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    Jesse H. Piles ID0418
Mary Williams ID0419

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Parents -Jesse Jeremiah Piles and Maryanna Unknown      -
Parents - Mary William Williams and Elizabeth Unknown  S1,      - 
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Abt 1799 or 1800 Jesse born - Iredell County, North Carolina  S1,
abt 1800 Mary born - Ohio  S1,
11 Oct 1821 Jesse & Eve are married, Preble County, Ohio
11 Aug 1825 Jesse and Mary are married - Preble County, Ohio   S1,
1830 U.S. Census:  Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio - S4,
30 July 1834 Petition for Partition - Preble County, Ohio - S2 page 21,
30 March 1835 Petition for Partition - Preble County, Ohio - S2 page 74,
Estate of Jeremiah Piles
Land, 20 acres off West side NW1/4 Section 15, Township 7, Range 3
12 June 1850 Petition for Partition - Preble County, Ohio - S2 page 116,
Land, Lot 46 in Lewisburg.
1840 U.S. Census:  Lewisburg, Preble County, Ohio - S3,
1844 Jesse Dies - Lewisburg, Preble County, Ohio  S1,
bet 1844 and 1850 Mary Dies -

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Children  (Jesse & Mary Williams)
Eliza Ann Piles ID0415 -    
Jane Piles ID1277 -
Mary Mahala Piles ID1275 -
William Piles ID1276   -
John Milton Piles ID1278 -
Joshua F. Piles ID1279 -

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Source Citation

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S1 Lucas, Wilma, The Haas Family: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone Families c1630 to 1992. (Jonesboro, Indiana: Author, 1992; Bk3397, pg 27, 29.  
S2 Book:  Anita Short, Preble County, Ohio Common Pleas Court Records 1810-1850 (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1995,  Bk3083/ Doc0756.pdf)

Page 21:
"7-30-1834 -- Jesse Piles vs. Henry H Piles and others. Petition for Partition. Partition made as follows: Jesse H. Piles, Henry H. Piles, William Piles, Gross S Eidson and Jensy his wife, Benjamin Aikman and Rebecca his wife, John Moore and Nancy his wife, each to have 1/8th part; to the children of John Piles, dec'd, to-wit:- Shadrick M Piles, Jahial Piles, Joshua Piles, Jeremiah Piles, William C. Piles, Agy Malissa Piles, Sarah Piles, Elizabeth Piles, Baltzer Werts and Nancy his wife, George Wertz and Mary his wife to have 1/8th part collectively; to the heirs of Elizabeth Harris, dec'd, to-wit: Mahala, Rebecca, Jane, Mary and Richard Harris and one other whose name is unknown, 1/8th part collectively. (284)" ) - (Note: Although Jeremiah is not mentioned this has to be a petition to partition his land for his children and grandchildren)

Page 74:
Jesse Piles Vs Henry H Piles, et al - Petition for Partition - Filed 6/5/1834 - Land - 20 acres off west side nw 1/4 Section 15, Township 7, Range 3 - Jeremiah Piles, dec'd, died April 1834 intestate - no widow.
Children 1/8th part each:
Henry H Piles of Indiana
William Piles - NC
Jensey Eidson late Piles, wife of Grss S Eidson - Preble County
Rebecca Aikman wife of Benjamin Aikman - Preble County
Nancy Moore, wife of John Moore - North Carolina
John Piles - dec'd - late of Preble County - died prior to his father - his children to receive 1/8th part [collectively]
-- Nancy wife of Baltzer Wertz
-- Mary wife of George Wertz
-- Shadrick M
-- Jahiel
-- Joshua, Jeremiah, William, Agy Malissa, Sarah, Elizabeth all minors
Elizabeth Harris - dec'd - late of NC - died prior to father - her children to receive 1/8th part [collectively]
-- Mahala
-- Rebecca
-- Jane, Mary, Richard, Unknown - all minors

(Note: Jesse Piles [ID0418] is listed as one of the plaintiffs, but not listed in the body of the page as one of the children of Jeremiah - there are only 7 other children listed, so this must be an omission. This source states that Jesse died April 1834, intestate - no widow).

Page 116
Extract: "6-12-1850 -- William Alloways vs. William Piles, et al. Petition for Partition. Filed 6-4-1849. Land, lot 46 in Lewisburg. Jeremiah Piles, dec'd, died in 1837 (note: Another place in record states he died in 1830), had resided with son, Jesse. Children: Jesse Piles, dec'd, died in 1844 leaving widow Mary and children - Mary Mahaly late Piles, wife of David G Freeman, William Piles, Jane Piles, Eliza Piles, John Milton Piles and Joshua Piles, the last five being minors of Preble Co; Nancy late Piles, wife of Benjamin Aikman; _____ (left blank) late Piles, dec'd, late wife of Baltzer Werts, her unknown heirs; John Piles, dec'd, his unknown heirs; Turner Piles of Preble Co; Jeremiah Piles; Sarah late Piles, widow of Elias Case; Elizabeth late Piles, wife of David Wertz; Henry Piles, dec'd, of Indiana, his unknown heirs; Jensey late Piles, now Eidson, a widow of Illinois. (462)."

S3 1840 U.S. Census: Lewisburg, Preble County, Ohio. Original Data: NARA, M704, Roll 421, page 146. Line 16, Jesse Piles. , accessed11 May 2008. Acc001109/ Ph4705 and Ph4705A.jpg/Doc0757.pdf

[Page 146-A]
Jesse Piles, Head of household -
Males Under 5: 1
Males 5 to 10: 1
Males 40 to 50: 1
Females Under 5: 1
Females 1 - 5 :1
Females 1 - 10: 1
Females 10 to 15: 1
Females 40 to 50: 1
[Page 146-B]
7 people in household - 1 person employed in Manufacturing

S4 1830 U.S. Census: Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio. Page 400, Line 7, Jesse Piles Household. Original Data: NARA, M19-138, Family History Film 0337949. , accessed 31 Jan 2012. Acc002050/Ph9352.jpg

Jefse [Jesse] Piles - Head of Household
Males Under 5: 1
Males 10-15: 1
Males 20-30: 1
Males 70-80: 1 [probably Jesse's father Jeremiah]
Females under 5: 1
Females 20-30: 1



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