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  Valentin Haas ID0388
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Parents - Valentine Johann George Haas and Anna Maria Reichert    -  MRM Page  -
Parents - Elisabetha Nikolaus Becker and Magdalene Eilers    -  MRM Page  -

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Timeline   -   Family Group Sheet (Updated 4 May 2013)

1814 Elisabetha Born - Oberhausen, Germany  S3 page 16   |   S6, page 10   |   S10   |   Emigration/Immigration Page   | 
- Alternate date of birth:  1815 - S2   |
- Religion - Evangelic   S6 page 20   |
26 Feb 1815 Valentin Born - Niederhausen, Germany 
Sources:  [S4 page 1] - [S6] - [S8] - [S9] - [S10] - [S11] - [S12] - [Church Records, page 1 child #4 - Page 6] - [Emigration/Immigration Page] -
- Alternate date of birth:  Cal 10 Feb 1815 - Germany - [S14]
- Alternate date of birth:  Cal 1816 - Niederhausen, Germany - S2,
2 March 1815 Valentin Baptized:  Niederhausen, Germany  Church Records, page 1 child #4 - Page 6   |  
10 Feb 1842 Married  - Niederhausen, Germany  S2, S3 page 4 and 9, S4, page 1, S6 Page 16 and 20, S8 page 2, S20,
   -  Alternate Marriage Date:  13 Feb 1842 -
   -  Alternate Marriage Date:  16 Feb 1842 - S10,
1842 Residence:  Oberhausen, Germany - S2, S9,
  Valentin Occupation - Fisherman -
- 1842 - S2, S3, S6, S9. S10,
- 29 Oct 1846 - S4 pages 1, 5 and 7 -
- 15 Jan 1851 - S17,
1842 Valentin Religion - Evangelic - S3, S9,
Aft 1842 Johann Georg Haas, father of Valentin Dies -
Aft 10 Feb 1842 Anna Maria Reichert Haas, mother of Valentin Dies -
16 Feb 1842 Residence:  Niederhausen, Germany - S10,
1 Dec 1842 Daughter Barbara Born -
17 Nov 1844 Daughter Anna Maria Born -
1844 - 1846 Valentin Occupation Ferryman - Operates Hermannshohle Ferry House -
- 17 Nov 1844 - S15,
- 1846 - S3 page 20, S16,
29 Oct 1846 Son Heinrich Born -
Son Philipp Zondas Born -
19 Sept 1848 Son Franz "Frank" Born -
11 Nov 1849 Son Philipp Zondas Dies -
1851 Valentin Occupation - Basket Maker - S4, S6 page 5,
15 Jan 1851 Daughter Clara Born -
28 June 1853 Son Valentin Born -
27 Oct 1854 Son Valentin Dies -
19 May 1866 Valentin and family Emigrates from Hamburg, Germany - Emigration/Immigration Page
14 June 1866 Valentin and family Immigrates to the United States - New York, New York County, New York Emigration/Immigration Page
14 June 1866 Valentin Occupation:  Farmer  S3 page 16, Emigration/Immigration Page
Aft 14 June 1866 Residence:  Fulton County, Ohio - S6 page 5, S18,
27 May 1868 Naturalization:  Renounce Allegiance to Prussia - S18,
Valentin Signature - S18,
Between 1866 and 1880 Elisabetha Dies - Fulton County, Ohio  S3 page10, S6 page 10, S12,
Burial:  Unknown
1880 Valentin, a widower, living with son Heinrich - Tiffin Township, Defiance County, Ohio  S12,
 - Occupation:  Farm Laborer
13 Aug 1897 Valentin Dies  - Defiance, Defiance, Ohio - S6 page 9-10, S8 page 1-2, S14 "H" Page,
Burial Riverside Cemetery - Defiance, Defiance County, Ohio  Find a Grave Page
   S3 page 16, S8 page 1-2, S14 "H" Page, S19,
1 Dec 1904 Son Heinrich Dies -
1931 Daughter Clara Dies -
20 May 1933 Son Franz "Frank" Dies -
Valentin FamilySearch ID:  L81B-N2J   Link,
Elisabetha FamilySearch ID:  MBY6-RN5   Link,

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Heinrich Haas  ID0384 (Twin of Philipp Zondas)  - MRM Page -

