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  Chevrolet Muncie
Transmission Plant
Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

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Chevrolet Muncie, Division of General Motors Corporation
-  Muncie, Center Township, Delaware County, Indiana
-  North of 8th Street, south of 5th St, between Elliott St on the east and Perkins Ave on the west
- Coordinates: 4010'58.24N 8523'59.26W
The plant originally opened in 1935 and had 1100 employees and at its peak it employed 3400 people
This plant produced manual transmissions
The plant is no longer operated by General Motors but does still exist and the buildings and property are owned by General Motors. [Sept 2005]
The plant has shut down completely and is in the process of being torn down [Dec 2007]
Chevrolet Muncie closed its doors on 31 March 2006.  S1,
15 Dec 2014:  "Former Muncie Chevy plant workers compile history", by Keith Roysdon.  Anderson Herald-Bulletin, 15 Dec 2014, Page A-4.  Doc2564.pdf

"They're the historians of Chevrolet Muncie" by Keith Roysdon.  The StarPress (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana), 15 Dec 2014.
(Bill Grobey and Jary Dawson)
"Muncie Chevrolet Plant Architectural Drawings" - Digital Media Repository, Ball State University Special Collections - Link,
Ball State University Special Collections Search "Muncie Chevrolet":  Link, (96 pages - Mostly Architectural Drawings)
Some Retirement Parties at Chevrolet Muncie probably in the 1960s or 1970s - Doc3563.pdf
-  The "Walter" and "Charlie" marked on the photos are:  Walt Robbins, Sr., ID0005 and Charlie Gilliatte, Walt's good friend
"... originally built by GM around 1919 as Muncie Products. Closed and mothballed until became Chevrolet in 1935. History of the "carpenter shop" building which was Warner Arc Lamp Co, Muncie Underwear Co. Different names in the 80s-90s...Detroit Diesel Allison, New Venture Gear, Manual Transmissions LLC, the Chrysler connection under NVG. Closing of the forge around 1980."
(Source: Email, Michael, ID3556, 18 Dec 2014)


Family Employed
Walter Clifton Robbins, ID0005 worked at this plant from 1945 until his retirement in 1981
Phillip Eugene Robbins, ID0007 worked in this plant from Jan 1965 to Jan 1977
John Lucas, ID0454
Living ID0449

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The smokestack comes down
End of an era today when smokestack comes down - StarPress Online (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana) - Thursday, January 31, 2008 - By KEITH ROYSDON
A chapter in Muncie's long auto industry history is set to close today as the smokestack at the former Chevrolet plant on the city's south side is demolished. The smokestack -- emblazoned with name Chevrolet -- is scheduled to be toppled around noon today by a contractor working for General Motors in what one labor union official called "the end of an era".
.txt version of article


"Smokestack Demolition Marks End of Chevy Era in Muncie" 
Herald-Bulletin, (Anderson, Madison County, Indiana), 1 Feb 2008

Smokestack coming down Jan 2008

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"Officials are seeking ideas on what Muncie Chevrolet plant's former site might be used for"
StarPress, (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana) Online, 16 Jan 2011 - Includes a history of the plant - Link,
"Future of 70-acre former Chevrolet site in Muncie to be determined"
The StarPress Online (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana), 9 Feb 2011 - Link,
Also See:  Doc0395.txt






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S1 Muncie Chevrolet Plant Photographs Digital Collection.  Bracken Library, Special Collections, Ball State University, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  URL:, Accessed 17 Aug 2012.   


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