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10 Oct 1946 Phil Was born on 10 Oct 1946 at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  He was the second son of Living Robbins ID0005 and Norma Louise Haas Robbins ID0006.  At the time of his birth the family was living at 1108 W 16th St, in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  S2, S3, S21,
25 Nov 1946 Phil was listed on a Cradle Roll Certificate from Walnut St Baptist Church, in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana - S4,
1947-1948 Phil - Residence:  The family next moved to the Centennial House in about 1947 and stayed there until 1948.  S7,

This little farm consisted of 5 acres and had a detached garage building. Phil's father was an auto mechanic and did some work in the garage. He also raised some cows there as well. Phil disappeared one day and his mother became frantic because by then Centennial Road was being used as a highway so the traffic was quite heavy. She searched and searched for him and finally found him across the road at a neighbor's house - Phil had wanted to play with the little neighbor kid. This house was located on East Centennial in Muncie and the family moved there about 1948.

1948-1952 Phil Residence
In 1948 the family once again moved, this time to the North of Eaton Farm

This farm was a step up for the family. It consisted of 26 acres and had a small house, a nice barn and a 2-holer outhouse. An apple orchard occupied the southeast corner of the property. This allowed Phil's dad to have more cattle and gather more farm equipment.

Today, this farm has turned into a "Gentleman's farm" A huge brick house was constructed in the center of the property and a 3-acre pond was built. The barn and little house remain, but are not in good repair. The little house appears to be a rental at this time (Dec 2007).

The story told to us when we lived there was that the little house had been the former "Poore School" which had originally been located at the NW corner of the road junction just east of the house.

The daughter of the family was born while living at this house.

While living here Phil and brother Walt, Jr. received a Lionel Train Set for Christmas - I27, I28, I29,

21 Jan 1949 Patricia Born, Livingston, Overton County, Tennessee - S16,
1952-1958 Phil Residence
In 1952 the family once again moved to a larger farm, the 110-acre Farm

This was a BIG step up when the family moved here. This farm consisted of 110 acres and had the house and a workshop, and a fenced area that contained a large wooden chicken coop and a domed metal grain storage bin on the south side of the road.

On the north side of the road (which was gravel) sat a large barn, a hog house, and a corn crib plus another outbuilding.

There was also a large woods on the northwest corner of the farm. This farm adjoined the farm of Phil's grandfather Oscar Clifton Robbins ID0014. His uncles, Milton Robbins ID0043 and Paul Jarrell ID0053 and their families, also had farms that adjoined the farm of Oscar.

This was the farm at which all the kids had horses - Phil's horse was named "Trigger" after the horse of Roy Rogers. 

Phil's father became very ill with Yellow Jaundice and was unable to continue farming. The farm was sold and a large auction was held to sell all the farm equipment, cattle and all other farm related items.

1953-1958 Phil Education - Eaton Schools, Eaton, Delaware County, Indiana - I2, S5,
25 Dec 1955 Phil and his brother received an Erector Set this year for Christmas - This was a really nice gift - The father seemed to take more interest in it than did the boys.  S6,
1958 - 1962 Phil Education
Daleville School, Daleville, Delaware County, Indiana - I2,
1958-1960 Phil Residence - Stoney Haven Motel
This motel had 6 rental units plus the house where the family lived.  The children attended Daleville Schools and it was a big adjustment, especially for the boys.
The motel was a big burden on the parents and they decided to sell and buy a house.
1960-1966 Phil Residence - North of Daleville House
This house was out in the country on a 1/2 acre lot. It was a brick ranch house with a 2 car garage. This was a brand new house, the first one for the family, and had been built by a local contractor named George Harlan.  In 1966 the parents decided to move and have a new house built. The oldest son, his wife and daughter purchased this house and moved in around August 1966.
7 June 1962 Postcard sent to "The Robbins Kids" from neighbors Grace and Roy Schlegal  Link
Jan 1965 - Jan 1977 Phil Occupation - Chevrolet Muncie, Division of General Motors in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. He was a machine operator.  S8, S11,
14 Feb 1965 Valentine Card from Phil to his father - Doc0396.pdf -
1966 Phil had a horse named Trixie   I3,
1966-1967 Phil lived with his parents at the 400S House
This house is located south of Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana on County Road 400S. It is also a 3-bedroom brick ranch with a 2 car garage. It was styled a little different although the interior floor plan was much the same as the North of Daleville House. The family, at this time consisted of the parents, Phil and his sister. The children continued to attend Daleville Schools. Phil had another horse named "Trixie" I3, while he lived at this house.  The mother, Norma, lived here until her death at the home in 2004. The father, Walter sold the house in the fall of 2006 when he moved to Muncie.
1 Jul 1967 Phil and Sue are Married - 400S House  Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana - at the home of Phil's Parents.  S17, S19, I31,
1967 Phil and Sue - Residence - They lived in the rental house located at 314 W Willard in Muncie S17,
abt 1968 Phil and Sue - Residence - 1314 Nebo Road in Muncie and was a rental house that belonged to Phil's parents.
1975 Phil and Sue - Residence -  5400 Kilgore Av Lot 52, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  S11,
1977 Phil and Sue - Residence - 312 S Walnut St in Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana.  S13,
15 Jan 1977 Phil Died - 312 S Walnut St, Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana.  S8, S9, S10, S12, S18, S20,
Contribution Card in memory of Phil from Dave Meeks -
1977/ 1978 Calendar/Diary Kept by Norma -
18 Jan 1977 Phil Buried - Gardens of Memory Cemetery     S8, S9, S10, S12, S15,
Mortuary:  Meeks Mortuary, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
Images:  I32,
6 March 2001 Phil is mentioned in the will of his mother   S14,
28 June 2014 Patricia Died - St. Vincent Regional Hospital, Anderson, Madison County, Indiana - S16,
  Phil Spelled his name with 2 "L"s
  Phil never Seemed to get cold and Could go without a coat in the dead of winter
Soc Sec Number  - Phil 305-48-1051 - S1, S2,