Born:  29 Oct 1846 - Niederhausen, Germany - Married 5 Nov 1874, Williams County, Ohio
Spouse:  Caroline Whetstone ID0385
Children:  (See Web Page)
Died: 1 Dec 1904 - Williams County, Ohio
Barbara Haas  ID1190  - MRM Page -

Born:  1 Dec 1842 - Oberhausen, Germany
Spouse:  Philip Springling ID1232, born abt 1828 - Married 5 May 1867, Fulton County, Ohio
Anna Maria Haas  ID1191 - MRM Page -

Born:  17 Nov 1844 - Niederhausen, Germany
#1:  Unknown
#2:  Andrew Impton ID1233, born abt 1834 or 1841 Switzerland - Married 16 Mar 1869, Williams County, Ohio
#1:  Unknown Husband Family Group Sheet (Updated 4 May 2013)
Heinrich Haas ID1194 S7, S21,    Family Group Sheet (Updated 18 May 2013) -
   -  Born:  4 March 1866, Germany
   -  Spouse:  Anna Deliah Impton, ID1207 - Married Dec 1889
   -  Died:  15 Apr 1935, Bryan, Williams County, Ohio - Obit #1 - Obit #2 - Obit #3 - Death Certificate -
   -  Buried:  Fountain Grove Cemetery, Bryan, Williams County, Ohio - Find a Grave Page

#2:  Andrew Impton Family Group Sheet (Updated 4 May 2013)
Mary ID3801, Hannah ID3802, Andrew ID3803, Frank ID3804, John ID3805, Clara ID3806, Jacob ID3807, Maud ID3808,
Elizabeth ID3809, Maggie ID3810, Catherine ID3811
Philipp Zondas Valentine Haas  ID1229 (Twin of Heinrich) - MRM Page -

Born:  29 Oct 1846 - Niederhausen, Germany
Died: 11 Nov 1849 - Niederhausen, Germany
Franz "Frank" Haas  ID1192 - MRM Page -

Born:  10 Sept 1848 - Niederhausen, Germany
Emigration/Immigration:  Germany to New York  Haas Family Migration
Naturalization:  Fulton County, Ohio - S13,
Spouse:  Caroline Zapf ID1204, 1867-1920 - Married 31 Aug 1889  S22,
   -  Caroline Buried:  Somerset Cemetery, Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan  Find a Grave -
-  Henry ID1205, -  FamilySearch ID:  LDM4-N5S - Link   |   
-  Louis F. ID1206  -  FamilySearch ID:  LDM4-NPV - Link   |   Find a Grave   |  
   -  Spouse:  Nora H. Burk ID3431 - 1901-1985 - Find a Grave -
Died: 20 May 1933 - Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan -
Buried:  Somerset Cemetery, Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan  Find a Grave -
Frank:  FamilySearch ID:  L81B-NPZ - Link
Caroline:  FamilySearch ID:  LDM5-NPS - Link
Clara Haas  ID1193 - MRM Page -

Born:  15 Jan 1851 - Niederhausen, Germany
Spouse:  John Greutman ID1234, born abt 1841, Switzerland - Married 15 Mar 1869
Children:  John ID3812, Anna ID3813, Henry ID3814, Frank ID3815, Lizzie ID3816, A. Clara ID3817, Bertie ID3818,
Jacob ID3819, Albert ID3820
Died: 1931
Sources:  S21,
Images:  I2I5,
Valentine Haas  ID1230 - MRM Page -

Born:  28 Jun 1853 - Niederhausen, Germany
Died: 27 Oct 1854 - Niederhausen, Germany




Source Citation

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S2 Birth and Marriage Record: Birth Record for Heinrich Haas ID0384, Marriage Record Transcription for Valentin Haas ID0388 and Elisabetha Becker ID0389. Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland, Archivstelle Koblenz. 9 Nov 1983. Acc001856/ Ph8952-001 to 002.jpg (4 Images) RobbHaas Web Page
S3 Book:  Marjorie Van Couwenberghe [ID0381] and Wilma Lucas [ID0379], Haas Family, The: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone families c1630 to 1983 (December 1983). Bk3396  
S4 Church Documents:  Photocopies, Valentin Haas Family. Original Data: Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland, Archives Office in Koblenz. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001860/ Ph8957-001 to 012.jpg (26 images), Page 1 - Page 5: Niederhausen, Nr. 65.4, page 1846, 47 - Twin of Philipp. Images (26) RobbHaas Web Page
S5 Newspaper Article:  "Hermannshohle (Hermann's Cave): by the reservoir in Niederhausen" (Photocopy of German Newspaper, nd) - Sent to me by Wilma Haas Lucas, Nov 2004. Acc000408/ Doc0644.pdf 

