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Robbins, Esther S6,
Robbins, Phil - [002]
Robbins, Walter and Norma - [001]

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[001] Walter C. Robbins and Norma Haas Robbins -
[001-001] - Walter Transferred to Camp Adair, OR - Dec 1942 - S1,
[001-002] - Walter & Norma, 50th Anniv - May 1993 - S2,
[001-003] - Walter and Norma, 40th Anniv - May 1983 - S4,
[001-004] - Walter Convalescent Center, WW 2 - Apr 1945 - S7,
[001-005] - Esther and Walter attended a party for Green Township Freshman Class (Esther) - 5 Apr 1938 - S8,
[001-006] - Walter Traffic Accident, 21 Aug 1999 - S9,
[001-007] - Walter home on furlough, July 1945 - S10,
[001-008] - Walter participated in the Area 6 Senior Games - Sept 1992 - S11,
[001-009] - Walter listed in a Legal Notices for Real Estate Transactions - June 1981 - S12,
[001-010] - Walter Newspaper Opinion "Pain is the Priority"  S13,
[001-010] - Letter to the Editor "Keep Your Trash"  S14,
[001-011] - Walter home on Furlough, May/June 1943 - S15,
[001-012] - Property Transfer (110-acre farm) - 19 March 1955  - S16,
[001-013] - Property Transfer - 12 June 1947 - S17,
[001-014] - Speeding Ticket (Walter) - Feb 1954 - S18,
[001-015] - 110-acre farm Auction Sale ads - Sale took place 7 Nov 1958 - S19,
[001-016] - Walter sells some sheep - 31 Aug 1942 - S20,
[001-017] - Walter is administrator for Mother's estate - 1965 - S21,
[001-018] - Property Transfer Notice - North of Eaton Farm - June 1948 - S22,
[001-019] - Classified Ad - selling farm equipment - 15 Nov 1942 - S23,  (Walt selling the equipment before he left for the Army on 18 Nov 1942)
[001-020] - Walter listed as a prospective Juror, Aug 1967 - S25,
[001-021] - 21st Robbins Reunion held at home of Walter and Norma Robbins - 10 Aug 1986 - S26,
[001-022] - 400S House Sale Notice - Sept 2007 - S27,

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[002] Phil Robbins, ID0007 -
[002-001] - Wedding Announcement - July 1967 - S3,
[002-002] - Obituary, Phil Robbins - Jan 1977 - S5,
[002-003] - Birth Notice - 16 Oct 1946 - S24,

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News Article:  "News from Our Boys"  The Muncie Morning Star (Muncie, Indiana), Thursday, 10 Dec 1942, page 7, Co. 3., accessed 12 Feb 2017.  Doc4053.pdf
From Image:  
Col. 3:
   Albert M. Frank, husband of Mrs. Edna Frank, of Dunkirk, Walter C. Robbins, son of Mrs. Grace Robbins of Redkey, and Harvey V. Jeries, husband of Mrs. Beulah M. Jeries, R.F.D. 1, Albany, have been transferred from Fort Benjamin Harrison to Camp Adair, Ore.
News Article:  "Anniversaries"  The Muncie Sunday Star (Muncie, Indiana), 9 May 1993, page 4B, Col. 2 & 3., accessed 12 Feb 2017.  Doc4054.pdf

From Image:
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Robbins
Robbins, 50th
   Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Robbins, 8400 W. Delaware County Road 400-S, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary during an open house 2-4 pm May 23 in Shawnee Heights Baptist Church. 
   Friends and relatives are invited to attend.  The couple ask that gifts be omitted.    
   Mr. and Mrs. Robbins were married May 29, 1943, in Muncie by Rev. Edgar L. Hamilton.  Mrs. Robbins is the former Norma L. Haas. 
   They are the parents of Walter C Robbins Jr, Muncie; Janet Robbins, Chesterfield, and the late Phillip E. Robbins.  They have five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 
   Mrs. Robbins belonged to the Community Club, Daleville, is a member of the Home Demonstration Club, Blackford County, and is retired from Zayre.  She is a former deaconess of Shawnee Heights Baptist Church. 
   Mr. Robbins is an Army veteran.  He worked at Chevrolet Muncie (now New Venture Gear Inc.) from 1945 until his retirement in 1982.
News Article:  "Patricia Carr Marries"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Sunday, 9 July 1967, page 7-B, Col. 4 & 5., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4057.pdf
From Image:  
Patricia Carr Marries
     Miss Patricia Ann Carr of Anderson became the bride of Phillip Eugene Robbins July 1 at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robbins Sr., R.R. 2, Yorktown.  Rev. William Mathys of the Anderson Methodist Church performed the ceremony.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Ruth Carr of Livingtson, Tenn.
     The Bride wore a white brocade dress with a shoulder length veil and gold accessories.
     Miss Janet Robbins, sister of the groom, was the maid of honor.  She wore a white dress with pink accessories.
     Walter Robbins Jr., Daleville, was his brother's best man.
     The couple are residing at 314 W. Willard.  The groom is employed at Muncie Chevrolet.
News Article:  "Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Robbins Sr."  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 29 May 1983, page 2-B, Col. 3 & 4., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4058.pdf
From Image:
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Robbins Sr.
     YORKTOWN -- Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Robbins Sr., R.R. 2, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary during a 2-5pm open house June 5 in their home
     Family and friends are invited to attend.  The couple request gifts be omitted.
     The Robbins were married May 29, 1943, Muncie.
     They are parents of Walter Robbins Jr., Muncie; Janet Robbins, Indianapolis, and Phillip Robbins, deceased.  They have five grandchildren.
     The Robbins have lived in Delaware County for 40 years.  He retired from Chevrolet-Muncie in 1981 and his wife retired from Zayre Department Store in 1981. 
Obituary - "Philip E. Robbins" - The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Sunday 16 Jan 1977, page 6A, Col. 6., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4060.pdf (Clip)

