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  Christopher Columbus Robbins ID0071
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Christopher, Keziah Tomlinson, Myron Robbins
About 1911
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Parents - Christopher Isaac Robbins and Keziah Tomlinson    - MRM Page -
Parents - Ethel Henry A. and Susan Coplan Lamb - MRM Page -
Children None
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Timeline -
6 Apr 1874 Christopher Born - Hamilton County, Indiana - S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8 page 1, S21
1880, 1900 1880 and 1900 US Census show Christopher living with his parents in Hamilton County - S1, S2,
Occupation:  Farm Laborer
Abt 1895 Ethel Born - Indiana - S4,
  Avocation - Playing the Guitar - As a young man Christopher and his brother Oscar would play at barn dances in Westfield.  Christopher played his guitar and Oscar played the violin - I1, S9, S10,
23 July 1900 Death of brother, William B. Robbins
18 Aug 1909 Death of Isaac Robbins
1910 US Census, Christopher - Wayne Township, Hamilton County, Indiana - S3,
Farmer, Owned farm with mortgage,
10 Jul 1916 Christopher was married to Ethel Beatrice Lamb  - no children - S8, S11, S12,
12 Sept 1918 WW1 Draft Registration Card - He was listed as a farmer in Hancock County, Indiana and was described as short, slender, grey eyes, brown hair and his left leg was shorter than his right. - S7,
1920 US Census shows Christopher and Ethel living on a farm in Lagrange County, Indiana and his mother, Keziah was living with them - S4,
Farmer -
Aft 1920 Christopher and Ethel were later divorced and Christopher returned to Hamilton County where he spent the remainder of his life.  He lived for a time with his brother Oscar and his family.  He finally got a job as a caretaker of a park near
Noblesville.  S8, S13,
Bet 1920-1940 Divorced - S22,
12 Aug 1931 Death of Keziah Tomlinson Robbins
12 Aug 1931 Residence:  Oaklandon, Marion County, Indiana - S14,
1 Apr 1935 Residence, Christopher:  Alvin Riley Household, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana - S21
10 Apr 1940 U.S. Census, Ethel - Kewanna, Union Township, Fulton County, Indiana (Divorced) - S22,
13 Apr 1940 U.S. Census, Christopher - Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana - S21
Lodger in Alvin Riley Household
12 Oct 1946 Christopher Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana - Buried:  Crownland Cemetery,  (No marker) - S8, S15, S16, S17, S18, S19,
Christopher was a resident of the Hamilton County Home, when he died
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  Occupation - Christopher - Farmer - S3, S4, S7,
  Occupation - Christopher - Caretaker at Park - S13, S20,
  Postcards sent and Received - Link - See Index/Robbins, Christopher Columbus
  Alternate Names:
-  C. C. Robbins - PC-039 - S4 -

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Source Citation

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S1 1880 U. S. Census: Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD3, ED36, Page 48, Dwelling 396, Family 400, Line 14, Isac Robbins. Original Data: NARA, T9, Roll 281; Family History Film 1254281, page 350.4000. , accessed 12 Nov 2006. Acc000641/Ph9225.jpg

1] Isaac Robbins: Head of household - 35 yr old white male, married, Farmer - he and his parents born in North Carolina.
2] Kesiah Robbins: 29 yr old white female, married, Keeping House - She and her mother born in Indiana and her father in North Carolina.
3] Christopher C Robbins: 6 yr old white male, son, single - he and his mother born in Indiana, his father in North Carolina.
4] Oscar C Robbins: 4 yr old white male, son, single, he and his mother born in Indiana, his father in North Carolina.
5] William B Robbins: 1 yr old white male, son, single, he and his mother born in Indiana, his father in North Carolina 

S2 1900 US Census. Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD 9, ED 92. Dwelling 220, Family 225, Sheet 9B, Line 96, and Sheet 10A, Line 1 & 2 , Isaac Robbins Household. Original Data: NARA, T623, roll 375. , accessed 12 Nov 2006. Acc000643/ Ph7821-001, 002.jpg

[Sheet 9B, Line 96] -
1] Isaac Robbins: Head of household - 55 yr old white male, born Sept 1844, married for 27 yrs - he and his parents born in North Carolina - Farmer, Can read and speak English but cannot write - Rented farm.
2] Kisiah Robbins: Wife of head - 48 yr old white female, born Feb 1852, married for 27 years, mother of 4 children who are all living - She and her mother born in Indiana, her father in North Carolina, no occupation, can read, write and speak English.
3] Christopher Robbins: Son of head - 26 yr old white male, born Apr 1874, single - he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farm laborer - able to read, write and speak English.
4] Oscar Robbins: son of head - 24 yr old white male, born Feb 1876, single - he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina. - Occupation: farm laborer - able to read, write and speak English.
5] William Robbins: son of head - 21 yr old white male, born May 1879, single - he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farm Laborer, able to read, write and speak English.
[Sheet 10A]
6] Lizzie Robbins: Daughter of head - 18 yr old white female, born Feb 1882, single - she and mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - able to read, write and speak English.
7] Delilia Tomlinson: Mother-in-law of head - 74 yr old white female, born March 1826, widow - mother of 11 children, 4 are living - born in Indiana, father in North Carolina and mother in Ohio. Able to read, write and speak English
S3 1910 Federal Census, Wayne Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD 9, ED 114, Sheet 8B, Dwelling 123, Household 273, Line 87, Christopher Robbins. Original Data: NARA Roll T624_353. , Accessed 4 July 2009.   Acc001546/Ph7566.jpg

