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    Jeremiah Piles ID0424
Maryanna Unknown ID0425

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Parents - Jeremiah Thomas Richard Piles and Rachel Unknown    
Parents - Maryanna  

Note:  According to my Aunts, S2, this is the correct Jeremiah and I have found other data to support this person along the way.

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Mar 1762 Jeremiah Born - Loudoun County, Virginia  Rev War Pension, page 8 - S4 Vol. 2 page 279 - S9,
  Revolutionary War Service - S1, S4 Vol. 2 pages xxvii and 279, S5, S6,
Rev War Pension, page 8 -
  Jeremiah & Maryanna Married -
1820 U.S. Census, Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio - S8,
1830 U.S. Census:  Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio - S9,
(Living with son, Jesse) S3 page 116,
21 Sept 1832 Jeremiah applied for Rev. War Pension - S1, S4, S5, S7,

Notes:  Pension Amount: $26.66 per year to commence 4 March 1834. The Certificate of Pension was issued 13 May 1833. The Pension was based on the Revolution Claim Act of June 7 1832 (The last, and most liberal of the service-pension acts benefiting Revolutionary War veterans, this act (4 Stat. 529) extended to more persons the provisions of the law of May 15, 1828. The act provided that every officer or enlisted man who had served at least two years in the Continental Line or State troops, volunteers or militia, was eligible for a pension of full pay for life. Naval and marine officers and enlisted men were also included. Veterans who had served less than two years, but not less than six months, were eligible for pensions of less than full pay. Neither the act of 1832 nor the one of 1828 required applicants to demonstrate need. Under the act of 1832 money due from the last payment until the date of death of a pensioner could be collected by his widow or by his children.)

bef Apr 1834 Maryanna Dies -
30 Jul 1834
30 Mar 1835
Jeremiah:  Listed on a Petition for Partition, Preble County, Ohio  S3 page 116,
Apr 1834 Jeremiah Dies - Preble County, Ohio - S3 page 74, 116,
Buried:  in Preble County, Ohio  S4 Vol. 2 page 279

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Jesse H Piles - ID0418   - MRM Page -
Elizabeth Piles ID1268  S3, page 21, 74, 116,   -

Spouse:  Unknown Harris, ID3250 - S3 page 21 and 74,
Children:  Mahala Harris, ID3244 - Rebecca Harris ID3245 - Jane Harris ID3246 - Mary Harris ID3247 - Richard Harris ID3248
Unknown Harris ID3249
Died: Bef 30 July 1934  S3 page 21,
Jensey Piles ID1269  S3, page 21, 74, 116,   -

Born:  North Carolina  S2 page 29,
Spouse:  Gross S. Eidson, ID1305 - S3 page 74,
Nancy Piles ID1270  S3, page 21 and 74,  -

Born:  North Carolina  S2 page 29,
Spouse:  John Moore, ID1306 - S3, page 21 and 74,
John Piles ID1272  S3, page 21, 74, 116,   -

Spouse:  Barbara Unknown, ID1308 - S2 page 29,
Died: bef 30 July 1834 - S3 page 21,
Henry H. Piles ID1273 - 

Spouse:  Nancy Lower, ID1309 - S2 page 29,
Rebecca Piles ID1274  S3, page 21, 74, 116,   - 

Spouse:  Benjamin Aikman, ID1310 - Married 3 Oct 1822, Preble County, Ohio - S2 page 29,
William Piles ID1271  S3, page 21 and 74,  -

Born:  1785 - North Carolina - S2 page 29,
Spouse:  Margaret McConnell, ID1307 - S2 page 29,

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Source Citation

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S1 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files. Virginia, , Jeremiah Piles ID0424. Pension# S. 5155. Original Data: NARA M804. . Acc001481/ Ph6845-001 to 010.jpg Documents Album

S2 Wilma Haas Lucas, ID0379 and/or Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe, ID0381 - Sources Unknown.  
S3 Book:  Anita Short, Preble County, Ohio Common Pleas Court Records 1810-1850 (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1995,  Bk3083/ Doc0756.pdf)

Page 21:
"7-30-1834 -- Jesse Piles vs. Henry H Piles and others. Petition for Partition. Partition made as follows: Jesse H. Piles, Henry H. Piles, William Piles, Gross S Eidson and Jensy his wife, Benjamin Aikman and Rebecca his wife, John Moore and Nancy his wife, each to have 1/8th part; to the children of John Piles, dec'd, to-wit:- Shadrick M Piles, Jahial Piles, Joshua Piles, Jeremiah Piles, William C. Piles, Agy Malissa Piles, Sarah Piles, Elizabeth Piles, Baltzer Werts and Nancy his wife, George Wertz and Mary his wife to have 1/8th part collectively; to the heirs of Elizabeth Harris, dec'd, to-wit: Mahala, Rebecca, Jane, Mary and Richard Harris and one other whose name is unknown, 1/8th part collectively. (284)" ) - (Note: Although Jeremiah is not mentioned this has to be a petition to partition his land for his children and grandchildren)