From Image:
Philip E. Robbins
     Philip E Robbins, 30, 312 S Walnut, Yorktown, died unexpectedly Saturday at his residence. 
     Born on a farm near Eaton, Mr. Robbins, moved to Daleville with his parents, and attended Daleville High School.  He had been employed at Chevrolet-Muncie since 1965. 
     Survivors include his wife, Patricia Ann (Sue); three sons, Jeffrey, Davie and Scottie, all at home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Robbins, Yorktown; a brother, Walter C Robbins Jr., Cowan; a sister, Miss Janet Robbins, Lebanon; and his grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Craball, Muncie. 
     Services are pending at Meeks Mortuary
Obituary - "Esther Robbins, 79"  The StarPress (Muncie, Indiana), 22 Aug 1999, page 2B, Col. 2., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4062.pdf
From Image:
Esther Robbins, 79
     Muncie - Esther Robbins, 79, died Friday in Ball Memorial Hospital after a short illness. 
     Ms. Robbins was bon in Henry County and had lived in Delaware County since 1938.  She was employed at Wertz Novelty for more than 30 years before retiring in 1972. 
     Survivors include a sister, Ina Henderson; three brothers, Walter Robbins (wife:  Norma), Milton Robbins (wife:  Ellen), Myron Robbins (wife:  Mary Elizabeth, and several nieces and nephews. 
     Services will be at 2 p.m.. Tuesday in Garden View Funeral Home.  Burial will be in Gardens of Memory.  Calling will be 3-6 p.m.  Monday alt the funeral home.
     Memorials may be made to any charity
News Article:  Walter C. Robbins, Convalescent Center, WW 2.  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 17 Arpr 1945, page 7, Col. 6., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4066.pdf  (Cloud:  Full and Clip of Article) -
From Image:
     The 826th Convalescent Center, England - Now fully recovered from wounds received on Nov. 28, 1944 in Germany, Staff Sgt. Walter G. Robbins, 27, of 1927 E. 17th St., has been released from this United States Army convalescent center in England.  He will return to active duty. 
     While at this center he participated in a rehabilitation program consisting of military training and expert medical care. 
     Member of an infantry unit, he entered the army Nov. 14, 1942.  His wife, Mrs. Walter C. Robbins, lives in Muncie.
News Article:  Green Township School Freshman Class.  The Muncie Morning Star (Muncie, Indiana), 9 Apr 1938, page 2, Col. 2 & 3., accessed 13 Feb 2017.   Doc4067-001.pdf

