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This topic came to my attention in an email from my cousin, ID4757, where she included a note stating that a Joseph Foulke had purchased Gracie Mansion in 1823.  S4,

I was intrigued and began the pursuit.  As shown below I had some Joseph Foulke's in my database, but none of them proved to be the one in question.  I did manage to find the correct man and it turned out to be a NEW Joseph Foulke for me.  I now have to determine just how he might fit into my Foulke family.

When I received this email I had three Joseph Foulke's in my database:
1.  Joseph Foulke, ID2543 (1829- )   ( Edward > Hugh > Samuel > Judah > Samuel > Joseph )
2.  Joseph Foulke, ID2653 (1786-1863)
3.  Dr. Joseph Foulke, Jr., ID4765 (Son of ID2653) - (1827- )

Obviously the first one (ID2543) could not be the one since he was born after the 1823 date

It also seems unlikely that the second one, (ID2653) is the one either because it does not seem likely that he would have had the financial resources necessary to have purchased such an estate.

Dr. Joseph Foulke, Jr., was born after the event as well

I now have a fourth Joseph Foulke, ID4799 - (1769-1852) - who is the one that purchased Gracie Mansion in 1823

12 Nov 2012
-  Sent an email to Gracie Mansion asking if they have any further background on Joseph Foulke. 
-  The reply included information regarding a book by Mary Black about the owners of Gracie Mansion, S7,
-  I ordered the book
So, who was this Joseph Foulke who purchased Gracie Mansion in 1823?  -  He was Joseph Foulke, ID4799 - a rich merchant living in New York City.
One question solved - but now, is this Joseph Foulke connected to me somehow?  Further study will have to be done on this subject. 

It is said that most of the Foulke's in this country descend from Edward Foulke, ID0168, who arrived in Philadelphia from Wales in 1698.  If this is correct then this new Joseph Foulke should be connected.

This was an interesting study and one that provided much additional information on Joseph Foulke, ID2653 and his family as well as introducing me to a new Joseph Foulke who may prove to be an addition to my family.  I will continue to follow this path and update this page as new data is located.

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Joseph Foulke, ID2653 - Minister, Teacher, Author - MRM Page -
Parents:  Hugh Foulke, ID2640 (1751-1831) and Ann Roberts Foulke, ID2641 (1745-1823) - MRM Page -
Spouse:  Elizabeth Shoemaker, ID2654 (1791-1873) - MRM Page -
Daniel Foulke, ID2850
Thomas Foulke, ID2669
Dr. Joseph Foulke, Jr., ID4765 - (1827- )   S6, 1900 U.S. Census,
Phebe Foulke, ID4775
Ann Foulke, ID4787
Sarah Foulke, ID4798
Edward Foulke, ID0168 and Eleanor Hugh, ID0169
Thomas Foulke, ID2286 and Gwen Evans, ID2298
Edward Foulke, ID2632 and Margaret Griffith, ID2634
Hugh Foulke, ID2640 and Ann Roberts, ID2641
Joseph Foulke, ID2653
Joseph  was a Friends Minister, School Teacher and Author.  S3, S6, 
Joseph traveled to Washington D.C. in 1836 to influence Congress against the admission of Arkansas as a slave state  S2, S3,
1850 U.S. Census - S6,
SourcesS14 page 440,

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Joseph Foulke, ID4799 - Gracie Mansion Owner, 1823-1853  - MRM Page -
Born:  19 Nov 1769, Piscataway Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey  S10 p 63,
Parents:  John Foulke and Sarah Sutton Foulke  S10 p 63,
Spouse:  Charlotte Brion - Married about 1800 when he was 31 and she was 15  S10 p 63,
Children:  The couple had 10 children  S10 p 63,
Curacao  (an island off the Venezuelan coast)  S10 p 63,
-  between 1816 and 1818 they moved to New York City  S10 p 63,
-  1823:  Purchased Gracie Mansion for $20,500.00 from Rufus King  S10 p 63,
-  Merchant, owned ships, Director of Hope Insurance Company, on the board of the City Bank
-  Charlotte - about 1846, New York City  S10 p 65,
-  Joseph - 20 Feb 1852, New York City  S10 p 65,
Biography - S9, - Link,
Joseph Foulke & Sons Shipping
-  Flags of U.S. Shipping Companies:  F/ Joseph Foulke & Sons  S9,
Another shipbuilder, Joseph Foulke, (During the period of 1810-1816 the island was leased to an American shipbuilder from New York, Joseph Foulke. Foulke received 300 slaves and everything on both islands (Curacao) for about $2,400 dollars per year. It was during this period where all of the trees of Klein Bonaire were cut and most of the main island trees were devastated).  [LinkS9,
Member of The Fire Club - S13,
Owned Rosentak Plantation - [Source:  Emmanuel, Isaac Samuel.  History of the Jews of the Netherlands Antilles, Number 5, Part 1, vol. 1, page 300 ]
Google Book Link to Snippet
1835 - St. James Episcopal Church destroyed by a tornado. Rebuilt by Joseph Foulke, using as much of the original fittings and fixtures as possible.  Link,
On Friday, Nov. 26th 1858 by the Rev. D.D. Morgan John Neilson to Catherine
Foulke Daughter of Joseph Foulke & Lydia Beekman.   Link, (Jane Beekman in Vn Cortlandt Family Bible)
SourcesS7, S10, S11, S12,

