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Ancestor List
Ian Robbins, ID3445
Isaac Robbins, ID1814 (1670-1750)
Richard Robbins, ID1813 (abt 1712-1786) and Anna Parsons, ID3444 (abt 1715-)
James Robbins, ID0203 (1738/39-1799) and Martha Beasley, ID0204 (1740-)
Sons Jonathan and Jacob both figure into our Robbins Family. 
*  Jonathan and Mary Masagee Robbins were the parents of Joshua
*  Isaac and Rebecca Robbins Commons were the parents of Hannah, Rebecca being the daughter of Jacob. 
Jonathan Robbins, ID0048 (1785-1827) and Mary Masagee, ID0049 (1785-)           Jacob Robbins, ID0207 (1770/1-1845) and Elizabeth Ronsch, ID0208 (1771-)
            Rebecca Robbins, ID0059 ( ) and Isaac Commons, ID0058 (abt 1790-1842)
Joshua Robbins, ID0182 (1815-1875) and Hannah Commons, ID0891 (1818-1898)
(Joshua and Hannah are first cousins once removed)
Isaac Robbins, ID0069 (18443-1909) and Keziah Tomlinson, ID0070 (1852-1931)
Oscar Clifton Robbins, ID0014 (1876-1959) and Grace Gertrude Foulke, ID0015 (1880-1964)
Walter Clifton Robbins, ID0005 (1918-2012) and Norma Louise Haas, ID0006 (1919-2004)
Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr., ID0001 - Shirley Kay Musick Robbins, ID0002 (1944-2001)  -  Living 1888
Robbins Reunions: 
22 Aug 1965 - Home of Mary and Paul Jarrell, Mechanicsburg, Henry County, Indiana (First Reunion)
17 Aug 1966 - Home of Myron and Irene Robbins, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana
20 Aug 1967 - Home of Ina and Louis Henderson, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana

23 Aug 1987 - Home of Myron and Mary Elizabeth Robbins, Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana -  S1017,

These reunions were usually held each year in August
Robbins Washer [002]
Robbins Dairy, Hamilton County, Indiana  [003-001]


American Last Names, Robbins
Just for fun:  How I am supposedly related to the actor Kevin Bacon - S6,

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[001]Orphan Research
1870 U.S. Census - Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
-  Kelley Robbins, ID5027 Household - (Kelley, Emily, Alfred, Daniel, Sally Robbins and Caesar Smith) Doc4798.pdf
-  Franklin C. Robbins, 30 Household - (Franklin, Emily)
-  Joseph L. Robbins - Living in the Elizabeth Harlan Household  - [001]
1880 US Census
Back Creek Township, Randolph County, North Carolina.  SD 2, ED 215, Sheet 18.
- Lines 10-15:  Noah Pool Family - Possible parents and siblings of Ada L S Robbins ID1329 [Wife of Jacob Robbins ID1320]

Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
-  Kelley Robbins Household - (Kelley, Emily, Alfred, Daniel) - Doc4799.pdf

1900 U.S. Census
Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
-  Kelley Robbins, Household - (Kelley, Emily)
-  Franklin C. Robbins Household - (F. C. - E.J. - Virgil - Melvin - Clyde)
Robbins Landholders - Probably not family - Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana - 1880 - [S2 between p 134 & 135, Map of Washington Township]

- Section 14 or 15, north Central: J. Robbins - looks like 85 acres - Centerline of book cuts through this area
   -  Probably Joel Robbins, ID4254 (Relationship, if any, not established)
- Section 15 - F. C. Robbins - 40 acres
   -  Probably Franklin C. Robbins
Obits of Possible family members - (See RM6/Robbins, Family/ ?? Obits/Multimedia for images)
- John S Robbins, 91, Lynn, Indiana - 11 March 1987 - Obituary (Ph6851.jpg) -
- Cecil Robbins (Female) 96 - Muncie, Indiana - 30 June 1987 - Obituary - (Ph6851-003.jpg)
   - An email was received 16 Apr 2014 explaining who Cecil Robbins is:  "Cecil Robbins was the ex-wife of Clyde Robbins. Clyde was the son of Tom & Amelia Robbins of Union Twp., Delaware County, IN. Clyde was the brother of my grandmother, Lena Robbins Prewett. I believe there were 4 siblings: Clyde, Bert, Lena ,Maude. Clyde later married Martha (?)" S5,
- Mabel M Robbins - Noblesville, Indiana  -24 Sept 1985 - Obituary  (Ph6851-004.jpg) -