Hermannshohle (Hermann's Cave) - by the reservoir in Niederhausen
At this time one is trying to preserve this historically valuable building for future generations. In old times, before the erection of the Luitpold-bridge, this house served as a ferry station, where the vehicles (vessels) crossed the Nahe river between Bad Kreuznac and the area around Meisenheim on their trade routes. This is proven, among other things, by a certificate of operations * "Nahe-ferry Oberhausen" in the year 1779, which was granted to Johann Peter Haas by Carl Theodore Lord of Pfalz near Rhein.
This picture was taken on April 19, 1961. (Notes from Wilma: *sort of a franchise to run the ferry granted by the local count or baron. Your g. grandfather Henry Haas was born here.)


S6 Book:  Lucas, Wilma, The Haas Family: Including Fischer, Hain, Heckert & Whetstone Families c1630 to 1992. (Jonesboro, Indiana: Author, 1992; Bk3397  
S7 Birth Record:  Heinrich Haas, 5 March 1866, Huffelsheim, Germany. Original Source unknown. Research Conducted by Wolfgang Götz for Wilma Haas Lucas. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001845/ Ph8942-003.jpg/Doc0825.pdf

Note: This source shows that Anna Maria Haas ID1191 is the mother of Heinrich instead of Clara ID1193.

Extract (Researcher's Notes):
Birth Certificate
Heinrich Haas
Heinrich's Birth was reported by the Mayor
Wilhelm Geibel in Hüffelsheim on
05. March 1866
Valentin Haas, the Grandfather, reported him
that his daughter Maria Haas, 21 years
old, is the mother from Heinrich.
Heinrich was born on the same day
05. March 1866 1100AM
in the Ferry House in Niederhausen.
The Father from Heinrich is unknown.



S8 Family Group Sheet:  "Descendants of Johan Leonard Haas" by Wilma Haas Lucas ID0379, 10 Aug 2003. Acc000291. Doc0536.pdf
S9 Marriage Record:  Valentin Haas and Eisabetha Becker, 10 Feb 1842. Original Data: Archives of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland. Acc001450

Marriage Banns in year: 1842
Family name of bridegroom: Valentin Haas, age: 26 yr
Confession: Evangelic, Occupation: Fisherman
Residence: Oberhausen
Name of Parents: Georg Haas & Anna Maria Reichert
Residence: Oberhausen-Fahrt, are they still living: Yes
Whether bridegroom already married formerly: No
Bride's name: Elisabetha Becker, age: 27 yr, Confession: Evgl
Residence; Oberhausen
Name of Parents: Nikolaus Becker & Magdalene Eilers
Residence: Oberhausen, still living: yes
Whether bride already given in marriage formerly: no
Date of civil marriage ceremony: 10 February 1842
On what days the engaged couple religious proclamation "Posted: 23rd and 30th January and 6th February
Month & day religious marriage ceremony: 13th February 1842
Name of witnesses: Johann Daum & Jacob Lorenz
S10 Marriage Record:  Valentin Haas ID0388 and Elisabetha Becker ID0389. 16 Feb 1842, Huffelsheim, Germany. Original Data Source unknown. Researched by Wolfgang Götz for Wilma Haas Lucas, Sept 1993. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001844/Doc1130.pdf

Doc1130.pdf Contents:
page 1, 2: Marriage Record
page 3: Researcher's English Translation, Notes
Page 4: Signature of Georg Haas
(This Data accompanied the letter Acc001842)  S21,

Extract (Researcher's Notes):
Marriage Certificate
Valentin Haas
Elisabetha Becker
They marriage on 16 February 1842 | 10oo AM
Place: Hüffelsheim (3 km from Niederhausen)
Valentin was 26 years old and he was
born in Niederhausen on 26.02.1815.
He lived in Niederhausen and he was a
Fisher. His parents were Georg Haas a
Farmer and his wife Anna Maria Reichert.

