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Parents - August Haas and Mabel Worthen    -   
Spouse - Francois Benoit Van Couwenberghe ID0446 -
Children Living ID0463 - Living ID0462 - Living ID0461

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6 Aug 1920 Frank Born:  New Jersey  Obituary Doc1180.pdf,
16 June 1923 Marjorie Born:   1927 E 17th St - Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana  S2, Birth Certificate,
1933 Scrapbook Created by Wilma, abt 1933
1937 Signature - Signed Norma's yearbook - Link, S6,
1940 Applied for Social Security [S12]
24 March 1940 Marjorie was in the Choir at Walnut St. Baptist Church, Muncie - Front Row:  Bernice Breeze, Olive, Rowena Bird, Marjorie, Norma - Doc1296.pdf - Hi-Res Image -
30 Apr 1940 1940 U.S. Census - 1927 E 17th St - Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana  S2,
1942 Graduated from Muncie Central High School
10 May 1942 Marjorie was in John Wilson's class at Walnut St. Baptist Church, Muncie - Image   - Hi-Res Image -
Oct 1943 to Military:  Served in the U.S. Navy during WW 2 - her military address was:  USNR(W) Mailman 2nd Class, San Francisco Fleet Post Office   S1, S9,
ImagesI2, I3, I19, I20,
Mabel and Barb Haas took a trip, about winter 1943, to visit Marj in New York while she was in the Service - I32,
   -  Scenes from Niagara Falls - 1   2    3   4
Estelle Winningham (Winnie) a friend of Marj while in the Service - Image
1943 Residence:   Living at 17th St house - working at Excel - S1,
8 April 1945 Marriage:   Married Frank B. Van Couwenberghe, ID0446 - S10,
Presbyterian Lakeside Chapel, San Francisco, Cal.  S10,
1947 Frank and Marjorie moved to San Anselmo, Marin County, California - Obituary Doc1180.pdf,
Apr 1950 Residence:  90 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo, Marin County, California  [S11]
1950 US Census [S11]
1951-1981 Frank, Occupation:  Telephone Repairman for Pacific Telephone Co.  Obituary Doc1180.pdf,
Feb, March 1978 Marj. Traveled to Indiana to be with her mother after she suffered a stroke in February and passed away on 13 March 1978 - 1977/ 1978 Calendar/Diary Kept by Norma,
31 Jan 1988 Frank Dies:  90 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo, Marin County, California  - Obituary Doc1180.pdf, S4,
Cremated 3 Feb 1988
June 1990 Travel:   Marj traveled to Germany with her sister Wilma to do family history research - S7,
1 July 1996 Letter from Marj to Wilma - Subject:  Whetstone Family   Doc1800.pdf
  Marjorie Last Residence:  90 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo, Marin County, California - Marjorie and Frank had lived in this home most of their married life.
16 July 2003 Marjorie Dies:   of Lung Cancer - Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California  S3, S1002,
  Avocations:  Marj was very talented especially in ceramics and pottery as well as other crafts - I4,
  Religion:  Member of the Walnut Street Baptist Church in Muncie
Signature Jan 1978 - Check from her mother - S5,
  Postcards sent and Received - Link - See Index/Haas, Marjorie

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Source Citation

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S1 Polk's Muncie Directory , digital image, Directories,  Acc001929.

1938, p 136
: "Haas Aug (Mabel M) formn h1927 E 17th" 
1943 - p 132
: "Haas Aug (Mabel M) reprmn Ball Bros Co h1927 E 17th" - "Haas Marjorie emp Excel Mfg Corp r 1927 E 17th" - "Haas Norma clk r1927 E 17th" - "Haas Olive J bkpr r609 Wald av" 
1945, p 140
:  "Marjorie R USN r1927 E 17th" -  "Olive J USN r1927 E 17th" -  "Haas Robt A (O Jean) USA r609 Wald av" 
1946, page 152:
 "Haas Mabel M (Wid Aug) h1927 E 17th" )
1960, page 209:  (See Acc001942)
-- John jr (Ethel A) Carrier P O/ h416 University av
-- Mabel M (wid Aug) alterationwn/Richey's Clo Store h1927 E 17th
-- Robt A (Jean E) Pres Delaware /Machinery & Tool Co Inc h 520/Cromer av
S2 1940 U.S. Census:  Muncie, Delaware County, SD 10, ED 18-3, Sheet 26B, Ward 1, Line 48, 1927 E. 17th St., Dwelling 620, August Haas Household. Original Data: NARA, T-627_1037. , Accessed 2 Apr 2012. Acc002128/Ph9430.jpg

