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Land Grant
George Free, ID0447
Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana

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Research Notes -
This Land Grand was in the possession of my Aunt Marjorie Haas VanCouwenberghe.  She had found it in a box of "Important Papers" that had belonged to my Grandmother Mabel Worthen Haas when she died in 1978. 

Marjorie had worked on trying to determine who George Free was and how he was connected to our family.  She had determined where the land was located.  Marjorie sent a letter and the maps she had used to me.  S11,
   "I got the George Free land grant from Mother and knew it was the original, that was why I sent it to you, thought you would be the one to appreciate it. I checked for a long time, birth and death certificates, etc., but never found a thing. For some reason I always assumed it was maybe a relative of Harold Atha, but if that was it I cannot imagine why Mother would have it in her "very special papers" box. Wilma [ID0379] helped on it a little also but we never came up with anything. I just cannot imagine who it is. At one time I knew where the property was but can't remember now, that was many years ago."

I later used the Bureau of Land Management database to locate the Land Grant and also online maps detailing the location of the land.  S3

The original Land Grant is held by me (Acc000070).  I also have the maps used by Marjorie as described above (Acc002935).

23 Dec 2018:  I still have no idea who George Free might be and how he is connected to the family. 
-  He would have to have been 21 years of age in Nov 1840 to have purchased land or been awarded land
-  So in the 1860 Census he would have to be at least 41 or older

Since it stated on the land grant that George Free was of Miami County, Ohio I have looked for documentation for George Free in the Ohio area
I have found 5 Census records that could possibly be this George Free (23 Sept 2008)   S4, S5, S6, S7, S8


Transcription of the Land Grant


To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:

WHEREAS George free, of Miami County Ohio Has deposited in the GENERAL LAND OFFICE of the United States, a certificate of the REGISTER OF THE LAND OFFICE at Cincinnati Whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said George Free According to the provisions of the Act of Congress of 24th April, 1820, entitled "An Act making further provision for the sale of Public Lands," for the East half

Of the South West quarter and the North West quarter of the North East quarter of Section twenty nine In Township twenty two of Range fifteen East, of the second principal meridian in the District of Lands Subject to sale at Cincinnati, Ohio, lying in Indiana containing one hundred and twenty acres,

According to the official plat of the survey of the said Lands, returned to the General Land Office by the SURVEYOR GENERAL, which said tract has been purchased by the said George Free NOW KNOW YE, that the

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration of the Premises, and in conformity with the several acts of Congress, in such case made and provided, HAVE GIVEN AND GRANTED,

and by these presents DO GIVE AND GRANT, unto the said George free

and to his heirs, the said tract above described: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same, together with all the rights, privileges, immunities, and appurtenances of whatsoever nature, thereunto

belonging, unto the said George Free and to his heirs and assigns forever.


PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have caused these letters to be made PATENT, and the SEAL of the GENERAL

LAND OFFICE to be hereunto affixed. [The seal, which once contained red, is affixed directly below the above wording] Recorded, Vol. 16 [or 1b] Page 13 [characters to right not readable]

[To the right of the above SEAL]: GIVEN under my hand, at the CITY OF WASHINGTON, the tenth day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty and of the INDEPENDENCE OF THE UNITED STATES THE SIXTY FIFTH

BY THE PRESIDENT:    Martin Van Buren
                                        By M. Van Buren Jr, Sec'y

                                                                        ad interim


Transcription:  by Walt Robbins, Jr., 23 Dec 2001
Condition of original [9 Sept 2013]: Paper turning brown somewhat but in good shape. A heavy paper. The handwritten portions are fading badly. The document has been folded into eighths at some time in the past. I attempted to flatten it by placing it under weight and was somewhat successful. The bottom layer of the seal is in tact but the top layer, which contained the color red, is mostly missing. I have enclosed the entire document in acid-free tissue paper and placed it into storage lying flat.

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Land Location
Coordinates:  40 20' 8.52" N    84 52' 13.52" W 

Legal Description:  East Half of the SW Qtr of the NW Qtr of the NE Qtr of Sec 29 of Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana. 
Images of maps I used to locate the land:  I1 - I2 - I3 - I4

Legal Land Description from Land Grant:
"the East half Of the South West quarter and the North West quarter of the North East quarter of Section twenty nine In Township twenty two of Range fifteen East, of the second principal meridian in the District of Lands Subject to sale at Cincinnati, Ohio, lying in Indiana containing one hundred and twenty acres"
Google Maps
-  Go to Google Maps
-  Enter the coordinates 40 20' 8.52" N    84 52' 13.52" W
-  Click Search
-  Click on "Earth" in lower left corner to see satellite view
Land Grant Maps S10,
Google Earth Files:



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Source Citation

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S1 Original Land Grant:  Acc000070    Image of Land Grant - Doc4008.pdf - Doc0699.pdf
(BLM Image)
S2 Google Earth Maps  
S3 Database On-line, Bureau of Land Management #OH1530_.152. Document No: 7765. Land Patent for 120 Acres, 10 Nov 1840.   

BLM Land Grant Web Page

S4 1850 Federal Census - 4th Ward, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, page 513/257.  District 39.  Dwelling 887, Family 895, Line 10 Isaac N Rosten.  Line 12 George Free, Line 13, Anna Free.  Original Data:  NARA M432, Roll 679.,  Accessed 23 Sept 2008.