-  As far as I can tell they are not directly related to my Robbins branch
I found a reference to this town in an undated AP story entitled: "Girl survives suicide pact, only to face anger, blame" by Julia Prodis  (Robbinsville, Graham County, North Carolina)
Robbins Surname shown on some headstones in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana  I1
I don't show any of these people in my database at present.
-- William S Robbins 1859-1905
-- Addie M Robbins 1863-1943
-- Martha E Robbins - 1837-1910
-- The stone to the right of this one is unreadable in the image
-- Alonzo E Robbins 1843-1919
-- Kate E Robbins 1843-1920
Robbins Dairy, Noblesville, Indiana (Ad in 1922 Hamilton County, Indiana Plat Book) - S7,
Phone 275 - 46-48 West Conner
Robbins Info Contained in these books or Documents:
Daniel Robbins - 1627-1714
*  Robbins Family Society Wiki:   This wiki is a resource for anyone researching the lives of Daniel Robins, Hope Potter, and their descendants. 
*  Daniel Robbins:
*  Family DNA Project - Robbins:

(Info from ID5205, Sept 2013)
1800 U.S. Census - Hillsboro, Randolph County, North Carolina - S3,

Robbins Families Listed:
Line 1:  John Robbins
Line 5:  James Robbins
Line 13:  Richard Robbins
Line 18:  Isaac Robins
Irvin Robbins, adjutant General of the State of Indiana, 1893-1897 - S4,

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[002]The Robbins Washer
Have no idea if Henry R Robbins is connected but found this interesting at any rate
In the 30 Jan 2011 issue of the StarPress Online (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana) in their "Whatzit" feature was an item pictured - it appeared to be a lid with a vent pipe and the following inscription:
Robbins Patent
Oct 3rd 1871
Mfd by the
Geo D Bissell Co
Naugatuck CT


Upon further Research I discovered an advertisement for the "Robbins Washer" S1,
So I now believe this is the lid to one of the washers
Some other research into Henry R Robbins and George D. Bissell - Doc0378.txt

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[003] Misc. -
[003-001] Robbins Dairy - Hamilton County, Indiana

News Articles:  Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana)

1. 8 July 1922, page 5:
Display ad
Hoosier Dairy ... successors to Robbins Dairy
W. Conner St., Phone 275

2. 4 March 1922, page 3, col. 1 & 2 (bottom of page):

Having purchased the Robbins Dairy Co., we extend an invitaion to everyone to call and get acquainted.
Barnett & Whitcomb
Successors to Robbins Dairy Co.
Phone 275

3. 28 Feb 1922, page 6:
Robbins Dairy Company
[003-002] Robbins Drug Store, Sheridan, Indiana

News Articles:  Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana)

16 Apr 1925, page 1, Col. 1 and Col. 3:
Robbins Drug Store, Sheridan
William Robbins Owner
Col. 1: Defendants to be charged with bootlegging

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Robbins Family Resources
Robbins Family Information - ( -
Lehman, Sarah Robbins, Compiler. The Robbins of Randolph (1750-1880). Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Self-published, 1969?. Bk3399

Lehman, Sarah Robbins. Back Creek: The Robbins (Robins) and Their Kin of Randolph County, North Carolina. Self-published, 1991. Bk3730


Robbins Family Society Wiki:  (Daniel & Hope Robins)
Robbins Family Society Yahoo Group:  (Daniel & Hope Robins)
Robbins, Moore County, North Carolina
Robbinsville, Graham County, North Carolina

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Source Citation

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S1 "The Robbins Washer" American Agriculturist, Vol 35, No 1, Jan 1876, page 36.  Orange Judd Company, Publishers, 1876. 
Google Books URL to Journal

Patented by Henry R. Robbins, of Baltimore, Md.
Manufactured and Sold by Geo. D Bissell & Co., Naugatuck, Ct.
Every housekeeper is willing to admit that a really good washing machine would prove a priceless boon to all the households in the land; since it would save not only time and labor, but wear and tear of material; and would also prevent much of the annoyance and discomfort incident to "washing day."
The proprietors of the Robbins Washer claim that they are sending out a machine that will perfectly cleans without injury the most delicate fabric. It is constructed upon an entirely new principle -- that of forcing water by downward pressure through the clothes - thus softening and removing the dirt by one operation. By its use all rubbing or friction is avoided; this alone will effect a saving of many times its cost, to an ordinary family, in the course of a year. It can be used with any common wash-boiler; no wash-board needed; requires only from fifteen to twenty-five minutes to wash a boiler full of clothes - and leaves them, after rinsing, clean and sweet and free from streaks or stains. It is cheap, simple, easy to operate, never gets out of order, and will last a life-time. The Philosophy of the whole thing is fully explained in our Treatise on the Art of Cleaning Fabrics, which we will sent free to any address upon application by letter or postal card. Every housekeeper should send for one.
Retail price of the machine - No. 1, family washer, $3.50; No. 2, small hotel size, $5.00; No 3, steam washer, for Hotels, Hospitals and Laundries, $25.00. - Sample machines of No. 1 and No. 2 washers sent to to those desiring agencies @ $3.00 and $1.00 respectively.
WE WANT IMMEDIATELY active energetic business men to act as General Agents to introduce the Robbins Washer into every town in the United States. To the right sort of men liberal terms will be given. - Canvassers can make more money at selling the washer than at any other business. Send for circulars giving full description, terms to agents, &c., &c. All orders must be accompanied with cash. Remit by check, registered letter, or money order to Geo. D. Bissell & Co., Naugatuck, Ct.