1] Christopher Robbins - Head of household - Male, White, 36, Single - Born in Indiana, Father born in North Carolina, Mother in Indiana - Speaks English, Farmer on a General Farm - Can read & write - Owns farm with a mortgage.
2] Keziah Robbins - Mother of Head - Female, White, 57, Widowed - 4 Children Born - 3 children living - Born in Indiana, Father born in North Carolina and Mother born in Indiana - Speaks English - no occupation - Able to read & write
3] Oscar C Robbins - Brother of Head - Male, White, 34, Single - Born in Indiana - Father & Mother shown born in Indiana - Speaks English, Farm Laborer on the Home Farm - Able to read & write
S4 1920 Federal Census, Eden Township, LaGrange County, Indiana. SD 12, ED 121, page 8B, Dwelling & Family 185, Line 94, C C Robbins. Original Data: NARA, T625, roll 443, Image 554. , accessed 14 Dec 2006. Acc000772/Ph8394.jpg

1] C. C. Robbins: Head of household. Owned home with mortgage - 45 yr old white male, married, able to read, write and speak English - He and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farmer on a general farm, working on own account -
2] Ethel Robbins: 25 yr old white female, married, wife of head, able to read write and speak English, she and her parents born in Indiana - no occupation -
3] Keziah Robbins: Mother of head, 66 yr old white female, widowed, able to read, write and speak English - she and mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - No Occupation

S5 1930 Federal Census.  Unable to find [Sept 2010]  
S6 Birth Record, Database Online - "Family Data Collection-Births". Christopher Columbus Robbins. , accessed 14 Dec 2006. Acc000768 

Name: Christopher Columbus Robbins
Father: Isaac Robbins
Mother: Keziah Tomlinson
Birth Date: 6 Apr 1874
State: NC
Country: USA

S7 Military Record - World War 1 Draft Registration Card - C - 12 Sept 1918. Christopher Columbus Robbins. Original Data: US Selective Service System, NARA, M1509.. , accessed 14 Dec 2006. Acc000771/Doc3748.pdf
S8 Family Group Sheets for the descendants of Isaac Robbins ID0069. Created by Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr ID0016, about 1980. Acc000671 Doc0238.pdf, page 1
S9 Interview, with Walt Robbins, Sr., ID0005, 22 Jan 2008 

Walt stated that the guitar belonged to Christopher Columbus Robbins ID0071 and not to Grandpa. He said that Grandpa told him that he played the violin and that Christopher played the guitar at barn dances in Westfield when they were younger. Walt also said that Myron got the guitar with the intention of learning to play it but he didn't think he had much success.

S10 Email, From Living ID0186 to RobbHaas ID0001, 21 Jan 2008. 

I am going to answer your letter very soon. In the mean time, here is a picture of Grandpa Robbins's guitar. I didn't know about the violin or guitar until buying dad's house and finding the guitar and the violin case. The case was hanging from the rafters in the basement but it was empty. Dad later told me sadly that one of the kids had torn it up. But, I still have it, it is lined with purple velvet. The guitar is just as I found it, one or two strings I think, and I keep it next to the fireplace in the family room. I had it hanging on my son's wall as decoration for years, that is what the red plastic tie hanging from the end is for, I just have never taken it back off. [Actually, the guitar had belonged to Christopher and the violin to Oscar]

S11 Marriage Record:  Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941 [database on-line], Original data: Works Progress Administration, Index to Marriage Records Indiana: Indiana Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940. Christopher C Robbins and Ethel B Lamb, 10 July 1916. Original Data: Hamilton County, Indiana Index to Marriage Record 1900-1920, part 2, Book 14, OS Page 490.  accessed 14 Dec 2006. Acc001555

Name: Christopher C Robbins
Spouse name: Ethel B Lamb
Marriage Date: 10 July 1916
Marriage County: Hamilton
S12 Book, "Index to Marriage Records Hamilton Co [Indiana] 1900-1920", vol 3, part 2, page 99. Christopher C Robbins and Ethel B Lamb, 10 July 1916. Hamilton County, Indiana Clerks office, Book 14, page 490 

Extract: Robbins, Christopher C Ethel B Lamb 10 July 1916

S13 Interview, Walt Robbins, Sr., ID0005 - 18 Jan 2007 at his home in Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana. Acc000855 Doc0295.pdf
S14 Obituary:  Kiziah Robbins. Noblesville Daily Ledger, 13 Aug 1931, page 1. Acc000882/Ph3187.jpg/Doc0538.pdf

Died Near fishers and Burial Friday at Chester

Following a protracted illness due principally to the infirmities of age, Mrs. Kiziah Robbins, widow of Isaac Robbins, died, Wednesday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Mollenkoff, two miles east of Fishers, with whom she had been living for the past four years. She was eighty years old.