Elisabeth Becker was 27 years old.
She was born in Oberhausen. 28.10.1814.
Her parents Johann Nikolaus Becker,
farmer and her mother Magdealena Euler
(Not Eiler)! From Oberhausen
Witnesses of Marriage:
Philipp Lorenz 61 years
Peter Conrad 25 years - Farmer
Mathias Weber 52 years - Local Authority
Valentin Reuther 32 years - Day Labourer


S11 Birth Record:  Photocopies of original and Translations of Birth Certificate for Valentin Haas ID0388. Translation by Wolfgang Gotz. Feb 1992. Original Document: Church Record at Niederhausen, Germany, Koblenz Archive. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers.  Acc001835/ Doc1128.pdf

Original Document:
"This one the birth certificate
of Valentin Haas born in
Niederhausen, 1815, 26 February.
I'm sure you can't read it.
See the translation on the other page."
- Closeup view of Old German Record
- Overall View of Old German Record

Translation from Researcher:
(Google Translate Result):

This is the translation of the birth certificate of Valentine Haas was born on 27 Feb 1815 in Niedernhausen / Near:
-----------------------     ----------       --------------------
Translation -old German- in -new German-:


In 1815, the 27th Tomorrow 10 February clock appeared before me
Mayor to Huffelsheim Bellinger, of Niedernhausen
Canton of Kreuznach, Department of Rhine and Mosel
George Haas, 30 years old, Ackermann
Resident Niedernhausen to me which one male child
Sex indicated, born the twenty-sixth of this
Month from him and from
Anna Maria Reichert
give his wife, he has to want the first name
confirmed by John Baum, 60 years old, and Schmitt
Jahannes of Thomas, age 30 years, Ackermann, both residents
Huffelheim and have to negotiate the presence of
signed after birth happened one lecture.

Georg Haas Johannes Thomas Johannes Baum

Burgermeister Bellinger
The letter was very difficult to translate.
The parents were Valentine Haas Georg Haas (he also signed) and his wife Anna Maria Haas.
If they want the marriage certificate then please give me reply.

GruBe Wolfgang Gotz

Translation by Wilma:
In 1815 the 27 February
in the morning 10 clock
appeared from me mayor Billinger
to Huffelsheim
from Niederhausen (Kanton)
of Kreiznth (Department) of
Rhine R??? Moselle
has appeared
Georg Haas 30 year old
field man resident of
Niederhausen. Show born
the 26 of this month
leg he and Anna Maria
Riechert his wife he has admit want the
forename Valentin
affirm by Johan Baum
aged 60 year (Schmitt)
and by Johan Thomas
aged 30 years fieldman
both residents of Hufflesheim
and endorse the proceedings
of the current childbirth
according to event lecture

Original Letter, Doc0514.pdf
Translation of Letter, Doc0515.pdf

Birth Certificate, Translations

S12 1880 US Census:  Tiffin Township, Defiance County, Ohio. SD-1, ED 242, Page 17 (Penned) 252 (Stamped). Dwelling 165, Family 165, Line 6, Henry Haas. Original Data: NARA, T9_1012.,  Accessed 25 Nov 2006. Acc000706/ Ph8173.jpg

1) Henry Haas: White male - 34 years old - farm laborer - Born in Prussia - Parents born in Prussia
2) Caroline Haas: White Female - 31 years old and wife of Henry - Keeping house - Born in Ohio and her parents were born in Ohio.
3) Frank Haas: 4 yr old white male, son of head, Single, Born in Ohio, Father in Prussia, Mother in Ohio
4) Elizabeth Haas: White female - 2 years old Daughter - single - living in parents household - Born in Ohio - Father in Prussia - Mother in Ohio.
5) John Haas: White male born in Oct (8/12) - Son - single - living in household of parents - Born in Ohio - Father in Prussia - Mother in Ohio.
6) Valentine Haas ID0388: White male - 68 years old - father of Henry - Occupation: Farm laborer - Born in Prussia - parents born in Prussia.
7) Frank Haas: (ID1192) White male, 32 years old - Brother of head of household (Henry) - single - Farm laborer - Born in Prussia - Parents born in Prussia.
S13 Renounce Allegiance and Naturalization Witness Affidavit, Fulton County, Ohio Probate Court. Frances Haas, 6th Apr 1877. Acc000822/Doc1579-A & B.pdf Doc1579A.pdf
S14 Book: Rulman, Harold H, Riverside Cemetery 1883-1977 (Defiance County, Ohio: Defiance County Chapter OGS, 1978. Bk3569/Doc0185.pdf), H Page.

