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Hawaii Trip
9-18 July 1978
Walt - Norma Robbins

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Walt and Norma Robbins Traveled to Hawaii in July of 1978.  Accompanying them were their good friends Charlie & Mabel Gilliatte.
I will continue  to add to this page as I find more material. 
Letter from Marj describing some of their adventures on the tour even before they had left the U.S.  S2,
An audio journal by Norma about the trip - S1,

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S1 Audio Tape relating to the trip to Hawaii. Walter & Norma Robbins, 1978. Acc000534

Extracts from audio Recording:

9 July 1978 (Sunday)
- Left Indianapolis Airport at 730 am
- the plane flew at 20,000 feet
- Arrived in Chicago at 815 am
- They had a layover of 1 hour and 45 minutes
- They had met a nice gentleman on the plane who worked for Goodwill and he showed them how to navigate the O'Hare terminal and find their way around to their next flight
- Left Chicago at 10 am and flew at 39,000 feet
- Arrived in San Francisco, California at 215 pm
- It had been a 4 hour flight
- Olive and Joe met them at the airport - They visited with Olive and Marjorie and families for the next few days
11 July 1978 (Tuesday)
- Boarded flight to Hawaii at 1045 am and arrived in Hawaii at 3 pm -
- They traveled at 465 mph ground speed
- When they arrived at their hotel there was a bottle of champagne
- Their room was on the beach and Diamond Head was off to the left
- There were 32 floors in the hotel and they were in room 1404
12 July 1978 (Wednesday) - Free Day
13 July 1978 (Thursday)
- Circle Island Tour ($16.50 each)
- Dinner in the evening
14 July 1978 (Friday) -
- Rented a car in the morning
- Evening - a show ($18.00 each)
15 July 1978 (Saturday)
- Rented a car
- Evening show ($19.00 each)
16 July 1978 (Sunday)
- Luau ($18.00 each)
17 July 1978 (Monday)
- Pearl Harbor Cruise/Tour ($10.00 each)
18 July 1978 (Tuesday)
- Had to be out of the hotel by noon
- after their luggage had been picked up they spent time walking around town
- The tour company transported them to the airport
- The flight left Hawaii at 430 pm
- They flew over San Francisco and Norma remembered seeing a large Christmas Tree on top of a building
- The arrived at O'Hare Airport in Chicago at 5 am
- They took a 35 minute flight from Chicago to Indianapolis

The trip had cost them less than $2000.00 including all expenses - Norma was quite pleased at the cost
(End of Audio File Notes)

1. Norma and her sisters, Olive and Marjorie, created these cassette tapes talking about their activities
and what was going on in their lives. They used these tapes in addition to frequent letters and occasional phone calls
as another way to keep in touch. Olive and Marjorie both lived in the San Francisco area. They had both been the Navy
during WW2 and stayed there after the war.

2. Mabel and Charlie Gilliatte accompanied them on the tour and Norma mentioned them on this tape several times.
Charlie and Walter had worked together at Chevrolet Muncie and were best of friends.

S2 Correspondence: Letter from Marjorie Haas VanCouwenberghe, 13 July 1978, to Walt & Shirley Robbins. Acc002936/Doc1869.pdf

Answered 8/17/78 7/13
Dear Shirley & Cliff,
Your Mom & Dad are basking in Hawaiian sunshine about now. We took them back to the hotel at 6 o'clock Tues. morning & saw them off at 9. IT was so good to see them again but the time was so short it seemed like we no sooner said hello than it was time to say goodbye. They are talking about coming back to Colorado & Calif. Next year - sure hope they do. They both have such a good sense of humor. The tour started out with a comedy of errors but they just took it in stride. First of all two people on the tour got lost, I guess they never did find them. Then they lost one man's entire luggage & he was so mad he was ready to punch the tour man, he said he was going back to Cleveland - he was a little more than upset. Then the airlines ruined your Mom & Dads garment bag, probably on the conveyor, so they took it for they airlines to replace it. And of course they never got it so we gave them one of ours. Then as the bus took off & was half-way down the block the 2 tour men came out & went running down the middle of the street shouting & waving their arms, it was so funny, like a Laurel & Hardy movie. So they did finally get their bag - a little late but better late than never I guess. I'm not sure I would want to take a trip with a tour group. I don't think my good humor could hold up that well.
   Olive was in surgery for 3-1/2 hrs. yesterday & is doing just fine. I saw her at 4pm & she was still half asleep. When I see her today she will probably be already moved from ICU back to her room. She's taking 6 wks. off work to get really back on her feet again.
   I'm sending you a copy of the land grant certificate & a copy of the Madison Township map. I got the map from the Indiana Historical Society Library but had to wait for a geodetic map from Denver to get the street numbers. I also sent a copy to William & gave him the location of all the towns around it, hoping he will be able to tell us who Geo. Free is or which of our relatives might have lived there. It is so interesting. I hope he can tell us something about it. I hear anything about it I'll let you know.
   Hello to Kelly & Kevin - will write more later.
                                  Love, Marj. & Frank

S3 Document, Misc, Travel Notes, Hawaii Trip, Written by Norma Haas Robbins, July 1978. Doc3887.pdf. Doc3887.pdf
S4 Airline Ticket Stubs, Norma Haas Robbins, Hawaii Trip - Doc4769.pdf  
S5 Trade Wind Tours - Itinerary, Tour Information, Hawaii Trip, Doc4770.pdf  


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Walt - Hawaii
July 1978
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July 1978
Norma & Walt
July 1978
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Pineapple Field
Hawaii, 1978

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