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Parents - Ina Oscar Clifton Robbins and Grace Gertrude Foulke     - MRM Page -
Parents - Edwin Emil Gordon Castetter and Flossie Fern Byers  S11,     - MRM Page -
Parents - Louis Dillard Henderson and Minnie P. Unknown     - MRM Page -
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Ina & Edwin Norman
Ina & Louis

Timeline      Group Sheet Ina and Edwin (Updated  )           Group Sheet Ina and Louis (Updated  )

22 Feb 1901 Louis BirthS16,
3 March 1910 Edwin Norman Born:  Buckcreek Township, Hancock County, Indiana - Birth Certificate,
21 Dec 1913 Ina Birth:  Sunday,  Fishers, Hamilton County, Indiana  S13, Birth Certificate,
  Attended Cadiz Schools in Cadiz, Henry County, Indiana  S1004,
1920 U.S. Census:  Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana   S3,
1930 U.S. Census:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S4,
25 Apr 1931 Graduated from Cicero High School  in Cicero, Hamilton County, Indiana  S1005,
1 Apr 1935 Residence of Ina and Edwin:  Rural Tipton County, Indiana  S12,
15 Oct 1937 Marriage:  Ina and Edwin -
16 March 1938 Property:  Sheriff's Sale of Farm near New Lancaster, Tipton County, Indiana  S11,   (Edwin's Parents Farm)
13 Apr 1940 1940 U.S. Census:  1219 S. 24th Street, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana  S12,
Sept 1943 Ina Description:  "Age 29 - Height 5' 6" - Weight 148 - Hair Brown - Eyes Brown"
24 Feb 1947 Norman Dies:   I.U. Med Center, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana - 828pm - Death Certificate -
Buried:  Elwood Cemetery, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana - Find a Grave Memorial - Cemetery Deed - Grave Opening Receipt -
1943-1973 Ina Occupation   S9, Factory Badge,
-- Ina worked at Delco-Remy, Division of General Motors between 1943 and 1973. 
-- Ina worked in the same department (611) (Previously 601) and did the same job during her entire 30 years
of employment. She never got laid-off or transferred during this time.
- Delco-Remy ID Card - Doc1041.pdf

- Union Health Center Card, 1970 - Doc1042.pdf
-  25th Anniversary Clock - Presented to Ina by Delco-Remy on 8 Sept 1968 - Doc4281.pdf
-  Ina's Social Security Card - Doc1019.pdf
21 Sept 1963 Marriage:  Ina and Louis  - Madison County, Indiana  S14,
30 Nov 1983 Residence:  229 N. 5th St., Elwood, Madison County, Indiana  S16,
20 Aug 1986 Louis Dies - Elwood, Madison County, Indiana - S15,
Cause of Death:  Acute Myocardial Infarction
Buried:  City Cemetery, Elwood
23 Aug 1987 Attends Robbins Reunion - Bakers Corner, Indiana  S1017,
13 Aug 1989 24th Robbins Reunion at the Apartment Complex of Ina Robbins Henderson, Greenfield Indiana (Vid2027)
12 Aug 1990 25th Robbins Reunion at the home of Milton & Ellen (Vid2026)
26 Sept 2000 Walter Robbins, Sr., Appointed Power of Attorney for Ina - Doc0096.pdf
12 Oct 2000
21 May 2005
Ina Residence:  Elmcroft of Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana - S18, S19, S20, S21,
Last Statement:  19 May 2005, Amount:  $4,099.99, Acc002407, Doc1202.pdf,
21 May 2005 Ina Death:  Ina passed away on Saturday,  at Elmcroft Assisted Living Center, in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana - Obituary,
-  Cause of Death:  Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arterio Sclerosis, Hypertension, Failure to thrive at age 91
- Life Insurance Correspondence - Doc1198.pdf (20 Aug 2005 - Acc002403)
- GM Pension Overpayment Letters - Doc1199.pdf (July 2005 - Acc002404)
- Life Insurance Documents - Doc1200.pdf (Feb 1872, Sept 1986 and Dec 2000 - Acc002405)
Death Certificate,

Burial:  She was buried on 24 May 2005 at Gardens of Memory Cemetery - I5, S5, S6, S7, S8, S17,
- Pre-planning documents for Ina and Esther Robbins - Doc0098.pdf

- Funeral and Burial Documents from Gardens of Memory Cemetery:  Doc0100.pdf
- Flower Card - Doc1043.pdf

