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  Josiah Tomlinson ID0228
Olive Uthank ID0775

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Parents - Josiah Unknown
Parents - Olive Unknown
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Timeline        Family Group Sheet

Unknown Birth - Josiah
Unknown Birth - Olive
Before 1752 Marriage of Josiah and Olive - S2, page 1:  "Leaders of this band were Josiah Tomlinson and his wife, Olive Unthank,..."
29 March 1749 Son William Allen Tomlinson born in Ireland
1752 Josiah and Olive Emigrated from England -  S1,

"...since 1752, when a small group of English Quakers sailed from England for America...Leaders in this band were Josiah Tomlinson and his wife Olive Unthank,..."   [S2, page 1]
1752 Josiah and Olive Immigrated to Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina - S1,

"... a gallant band of Quakers landed at Charleston, South Carolina. IN their search for homesteads they traveled up the Wateree River to Pine Tree Hill (now known as Camden) South Carolina, where they established their first homes in the new world. Later the Quakers advanced along the Wateree River until they established a meeting place at Bush River, South Carolina."  [S2, page 1]
10 Dec 1755 Daughter Sarah born
15 Mar 1760 Son Josiah II born
abt Dec 1761 Josiah Death - South Carolina - S2, Page 1:  "Josiah Tomlinson died in the winter of 1761, leaving a family of 7 children."
22 March 1800 Daughter Sarah dies
10 Dec 1802 Son Samuel Dies - S3,
17 March 1813 Son William Allen dies in Randolph County, North Carolina
25 April 1834 Son Josiah II dies in Highland County, Ohio

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William Allen Tomlinson, ID0209   (My Ancestor) - MRM Page -
Samuel Tomlinson, ID0777

Spouse:  Ann English
Children:  Margaret Tomlinson ID0786 - Thomas Tomlinson ID0787 - Josiah Tomlinson ID0788 - Olive Tomlinson ID0789 - Jane Tomlinson ID0790 - Samuel Tomlinson ID0791
Isaac Tomlinson ID0792 - Elizabeth Tomlinson ID0793 - John Tomlinson ID0794 - Ann Tomlinson ID0795 - Sarah Tomlinson ID0796
Died: 10 Dec 1802 - S3,
Rebecca Tomlinson, ID0779
Ann Tomlinson, ID0780
Mary Tomlinson, ID0781
Sarah Tomlinson, ID0776

Born:  10 Dec 1755
Spouse:  John Rudduck - Parents:  John Rudduck ID1387 - Jane Unknown ID1388 
Marriage:  9 Dec 1774 -
Children:  Dinah Rudduck ID0983 - Pheby Rudduck ID0795 - John Rudduck II ID0984 - Jemima Rudduck ID0986 - William Rudduck ID0987 -
Jane Rudduck ID0989 - Sarah Rudduck ID0988
Died: 22 Mar 1800


Josiah Tomlinson II, ID0778

Born:  15 March 1760
Spouse:  Charity Mendenhall ID0784 -
   - (Parents:  Moses Mendenhall ID1350 and Dinah Unknown ID1353)
   - Born 12 June 1766 - Died 7 May 1800
Married:  13 Oct 1784
Children:  Moses Tomlinson ID0798, Spouse:  Ruth Smith (Parents:  Isaac Smith and Mary Allen) - Sarah Tomlinson ID0800 - Mark Tomlinson ID0801 -
Dinah Tomlinson ID0802 - Olive Tomlinson ID0803, Spouse: Absalom Sumner ID0804 (Parents:  Thomas Sumner & Hanah Hiatt) - Josiah Tomlinson ID0805 -
Charity Tomlinson ID0806, Spouse:  John Baldwin ID0807 - Jacob Tomlinson ID0808 - William Tomlinson ID0809
Died: 25 April 1834, Highland County, Ohio


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Source Citation

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S1 Tomlinson Family. Revised by Keith Tomlinson, 1984, 7 pages. Acc001122/ Ph8334-001 to 007.jpg/ Doc0242.pdf, page 1. 
Extract: Josiah Tomlinson - no DOB - DOD between 12 mo 15th, 1760 and 2nd mo, 18th 1761, the dates of the writing and proving of his will - married Olive Russell [Unthank?], daughter of Samuel Russell - "The earliest record of Josiah Tomlinson in America is the precept for a land grant in South Carolina which he received from Gov George Hunter of South Carolina on Oct 25, 1751. A tract of land of 450 acres was surveyed for him on Mar 11, 1752. The tract was located in Fredericksburg Twp, Craven Co, South Carolina, (now Kershaw Co.) on the north side of the wateree River. Josiah Tomlinson was a friend of Quaker. He may be the same Josiah Tomlinson who received a removal certificate from the Friends Monthly Meeting in Dublin, Ireland on the 8th of 2nd month 1751. There was a Josiah Tomlinson living near either Timahoe or Fdenderry, County Kildare, Ireland before 1751. Timahoe was within the bounds of Dublin Monthly Meeting. Sara R Haworth, in her book Springfield, 1773-1940, claims that Josiah Tomlinson arrived on the ship Hitchock from Whitehaven, England.")
S2 Sidney H. Tomlinson, Jr. ID1467, Sidney Halstead Tomlinson, A Memorial Read by Sidney H. Tomlinson, Jr. (Springfield 14 Aug 1949), page 1. 


S3 Tomlinson Family Sheets. Created by Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr ID0016, about 1981. Images are photocopies of his originals with my notes added. Acc000795/Doc0265.pdf, page 1, 1R Doc0265.pdf


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