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Source Citation

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S1 Social Security Card for Phillip Eugene Robbins, 305-48-1051, Acc000358/Doc1005.pdf

Notes: Original SS card showing name, address, and SS # - Attached is a pamphlet from the SS administration "Your Social Security Account Card" - SS# 305-48-1051 - Address: RR1, Box 295A Daleville, Indiana


S2 SSDI - Phillip Robbins, 305-48-1051. Social Security Administration. , accessed 25 Feb 2011

Extract: Name: Phillip Robbins - Birth: 10 Oct 1946 - Died: Jan 1977 - SSN: 305-48-1051 - Issued: Indiana (1962)

S3 Birth Record - Philip Eugene Robbins. 13 Oct 1946, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Delaware County Board of Health, Certificate Number 1485, Book 35, page 9. Acc000360/Doc1008.pdf

Certificate of Birth Registration, Delaware County Board of Health
Delaware County Building, Muncie, Indiana
No. 2523
According to the records of the Delaware County Health Department.
Name: Philip Eugene Robbins was born in Muncie on October 10th 1946
Child of Walter C and Norma L Robbins
Birthplace of Father: Ind. - Birthplace of Mother: Ind.
Record Filed Oct 13, 1946


S4 Cradle Roll Certificate, Philip Eugene Robbins, Walnut St Baptist Church, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, 25 Nov 1946. Acc000369/Doc1012.pdf

Cradle Roll Certificate for Phil - Dated 25 Nov 1946 - Walnut Street Baptist Church, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana - His name is spelled with one "L" - Signed by Edith Martin, John Wilson, and Edgar L . Hamilton, pastor




S5 Correspondence, Postcards sent to Phil Robbins from Mrs. Reynolds, his First Grade Teacher, May and Dec 1953. Acc000398/Doc1007.pdf


S6 Farm Accounting Book, 1955, Walter & Norma Robbins, page 15. Acc001322/Doc1135.pdf
Notes:  The Erector set was purchased in Dec 1954 for $39.95 from Kirk's Bike Shop on Main Street in Muncie. This was an expensive gift for that time. Dad probably had more fun with it than did the boys.
S7 Interview with Walter Clifton Robbins , by Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr, 22 Sept 2005

Extract: Lived here about a year. Walter Sr ID0005 put in a bathroom, a septic tank and a well. Put the water pump under the sink in the house. It consisted of the pump with a separate motor connected with a belt. Phil ID0007 got his little finger caught in the belt and he lost a portion of the end of that finger. Walter Sr ran the well pipe from the well into the house to the pump. He had dug down to the well that was already there and Milton ID0043 came out and cut the pipe off and Walter Sr put a cap on it and ran the pipe to the house. We lived in this house a little over a year. The county was talking about running a sewer line that would cost everyone along the road $1500. That was one reason for the move. The property had a barn. Walter Sr did auto repair in the barn. There was 5 acres and we had a few cows.
S8 Obituary - "Rites set Tuesday for Philip Robbins" - Muncie Star, Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana, Jan 1977. Acc000363/Doc1011.pdf

Rites set Tuesday for Philip Robbins
Services will be conducted at 2:30 PM Tuesday in Meeks Mortuary for Philip E Robbins, 30, Yorktown, who died unexpectedly Saturday in his home. Rev. Ralph Burke of Anderson will officiate and burial will be in the Gardens of Memory Cemetery. Friends may call at the mortuary today from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 pm. Mr. Robbins spent his youth at Daleville and attended Daleville High School. He had been employed at Chevrolet-Muncie since 1965. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Ann; three sons, Jeffrey, David and Scottie, all at home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Robbins, Yorktown, a brother, Walter C Robbins, Jr., Cowan; a sister Janet Robbins, Lebanon, and a grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Crabill, Muncie.