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Gracie Mansion
Gracie Mansion
East End Avenue at 88th St.
New York, NY 10128
(212) 639-9675 • in NYC call 311   S1,
Gracie Mansion - a Brief History:

"In 1799, a prosperous New York merchant named Archibald Gracie built a country house overlooking a bend in the East River, five miles north of the City.  Financial failure forced Gracie to sell his house to Joseph Foulke in 1823, and in 1857, the house came into the possession of Noah Wheaton. The City of New York appropriated the estate in 1896, incorporating its 11 acres of grounds into the newly-formed Carl Schurz Park."
Wikipedia Article
Historic House Trust, New York City - Gracie Mansion (New York City) - Gracie Mansion

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Source Citation

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S2 Book:  Curtis, George Ticknor. Life of James Buchanan, Vol. 2. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1883. Bk2935, pages 181, 696.

Extract: Page 181
To William B Reed, Esq.]
Wheatland, Sept 8, 1856
My Dear Sir: --

I have received your favor of the 5th inst. I do not recollect the names of the two members of the Society of Friends to whom you refer; but should you deem it important, I can, with some trouble, find the original letter. I have no doubt Dr. Parrish was one of them. He, William Wharton and Joseph Foulke were the three gentlemen referred to in my remarks on 25 April, 1836, in presenting the petition of the Society of Friends against the admission of Arkansas, etc. They not only acquiesced in my course, but requested me to procure for them a number of copies of the National Intelligencer containing my remarks, and left Washington entirely satisfied. (Vide the volume of the Register of Debate to which you refer, pages 1277 and 1278.) 
Extract, Page 696:
Foulke, Joseph, member of Society of Friends, il, 181.

Read Online
(Google Books)
S3 Book:  Howard M Jenkins, Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Howard M Jenkins, 1897), Bk2910, pages 266, 439, 440.

Extract  Page 439, 440:
Joseph Foulke
Amongst the community of the Friends, at Gwynedd, the most conspicuous figure, for many years, was Joseph Foulke. He was born there, May 22, 1786. In 1817, he appeared as a minister, and was admitted a member of the meeting of ministers and elders in 1821, after which he continued in the ministry to the end of his life, more than forty years. He made numerous visits to distant meetings, including those in New Jersey, New York, Canada, Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana. He had learned the trade of a wheelwright (which was also originally the trade of his father), and had expected to pursue it as an occupation, but his inclinations turned to teaching, and in 1811 he took charge of Friends' School at Plymouth, where he continued for six years; and then, after teaching one year at Upper Dublin, he established in the autumn of 1818, a boarding school for young men and boys, at Gwynedd, on part of his father's estate. This school he conducted for many years with marked success, and it was continued later, until about 1860, in the charge of his sons Daniel and Joseph, and his nephew, Hugh Foulke Jr. Joseph published (Philadelphia : 1844) a memoir of Jacob Ritter (a preacher among Friends, who had been a Revolutionary soldier: see in Watson's Annals details of his confinement in the British prison in Philadelphia). He also conducted for many years the publication of the "Friends' Almanac", furnishing for it the astronomical calculations. In 1836 he visited Washington as one of a committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to influence Congress against the admission of Arkansas as a slave state. (See Curtis's Life of James Buchanan, Vol. I, p. 337; Vol II, p. 181.) His MS. Journal, giving many interesting details of his life, has been repeatedly drawn upon for this work.

Read Online

Page 266
Page 439
Page 440
S4 A Brief History of Gracie Mansion
S5 Book:  Davis, W W H, Warren S Ely and John W Jordan. History of Bucks County Pennsylvania: From the discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time, Volume 3, Second Edition. New York: The Lewis Publishing Co, 1905. Bk3104, page 89.

"Dr. Joseph Foulke, for many years a practicing physician of Buckingham, was a great grandson of Edward, through his son Hugh (1752-1831), a noted minister among Friends, who married Ann Roberts, their son Joseph (1786-1863), who married Elizabeth Shoemaker, being the father of the Buckingham physician."

