Defiance - Date of Birth: Aug 29, 1894 - State of birth: Ohio - Name and address of person who will always know your address: Mabel Marie Haas - 1927 E 17th St, Muncie, Indiana - Employer: Ball Bros Muncie, Indiana - Registrants Signature: August Haas - Race: White - Height: 5 10-1/2 - Weight: 125 - Complexion: Light - Tattoo on right arm, wears glasses - Signed: Mrs W F Wilson, Local Board 2, Muncie, Indiana, Apr 27 - 42.
S11 Military Record, WW1 Draft Registration Card. Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. August Haas. 5 June 1917.  Acc00796.   101005-003.jpg

S12 Newspaper Article. "Eager to Learn" - Probably Muncie Star, Sunday, nd. Olive Haas ID0380 is in 2nd vertical row, 4th back.  Acc001625.

Extract: "EAGER TO LEARN: Members of the 1932-33 sixth-grade class in Muncie's Stevenson School pose for a picture Dec 13, 1932. Teacher Joseph S. Shepard, also the school's principal, is standing at the rear. The school was at Mock Avenue and 18th Street. Until the area was annexed by Muncie before 1920, the school was operated by the Center Township trustee. It was closed in the 1970s, and the early 1900s building was razed. The photograph was furnished to The Album by Gene Carter of Muncie, a class member who is pictured in center foreground" 

S13 Documents, City: Sewer Installation Receipts, 1927 E. 17th St., Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, Aug 1955. Mabel M. Haas ID0378. Acc000152/Doc1771.pdf

Extract, City Controller Receipt:
Muncie, Ind. Aug. 5, 1955
Received of Mabel M. Haas
One hundred eighty six 16/100 Dollars
To apply on payment for new sewer
in East 17th St. Lot #22 Walls 1st Add.
John R. Hiner City Controller

Extract, Sunday Bros. Drainage Contractors:
Muncie, Indiana, Aug 6 1955
Mrs. Mabel Haas/ 1927 E 17th St Muncie
3405 South Beacon Street/ Telephone 2-0447
Connecting Sanitary Sewer to House 74.00
Manfred Sunday/ Pd in Full

Extract, Office of Controller
Lot #22 Walls 1st E??? Add
Office of City Controller
No. 1750
Received from Mabel M. Hass
One hundred eighty six .16 Dollars
on account of Unwaived Assessment fund for Sewer in E. 17th St.
Page 276, Line 1
Contractor: Sunday Bros
Principal: 186.16
Total: 186.16
Paid in Full - Signed John R. Hine, City Controller

S14 Document, Misc. Meter Deposit Receipt, Central Indiana Gas Company, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. August Haas, 31 July 1931. Acc002741/ Doc1685.pdf, page 1

Central Indiana Gas Company
Meter Deposit Receipt
Location: Muncie, Indiana July 31, [19]31
Received From: August Haas
Address R. R. 6, Box 24 1927 E. Seventeenth Street
The sum of Five 00/100 Dollars $5.00

Doc1685.pdf, page 1
S15 1940 U.S. Census:  Muncie, Delaware County, SD 10, ED 18-3, Sheet 26B, Ward 1, Line 48, 1927 E. 17th St., Dwelling 620, August Haas Household. Original Data: NARA, T-627_1037. , Accessed 2 Apr 2012. Acc002128/Ph9430.jpg

1] August Haas: Head of household. 45 yr old white male, married - Highest grade of school completed: 4 - Born Ohio - Code E: 1 - Worked 45 hours during week of 24-30 March 1940 - Occupation: Foreman Clay Fast Department in Glass Factory - Class of worker: Pw - Code F: 316-25-1 - Worked 52 weeks in 1939 - Income in 1939: $1825 - No income of $50 or more received in 1939 -
2] Mabel M. Haas: Wife of head - Code A: 1 - 40 yr old white female - School Grade completed: 6 - Born Indiana - Code B: 6 - Occupation: None - Housework - No income received in 1939
3] Norma L. Haas: Daughter of Head - 20 yr old white female, single - Highest grade of school: High School 4 - Code B: 30 - Born Indiana - At work week of 24 March 1940: Yes - Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 March 1940: 55 - Occupation: Housekeeper in a private home - Class of worker: Pw - Code F: 500-86-1 - 48 weeks worked in 1939 - Amount earned in 1939: $192 - No other income -
4] Olive Jean Haas: Daughter of Head - 19 yr old white female, single, Code A: 2 - Highest grade of school: High School 4 - Code B: 30 - Born: Indiana - at work the week of 24 March 1940 - Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 March 1940: 30 - Occupation: Laborer, Glass factory - Worker Code: Pw - Code F: 988-25-1 - 13 Weeks worked in 1939 - Income 1939: $169 - No other income
5] Marjorie Haas: Daughter of head - 16 yr old white female, Single - Code A: 2 - Highest grade of school: High School 2 - Code B: 26 - Born Indiana - Did not have a job - in School - Code E: 6 - No income
6] Barbara Haas: Daughter of Head - Code A: 2 - 5 yr old white female, single, no school attended - Born Indiana -

- Home Owned, Value of home $2300
- None attended School
- All lived in the same house on 1 Apr 1935
- Code C: 60 - all but August who is 59 Link
S16 Web Page,, 1927 E. 17th St, Muncie, Indiana 47302. . accessed 15 March 2018.  

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I-01 I-02 I-03 I-04 I-05 I-06
Mabel and Wilma - Abt 1919 Olive, Marjorie - Abt 1930 abt 1960 Jan 1979 Stevenson School -
6th grade class 1932
Ph3332.jpg Ph9444.tif
Ph2677.jpg Ph8238.jpg Ph8694.jpg


I-07 I-08 I-09 I-10 I-11 I-12
July 1961 Norma Haas
Stevenson School
14 Sept 1941
Norma, 1944
17th St. House
Back Door
Cellar Entrance
Norma, 1944
17th St. House
Piano - Living Room
Norma, ND
17th St. House
The gang of the neighborhood, 1932
Front Row:  2nd from left:  Olive - 3rd from left:  maybe Marj
Back Row:  2nd from right:  Norma
Ph9446.tif Ph9653-003.tif/.jpg
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image


I-13 I-14 I-15 I-16 I-17 I-18
Bill Crabill, back Yard
New Garage, Garage built by
August Haas, PlayHouse
Abt 1968
NE corner
Abt 1978
Notice Milk box on steps
Walt Robbins, Jr
Back Door, 17th St House
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image


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