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  Chancery Record - 1842  
There is very little evidence pertaining to Peter Whetstone.  I only have un-sourced information
included on Family Group Sheets and some POSSIBLE estate documents.  There were more than one
Peter Whetstone in the Ohio area and it is almost impossible to determine which is which. 

This page is more of a collection place for information about people named Peter Whetstone.

Any further contributions will be welcomed.

Parents - Peter Unknown
Parents - Magdaline Unknown
Children John Whetstone ID0394    -
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Timeline    Family Group Sheet (Updated 30 March 2013)

Abt 1765 Peter Birth:   S5,
1828 Peter Death:  Crawford County, Ohio  S5,
11 July 1835 Inventory of Estate
25 July 1835 Estate Sale
16 Nov 1778 Possible Will for a Peter Whetstone - Washington County, Maryland.  S4,
  Possible Land Document - 1832 - 1835   Doc1426.pdf  (Acc001705)

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Source Citation

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S1 Land Record:  United States. Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records. Database and digital images. Http:// : accessed 19 May 2011.  Peter Whetstone, Stark County, Ohio, 1820. Acc001717
Names on Document: Whetstone, Peter
Accession Nr: CV-0050-529
Document Type: Credit Volume Patent
State: Ohio
Issue Date: 3/28/1820
Cancelled: No
Land Office: Steubenville
US Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: NO
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Nr: 0
Total Acres: 155.55
Metes/Bounds: No
Land Description:
State: OH
Meridian: Ohio River Survey
Twp-Rng: 017N - 006W
Aliquots: SE 1/4
Section: 9
Survey#: Blank
County: Stark
Database URL

Image:  Doc0485.pdf
S2 Book:  Carol Willsey Bell. Ohio lands: Steubenville land office, 1800-1820. Youngstown, Ohio: Carol Willsey, 1983. Bk3506, page 128. 
Extract  page 128:
3 June
Cert No: 5696
Proprietors: Whetstone, Peter
Residence: Stark Co, Ohio
R-T-S [Range-Township-Section]: 6-17-9

S3 Land Record: United States. Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records. Database and digital images. Http://  : accessed 24 May 2011. Peter Whetstone, Crawford County, Ohio, 14 Apr 1828. Certificate No. 3676. Acc001734.
Certificate No. 3676
The United State of America
Whereas, Peter Whetstone, of Ohio,
has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Delaware, Ohio,
whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the aid Peter Whetstone
according to the provisions of the Act of Congrefs of the 24th of April, 1820, entitled "An act making further provision for the sale of the Public Lands" for
the west half of the North west quarter of Section fourteen in Township two South of Range fourteen,
in the District of Lands offered for Sale at Delaware, Ohio, containing eighty acres,
according to the official plat of the survey of the said Lands, returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been purchased
by the said Peter Whetstone.
NOW KNOW YE, That the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration of he premises, and in conformity with the several
acts of Congrefs, in such case made and provided, have Given and Granted, and, by these presents, do give and grant, unto the said Peter Whetstone
and to his heirs, the said tract above described:  To Have and to Hold the same, together with all the rights, privileges, immunities and Apur-
tenances, of whatever nature thereto belonging, unto the said Peter Whetstone,
and his heirs and afsigns forever.
In Testimony whereof, I, John Quincy Adams,
PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto
Given under my hand at the City of Washington, the fourteenth day of April, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, and of the Independence of the United States the
By the President,  J. Q. A.
G. G. Commifsioner of the General Land Office [George Graham]
Note:  "Recorded Vol. 8, page 102, Exc."  [Crawford County, Ohio??] - [This data came from a transcription of the above patent in the papers of Wilma Haas Lucas]
S4 Will for Peter Wetchstone [Whetstone], Washington County, Maryland, 16 Nov 1778. Acc001698/ Doc1072.pdf

___ ___ ___ of God. Amen I Peter Wetchstone of Washington County and in
___ of Maryland Yeomann being ___ ___ ___ and ___in ___of Body ___ of __ ___
___ and memory ___ ___ be ___ ___ God Calling assets ___ the ___
body do ___ ___ ___ ___ this my Last Will and Testament, and ___ follows
I ___ my soul ___ the ___ of Almighty God ___ ___ __ and my Body's
___ to the Earth to be ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___ Executors ___ ___ such worldly Estate wherewith it ___ pleased ___ __
bless __ in this Life. I give devise and ___ of the ___ in the following man
and form Towit I give and bequeth to David my dearly beloved Son his ___
___ pounds lawful Money of the State of Maryland to be ___ ___ ___
of my estate. Also I give unto Eve my son John's wife the Sum of Seven pounds ___
Money aforesaid is to raised and ___ out of my Estate and also I give unto she.
Big Iron Pot and one ___ ___ ___ for her ___. Also I allow my Land and
Moveable Estate to be ___ and Divided Equally among all my children ___
is now alife Also I allow my first born Son Michael __ have the Sole Executor of this my Last will
and Testament. And I do hereby ___ disallow and revoke all former
___ Wills Legacies and Executors satifying and ___ this and ___
to be my last Willand Testament. IN Weitness whereof I have hereunto set my
Hand and Seal this Sixteenth day of November in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand
Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight
Signature: Peter Wechstone (Seal)
Signed, Sealed ___ ___ and
Declared by the said Peter Wechstone as
his last Will and Testament in the presence of us
Jocob Bakely - David ___.
On the back of the original will of the said Peter Wetchstone are the following ___
___ (towit)
Washignton County pt 29 December 1778 Here comes Michael Whetstone and
___ ___ Executors to the Last Will and Testament of Peter Whetstone deceased. __
___ Oath on ___ Holy Evangels of Almighty God ___ this ___ of ___
___ is a true and __ of said deceased _ that have come to their hands and ___
___ it and that they do not ___ of ___ others
Certified by
Thomas SP??gg (???)

