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Josiah Tomlinson

William Allen Tomlinson

Robert Tomlinson

Milton Tomlinson

Keziah Tomlinson

Oscar Clifton Robbins

Walter Clifton Robbins, Sr., ID0005

Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr., ID0001



South Carolina

North Carolina


-  9 Aug 1888;  Held at the Robert Tomlinson Homestead [S12] - [S16] -
-  1892:  Held at the Tomlinson Homestead  [S11]
-  12 Aug 1928, Forest Park, Noblesville, Indiana - Moon Family Reunion - Milton Tomlinson and Delilah Hiatt Mentioned [S14]
-  30 July 1939, Home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Horney - [S13] - [S15] -
-  15 June 1941:  Held in Charlottesville, Hancock/Rush Counties, Indiana, 15 June 1941 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank White - News Article -  [S13]
-  June 1946 - Held at home of Franklin E. and Zona Williams White - [S11]
-  1947:  Held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ludovic Hill, north of Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana, 20 June 1937 - News Article -
-  12 Aug 1965:  Forest Park, Noblesville - [S17]
Tomlinson Family Resources
Tomlinson Family - Springfield mm Cemetery, High Point, Guilford County, North Carolina - Link,
Tomlinson Family Information - ( - Link,
Tomlinson Family
GenForum at - RE  Wm. Tomlinson, 1749, North Carolina -
American Last names, Tomlinson
A Brief History of the Kellum and Tomlinson Families by Asher K. Tomlinson and Jesse Kellum,  S4,
Family Tree of Robert and Lydia Kellum Tomlinson, 1925, revised 1967, S5,
Tomlinson Family connection with Westfield mm, Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana:

Tomlinson Family connection with Chester pm, Washington Township, Hamilton county, Indiana:  S8,
Portion of Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana - 1866 Property Map - S7, - 1866 Washington Township Map (Link)

Upper left corner:
Section 14:
- J. Robins, 40 acres (Maybe Joel Robbins, ID4254)
- N. Hiatt, 120 acres
- S. Hiatt, 80 acres (Probably Solomon Hiatt, ID0067)
Section 13:
- N. & M. Tomlinson (Noah, ID0765 and Milton, ID0184 ??)
Section 22:
- J. Hiatt, 40 acres
Section 23:
- No family
Section 24:
- School #2
- L. Tomlinson, 20 acres (Probably Levi, Tomlinson, ID0934)
- L. Tomlinson, 20 acres (Probably Levi, Tomlinson, ID0934)
- I. Hiatt
- M. Tomlinson, 55 acres (Milton Tomlinson, ID0184)
- R. Tomlinson, 40 acres (Robert Tomlinson, ID0060)
- N. Tomlinson, 40 acres (Noah Tomlinson, ID0765)
Section 19:
- E. Carrey, 65 acres (Maybe Eli Carey, ID6580)
- Gun Smith
- M. E. Church
Section 26:
- Greenwoods Friends Meeting house and cemetery
- J. M. Perisho, 45 acres
- K. Hiatt, 80 acres
Section 25:
- School #2
- R Tomlinson, 40 acres (Robert Tomlinson, ID0060)
- Tomlinson, 36 acres
- Friends meeting house and cemetery (Chester pm and cemetery)
Tomlinson Property, 1932, Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana [S10]

1.  A. K. Tomlinson - Just south of present-day US 31 and 246th St near the SW corner - "A. K. Tomlinson, 49 acres)
- Approx. Coordinates: 40.14433623690056, -86.1273127983832 [2]

2.  Robt. Tomlinson -  Washington Township, Section 24, Road going north out of Westfield (US 31) on the West side, Just to the north of E 246th St: Robt. Tomlinson, 60 acres
- Approximate Coordinates: 40.14888269015884, -86.13028668012947

3.  Elwood Tomlinson - 175 Acres - SW corner of  E 33rd and probably between 246th and 241st St


Orphan Research
New Market Township, Randolph County, North Carolina. ED 91, Sheet 3B, Dwelling & Family 64, Line 86, David M. Tomlinson household. Original Data: NARA, T623, roll 1213. , accessed 22 May 2008. Acc001116/ Ph4713.jpg

