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Alternate Spellings
Weitstin  S2,
Wetstone  S3,

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Ancestor  List:
Heiny Wetzstein, ID - (1562- ) - Born Switzerland - FamilySearch Profile -
Hans Conradt Wetzstein, ID - (1582- ) - Born Switzerland - FamilySearch Profile -
Hanss Christoph Wetzstein, ID - (1638-1693) - Born Switzerland - FamilySearch Profile -
Johann Georg Wetzstein, ID -  (1665-1742) - Born Germany - FamilySearch Profile -
Heinrich Peter Wetzstein, ID -  (1700-1778), Born Germany -  FamilySearch Profile -
Johan Christian Whetstone, ID7728 - (1742-1837) - Born Pennsylvania -  FamilySearch Profile
Peter Whetstone, ID0400 - (1765-1835) - Born Maryland -  Family Page - FamilySearch Profile  (I only created the family page as a repository for POSSIBLE source material) - I have no idea if this person is the father of John Whetstone)
                        (From Here and above I am referring to the Family Search Family Tree - See FamilySearch Profile Links
                                   I have little faith in the information above - I only list it as a possiblility
John Whetstone, ID0394 - (1823-1903) - Born Ohio -  Family Page - FamilySearch Profile - Find a Grave Memorial -
(I have no source material stating names for John's parents - the only source mentioning his parents are the 1880 and 1900 US Census - that they were both born in Pennsylvania)
Caroline Whetstone Haas, ID0385 - (1849-1928), born Ohio -  Family Page --
August Haas, ID0377 - (1894-1943) - Born Ohio - Family Page -
Norma Louise Haas Robbins, ID0006 - (1919- 2004) - Born Indiana - Family Page -
Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr., ID0001 -
Orphan Research
Ohio Whetstones in Civil War - S1,

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Whetstone Family Resources
Whetstone Family Information - ( - Link,
American Last Names, Whetstone

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Source Citation

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S1 Letter: from Gerald Heckert to Wilma Haas Lucas, 22 Sept 1983. Subject: Ohio Civil War Rosters. Acc001724/Doc0486.pdf
Note: This letter refers to the 12-volume set of Ohio Civil War Rosters - Each entry gives the volume number, but no page number and it appears to be the entire listing for each person. There are listings for 21 Whetstone men.
S2 1860 US Census:  Springfield Township, Williams County, Ohio. Page 131, Line 4, Dwelling 1025, Family 993, John Weitstin [Whetstone]. Original Data: NARA, M653_1052, page 66, Image 132. , accessed 26 Nov 2006. Acc000710/Ph8192.jpg

1) John Weitstin [Whetstone]: 36 yr old male, Farmer, Value of Real Estate: $700 - Value of Person Estate: $200 - Born in Ohio -
2) Hannah Whetstone: 33 yr old Female, born in PA -
3) Elizabeth Whetstone: 14 yr old female, born in Ohio - attended school -
4) Mary Whetstone: 13 yr old female, born in Ohio, attended school -
5) Delilah Whetstone: 12 yr old female, born in Ohio, attended school -
6) Caroline Whetstone: 10 yr old female, born in Ohio, attended school -
7) Ann Whetstone: 9 yr old female, born in Ohio, attended school -
8) Margaret Whetstone: 4 yr old female, born in Ohio -
9) Lucy Whetstone: 2 yr old female, born in Ohio -
10) Louisa Whetstone: 7/12 month old female, born in Ohio -
11) Lavina Whetstone: 7/12 old female, born in Ohio.
S3 Marriage Record:  August Haas and Mabel Worthen. Database on-line, "Indiana Marriages, 1811-1959" Blackford County, Indiana. Worthen Family.  accessed 29 July 2012. Acc001914

groom: August Haas
groom's race: White
groom's date of birth: 29 Aug 1894
groom's place of birth: Defiance, , Ohio
groom's residence: Muncie, ,
groom's number of marriage: 1
groom's father: Henry Haas
groom's mother: Caroline Wetstone
bride: Mabel Worthern
bride's race: White
bride's date of birth: 01 Jul 1899
bride's place of birth: Hartford City, ,
bride's residence: Hartford City, ,
bride's number of marriage: 1
bride's father: William A Worthern
bride's mother: Mattie Klinger
informant name:
date of license: 23 Jun 1917
county of license:
date of marriage: 23 Jun 1917
place of marriage:
record number:
film number: 1672566
digital folder number: 4202704
image number: 00014
number of images: 1
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Whetstone-Heckert Reunion ???, Nd


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