S9 Obituary - "Robbins Services", Newspaper Unknown, Jan 1977. Phil Robbins. Acc000364/Doc1011.pdf

Robbins Services
Services will be at 2:30 pm Tuesday at the Meeks Mortuary for Philip E. Robbins, 30, 312 S Walnut St, Yorktown, who died unexpectedly at his residence Saturday. Rev Ralph Burke of Anderson will officiate and burial will be in Gardens of Memory Cemetery. Friends may call at the mortuary 2-5 and 7-9 pm Monday
S10 Obituary - "Philip E Robbins", Newspaper Unknown, Jan 1977. Acc000365/Doc1011.pdf

Philip E. Robbins
Philip E Robbins, 30, 312 S Walnut, Yorktown, died unexpectedly Saturday at his residence. Born on a farm near Eaton, Mr. Robbins, moved to Daleville with his parents, and attended Daleville High School. He had been employed at Chevrolet-Muncie since 1965. Survivors include his wife, Patricia Ann (Sue); three sons, Jeffrey, Davie and Scottie, all at home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Robbins, Yorktown; a brother, Walter C Robbins Jr., Cowan; a sister, Miss Janet Robbins, Lebanon; and his grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Craball, Muncie. Services are pending at Meeks Mortuary
S11 Muncie City Directory, 1975. Taylor, Michigan: R L Polk & Co, 1975

Extract:  Page 437: "Robbins Phillip E (Patricia A) asmblr Chev- Muncie h5400 Kilgore Av Lot 52"
S12 Death Record:  Certified Copy of Death Record, Philip E Robbins, 15 Jan 1977. Delaware County Department of Health, Registered No 77-54. Acc000361/Doc1009.pdf

Extract: Certified Copy of Death Record - Delaware County Department of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics - Delaware County Building - Muncie, Indiana - No 2361 - This is to Certify, that our records show Philip E. Robbins died January 15, 1977 at 7:00 AM at 312 So Walnut St [Yorktown is written in] - Age at death: 30 yrs - Sex: Male - Color: White - Married - Primary cause of death given was (A) Carbon Monoxide poisoning - (B) while sleeping in garage (C) Accident - Signed by Rodney W Qualkinbush Coroner Delaware Co., Ind. - Place of burial: Gardens of Memory Cemetery Muncie, Ind. - Date of Burial Jan 18 1977 - Funereal Director: M L Meeks & Sons Muncie, Ind. - Registered No: 77-54 - Signed: Clyde G Botkin, MD, Sec'y Muncie Ind. April 27, 1977
S13 Real estate Listing Sheet - 312 S Walnut - Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana. Acc000362/Doc1010.pdf

PDF File Contents:
- PDF Page 1: Cropped photo of the house from Listing Sheet (Ph8621-002.jpg)
- PDF page 2: Listing sheet when Walter & Norma sold the house in 1977
- PDF Page 3: Listing Sheet when Walter & Norma purchased the house


S14 Last Will and Testament of Norma Louise Robbins. 6 March 2001. Prepared by Andrew Rutherford, Attorney. Acc001433/Doc0257.pdf

Extract:  "My Children are ... and Philip Eugene Robbins, deceased."
S15 21 Flower Cards, Funeral of Phil Robbins, ID0007, 18 Jan 1977. Norma Haas Robbins Papers. Acc002768/Doc1706.pdf  
S16 Obituary:  Patricia "Susie" Ann Gibson. Ballard and Sons Funeral Homes, 30 June 2014.  - Link, Doc2210.pdf
S17 News Article:  "Patricia Carr Marries", July 1967, Newspaper Unknown. Acc000359 Doc1006.pdf
S18 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 19002011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 13 June 2016. Coroner's Certificate of Death. Philip E. Robbins. Doc3547.pdf - Record Link -  
News Article:  "Patricia Carr Marries"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Sunday, 9 July 1967, page 7-B, Col. 4 & 5., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4057.pdf
From Image:  
Patricia Carr Marries
     Miss Patricia Ann Carr of Anderson became the bride of Phillip Eugene Robbins July 1 at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robbins Sr., R.R. 2, Yorktown.  Rev. William Mathys of the Anderson Methodist Church performed the ceremony.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Ruth Carr of Livingtson, Tenn.
     The Bride wore a white brocade dress with a shoulder length veil and gold accessories.
     Miss Janet Robbins, sister of the groom, was the maid of honor.  She wore a white dress with pink accessories.
     Walter Robbins Jr., Daleville, was his brother's best man.
     The couple are residing at 314 W. Willard.  The groom is employed at Muncie Chevrolet.
Obituary - "Philip E. Robbins" - The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), Sunday 16 Jan 1977, page 6A, Col. 6., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4060.pdf (Clip)