Read what the people say about the Robbins Washer

Eatontown, NJ, Sept 23d 1875 -p Geo. D Bissell & Co.: Gents: The machine came all OK and the lady who tried one "pronounces them perfect." Yours &c Frank Flower

Salt Lake City, Sept 27, 1875 - Messars. Geo. D. Bissell & Co.: We have tried the Little Washer, and it is pronounced a completer success - M Cannon, Box 77, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Merrimac Mills, Fairfield, Jefferson Col., Iowa, Sept. 29th, 1875 - Gentlemen: The Washer Received. Like it very much. We will order two or three dozen in a few days. Save us as large a territory as possible. Would like the State of Ioway if it would not be asking too much. Yours Truly, Caleb Bates.

Centreton, New Jersey, Oct 4th 1875 - The Washer came all right, Sept 29th. My wife has washed with it twice, and she is perfectly delighted with it. It takes out the dirt complete. Among over three thousand different patents on Washers, I am fully convinced that this excels all, in the perfection of its work, in the quickness of doing it, in cheapness, and in the durability of its construction. I am an ordained minister of the M. E. Church, although not at work in the active ministry. Yours, Julius Wilcox, Centreton, Salem Co., N.J.

Office of Empire Loom Works, R. Reynolds' Sons, Stockport, Col. Co., N.Y., Nov. 22d, 1875 - The Robbins' Washier you sent me, has proved itself the greatest labor-saving auxiliary in the washing department of our household, we have ever used or seen. It fully realizes all you guarantee in your circular; and i shall recommend it wherever I can. Yours truly, R. Burns Reynolds.

Eatontown, Nov. 27th, 1875. Gents: I am confident that if you would send your circulars, etc., giving full particulars, to the address of A. P. Flower, Esq, Spring Valley, Minnesota, you would secure a great market for your unrivaled machines. As Mr. F. (my cousin) is in the hardware business, (firm of Alley & Flower), he could sell a great many. I feel interested in spreading your little Washier in every section of the country. My wife would not part with the one we have for $500, if she could not procure another. It is certainly the only washier in existence that is of any account. I am, yours very truly, F Flower

The above are extracts from a few among hundreds of letters we have on file at our office. The originals will be fully shown to all who may desire it. Don't fail to send for descriptive circular, terms to agents, &c., &c., to Geo. D. Bissell & Co., Naugatuck, Ct.

S2 BookT.B. Helm, History of Hamilton County, Indiana, Reprint (Chicago, Evansville, IN: Kingman Brothers, Unigraphic, 1880, 1976) Bk1604  
S3 1800 U.S. Census. Hillsboro, Randolph County, North Carolina. Original Data: NARA, M32_32, Family History Library Film: 337908. , accessed 7 Sept 2013. Link
S4 Database Online.  "U.S., Adjutant General Military Records, 1631-1976" about Irvin Robbins. ( ), Accessed 27 Oct 2013.   
S5 Email from LPF, 16 Apr 2014.  Subject:  Robbhaas Family Home Page. 
"Cecil Robbins was the ex-wife of Clyde Robbins. Clyde was the son of Tom & Amelia Robbins of Union Twp., Delaware County, IN. Clyde was the brother of my grandmother, Lena Robbins Prewett. I believe there were 4 siblings: Clyde, Bert, Lena ,Maude. Clyde later married Martha (?). Hope this info. is helpful."
S6 According to I am related the actor Kevin Bacon (6th cousin twice removed) in the following family sequence:
Email received 8 July 2014

Walter C. Robbins Jr
Walter Clifton Robbins
Oscar Clifton Robbins
Keziah Robbins
Delilah (Hiatt) Tomlinson
Esther Haines
Mary Ann Haines (Evans)
Evan Evans, of Ohio
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans
Esther Evans
John Atkinson
George Tatum Atkinson
Lydia Towsend Comly
Helen Atkinson Bacon
Edmund Norwood Bacon
Kevin Bacon
S7 Book. Atlas and Plat Book of Hamilton County, Indiana. Kenyon Company, 1922. Bk3934, Book Ad 21, Online page 36/77,
S8 1987 Oscar & Grace Foulke Robbins Family Reunion -
23 Aug 1987
Home of Myron and Mary Elizabeth Robbins, Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana
Photo:  Mary, Walter, Esther, Milton, Myron, Ina Robbins

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