Extract: Haas, Valentine - Born: Germany - Aged: 82 yrs, 6 mo., 3 days - D. 13 Aug 1897
S15 Birth Record:  Anna Maria Haas ID1191, 17 Nov 1844, Hüffelsheim, Germany. Original Source unknown. Research conducted by Wolfgang Götz for Wilma Haas Lucas. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001847/ Doc1141.pdf

Extract (Researcher's Notes):
NR. 94
Birth Certificate
Anna Maria Haas
Anna Maria's Birth was reported by the Mayor
Peter Merchenich in Hüffelsheim on 18.11.1844
Parents: Valentin Haas 30 years, Ferry Man
Elisabetha Haas (Becker)
Anna Maria was Born on
17-11-1844 at 1100 AM
S16 Birth Record:  Heinrich Haas, 29 Oct 1846. Original Data: Archives of Evangelical Church in Rhineland. Excerpts from records. Acc001450. Doc0170.pdf

Born and Christened in Year: 1846
Christian Name of Child: Heinrich
Family Name of Father: Valentin Haas
Occupation of father: Ferryman
Family name of mother: Elisabetha Becker
Residence of Parents: Oberhausen, community of Niederhausen
How many children are living: 4 children
2 are sons
Month, day & hour of birth: 29 October, morning 6 ½ o'clock
Month & day of christening: 1 November
Names of witnesses or godparents: Heinrich Decker and his wife Katharina Margaretha Haas, Occupation: farmer in Odernheim

S17 Birth Record:  Clara Haas ID1193, 15 Jan 1851, Niederhausen, Germany. Original Source Unknown. Research Conducted by Wolfgang Götz for Wilma Haas Lucas. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001846/ Doc1140.pdf

Extract (Researcher's Notes):
Birth Certificate
Clara Haas
Clara's Birth was reported by the Mayor
Peter Merchenich, in Weinsheim, on
16.01.1851 at 1100 AM
Parents: Valentin Haas 36 years, Fisher
Elisabetha Haas (Becker)
Clara was born in their house in Niederhausen
15.01.1851 at 1000 AM

S18 Naturalization Document:  Renounce Allegiance to Prussia. Probate Court, Fulton County, Ohio. 27 May 1868. Valentine Haas. Acc000820/ Doc1567.pdf

Probate Court in and For the County of Fulton/ and State of Ohio.
I, Valentine Haas an/ Alien and Native of Prussia/ being duly sworn, depose and say, that I first arrived in the United States in the Month of/ June A.D. 1866, and that it is bona fide my intention to become a Citizen of the United/ States of America, and to renounce, forever, all allegiance/ and fidelity to every Foreign Prince, Potentate, State, or Sovereignty,/ whatsoever, and particularly all allegiance and / fidelity to William First, King of Prussia/ whose subject I am.
Signature of Valentine Haas
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 27th day/ of May 1868
Oliver B ??????/ Probate Judge of said County, Ohio

Valentin Signature


S19 Email from Marj ID0381 dated 29 Dec 2001 1223am

Buried with him are three children of Henry and Caroline who died in 1888. The graves are unmarked but lie together in the old section. The children are: Mary, Jacob and Anna who all died in May of 1888 of measles.
11. Info from Riverside Cemetery, Defiance, OH: Death date- 13 Aug 1897 82 yrs 6 mo 3 days old "Age doesn't seem right with 1880 Census" Buried Riverside Cemetery.,

S20 Marriage Record:  Valentin Haas and Elizabetha Becker. St. Meththildis Evangelische Kirche in Niederhausen, Germany. Feb 1842. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc000799/Doc1566.pdf