Washington County ___ 29th December 1778 There comes Jacob Baskley
and David K??? The two subscribing Witnesses to the ___ last will and
Tstament of Peter Wetchstone late of said County deceased and severally take
Oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they ___ see the Testator herein
___ Sign ___ ___ this Will __ that they ___ ___ Publish ___
___ ___ the ___ to be his last Will and Testament ___ at the time of
his __ doing he was to the best of their app___ of Sound and disposing
Mind Memory and understanding it and ___ they respectively subscribe their
___ to this Will ___ the ___ used at the Request of the Testators ___ in the
presence of such others
Certified by
Thomas S???? [cut off]

S5 Wilma Haas Lucas and/or Marjorie Haas VanCouwenberghe - Source unknown  
S6 Probate Document, Administrator Final Accounting of the estate of Peter Whetstone. 31 Aug 1836, no location. Acc001709/Doc0633.pdf

Page 1: Account Current of John G Stough Administrator of Peter Whetstone ____
Filed August 31st 1836
____ Sept 7, 1837
____ 1. 234,

Page 2:
John G. Stough Administrator of the estate of Peter Whetstone
deceased in account with said estate Dr
to amount of Sale bill three hundred ten dollars 5 cents $310.05
to amount set off for years support for family 53.00
to cash on hand .91 1/4
to Due Bill on Frederick Beard .30
$36426 3/4
Cr 106.82 [marked out
257.88 1/4 [marked out]

_____ No 1 Cash Paid Apraisers $3.00
No 2 Cash paid for coffin for dec 4.12 1/2
No 3 Cash paid for stockins for dec .37 1/2
No 4 do grave clothes for dec 1.75
No 5 do Court Charges 3.75
No 6 do Crying public sale 1.25
No 7 do Clerk at sale .75
No 8 Publishing administrator notice .93
No 9 Amount set off for support of family 53.00
[Total] 68.93

____ No 1 - Second Clafs Adam Musser for labor $1.61
No 2 - Paid Jacob Bash for labor 3.95
No 3 - do O V Williams account 4.62
No 4 - do Paid Tax 5.28
No 5 - do do do 1.10
No 6 - Frederick Beard account 1.09 1/2
[total] 1745 1/2
No 7 - ____ Clerk fee in full 200
[total] 19.45 1/2
first item added 6893
[total] 88.38 1/2
Administrator chargs for services rendered 18.00
[total] 106.38

Leaving a balance in Administrators hands of two hundred fifty seven dollars eighty eight cents $257.88
Page 3:
John g Stough Administrator [Signature]

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Land Patents in Ohio for Peter Whetstone - Bureau of Land Management - Search URL

Doc # Accession Date Meridian Twp-Range Aliquots Sec# County
Acres Land
Authority Link
Info & Patent Image

S1, S2,
CV-0050-529 3/28/1820 Ohio River Survey 017N -006W SE 9 Stark 155.55 Steubenville [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)  
3583 OH0790__.009 3/13/1828 OH - 1st PM 002S - 017E SE 15 Crawford 160 Delaware [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) URL
3584 OH0790__.010 3/13/1828 OH - 1st PM 002S - 017E ESW 22 Crawford 80 Delaware [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) URL
OH0790__.102 4/14/1828 OH - 1st PM 002S - 017E WNW 14 Crawford 80 Delaware [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)   URL
3677 OH0790__.103 4/14/1828 OH - 1st PM 002S - 017E ENE 15 Crawford 80 Delaware [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) URL
3678 OH0790__.104 4/14/1828 OH - 1st PM 002S - 017E WSW 23 Crawford 80 Delaware [OH] April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566) URL
This is the result of the search at BLM - I do not know at this time if this information relates to this Peter Whetstone (10 March 2011).
It seems to make sense that the 5 Patents at the bottom of the list would be more likely to be those of Peter Whetstone ID0400 since they are in Crawford County and they appear to be grouped together.


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