1] August Haas: Head of household. 45 yr old white male, married - Highest grade of school completed: 4 - Born Ohio - Code E: 1 - Worked 45 hours during week of 24-30 March 1940 - Occupation: Foreman Clay Fast Department in Glass Factory - Class of worker: Pw - Code F: 316-25-1 - Worked 52 weeks in 1939 - Income in 1939: $1825 - No income of $50 or more received in 1939 -
2] Mabel M. Haas: Wife of head - Code A: 1 - 40 yr old white female - School Grade completed: 6 - Born Indiana - Code B: 6 - Occupation: None - Housework - No income received in 1939
3] Norma L. Haas: Daughter of Head - 20 yr old white female, single - Highest grade of school: High School 4 - Code B: 30 - Born Indiana - At work week of 24 March 1940: Yes - Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 March 1940: 55 - Occupation: Housekeeper in a private home - Class of worker: Pw - Code F: 500-86-1 - 48 weeks worked in 1939 - Amount earned in 1939: $192 - No other income -
4] Olive Jean Haas: Daughter of Head - 19 yr old white female, single, Code A: 2 - Highest grade of school: High School 4 - Code B: 30 - Born: Indiana - at work the week of 24 March 1940 - Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 March 1940: 30 - Occupation: Laborer, Glass factory - Worker Code: Pw - Code F: 988-25-1 - 13 Weeks worked in 1939 - Income 1939: $169 - No other income
5] Marjorie Haas: Daughter of head - 16 yr old white female, Single - Code A: 2 - Highest grade of school: High School 2 - Code B: 26 - Born Indiana - Did not have a job - in School - Code E: 6 - No income
6] Barbara Haas: Daughter of Head - Code A: 2 - 5 yr old white female, single, no school attended - Born Indiana -

- Home Owned, Value of home $2300
- None attended School
- All lived in the same house on 1 Apr 1935
- Code C: 60 - all but August who is 59 

S3 Database Online. "United States Obituary Collection", Marjorie Ruth Haas Van Couwenberghe. , accessed 13 Apr 2013. Marin Independent Journal, Marin County, California, . 3 Aug 2003. Acc002621

Marjorie Ruth Haas Van Couwenberghe
Passed away July 16, 2003. Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, Marjorie joined the Navy during WWII where she met and then later married in 1945, Frank Benoit Van Couwenberghe, (deceased 1988). They lived in Sleepy Hollow, Marin County for 56 years, all that time at the same house on Butterfield Rd. Marjorie worked as a Legal Secretary in San Rafael for 22 years. She was known as an excellent fabric weaver and became known as an excellent pottery maker in her spare time. During her retirement, Marjorie spent as much time as she could enjoying her garden and a new pastime of bird watching. Marjorie was able to travel to Europe and spend time looking up her and her late husbands ancestral heritage. Even in declining health, Marjorie maintained her own home and independent lifestyle. She will be missed by her two sons Roger Van Couwenberghe, Sonoma, CA, Barry Van Couwenberghe, Grass Valley, CA and her loving daughter, Katherine Sousa, Roseland, CA. Marjorie left behind five grandchildren and one great grandchild, sisters Wilma Lucas, Norma Robbins, Olive Hanson and Barbara Mock (deceased), all from Muncie, Indiana. Her presence will be missed by all those whose life she touched.

S4 Social Security Death Index, database on-line,  , accessed 13 Apr 2013. Frank Van Couwenberghe; Original Data: U.S. Social Security Administration. Acc002622

Extract from DB:
Name: Frank Van Couwenbe
SSN: 558-18-7632
Last Residence: 94960 San Anselmo, Marin, California, United States of America
Born: 6 Aug 1920
Died: 31 Jan 1988
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

S5 Document, Misc. Two check written by Mabel Worthen Haas Crabill, ID0378, 11 Jan 1978 to Olive J. Haas, ID0380 and Marjorie R. Haas, ID0381. Acc002743/Doc1686.pdf

Dates of Checks: 11 Jan 1978
Amount of checks: $10.00 each
Signature: Mabel M. Crabill
Checks Made to:
Olive J. Hanson  (Signature on back of check)
Marjorie R. Van Couwenberghe  (Signature on back of check)

S6 "The Magician", 1937 Muncie Central High School (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana) Yearbook. Norma Haas listed as a Junior, Olive J. Haas listed as a Sophomore. Acc000934/Doc0419.pdf

Selected Pages Scanned:
Front Cover
PDF page 2: Signatures of Norma Haas, Wilma Haas and Marjorie Haas
PDF page 3: Signature of Olive J Haas
PDF page 4: Signatures of Mabel, August and Barbara Haas
PDF page 5: Norma's Name, Row one (Junior)
PDF page 6: Norma's Picture, Row 1, 8th from left
PDF page 7: Olive's Name, Row ten (Sophomore)
PDF page 8: Olive's Picture, Row 10, 6th from left