Read Online
(Google Books)
S6 1850 U.S. Census: Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Line 15, Dwelling 89, Family 94, Joseph Foulke Household. Original Data: NARA, M432_800, page 77B, Image 337. , accessed 13 Nov 2012. Acc002452/Doc1285.pdf

"Gwynedd Boarding School"
"18-1/4 miles from Phil. On Bethlehem Turnpike"
1] Joseph Foulke: Head of Household - 64 yr. old Male - S. Teacher - Real Estate Value: $1600 - Born Pennsylvania
2] Elizabeth Foulke: 59, Female, born Pennsylvania
3] Daniel Foulke: 36, Male - Farmer - Real Estate Value: $3500 - Born Pennsylvania
4] Joseph Foulke: 23, Male - School Teacher, Born Pennsylvania
5] Milton Stokes: 19, Male - Born New Jersey - Attended School
6] Edward Bitting: 20, Male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
7] Evan Jones Lester: 14, Male - Real Estate Value: $22000 - Born Pennsylvania - attended school
8] William F. Vashe: 12, Male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
9] Edward Williams: 14, Male, born Pennsylvania - Attended School
10] William Wright: 13, male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
11] Isaac F. Wright: 10, Male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
12] Samuel Browne: 12, male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
13] Charles Ward: 11, male - born New Jersey - Attended School
14] George Shorday: 12, male - Born Pennsylvania - Attended School
15] William Boroughs: 9, male - Born Ohio - Attended School

S7 Book:  Black, Mary. New York City's Gracie Mansion: A history of the mayor's house. New York: J. M. Kaplan Fund, 1984, pages 48, 49.  Bk3715,
(ISBN-13: 978-0961372910)
S8 1900 U.S. Census: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, Ward 10. SD 1, ED 186, Sheet 99B, Line 91, Joseph Foulke Household. 1709 Race Street. And Sheet 100A, Line 1. Dwelling 116, Family 119. Mills Eye Hospital. Original Data: NARA, T623_1456. FHL Film: 1241456. , accessed 13 Nov 2012. Acc002453/Doc1286.pdf

1] Joseph Foulke: Head of household - 73, Male - White Married for 42 years - Born Jan 1827 - He and parents born Pennsylvania - Occupation: Physician - Able to read, and write
2] Caroline C. Foulke: Wife of head - 64, female - white married for 42 years, Born Feb 1836 - had 6 children, 5 are living - She and father born in Pennsylvania, mother in New Jersey - Occupation: Capitalist - Able to read and write
3] Caroline M. Foulke: daughter of head - 36, female, white, Single - Born Jan 1864 - She and parents born Pennsylvania - Occupation: House Keeper - able to read and write
4] Phebe F. Foulke: Daughter of head - 38, female, white, Single - born Jan 1862 - She and parents born Pennsylvania - Occupation: School Teacher - Able to read and write
5] Hannah Foulke: Daughter of head - 33, female, white, Single, born July 1866 - She and parents born Pennsylvania - able to read and write
6] Mellissa F. Pierce: Daughter of head - 29, female, white, married for 4 years - born Oct 1870 - had 2 children, both living - She and parents born Pennsylvania - Occupation: House Keeper - Able to read and write
7] Edward F. Pierce: Grand Son of Head - 2, male, white, single - born Aug 1897 - He and father born Illinois, mother born Pennsylvania
8] Caroline F. Pierce: Granddaughter of Head - 1, female, white, single - born Dec 1898 - She and father born Illinois, mother born Pennsylvania
9] Frank M. Bartram: Boarder
10] Julia Doesser: Boarder
Sheet 100B:
11] Lola Ray Eastburn: Boarder
12] Herbert P. Woodnut: Boarder
13] Alphaus Bildenback: Boarder
14] Clement H. Hall: Boarder

- Rented Home at 1709 Race St.

S9 Email, 14 Nov 2012 - Doc1288  
S10 Gracie Mansion Historic Report, Pages 63-68 - Doc1287.pdf 

Repository:  Gracie Mansion

S11 Book:  Lowrie, Walter. American State Papers: Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States. From the 1st session of the 1st to the 3rd session of the 13th congress, inclusive: commencing March 3, 1789, and ending March 3, 1815, Volume 2. Gales and Seaton, 1832, pages 29, 761, 764. Bk3717

Page 29:

Page 761:  (2 mentions on this page - near top and the bottom paragraph)

Page 764:

Brought to my attention in an email from my cousin, ID4757 - 15 Feb 2012

S12 Book:  Blume, Kenneth J.  Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Maritime Industry., Scarecrow Press, 2011.  page 258.   Read Online (Page 258)
S13 The Saturday Evening Post, Philadelphia, 30 July 1904, page 1.  "Merchant Princes of Old New York: The Clipper Days" by Arthur E. McFarlane

Joseph Foulke mentioned as a member of the "Fire Club"  column 1 near the beginning of the article. 

Read Online
S14 Book: Jenkins, Howard M. Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd: A Township of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Settled, 1698, by Immigrants from Wales, with some data referring to the Adjoining Township of Montgomery, also settled by Welsh, Second edition. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Howard M Jenkins, 1897. Bk2910 Read Online


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