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Parents - Orris Milton Oscar Clifton Robbins and Grace Gertrude Foulke    - MRM Page -
Parents - Ellen Louise Glen Dale Kilgore and Florence Sutton
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28 April 1926 Milton Birth - Henry County, Indiana - Birth Certificate -
1930 U.S. Census:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S1,
1930 to 1937 Milton Residence - Hamilton County, Indiana - George Foulke Farm and the Arcadia Farm
4 Aug 1932 Ellen Birth - Matthews, Grant County, Indiana
8 Apr 1940 1940 U.S. Census:  Green Township, Randolph County, Indiana - Fairview Farm - S2,
1937 to 1943 Milton ResidenceFairview Farm - Randolph County, Indiana
1943 to 1947 Milton ResidenceCole Farm - Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana
  Residence - Milton's farm on CR1270N - Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana
19 Sept 1943 Received a postcard from his brother Walter who was in the Service - Link
3 Aug 1949 Marriage, Ellen and Milton - Grant County, Indiana
23 Aug 1987 Attended Robbins Reunion, Bakers Corner, Indiana - S3, S1017,
  Milton Illness - Nov 2005 - Gall Bladder complications
18 Dec 2005 Milton Death  - Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana - Cremation - Obituary - Find a Grave Memorial - Death Certificate,
Cremation:  21 Dec 2005, Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana
24 Oct 2016 Ellen Death - Fort Wayne, Allen County Indiana (Lutheran Hospital)
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Child: ID0000
Child: ID0000

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Source Citation

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S1 1930 Federal Census, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. ED 14, Sheet 4A, Dwelling 87, Family 87, Line 25, Oscar Robbins. Original Data: NARA, T626 Roll 590.  Acc000645 

1]  Oscar Robbins: Head of household, 54 yr old white male, married, 34 yrs old at first marriage - rented farm, own radio set, he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farmer - not a veteran.
2]  Grace Robbins: 50 yr old white female, married, 30 yrs old at first marriage - She and her mother born in Indiana, Father in Ohio - no occupation.
3]  Myron Robbins: 18 yr old white male, son of head - attended school.
4]   Ina Robbins: 16 yr old white female, daughter of head, single., attended school.
5]  Mary Robbins: 14 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school.
6]  Walter Robbins: 12 yr old white male, single, attended school.
7]  Esther Robbins: 9 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school.
8]  Milton Robbins: 3 yr old white male, son of head.
9]  Frances Foulke: Mother-in-law of head - 76 yr old white female, widow, born in Indiana, parents in Ohio.
Family]  Everyone, except Esther and Milton are able to read and write and speak English. All the children and their parents born in Indiana. Nobody has an occupation with the exception of Oscar

S2 1940 U.S. Census: Green Township, Randolph County, Indiana. SD 10, ED 68-3, Sheet 2B, Line 54, Household 37, Oscar C. Robbins Household. Original Data: NARA, T-627. , accessed 2 March 2012. Acc002130/Ph9432.jpg

1] Oscar C. Robbins: Head of household - 64 yr old white male, married, did not attend school during year - School grade attained: 6 - At Work for pay on 24 March 1940 - Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 Mar 19040: 40 - Occupation: Farmer on a farm own account - Employed 52 weeks in 1939 - Received income of more than $50 besides wages: Yes -

2] Grace Robbins: Wife of head - 60 yr old white female, married - did not attend school during year - Highest School Grade attained: Blank - Code B: 96 - No Occupation - Homemaker - Code E: 5 -
Supplementary Questions: Birthplace of Father and Mother: Indiana - Language Spoken in earliest childhood: English - Veteran: No - Usual Occupation: Housewife at home on own account - Not married more than once - age at first marriage: 25 - Number of children born: 5