Yearbook Page

S7 Correspondence. Postcard to Walter & Norma Robbins from Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe, from Germany, June 1990. Acc000962/Doc1795.pdf

Wed 6/20 [1990]
Dear Norma & Walter
This is our castle, it's fantastic, high on a hill as all the castles are. It's in the Nahe river valley, real wine country, vines are everywhere. We toured another really authentic castle in Switz.. & it was great. And the yodeling in Switz. Was beautiful, wish you could hear. Off to Belgium on Sunday, & Back July 1. Love, Marjorie

S8 "Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940" [database on-line]. Original data: Indiana State Board of Health. Birth Certificates, 1907-1940. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana., accessed, 4 July 2016. Marjorie Ruth Haas, 16 June 1923, 1927 E. 17th St., Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Doc3601.pdf

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/ Certificate of Birth
Registered No. 29215-404
Place of Birth: 1927 E. 17th St, Muncie, Center Township, Delaware County, Indiana
Name: Marjorie Ruth Haas, female, Legitimate
Date of Birth: 16 June 1923, 1055 pm
Father: August Haas, 1927 E. 17th St., White, 28 yrs. old, born Ohio, Occupation: Clay-Pot Fitter
Mother: Mabel Marie Worthen, 1927 E 17th St, White, 23 yrs. old, born Indiana, Occupation: Housewife
Number of children born to this mother, including present birth: 4
Number of children, of this mother, now living, including present birth: 4
Were precautions taken against ephthalmia neonstorum? Yes
S9 News Article"Eastern Indiana Men with our Armed Forces"  The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), 31 Oct 1943, page 10, Col. 2, 3., accessed 30 Jan 2017.  Doc3999.pdf

From Image:
Photo of Olive and Marj
Caption:  Olive and Marjorie Haas, daughters of Mabel and the late August Haas, 1927 East Seventeenth street, left recently for New York to receive basic training for the WAVES at Hunter College, N.Y.
S10 Marj Haas, ID0381, Marriage Announcement. Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 6 May 1945, page: Section 2, page 1, Col 2. accessed 28 Aug 2019, Doc5311.pdf

Photo of Marj in her Navy Uniform
The bride of Frank Van Couwenberghe, S. 1/c, is Marjorie Haas, petty officer 2/c, of the WAVE's, daughter of Mrs. Mabel Haas, of 1927 East Seventeenth street. The ceremony was performed Sunday afternoon, April 8, at the Presbyterian Lakeside Chapel, San Francisco, Cal. The bridegroom is formerly of Hoboken, N. J. They are residing at 16 Cutler Avenue, San Francisco.
S11 1950 US Census, Frank Van Couwenberghe, ID0446 Household, Ed 21-26, Sheet 33, Line 2, House No. 414, 90 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo, Marin County, California. 1950 United States Federal Census [database on-line] (accessed 18 Oct 2022). NARA: Record Group No. 29, Roll 550. (accessed 18 Oct 2022), Doc6404.pdf.

From Image:
Form P1
Enumeration Date: 19 Apr 1950
Address: 90 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo, Marin County, California

1] Frank B. Van Couwenberghe, Head of houehold, White Male, Age 29, Married - Born New Jersey - Occupation category: WK (Working) - Hours Worked: 44 - Occupation: Belt Maker, Belt Manufacturing Co.

2] Marjorie R. Van Couwenberghe, Wife of Head , White Female, Age 26, Married, Born Indiana - Occupation Category: H (Keeping House) Not employed outside the home
Supplemtntal Questions:
1949: Living in same home? Yes
1949: Weeks worked: None
Parents both born in US
Highest School Grade: S12, Graduated from this grade

3] Roger B. Van Couwenberghe - Son of Head - Whte Male, Age 2, born California
4] Barry A. Van Couwenberghe - Son of Head - White Male, Born Aug, born California
5] Florintina Van Couwenberghe - Mother of Head - White Female, Age 66, Divorced - Born Belgium - Citizen: Yes
S12 NUMIDENT Record, Marjorie Haas, ID0381, Application 1940. "United States, Social Security Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT), 1936-2007", database, FamilySearch (  : 10 February 2023), Marjorie Ruth Haas, Doc6611.pdf  


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I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6




Marj - Navy Uniform
San Francisco?
abt 1945
Olive Haas - Marj Haas
abt 1942
Wedding Photo
Candy Dish made by
Muncie Central High School
Muncie, Indiana
Candy Dish
4 July 1990
Norma, Barbara, Olive
Wilma, Marjorie
Ph8080.jpg Ph9096.tif
Ph9222-017.jpg Ph9222-014.jpg Ph9447.tif