1] David M. Tomlinson, Head, 52 yr old white male born in Mar 1848 widowed, he and his parents born in North Carolina, Farmer, owned farm free, able to read, write & speak English.
2] Edward S. Tomlinson, Son, 26 yr old White Male, born Apr 1874, he and his parents born in North Carolina, single, Farm Laborer, Able to Read, write & speak English.
3] Sara S. Tomlinson, 22 yr old white female born July 1877, she and her parents born in North Carolina, able to read, write and speak English.
4] Viola P Tomlinson, 19 yr old white female born July 1880, she and her parents born in North Carolina, Able to read, write and speak English

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S1 Book:  Robins, R G. A. J. Tomlinson: Plainfolk Modernist. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.  Bk2869  
S2 Newspaper Article:  "Tomlinson Family has 1939 Reunion" - Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana), 31 July 1939, page 1 and 6 -

It Was Held Sunday at the Home of Roy D. Horney
Family Has Had a Fine Part in History of the County
   The Tomlinson reunion was held, Sunday, at the delightful home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Horney, on the

Photo of Milton Tomlinson (Caption: The Late Milton Tomlinson - One of nine children of Robert Tomlinson)

Lafayette Pike, near what was once called Little Chicago, and was well attended by the family relationship, but the family is not very large. There were about forty present and all enjoyed the reunion. Asher K. Tomlinson called the reunion together, after a fine dinner was enjoyed on the lawn, and made some interesting remarks and exhibited some keepsakes in the family, including a bottle which was used for carrying milk to school in the old days back in Ohio, but which looked much like a hard-liquor bottle.
   Roy Horney presided over the program and Miss Mary Emily Tomlinson served as secretary and did so well that both were re-elected to serve for the reunion at Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. White at Charlottesville, Indiana, the third Sunday of June, 1941. Mrs. White had a fine part in the program, Sunday, reciting in a splendid way the fine poem of Bayard Taylor, "The Quaker Widow".
   The Tomlinson family traces its ancestry back to William Tomlinson, who came from Ireland, the family having a fine part in the Revolutionary war, and settled later in Guilford county, N. C. The family came to Indiana in 1832, first to Hendricks county, and then to Hamilton county in 1837. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tomlinson's picture in a large frame, at the reunion, showed the finest characteristics of the family, religion, patriotism, courage, justice, industry, integrity and a kindly spirit of helpfulness toward any community in which they might live. Robert, the son of William, was the father of eight children, and these children were the parents of the family as it now is represented in this county: Milton, Martha, Noah, Jesse, Asenath, Jane, Levi and Esther.
   The Tomlinson family has had a fine part in the history of Hamilton county from the time when the members of the family helped operate the underground Railway successfully through this section of Indiana, with its terminal in Canada. They have been active in church work and also have taken interest in the advancement of the farming industry and of the building up of the fine stock interests of the county.
   Several short talks were made during the program following the dinner, by Finley Tomlinson, Dr. C. H. Tomlinson, Seth Hinshaw, Ludovic Hill, Mrs. White, and others and E. E. Neal spoke briefly in tribute to the history and characteristics of the family. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ludovic Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Wood, Ralph and Fred Wood, Ella Tomlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank White, Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson and daughter, Mary Emily, Marilyn McGuire, Densie Williams, Indianapolis; Margery Glover, Greenfield; Mr. and Mrs Wallace Baber, Ronda C. Hiatt, Sheridan; Leslie McGuire, Bernice McGuire, Westfield; Seth J. Hinshaw, Sheridan; Finley Tomlinson, Clara E. Hinshaw, Lulu McGuire, Ruth Esther Hill, Hazel T. Hill, Edith Hill and Mary Tomlinson. A group picture was taken and much appreciation was shown for the fine day spent on the lawn of the Horney home, with old-times recalled and a reasonable pride in the hearts of all present for the ancestry and accomplishments of the family in this county since coming from Carolina to show its supreme objection to slavery in the south.
S3 "Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, has died" - (CNN US Online, 6 March 2016) - WikiPedia  - 
   -  "Ray Tomlinson, widely credited as the creator of email, has died, his employer, Raytheon, told CNN on Sunday. He was 74. Tomlinson invented direct email messages in 1971. Before his invention, electronic messages could be shared only on a very limited network."
S4 Tomlinson, Asher K. A Brief History of the Kellum and Tomlinson Families. Self Published, 1888. Bk4032  
S5 Tomlinson, Asher Kellum. Family Tree of Robert and Lydia Kellum Tomlinson. Indiana: , August 1925, Revised 1967. Bk2964/Doc0244.pdf  
S6 "The Tomlinson Family Reunion" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 20 June 1941, page 4, Col. 5., accessed 28 Jan 2018. Doc4608.pdf - Doc5206.pdf  
S7 1866 Property Owners Map, Hamilton County, Indiana. - Accessed 20 March 2019  
S8 "Comment" Chester Church, Noblesville Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Thursday 6 Aug 1937, page 1, Col. 1, Page 4, Col. 1., accessed 16 Apr 2019. News Article - Transcription -