From Image:
Philip E. Robbins
     Philip E Robbins, 30, 312 S Walnut, Yorktown, died unexpectedly Saturday at his residence. 
     Born on a farm near Eaton, Mr. Robbins, moved to Daleville with his parents, and attended Daleville High School.  He had been employed at Chevrolet-Muncie since 1965. 
     Survivors include his wife, Patricia Ann (Sue); three sons, Jeffrey, Davie and Scottie, all at home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Robbins, Yorktown; a brother, Walter C Robbins Jr., Cowan; a sister, Miss Janet Robbins, Lebanon; and his grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Craball, Muncie. 
     Services are pending at Meeks Mortuary
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics/ Births/Ball Memorial Hospital"  Philip Robbins.  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 16 Oct 1946, page 2, Col. 1., accessed 6 Apr 2017.  Doc4192.pdf
From Image:
     Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clifton Robbins, 1108 West Sixteenth street, son, Philip Eugene.

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I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
Phil, 1962 Phil's School Pictures
Black & White:  Eaton
Color:  Daleville
Trixie - Nola - Phil 312 S Walnut St
Yorktown, Indiana
Headstone Phil Walking from Motel Rooms toward House
Hi-Res Image
Ph8629.jpg Ph9158-006.tif
Hi-Res Image
Ph8621-002.jpg 121804-002.jpg Ph9689-005.jpg

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I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
Phil with his horse, Trigger
In front of 110-acre barn
Phil Holding his Niece, ID0003
Phil Portrait
Phil with Goldie Dog
Phil - N of Daleville House
front door - Abt 1964
Phil, abt 1949
Hi-Res Image
Ph8643.jpg Ph8644.jpg Ph8646.jpg Ph8648.jpg Ph8467.jpg

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I13 I14 I15 I16 I17 I18


Phil pulling Smokey Dog
Stoney Haven Motel House
Phil's 4th Grade Class Picture
Eaton School
1957-58 School Year
Phil, Row 3, 2nd from right
Phil in wagon
Centennial House
Abt 1948
Smokey Dog - Phil
Front of
Stoney Haven Motel
Granary - Barn
silo of Oscar Robbins
Hog House - Trigger
Phil, Oscar, Walter, Grace
(See telephone on stand against wall to right of Oscar -
they used to have an old crank phone on wall to right
of door behind Oscar)
Abt 1957
Hi-Res Image
Ph9015.jpg Ph2785.jpg
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi Res Image
Hi-Res Image

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I19 I20 I 20.5 I21 I22 I23 I24

Robbins Picnic, 1954
Park in Illinois
Oscar, Grace, Phil, Janet, Walter, Walt, Jr
Walt, Jr. - Phil
Phil in stroller
Phil, Stroller
abt 1976
Phil Robbins
Billy Jarrell
abt 1947
Phil, 1947 Phil, Tricycle
Centennial House
abt 1947
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Ph9928.tif/.jpg Ph9671.tif/.jpg
Hi-Res Image
Ph3252.tif/.jpg Ph9929.tif/.jpg Ph9939.tif/.jpg

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I 25 I 26 I 27 I 28 I 29 I30
Phil, Walt Jr
abt 1948
Phil in front
Walt, Jr.
abt 1948
Lionel Train Set
abt 1952
Photo:  June 2013
Lionel Train Set
abt 1952
Crossing shack - Light Tower
Photo:  June 2013
Lionel Train Set
abt 1952
Luggage Station
Photo:  June 2013
Phil & Sue
Abt 1967
Ph9946.jpg Ph9948.jpg Ph10147-001.tif
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image
Hi-Res Image

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I31 I32 I33 I34 I35 I36
Phil & Sue Wedding
1 July 1967
Phil Headstone
26 May 1986
Phil, Pup, Smokie
Walt Jr. and Phil
Abt 1950
Phil & Sue
400S House
Phil, Wedding Day
400S House
1 July 1967
Ph9689-003.jpg Ph11002-003.jpg Ph8655-001.jpg Ph9689-004.jpg Ph11641-011.jpg Ph11644-011.jpg

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I37 I38 I39 I40 I41 I42
Sue, Wedding Showe
400S House
29 June 1967
Trixie and her Colt
Trixie and her Colt
Sue & Phil
400S House, looking NE
Lake Santee
Phil & Sue
Ph11644-012.jpg Ph11654-008.jpg Ph11654-009.jpg Ph11662-001.jpg Ph11687-007.jpg Ph11640-011.jpg

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