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  Johann Georg Haas ID0390
Anna Maria Reichert ID0391

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Parents - Johann Georg Johann Peter Haas - Anna Maria Margaretha Frick  - MRM Page -
Parents - Anna Maria Matthias Reichert - Anna Maria Hockert - MRM Page -
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18 July 1785 Johann Georg Born - Niederhausen, Germany   [S1] - [S2 page 1 - [S4 page 2 and 8] - [Church Records page 1] -
24 Jul 1785 Johann Georg Baptized - Niederhausen, Germany   [Church Records Page 1] -
24 Nov 1788 Anna Maria Born - Norheim, Germany   [S4 page 2 & 9] - [Church Records Page 1, 7] -
26 Feb 1788 Anna Maria Baptized - Niederhausen, Germany   [Church Records Page 1, 7] -
16 May 1806 Johann Peter Haas, father of Johann Georg died - Niederhausen, Germany
24 Oct 1807 Anna Maria Margaretha Frick Haas, mother of Johann Georg died - Niederhausen, Germany
26 Dec 1807 Married - Niederhausen, Germany   [S4 pages 2 & 8] -  [S8]  - [Church Records Page 1, 2] -
13 March 1809 Daughter Anna Maria Born -
2 Sept 1810 Son Frantz Bernhardt Born -
3 Sept 1812 Daughter Maria Magdalina Born -
26 Feb 1815 Son Valentin Born - [S1] -
27 Feb 1815 Residence:  Niederhausen, Germany   [S1] -
3 March 1817 Son Georg Peter Born -
25 March 1818 Son Frantz Bernhardt Died -
29 May 1819 Daughter Susanna Born -
1842 Residence:  Oberhausen, Germany  [S6 pages 16 & 20, S7] -
1842 Religion:  Evangelical  [S7] -
16 Feb 1842 Occupation, Johann Georg:  Farmer  [S3] -
After 1842 Johann Georg Dies - Germany   [S7] -  [S8] - [S9] -
13 Aug 1897 Son Valentin Died -
  Signature of Johann Georg - [S3] -

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Valentin Haas  ID0388 - MRM Page -
Anna Maria Haas  ID1224 - MRM Page -

Born:  13 March 1809 - Niederhausen, Germany
Frantz Bernhardt Haas ID1225 - MRM Page -

Born:  2 Sept 1810 - Niederhausen, Germany
Died: 25 March 1818 - Niederhausen, Germany
Maria Magdalina Haas ID1226 - MRM Page -

Born:  3 Sept 1812 - Niederhausen, Germany
Georg Peter Haas  ID1227 - MRM Page -

Born:  3 Mar 1817 - Niederhausen, Germany
Maria Susannah Haas  ID1228 - MRM Page -

Born:  29 May 1819 - Niederhausen, Germany

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Source Citation

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S1 Document: Translation of Birth Certificate for Valentin Haas ID0388. Translation by Wolfgang Gotz. nd. original Document unknown, but probably Church Record at Niederhausen, Germany, Koblenz Archive. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001835


S2 Family Group Sheet and Photocopies of Original Documents. Johann Peter Haas Family. Original Records: Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland, Archives office in Koblenz. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001829/ Ph8954-001 to 006.jpg RobbHaas Page
S3 Marriage Record:  Valentin Haas ID0388 and Elisabetha Becker ID0389. 16 Feb 1842, Huffelsheim, Germany. Original Data Source unknown. Researched by Wolfgang Götz for Wilma Haas Lucas, Sept 1993. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001844/Doc1130.pdf   
Extract (Researcher's Notes):
Marriage Certificate
Valentin Haas
Elisabetha Becker
They marriage on 16 February 1842 | 10oo AM
Place: Hüffelsheim (3 km from Niederhausen)
Valentin was 26 years old and he was
born in Niederhausen on 26.02.1815.
He lived in Niederhausen and he was a
Fisher. His parents were Georg Haas a
Farmer and his wife Anna Maria Reichert.

Elisabeth Becker was 27 years old.
She was born in Oberhausen. 28.10.1814.
Her parents Johann Nikolaus Becker,
farmer and her mother Magdealena Euler
(Not Eiler)! From Oberhausen
Witnesses of Marriage:
Philipp Lorenz 61 years
Peter Conrad 25 years - Farmer
Mathias Weber 52 years - Local Authority
Valentin Reuther 32 years - Day Labourer






Signature of Georg Haas ID0390
Valentin's Father

S4 Book:  Lucas, Wilma, The Haas Family: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone Families c1630 to 1992. (Jonesboro, Indiana: Author, 1992; Bk3397  
S6 Book:  Marjorie Van Couwenberghe [ID0381] and Wilma Lucas [ID0379], Haas Family, The: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone families c1630 to 1983 (December 1983). Bk3396  
S7 Marriage Record:  Valentin Haas and Eisabetha Becker, 10 Feb 1842. Original Data: Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland. Acc001450

Marriage Banns in year: 1842
Family name of bridegroom: Valentin Haas, age: 26 yr
Confession: Evangelic, Occupation: Fisherman
Residence: Oberhausen
Name of Parents: Georg Haas & Anna Maria Reichert
Residence: Oberhausen-Fahrt, are they still living: Yes
Whether bridegroom already married formerly: No
Bride's name: Elisabetha Becker, age: 27 yr, Confession: Evgl
Residence; Oberhausen
Name of Parents: Nikolaus Becker & Magdalene Eilers
Residence: Oberhausen, still living: yes
Whether bride already given in marriage formerly: no
Date of civil marriage ceremony: 10 February 1842
On what days the engaged couple religious proclamation "Posted: 23rd and 30th January and 6th February
Month & day religious marriage ceremony: 13th February 1842
Name of witnesses: Johann Daum & Jacob Lorenz
S8 Family Group Sheet:  "Descendants of Johan Leonard Haas" by Wilma Haas Lucas ID0379, 10 Aug 2003. Acc000291. Doc0536.pdf
S9 Birth and Marriage Record: Birth Record for Heinrich Haas ID0384, Marriage Record Transcription for Valentin Haas ID0388 and Elisabetha Becker ID0389. Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland, Archivstelle Koblenz. 9 Nov 1983. Acc001856/ Ph8952-001 to 002.jpg (4 Images) RobbHaas Web Page


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