Page 1, Col. 1


More Colors of the Rainbow

The old church at Chester, in Washington Township, north of Westfield, two miles and more, is closed for religious services and this is a matter of sincere regret for many folks who hold the old times in a reverent regard. Chester was largely a Quaker community and was included in the fine tribute paid Washington Township by Prof. John F. Haines, who wrote a fine history of the county, and has always given old Hamilton county folks kindly words. And, he knew the history of the people and there antecedents. Mr. Haines is not very well and it is fine to call attention, once more, to his tributes to the people of his beloved county. In speaking of the Quakers, he said Washington township was settled largely by the Quakers. “As these people stand for uprightness of character and the thoughtful education of their children and are hard-working, thrifty and persevering, the township soon became notable for its churches, schools and the scholarly attainments of its citizens. The homes and the farms are among the best in the county.”

The old church at Chester goes back to 1837, when Robert Tomlinson settled two miles north of Westfield. Enoch Jessup followed Mr. Tomlinson and soon the neighborhood was a happy community. The nearest church was at Westfield and by foot and horseback Westfield was quite a distance away. But, it was not until 1859 that the Chester church was established, after a number of people of the community requested the Westfield Monthly Meeting to permit them to hold a meeting at Chester. Said meeting to be held on the first and fourth fay of each week, except first day of quarterly and fourth day of monthly meeting weeks. The Westfield meeting agreed to the request and the next body to pass on it was the Quarterly meeting at Westfield, in May, 1859. A committee was appointed to visit the Friends in the Chester neighborhood and reported that the request be granted. The Quarterly meeting granted the request and sent a committee composed of Dougan Clark, Jacob Carson, Noah Stafford, Clarkson F. Cook, Benjamin Harold, Jesse Horney, Jemima Stanley, Sarah Hiatt, Elizabeth Bray, Edith J. Cammack, Phoebe Cook and Eunice Doan, with Levi Pennington and Ellen R. Hunt, as clerks.

The original petition for the establishment of the Chester Church was signed by Robert Tomlinson, Peter Rich, David Stalker, Joseph Moore, William Baldwin, Lydia Tomlinson, Prudence Jessup, Amy Rich, Annie Stalker, Deborah Moore, Mary Baldwin, Noah Tomlinson, Allen Tomlinson, Eli Carey, Isom Hiatt, Jonathan Carey, David Fodrea, Abigail Tomlinson, Martha A. Tomlinson, Mary Carey, Asenath Hiatt, Eliza A. Carey and Tamer Fodrea. So Chester was organized on October 26, 1859., with Robert Tomlinson and Lydia Tomlinson as heads of the meeting and Joseph Moore and Amy Rich as clerks. The first minister to proclaim the Gospel was Joseph Pickett and the first recorded minister was Zimri Kivett. Other members became ministers and Florence Stanborough Roberts was a missionary to Africa. Allen Tomlinson donated

(Continued on page 4)

the land for the church property and the labor for building the church was donated. For a time part of the church was used for a school room.