3] Walter Robbins: Son of head - 22 yr old white male, single - did not attend school during year - Highest school grade attained: High School 1 - Code B: 9 - At Work on 24 March 1940: Yes Code E: 1 - Number of hours worked week of 24-30 March 1940: 40 - Occupation: Wire Cutter, Cabinet parts, Tin Shop [McCormick's Brothers in Albany] - Worker Code: PW - Code F: 492-4-1 - Number of weeks worked in 1939: 52 - Amount of wages in 1939: $710.00 - Receive more than $50 besides wages: Yes

4] Esther Robbins: Daughter of Head - 19 yr old white female, single - attended school during year - Highest School Grade attained: High School 2 - Code B: 10 - No Occupation - attending School - Code: E: 6 -

5] Milton Robbins: Son of Head - 13 yr old white male, single - attended school during year - highest school grad attained: 6 - Code B: 6 -

- Owned Farm with value of $2000 - Farm Schedule: 35
- All born Indiana
- Residence, 1 Apr 1935: Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana on a farm -
- Code C: All, 60
- Code D: 6012

S3 1987 Oscar & Grace Foulke Robbins Family Reunion -
23 Aug 1987
Home of Myron and Mary Elizabeth Robbins, Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana
Photo:  Mary, Walter, Esther, Milton, Myron, Ina Robbins

Hi-Res Image
Obituary:  "Milton Robbins, 79"  The StarPress (Muncie, Indiana), 21 Dec 2005, page 5A, Col. 3., accessed 16 Feb 2017.   Doc4068.pdf  (Cloud:  Full Page and Clip of Obituary)

From Image:
Milton Robbins, 79
    MONTPELIER - Milton Robbins, 79, died Sunday December 18, 2005. Born March 28, 1926, a son of the late Oscar C. and Grace G. (Fulke) [Foulke] Robbins.
    Survivors include his wife, Ellen (Kilgore) Robbins; son Jim Robins; daughters, Linda Borror, and Tammy Dunmoyer; brothers, Myron Robbins and Walter Robbins; five grandchildren; three great-granddaughters.
    Preceded in death by three sisters.
    There will be no services or calling hours.
    A memorial service will follow at a later date.
    Goodwin Memorial Chapel, Bluffton, IN is in charge of arrangements

S5 Birth Record:  "Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940" [database on-line]. Original data: Indiana State Board of Health. Birth Certificates, 1907-1940. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana., accessed, 2 July 2016. Oris Milton Robbins, 26 Apr 1926, Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana. Doc3599.pdf

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/ Certificate of Birth
Local No. 21452
Place of Birth: Harrison Township, Henry County
Name: Oris Milton Robbins, Male, Legitimate
Date of Birth: 28 Apr 1926, 1 am
Father: Oscar C. Robbins, RR 8, New Castle, White, 50, born Indiana, Farming
Mother: Grace Foulke, RR 8, New Castle, White, 46, born Indiana, housework
Number of children born to this mother including present birth: 6
Number of children, of this mother, now living, including present birth: 6
Were precautions taken against ephithalmia neonatorum? Yes


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Robbins Family
Christmas, 1955
Grace, Esther, Walter, Oscar,
Ina, Mary, Milton
Robbins Family,
abt 1932
Oscar, Milton, Grace, Mary
Esther, Ina, Walter
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther, Ina, Walter
Before 1989
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Ina, Esther, Milton, Walter, Mary
Before 1989
Myron's 80th Birthday
Walter, Milton, Esther, Ina, Myron
25 Aug 1991

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I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
Walter - Myron - Milton
2 June 2003
Robbins Reunion
21 Aug 1977
Unknown, Milton, Myron, Walter
Esther, Milton
With Goat
Fairview Farm
abt 1940
Milton on his
Pulling Tractor,
Abt 1980
Robbins Family Reunion
Abt 1987
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther,
Ina, Walter
Robbins Family, abt 1950
Top:  Ina, Mary, Walter, Myron
Bottom:  Grace, Oscar, Esther
Ph11248-006.jpg Ph11249.jpg Ph11251.jpg Ph2540.jpg

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Milton & Ellen
Ellen & Walt, Sr.
Aug 2011
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