Extract:  Line 10: Dwelling: 887, Family 895 - Isaac N Rosten - Line 11: Amanda Rosten - Line 12: George Free - 49 yr old male - Teacher - Born: Pennsylvania - Line 13: Anna Free - 5 yr old female - Born: Ohio - Line 14: Amanda Carter - Line 15: Harriet Carter - Line 16: James Boyd - Line 17: Ann Boyd.
S5 1860 Federal Census - Ward 16, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.  Page 96.  Dwelling 502, Family 802, Line 31, George Free.  Original Data:  NARA, M653, roll 978., accessed 23 Sept 2008.

Extract:  George Free:  37 yr old male, Occupation:  Clerk - Property Value:  $1000 - Born Pennsylvania.  Sophie Free:  26 yr old female, born in New York.  Isac Free:  8 yr old male, born in Ohio
S6 1860 Federal Census - 1st Ward, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.  Page 125, Dwelling 895, Family 978, Line 11, George Free.  Original Data:  NARA, M653, Roll 943., accessed 23 Sept 2008.

Extract:  George Free:  60 yr old male, born in Germany - listed as insane
S7 1870 Federal Census  - County Infirmary, 1st Ward, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.  Page 238, Line 7, George Free.  Original Data:  NARA, M593, roll 1180., accessed 23 Sept 2008.

Extract:  Free, George
- 64 yr old white male - Profession: Pauper - Born: Germany - Parents both foreign born - Listed as Insane - Column 19: checked, Male citizen of US over 21 - Column 20: Checked, rights to vote is denied
S8 1880 Federal Census - National Military Home, Montgomery County, Ohio.  SD 24, ED 169, Page 3, Dwelling 2, Family 2, Line 15, George Free.  Original Data:  NARA, T9, roll 1052, Family History film 1255052, Page 586.3000., accessed 23 Sept 2008

- New York Avenue - "Disabled Soldiers and Beneficiaries - Natl Soldiers Home for D.V.S."
- George Free - White male 56 yrs - Single - Stone Mason - unemployed for 8 months during the year - Maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled - Cannot write - Born: Honsolo, Germany - Both parents born in Honsolo, Germany
S9 Google Custom Map  
S10 Maps - used by Marjorie Haas VanCouwenberghe, ID0381 to determine the location of the land.  Acc002935

001]  A Photocopy of the original Land Grant  (Doc0699.pdf)

002]  Index to Topographic Maps of Indiana - USGS, Aug 1977 - (Partial Scan: Doc5017.pdf)

003]  Cosmos Quadrangle, Indiana-Ohio Topographic Map  (Doc5018.pdf - Portion that shows George Free Land Grant )
   - George Free Land indicated at left center

004]  Deerfield Quadrangle, Indiana Topographic Map  (Doc5018-001.pdf)

005]  Jay County, Indiana  Jay County, Indiana - Doc5018-002.pdf

006]  Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana (Source: The New Atlas of Jay County, Indiana, 1901, page 49 (2 copies) - (Doc5018-003.pdf)

007]  Letter from Marj, 13 July 1978 - See Acc002936/Doc1869.pdf

S11 Correspondence: Letter from Marjorie Haas VanCouwenberghe, 13 July 1978, to Walt & Shirley Robbins. Acc002936/Doc1869.pdf

Answered 8/17/78 7/13
Dear Shirley & Cliff,
Your Mom & Dad are basking in Hawaiian sunshine about now. We took them back to the hotel at 6 o'clock Tues. morning & saw them off at 9. IT was so good to see them again but the time was so short it seemed like we no sooner said hello than it was time to say goodbye. They are talking about coming back to Colorado & Calif. Next year - sure hope they do. They both have such a good sense of humor. The tour started out with a comedy of errors but they just took it in stride. First of all two people on the tour got lost, I guess they never did find them. Then they lost one man's entire luggage & he was so mad he was ready to punch the tour man, he said he was going back to Cleveland - he was a little more than upset. Then the airlines ruined your Mom & Dads garment bag, probably on the conveyor, so they took it for they airlines to replace it. And of course they never got it so we gave them one of ours. Then as the bus took off & was half-way down the block the 2 tour men came out & went running down the middle of the street shouting & waving their arms, it was so funny, like a Laurel & Hardy movie. So they did finally get their bag - a little late but better late than never I guess. I'm not sure I would want to take a trip with a tour group. I don't think my good humor could hold up that well.
   Olive was in surgery for 3-1/2 hrs. yesterday & is doing just fine. I saw her at 4pm & she was still half asleep. When I see her today she will probably be already moved from ICU back to her room. She's taking 6 wks. off work to get really back on her feet again.
   I'm sending you a copy of the land grant certificate & a copy of the Madison Township map. I got the map from the Indiana Historical Society Library but had to wait for a geodetic map from Denver to get the street numbers. I also sent a copy to William & gave him the location of all the towns around it, hoping he will be able to tell us who Geo. Free is or which of our relatives might have lived there. It is so interesting. I hope he can tell us something about it. I hear anything about it I'll let you know.
   Hello to Kelly & Kevin - will write more later.
                                  Love, Marj. & Frank


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Images - (Click Thumbnails for larger Images)

I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana
Orange:  Madison Township
Magenta:  Sec 29 - S2
Section 29 Close-up
Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana - S2
Madison Township
NE Qtr - S2
George Free Land
with Coordinates
East half of the SW QTR of the NW QTR of the NE Qtr of Sec 29 of Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana - S2


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