From Image:
     Members of the Freshman Class of Green Township High School and their guests were entertained Tuesday night [5 Apr 1938] with a party at the home of Miss Betty Sumwalt.  Miss Jean Anderson assisted the hostess.  The evening was spent in playing games with prizes being awarded to Miss Esther Robbins and Harvey Ludwick.  Refreshments were served to ... Miss Esther Robbins and Walter Robbins.
 News Article:  "On The Scanner - Traffic Accidents" The Star Press (Muncie, Indiana), 24 Aug 1999, page 2-B, Col. 4., accessed 19 Feb 2017.   Doc4077.pdf
From the Image:
On The Scanner
Traffic Accidents
Saturday [21 Aug 1999] 
Meeker and 29th streets, 10:01 a.m. - Cars driven by Walter Robbins, 81, Yorktown, and Marc E. Nannie, 27, 3413 S. Beacon St.
News Article:  "IN UNIFORM"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 8 July 1945, page 2, Col. 4., accessed 19 Feb 2017.   Doc4078.pdf
From Image:
     S. Sgt Walter Robbins whose wife, Mrs. Walter Robbins, lives at 1927 East Seventeenth Street, is not home on furlough.  While fighting with the Timberwolf Division he participated in the Belgium, Holland, and Germany Campaigns, and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantry Badge.
News Article: "Area 6 Senior Games Results"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Sunday 20 Sept 1992, page 2-C, Col. 6., accessed 19 Feb 2017.  Doc4079.pdf  (Full Page and Clip of Article)
From Image:
Area 6 Senior Games Results
The Area 6 Senior Games were held this week with more than 425 men and women participating in 21 events, including basketball, volleyball, and track and field
Medal Winners:
70-74:  Silver:  ... Lila Frantz and Walter Robbins; ...
News Article:  "Legal Notices"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 15 June 1981, page 16, Col. 5., accessed 19 Feb 2017.   Doc4080.pdf  (Full Page and Clip of Article)
From Image:
Legal Notices
Attention:  Any person who owned, occupied and sold a residential property in Delaware County, Indiana any time on or after March 10, 1974 through December 31, 1978 and: ... The following is a list of names of potential class members obtained from defendants closing files. ...
Walter Robbins
Walter C. Robbins
News Article:  "Pain is the Priority"  TheStarPress (Muncie, Indiana), 17 May 2001, page 5-A, Col. 3 & 4., accessed 19 Feb 2017.   Doc4085.pdf (Clip of Article

From Image: 
Pain is the Priority
Walter Robbins Sr.
8400 W. County Road 400-S
     This concerns the emergency room at Ball Memorial Hospital.  Recently, I had an acute gall bladder attack and couldn't walk.  They told me I had to fill out all the paper work.  I asked whether I could get I could get help quick.  They insisted I fill out the paper work first.  I even asked whether my wife, who had brought me, could fill out the papers, but they said no, I ad to d that.
     It took more than 20 minutes to get that done.  I was in a lot of pain.  I found out later that I had a stone lodged in my pancreas and was full of infection.
     I think that when a person goes to the ER with acute pain they should be able to get some help immediately and worry about the paper work later.
     Or why can't a relative or friend who came with the person fill out the paper work?
News Article:  "Public Letter Box/ Keep Your Trash".  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 17 Nov 1981, page 4, Col. 3., accessed 27 Feb 2017.   Doc4095.pdf  (Clip of Page)
From Image:
Keep Your Trash
Norma and Walter Robbins
     We just came in from picking up the trash a person threw in our front yard.  We don't come to his home and get rid o our trash.  We take care of it in a way it is supposed to be taken care of.
     There was everything from the newspaper with his name and address on it, to children's school papers, used toilet tissue and tin cans.  We don't appreciate such actions.
     Wouldn't it be much easier to dispose of it properly, than run all over the county to a well-kept home and scatter it all over?
     We care for our home and property even if others don't care about theirs. 
S15 News Article:  "Among Eastern Indiana Men With Our Armed Forces"  Private Walter C. Robbins.  The Muncie Sunday Star, 6 June 1943, page 6, Col. 6., accessed 11 March 2017.  Doc4140.pdf   (Clip of Article)
From Image:
Among Eastern Indiana Men With Our Armed Forces
Photo of Walter C. Robbins
     Private Walter C. Robbins, who recently spent a seven-day furlough visiting at home, has returned to camp.  He is the husband of Mrs. Norma Haas Robbins and son of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Robbins of Redkey.  Private Robbins entered the armed forces on December 1, 1942.  His address:  Co. B., 413th Inf., A.P.O. 104 Div., Camp Adair, Ore., U.S. Army.
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics, Real Estate Transfer"  Walt Robbins, The Muncie Star, 19 March 1955, page 3, Col. 4., accessed 11 March 2017.   Doc4167.pdf
From Image:
City and County Statistics/ Real Estate Transfers
     Paul R. Tatman, et. ux., to Walter C. Robbins, et. us., 110.47 acres in section 8 Union Township.  Four miles northwest of Eaton.  
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics/ Real Estate Transfers"  Walter C. Robbins.  Muncie Star, 12 June 1947, page 2, Col. 5., accessed 24 March 2017.   Doc4168.pdf
From Image:
     Walter C. Robbins, et ux, to Thomas M. Corwin, et ux, lot 18, block 11, of Witt Tract.  Hurst near Gem St., appraised value for taxation, $85.  Improvements, $630.
News Article:  Speeding Violation, Walter C. Robbins.  The Muncie Star, 20 Feb 1954, page 5, Col. 4.  24 Feb 1954, page  13, Col. 7.  2 March 1954, page 16, Col. 3., accessed 24 March 2017.  Doc4169.pdf  