Page 74:
Jesse Piles Vs Henry H Piles, et al - Petition for Partition - Filed 6/5/1834 - Land - 20 acres off west side nw 1/4 Section 15, Township 7, Range 3 - Jeremiah Piles, dec'd, died April 1834 intestate - no widow.
Children 1/8th part each:
Henry H Piles of Indiana
William Piles - NC
Jensey Eidson late Piles, wife of Grss S Eidson - Preble County
Rebecca Aikman wife of Benjamin Aikman - Preble County
Nancy Moore, wife of John Moore - North Carolina
John Piles - dec'd - late of Preble County - died prior to his father - his children to receive 1/8th part [collectively]
-- Nancy wife of Baltzer Wertz
-- Mary wife of George Wertz
-- Shadrick M
-- Jahiel
-- Joshua, Jeremiah, William, Agy Malissa, Sarah, Elizabeth all minors
Elizabeth Harris - dec'd - late of NC - died prior to father - her children to receive 1/8th part [collectively]
-- Mahala
-- Rebecca
-- Jane, Mary, Richard, Unknown - all minors

(Note: Jesse Piles [ID0418] is listed as one of the plaintiffs, but not listed in the body of the page as one of the children of Jeremiah - there are only 7 other children listed, so this must be an omission. This source states that he died April 1834, intestate - no widow).

Page 116
Extract: "6-12-1850 -- William Alloways vs. William Piles, et al. Petition for Partition. Filed 6-4-1849. Land, lot 46 in Lewisburg. Jeremiah Piles, dec'd, died in 1837 (note: Another place in record states he died in 1830), had resided with son, Jesse. Children: Jesse Piles, dec'd, died in 1844 leaving widow Mary and children - Mary Mahaly late Piles, wife of David G Freeman, William Piles, Jane Piles, Eliza Piles, John Milton Piles and Joshua Piles, the last five being minors of Preble Co; Nancy late Piles, wife of Benjamin Aikman; _____ (left blank) late Piles, dec'd, late wife of Baltzer Werts, her unknown heirs; John Piles, dec'd, his unknown heirs; Turner Piles of Preble Co; Jeremiah Piles; Sarah late Piles, widow of Elias Case; Elizabeth late Piles, wife of David Wertz; Henry Piles, dec'd, of Indiana, his unknown heirs; Jensey late Piles, now Eidson, a widow of Illinois. (462)."

S4 BookThe Official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Adjutant General's Dept, F J Heer Printing Co, 1929, 3 vol. , Vol. 2, pages xxvii and 279.   Bk2969/Doc0755.pdf

Extract: "Piles, Jeremiah, Preble co/ Pvt Va Milit. Enl 1780 or 81 Bedford co Va. Srvd 8 mos. Was b Mar 1762 London co Va. Came to Preble co abt 1818. Appl for pens Preble co O Sept 21 1832 S 5155 Va Rept by State D A R.")


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S5 Book, Secretary of War. The Pension Roll of 1835, Vol 4, page 281. Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1992, Vol. 4, page 281. , accessed 3 Feb 2009. Bk3084/Ph6840.jpg

Preble County, Ohio. Jeremiah Piles, Private - Annual Allowance: 26 66 - Sums Received: 79 98 - Description of Service: Virginia Militia - When placed on Pension Roll: 13 May 1833 - Commencement of Pension: 4 Mar 1831 - Age: 72.)
S6 Book, Gwathmey, John H. Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines 1775-1783. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1979, p 626. , accessed 3 Feb 2009. Bk3082/Ph6827.jpg

Extract: "Piles, Jeremiah, 72, Preble co, O. mpl" [Militia Pension List].
S7 Database On-line, "US Pensioners, 1818-1872", Line 14, Jeremiah Piles, Ohio. , accessed 24 June 2010. Original Data: NARA, T718, Acc001482/Ph7097.jpg.

Page: 308: Name: Jeremiah Piles - Rank: Private - Monthly Allowance: 40 - Commencement: ?? - 1831: Sept (2) - 1832: March (2), Sept (2) - 1833: March (2), Sept (2) - 1834: March (2) )

Note, from Original data: Ledgers of Payments, 1818-1872, to U.S. Pensioners Under Acts of 1818 Through 1858 From Records of the Office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, 1818-1872; (National Archives Microfilm Publication T718, 23 rolls); Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Record Group 217; National Archives, Washington, D.C).
S8 1820 US Census, Harrison Township. Preble County, Ohio. Page 104. Jeremiah Piles. Original Data: National Archives and Records Administration, 1820. M33. , Accessed 4 Feb 2009. Acc001479/Ph6846.jpg.

Page 104, Line 3:
Jeremiah Piles, Head of household
2 white males 16 to 26 years old.
1 white male 45 +.
1 white Female to 26.
1 white female 45+.
3 persons engaged in agriculture.
S9 1830 U.S. Census: Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio. Page 400, Line 7, Jesse Piles Household. Original Data: NARA, M19-138, Family History Film 0337949. , accessed 31 Jan 2012. Acc002050/Ph9352.jpg

Jefse [Jesse] Piles - Head of Household
Males Under 5: 1
Males 10-15: 1
Males 20-30: 1
Males 70-80: 1 [probably Jesse's father Jeremiah]
Females under 5: 1
Females 20-30: 1



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