Those names given as connected with the establishment and the building of the church are among the best-known and most-highly-regarded names in the older days of the county. In that early day the Lindley family, north of the church, were Friends and, before that time as few years, Joseph G. Cannon, as a boy, lived in the community, where his father practiced medicine, coming from Carolina to Indiana and then on to Illinois. The community is always spoken of in te highest respect for those Friend Quakers, opposed to war, yet favored the rights of liberty, for all men. So the community was known as one of the foremost stations on the Underground Railway from the South on the way to Canada, and whatever force was necessary to accomplish the safety of the hunted Negroes was used by those peaceful Quakers. No community has a higher reputation for good citizenship that has the old Chester Community. The names stand for all that is best in American history and the younger generations take great pride in the record of the folks who made it possible to inherit great and good names.

S9 Tomlinson Reunion.   Noblesville Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 23 June 1937, page 6, col. 1.,  accessed 16 Apr 2019. 
Date:  20 June 1937
Place:  Home of Mr. and Mrs. Ludovic Hill, north of Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana
S10 1932 Plat Map, Hamilton County, Indiana, Bk4420 -  
S11 "80th Birthday Celebration", Finley Tomlinson, ID0959, 23 June 1946. Noblesville (IND) Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 28 June 1946, Page 3, Col. 6 "80th Birthday Celebration)., accessed 18 Aug 2023, Doc6672.pdf


From Image:
80th Birthday Celebration
June 23 was an interesting birthday celebration, the occasion being the 80th birthday anniversary of Finley Tomlinson, who now resides in the home of Franklin E. and Zona Williams White.
Those present to enjoy the event were Dr. C. H. Tomlinson and daughter, of Cicero, Roy Horney and family, of Noblesville, Roy Wood and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ludovic Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Barker, of Westfield.
Finley Tomlinson is the youngest child and sole survivor of the family of Noah Tomlinson, and Dr. C. H. Tomlinson and Finley are the sole survivors of the 29 grandchildren of Robert and Lydia Tomlinson, who settled near Westfield in 1837.
The celebration was in a way a reunion of the Tomlinson family and an interesting feature of the program was the reading of an oration written and delivered by Finley Tomlinson at a reunion held at the original homestead in 1892 and afterward published in the Westfield News. The article was ably read by Morris Tomlinson.
It was decided at this gathering to continue the reunion and Roy Horney was elected president. The time for the next meeting was for some time in the latter part of June, 1947, at the park in Noblesville.
S12 "A Brief History of the Tomlinson and Kellum Families" by Asher K. Tomlinson, Delivered at the Reunion held at the Robert Tomlinson Homestead, 2 miles north of Westfield, 9 Aug 1888.
S13 1939 Tomlinson Family Reunion, Hamilton County, Indiana, 30 July 1939. Noblesville Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 31 July 1939, Page 1, Col. 3 and Page 6, Col. 3.  (Page 1), accessed 22 Aug 2023. Doc6676.pdf
S14 -  Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 14 Aug 1928, Page 1, Col. 3 and Page 4, Col. 5
-  (Page 4)
- Moon Family Reunion, 12 Aug 1928, Forest Park
- 14 Aug 1928, Page 4, Col. 5 (next to last paragraph) - Milton Tomlinson, Delilah Hiatt
- Moon Family History Given at Reunion
- Page 1, Col. 3:
S15 -  - (Page 1)
- Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 31 July 1939, Page 1, Col. 3 (Continued on Page 6)
- Tomlinson Family has 1939 Reunion
- Page 6, Col. 3, 4:
S16 -
- Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 11 Aug 1938, Page 4, Col. 3 - (50 years ago, 1888)
- Tomlinson Family Reunion
S17 -
- Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 13 Aug 1965, Page 9, Col. 2, 3
- "Bishop To Visit Westfield Area Birthplace" Bishop Homer A. Tomlinson, ID2250
- Bishop A. J. Tomlinson, ID0947 who died Oct 2, 1943 founded The Church of God, Pentecostal and Holiness Movement at turn of century
- Milton Tomlinson, ID0184 was grandfather of the Bishop was active in the underground railway movement
- The Tomlinson Family will hold its annual reunion Sept 12 at Forest Park. This year a new book has been published giving a genealogy of the family. [I think this is a reprint of the 1925 book "Genealogy of the Kellum and Tomlinson Family", Bk2964 See [S12]


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