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Johan Leonhard Haas Haas Germany

Hermannshohle  (Ferry House operated by Haas Family)
Johann Peter Haas Haase Ohio
   Defiance County
   Crawford County
Johann Georg Haas   Indiana
   Delaware County
Valentin Haas    
Heinrich Haas    
August Haas    
Norma Louise Haas    
Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr.    
    1927:  PEZ candies invented by Eduard Haas III -

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Haas Resources
Haas Family Information - ( - Link,
American Last Names, Haas

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Orphan Research
Photocopies of Photocopies received in letter from Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe in Dec 1988 - Acc001311    I1, I2, I3, I4,
Riverside Cemetery - Defiance, Ohio - Haas Burials - people unknown to me
Crawford County, Ohio - Index of Wills and Estates - S1, page 60  -  10 listed
Death Record for Nellie Irene Haas - 1 Oct 1917 - S2,
Passenger List Extract for a Henry Haas, 28, Arrived in New York from Bremen on 16 Aug 1873 - Doc1163.pdf
Advertisement:  M. Haas & Sons Clothing - (Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana) -
Prairie Farmer's directory of Hamilton County, Indiana. Chicago, Illinois: Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1919. Bk4205, page 149 - Read Online -

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U.S.S. Haas (DE-424)  Destroyer Escort -

23 Feb 1944:  Keel Laid by the Brown Shipbuilding Company of Houston, Texax
20 March 1944:  Launched by the widow (Gladys Winifred Haas) of Chief Machinist John William Haas who was killed in action with the famous Torpedo Squadron 8.
2 Aug 1944:  Ship placed in commission with Lt. Commander A. M. White, USNR commanding
19 Aug 1944 - underway for Bermuda
6 Oct 1944 Haas and Acree left Boston en route ot Kingston, Jamaica.
5 Jan 1946: left Hong Kong for San Diego California via Guam, Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor.
1 Feb 1946:  Arrived at San Diego
31 May 1946:  Decommissioned and joined the "Mothball Fleet"
19 May 1951:  Re-commissioned at San Diego
18 Sept 1951:  Began duties as a reserve training ship
24 Jan 1958:  Final Decommissioning at the Charleston Navy Yard
Dec 1966:  Scrapped
6 Sept 1967:  Sold for scrapping

S3, S4, S5,
John William Haas

-  Born:  14 June 1907 Sioux City, Iowa
-  Member of the famed Torpedo Squadron 3 - Chief Machinist and pilot
-  ""In the face of tremendous anti-aircraft fire and Japanese fighter opposition, Chief Haas joined his squadron in pressing home the attack on enemy forces until it became relatively certain that in order to accomplish his mission he would sacrifice his life. Undeterred by the grave possibilities of such a hazardous offensive, he carried on with extreme disregard for his personal safety until the gallant planes of Torpedo Squadron 3 had diverted Japanese planes and contributed importantly to the victory. For his self-sacrifice and valiant fighting effort, Chief Machinist Haas was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross." S5,
-  Death Date:   4 June 1942 during the Battle of Midway
-  Awarded the Navy Cross

Link, S5, Wikipedia Page, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Military Times Hall of Valor,

-  Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships - Link,
Google Images
-  Web Page:  "USS Haas"  Link,
-  Web Page "  USS Haas" - Link,
-  Web Page "Ships olf the U.S. Navy, 1940, 1945" - Link,
-  Book:  USS Haas (DE-424)  S6,
-  First Anniversary Cover:  Page 1 - Page 2

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Source Citation

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S1 Book:  Fisher, Jane and Carolyn Ratz. Crawford County Oho Probate Court Records. Galion, Ohio: Closson Press, 1988. Bk3373  
S2 Death Record: Nellie Irene Haas, 1 Oct 1917, Center Township, Delaware County, Indiana. Delaware County Department of Health, Registered No 240. Acc001722/Ph8848.jpg
Certified Copy of Death Record No 30067
Delaware County Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Delaware County Building
Muncie, Indiana
This is to Certify, that our records show Nellie Irene Haas died 10 1 1917 at Dela. Co., Center Tp.
Age at death 4 years - Sex female Color White Single
Primary cause of death given was Laryngral Diphthesia
Signed by: G. W. Bucklin, MD Muncie, In
Place of burial or removal: Beech Grove Muncie, In
Date of burial: 10-4-17 Meek & Sons Muncie, In
Registered No 240
Signed Clyde g Botkin, M.D.
Muncie, In 9-8-86

POB Indiana
DOB 10-9-13
Fa: Frank POB - Ind
Om: Nancy Mote POB - Ind

S3 World War II War Diaries, 1941-1945. U.S.S. Haas (DE-424) History of the U.S.S. Haas (DE-424) from commissioning to 24 January 1946. NARA 4697018. Fold3 Job 10-039, published 2010. Accessed 26 March 2014. Acc003203

Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
S4 Wikipedia Article "USS Haas (DE-424)"  
S5 NavSource Online:  Destroyer Escort Photo Archive:  USS Haas (DE-424) - Link,
-  Specifications, Building and Organizational Dates, Images
S6 BookUSS Haas (DE-424). Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, Susan F. Marseken, Editors, Betascript Publishing, 2010. Bk3895  



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I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
Letter from Marjorie, 1988
Haas Reunions, 1910, 1930s
[1], [2]
[1]  Photocopies of Photocopies received in letter from Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe, ID0381 in Dec 1988 - Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf
[2]  Thanks to ID0452 for pointing out that this reunion was probably in the 1910's and not the 1930's as I had originally thought.



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