From Images:
20 Feb 1954:  "Eaton Driver Slated"  Walter C. Robbins, 35, Eaton, R. R., was slated here on Broadway at 7:20 a.m. Friday on a charge of speeding in a posted zone.  He was ordered into City Court Tuesday for plea.
24 Feb 1954:  "Eaton Driver in Denial"  Walter C. Robbins, 38, Eaton, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in City Court to a speeding charge.  His trial date was set for March 1 by Harry Redkey, deputy prosecutor.
2 March 1954:  "One Driver Freed, Two Held Guilty"  ... Found guilty of speeding violations were ... and Walter C. Robbins, 35, Eaton.  
Newspaper Articles:   "Coming Auction Sales"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Classified ads:  11, 14, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28 Oct 1958, Display Auction Ad: 6 Nov 1958, page 36, Col. 7 & 8., accessed 25 March 2017.   Doc4172.pdf
Classified Ad Sample:  11 Oct 1958 Link,
Display Ad:  6 Nov 1958 - Full Sale Ad - Link,
Newspaper Article:  Classified Ads/ Horses, Cattle, Live Stock 39/ Walter C. Robbins  The Muncie Morning Star (Muncie, Indiana), 31 Aug 1942, page 10, Col. 7., accessed 25 March 2017.  Doc4177.pdf  (Clip of Article)
From Image
17 Head Shropshire ewes and buck.  Walter C. Robbins, 1 1/2 miles northeast Fairview.
Newspaper Article:  Legal Notices - Notice of Hearing on Final Account and Petition for Distribution No. P2S 64/62.  (Grace Robbins, Deceased).  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 5 March 1965, page 29, Col. 1 and 12 March 1965, Page 26,. Col. 5., accessed 29 March 2017.   Doc4179.pdf
From Images:  (Both notices are the same)
No. P 2S 64/62
     Clerk of the Superior Court of Delaware County No. 2, Muncie, Indiana.
     In the Matter of the Estate of Grace Robbins, deceased.
     Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that Walter C. Robbins as Administrator of the above named estate has filed his final account in settlement of said estate and petition for distribution, and that the same has been set for hearing in said Superior Court of Delaware County No. 2  at the Court House in the City of Muncie, Indiana, on the 22nd day of March, 1965, at which time all persons entitled to share in the final distribution of said estate are required to appear in said Court and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate and show cause why such account should not be approved.
     Dated this 4th day of March 1965.
     Walter C. Robbins
     Personal Representative
(Seal) Lawrence R. Walsh
     Clerk of the Superior Court of Delaware County No. 2.
Myers, Slagle & Shirey
     311 W. Jackson St., Muncie, Indiana
     Attorneys for Estate.
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics/Real Estate Transfers"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 11 June 1948, page 2, Col. 4., accessed 29 March 2017.   Doc4180.pdf
From Image:
     Carl O. Tobias, et ux. to Walter C. Robbins, et us, 25.89 acres in section 11 Union Township, One mile north of Eaton.  Real estate appraised for taxation $750, improvements $360.
Newspaper Article:  Classified Ad/ Vehicles, Implements - Walt Robbins, Sr.  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 15 Nov 1942, page 12, Col. 3., accessed 30 March 2017.   Doc4181.pdf
From Image:
1937 John Deer No. 6 combine on rubber; rubber-tired 4-wheel trailer; fanning mill; 8x10 brooder house, used one season.  1 1/2 miles northeast Fairview, Walter C. Robbins.
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics/ Births/Ball Memorial Hospital"  Philip Robbins.  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 16 Oct 1946, page 2, Col. 1., accessed 6 Apr 2017.  Doc4192.pdf
From Image:
     Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clifton Robbins, 1108 West Sixteenth street, son, Philip Eugene.
Newspaper Article:  "Grand Jurors Named to Hear Bass Case"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 29 Aug 1967, pge 5, Col. 5., accessed 6 Apr 2017.  
From Image:
Prospective petit jurors chosen for Superior Court No. 2 are:  ... Walter C. Robbins, R.R. 1, Daleville; ...
Newspaper Article:  "Day/Breaks"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 18 July 1986, page 16, Col. 4., accessed 8 Apr 2017.   Doc4200.pdf
From Image:
     Descendants of Oscar C. and Grace G. Robbins will have their 21st family reunion Aug. 10 at the home of Walter and Norma Robbins, R.R. 2, Yorktown.
Newspaper Article:  "Recent Home Sales" The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 30 Sept 2007, page 16., accessed 8 Apr 2017.  Doc4201.pdf
From Image:
Buyer:  Wendy & Adam Harrod
Seller:  Walter C. Robbins
Price:  $109,000
Address:  8400 W. CR 400S
City:  Yorktown


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