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I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
Home of Marj & Frank
90 Butterfield Rd.
San Anselmo, California
Spinning Wheel made by Frank
For Marjorie
Barbara - Norma
Marj - Mabel
July 1969
Olive - Norma - Marj - Wilma
4 Oct 1992
The Haas Girls
Wilma, Norma
Olive, Marjorie
Abt 1926
Marjorie, Olive Haas
Easter Sunday, 1942
17th St. House Drive
Looking Northeast
Ph2681.jpg Ph2676.jpg Ph2678.jpg Ph9633.jpg
Hi-Res Image

From Negative
Hi-Res Image

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I13 I14 I15 I16 I17 I18
Marjorie Haas
Norma Haas
17th St. House
Front Porch
Norma, Marjorie
Skating at Gibson's
Others unknown
Sitting:  Mabel, Marjorie
Standing:  Olive, Wilma, Norma
Haas Girls
Wilma, Marjorie, Olive, Norma
Haas Sisters
Norma, Wilma, Barb
Olive, Marj
16 March 1978
Haas Sisters
Norma, Wilma, Barb
Olive, Marj
16 March 1978
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Ph2675-001.tif Ph2675-002.tif

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I19 I20 I21 I22 I23 I24
Marj Navy Uniform
Early 1940s
Marj - Navy Uniform
Early 1940s
Marjorie, Back Door
17th St. House
Abt 1940
Marj, Wilma, Norma, Olive
17th St House
Stevenson School in background
abt 1923
Olive, Marj, Wilma, Norma
Abt 1923
Olive, Wilma, Marj, Norma
Abt 1923
Ph9712.jpg Ph9714.jpg Ph9897.tif/.jpg Ph9903.tif/.jpg Ph9910.tif/.jpg Ph9911.tif/.jpg

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I25 I26 I27 I28 I29 I30
Olive, Marj, Wilma, Norma
16 June 1924
Paul, Marjorie, Oct 1994
400S House
Yorktown, IN
Wilma, Marj, Olive, Norma
Abt 1924
Olive, Marj, Wilma, Norma
Abt 1923
Olive, Marj, Wilma, Norma
Abt 1923
Olive, Wilma, Marj, Norma
abt 1925
NE corner of front Porch
17th St. House
Ph9920.jpg Ph6642.tif/.jpg Ph9934.tif/.jpg Ph9935.tif/.jpg Ph9936.tif/.jpg Ph9941.tif/.jpg

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I31 I32 I33 I34 I35 I36
Olive, Marj
17th St. House
East Side of house
Shot looking SE
Marj, front at left
Navy Uniform, abt 1943
Niagara Falls, New York
Front:  Marj, Olive
Wilma behind Marj
Norma behind Olive
Front:  Mabel, Olive, Marj
Back:  Wilma, Norma, Barb
Pitcher Pump, Pond
Marj & Frank
Olive, Wilma, Marj, Norma
June 16, 1924
Ph3332.tif/.jpg Ph3338.tif/.jpg Ph3344.tif/.jpg Ph6660.jpg Ph6669.jpg Ph10141-002.tif
Hi-Res Image

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I37 I38 I39 I40 I41 I42
Olive & Marj
Abt 1942
Haas Girls
Barb, Norma, Mabel, Wilma, Marj
17th St. House
Marj Haas
Back door, 17th St. House
abt 1940
Marj Haas
Bud Wiggerly
abt 1942
Phil Robbins,
Roger Van Couwengerghe
Barry Van Couwenberghe
Walt Robbins, Jr.
Janet Robbins
Aug 1958
San Francisco, California
August Haas
Marj Haas
May 1941
17th St House
Ph11397.jpg Ph11635-008.jpg Ph12358-006.jpg Ph12358-008.jpg Ph12374-007.jpg Ph12387-005.jpg

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I-43 I-44 I-45 I-46 I-47 I-48
Marj Haas
May 1941
Front yard of 17th St House
Mabel Worthen Haas
Barb Haas
Norma Haas
Marj Haas
Probably 19 July 1943
Unknown Soldier
Marj Haas
Front Yard, 17th St. House
July 1943
Marj Haas
Walter Most
Olive Haas
abt 1946
Norma Haas
Olive Haas
Marj Haas
Probably 1943
front porch, 17th St House
Haas Family
17th St House
Front:  Olive, Marj, Barb
Back:  Norma, Mabel, Wilma

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I-49 I-50 I-51 I-52 I-53 I-54

Marj Haas

Marj Haas
Abt 1942
17th St House

Marj Haas
Abt 1940

Marj Haas
Abt 1940

Marj Haas, ID0381
Olive Haas, ID038
Barb Haas, ID0382
Norma Haas, ID0006
abt 1942

Marj Haas, ID0381
Abt 1940
Front Yard, 17th St House

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I-55 I-56 I-57 I-58 I-59 I-60

Marj Haas, ID0381
Abt 1940

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