The funeral will be held at the Chester Friends church, north of Westfield, at 11 o'clock, Friday morning. Rev. Jehu Reagan, of Hortonville, will have charge of the services and the interment will occur in the cemetery near the church. The family lived in the vicinity of Chester and Hortonville for many years and is well known in the northwestern part of the county. The husband died twenty-five years ago.

Mrs. Robbins is survived by two sons besides the daughter at whose home her death occurred. They are Oscar Robbins, five miles west of Cicero and Chisthopse [sic] Robbins, near Oaklandon. A brother, A. J. Tomlinson, of Cleveland, Tenn.; a sister, Mrs. Alva Kivett, of Frankfort, and a half-sister, Mrs. Alphia Carey, of the Chester Neighborhood also survive. 

S15 Death Record: Database Online: "Family Data Collection-Deaths". Christopher Columbus Robbins, 12 Oct 1946. , accessed 14 Dec 2006. Acc000769
Extract:   Name: Christopher Columbus Robbins - Death Date: 12 Oct 1946
S16 Obituary: "Rites Held for C. Robbins, 72. Noblesville Daily Ledger - 14 Oct 1946, page 1. Acc000879/ Doc1947.pdf

RITES HELD FOR C. ROBBINS, 72 Funeral services in charge of Rev. Lowell Wilson were held Monday at the mortuary of Evans, Godby & Trout for Christopher Robbins, 72, who passed away Saturday night at the Hamilton county hospital, where he had been a patient for a month. Interment occurred in Crownland cemetery. The only survivor is a sister, Mrs. Lizzie Mullenkoff of the Noblesville community. The deceased was born in Washington township and spent most of his life farming in the Hortonville community

S17 Letter and attachments from Cynthia E Harris, Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, 5 April 2007. Acc000899/Ph8399-001 to 004.jpg/Doc0670.pdf


S18 Book, Crownland Cemetery, Vol 3, P-Z. Author: James L Correll - Repository: Hamilton East Public Library 

Extract: Christopher Robbins - Cemetery: 059 Sect: 18 Lot: A

S19 Map, Google Earth. 

Approx grave location: 40 03' 10.35" N       86 00' 00.73" W - No stone - Hamilton Co Home - Welfare Interment

S20 Interview, Walt Robbins, Sr.,  ID0005, 12 Dec 2006, Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana. 

Extract:  Stated that Christopher managed a park in Noblesville after he left the household of Oscar & Grace

S21 Christopher:  1940 U.S. Census: Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 29-16, Sheet 7B, Line 72, Visit 201, Alvin Riley Household. Original Data: NARA, T627_1050. , accessed 25 July 2012. Acc002244/Ph9553.jpg

Note: Christopher was a lodger in the Alvin Riley Household

Extract (Christopher):
Line 78
Address: 136 South 8th St.
7] Christopher C. Robbins - Lodger of Head - 65 yr old white male, Married [Crossed out] - Highest school grade: high School 1 year - Born Indiana - Residence, 1 Apr 1935: Same House - Occupation: None listed - Other Income: Yes

S22 Ethel:  1940 U.S. Census: Kewanna, Union Township, Fulton County, Indiana. SD 2, ED 25-15, Sheet 5A, Line 5, visit 103, Ethel B. Robbins Household. Original Data: NARA, T627_1045. , accessed 25 July 2012. Acc002245/Ph9554.jpg

1] Ethel B. Robbins: Head of household - 47 yr old white female, divorced - Highest school grade: 2 yrs. High School - Born Indiana - Residence, 1 Apr 1935: Same Place - Homemaker - No Occupation - Other Income: Yes

Rent home, not a farm - cost: $5.00 - South Main

S23 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 19002011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 16 June 2016. Christopher Robbins, 12 Oct 1946, Hamilton County Hospital, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. Doc3557.pdf

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/ Certificate of Death
Local No. 73 - Registered No. 29627
Place of Death: Hamilton County Hospital, Noblesville, Indiana
Stay in hospital: 37 days
Lived in this community: Lifetime
Name: Christopher Robbins, white, male, single
Birth: 6 Apr 1874, Washington Township, Hamilton County, Ind.
Occupation: Labor, County Farm Inmate
Father: Isaac Robbins, born Indiana [North Carolina]
Mother: Kizzie Thomlinson [Tomlinson], born Indiana
Informant: Alva Newcomer, RR#3, Noblesville, Ind.
Burial: 14 Oct 1946, Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Indiana
Funeral Director: Evans, Godby and Grant, Noblesville, Indiana
Date of Death: 12 Oct 1946, 530pm
Cause of death: Arteriosclerosis

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