Written in German - Given to me by Wilma ID0379 -
Col. 1] Valentine Haas -
Col. 2] Age is 26 -
Col. 3, 4] ?? -
Col. 5] Oberhausen -
Col 6] Georg Haas and Anna Maria Reichert (Richard) -
Col. 7] Oberhausen -
Col. 8-10] ??? -
Col. 11] Elizabetha Becker -
[This info in an email from Wilma ID0379 dated 19 Dec 2006] - Near Neiderhausen, Germany



S21 Correspondence: Letter and Newspaper Article from Wolfgang Gotz, 19 Sept 1993. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001842/Doc1129.pdf

Doc1129.pdf Contents:
1, 2: Original Handwritten Letter from Wolfgang Gotz
3, 4: My Typed version of the letter
4: German newspaper Article which mentions Wilma
5: Typed version German and English Translation

S22 Marriage Record. Database Online. "Michigan, County Marriages, 1820-1935," index and images, FamilySearch (   : accessed 30 Apr 2013), Original Data: State of Michigan Record of Marriages, Page 38, Record 553, Frank Haas and Lena Seh, 1889. Acc002640/Doc1580.pdf  
S23 Death Record, "Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953," index and images, FamilySearch (  : accessed 10 April 2012), Henry Haas (1935). Acc002142/Doc4683.pdf

State of Ohio/Department of Health/Division of Vital Statistics/Certificate of Death
Registration District No. 1375 File No 27524 / Primary Registration District No 3462 Registered No. 29
1. Place of Death
County: Williams Township: Blank Village: Bryan
2. Full Name? Henry Haas
3. Sex: Male 4. Color or Race: White
5. Married - Spouse: Anna Haas
6. Date of birth: Mar 4-1866 7. Age: 67 years 1 Month 11 days
8. Trade: Laborer Industry Code: 87899
12. Birthplace: Germany
13, 14. Father name birthplace: Don't Know
15, 16. Mother name, birthplace: Don't know
17. Signature of Informant: Anna Haas S. Main St, Bryan Ohio
18. Burial: Fountain Grove, Bryan Ohio Apr 17 1935
19. Undertaker: Thelma V. Oberlin, Bryan Ohio
19a. Body embalmed: Yes - Embalmer's No. 3024a
20. Filed Apr 17 1935 - signature of registrar
21. Date of Death: Apr 15, 1935
22. I hereby certify that I attended deceased from April 13, 1935 to April 15, 1935. I last saw him alive on April 14 1935
death is said to have occurred on the date stated above at 300 Am
Principle Cause of Death: Cancer of stomach and liver
Name of operation: None
Autopsy: No
24. Was disease or injury in any way related to occupation of deceased? No
(Signed) T. E Schieder, M.D., 4-17 1935 address: Bryan O.

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Abt 1920
abt 1920
abt 1920
abt 1920
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[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]  
[1]  Louis Haas ID1206 - Frank Haas ID1192 - Hank & Annie (Could this be Henry Haas, ID1194 and wife Anna, ID1207 ??) - Valentine Haas ID0468 - Bertha Williams Haas ID0578 - Betty Haas ID0579 - Glenadine Haas ID3432, at left - Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf, p 4
[2]  Clara Haas, ID1193 - Frank Haas, ID1192(?) Holding Glenadine Haas, ID3432 - Anna Burk, ID4934 ? - Martin Burk, ID4933 ? - Louis Haas, ID1206 - Norah Burk Haas, ID3431 - Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf, p 5
[3]  Louis Haas, ID1206 - Frank Haas, ID1192 - Hank & Wife (Could this be Henry Haas, ID1194 and wife Anna, ID1207 ??)  - Valentine Haas, ID0468 - Bertha Williams Haas, ID0578 - Betty Haas, ID0579 - Glenadine Haas, ID3432 (Child at left) Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf, p 4
[4]  Front Row: Glenadine Haas ID3432, Caroline, Orphia & Henry Haas (young Man) - Back Row: Nora, Donald Haas ID3825?, Erina Haas - ??, ??, Henry Haas ID1194 ?, John Haas , Frank Haas ID01192 - Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf, p 4
[5]  Glenadine Haas, ID3432 - Frank Haas, ID1192 - Clara Haas, ID1193 - Acc001311/Doc1511.pdf, p 6


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