Find a Grave Page
2005 Ina Probate - S22, S23, Doc0092.pdf - Doc1205.pdf -
  Ina Signature:
8 March 2005:  S13, Doc1204.pdf,
Sept 1937:  SS Card,
Billfold Cards -
  Ina Social Security Number:  306-14-8007  SS Card, Billfold Cards -
-- Ina spent her youth in Hamilton and Henry Counties in Indiana. 
-- Most of her adult life was spent in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana. 
    -- 1945:  Ina and husband Norman lived at 1609 South M St in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana S1,
    -- 1947-48, 1952, 1954, 1959 - Ina is now widowed and still living at 1609 South M St in Elwood - S2,
-- In about 1989 she was living in an apartment in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
-- About 2000 she moved to an apartment in Chesterfield, Madison County, Indiana.
-- Between 2001 and 2005 she had an apartment at the Elmcroft Assisted Living Center in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.
  Children:  No Children with either spouse
  Ina was a hard worker who loved the farm life and was involved more in the outdoor activities of the farm than staying in the house.  In her Photo Album, above,  she is shown with her father and some of their prize hogs
  Ina, like the rest of her siblings, was the product of the Great Depression so being thrifty was a part of their lives
  Ina had a kidney operation at some point and during a visit she recounted a part of the story of that ordeal:
She stated that when she had her Kidney operation her doctor said she had a choice of 3 specialists she could use. There was one in Muncie, one in Kokomo and one in Anderson. She chose the one in Anderson, had her operation at St John's hospital and eventually recovered in good shape.

At the same time she was having her operation a man that lived in Hobbes (near Elwood) had his operation with the specialist in Kokomo and Ryan White also had a connection with the same specialist. Both contracted HIV Aids from the blood supply and both eventually died.

She said she often thinks about how lucky she is to be alive because she could have easily have chosen the specialist in Kokomo

  Ina, Misc.:
- Blank Postcards from James Whitcomb Riley Home, Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana - In her possession at death Doc1044.pdf
- Two cartoon character drawings of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat were found in the possesion of Ina at her death  Doc1203.pdf
  Ina - Unidentified Photos belonging to Ina at her death - Doc1045.pdf

BW Prints:
1. Man with 3 children
2. Man with little girl
3. Boy and baby in diaper on sidewalk
4. baby in diaper and 3 boys on sidewalk
5. baby in diaper, 3 boys, dog
6. Woman and man sitting in yard
7. 3 young ladies beside a house
8. boy in front of wrecked bus
9. Man standing in group of cars
10. 2 men looking at a tractor "The Jeep"
Color Prints:
11. White house with snow on the ground
12 Flower Garden, wide view
13. Flower Garden, close view

  Edwin Norman, Misc.:
  Louis, Misc.:
- Social Security Number:  303-07-4713 - S16, S28,
- Billfold Cards -
Description, 30 Nov 1983:  Gray eyes, Brown Hair, Height 5'6", Weight 185, Sex M  S16,
- 30 Nov 1983  S16,

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Source Citation

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S1 Polk's Elwood City Directory (N.p.: Polkn.d.), 1945, page 118; digital image, ( : viewed 20 January 2010).   "Castetter Norman E (Ina M) emp Delco-Remy h 1609 S M"  
S2 Polk's Elwood City Directory, 1947-48, 1952, 1954 and 1959 - Digital Image -, viewed 20 Jan 2010
1952:  Page 217 -
"Castelter [Castetter] Ina M (Wid Norman) fcty emp h1609 S M [Bell Symbol] 805W"
1954:  Page 220 -
"Castetter Ina M (Widow EN) assmblr h1609 South M [Bell Symbol] FE2-6667"
1959:  Page 28 -
"Castetter Ina Mrs Fcty wkr Delco-Remy h1609 South M"
S3 1920 US Census, Population Schedule, Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 68, Sheet 2B, Line 51-56, Dwelling and Family 45, Oscar C. Robbins Household. Census date: 3 Jan 1920. Original NARA data: Roll: T625_437., accessed 28 Apr 2018. Acc000642/Doc4748.pdf
From Image:
1] Oscar C. Robbins: 42 yr old white male - head of household - married - owned farm with mortgage, farm schedule 4 - born Indiana, father North Carolina, mother Indiana. able to read, write and speak English
2] Grace G. Robbins: Wife, 39 yr old white female, married - born in Indiana, father in Ohio and mother in Indiana. able to read, write and speak English
3] Myron F. Robbins: Son, 8 yr old born Indiana white male, single - attended school. able to read, write and speak English
4] Ina M. Robbins: Daughter, 6 yr old born Indiana white female, single, attended school. able to read, write and speak English
5] Mary A. Robbins: Daughter, 3-2/3 yr old born Indiana white female, single.
6] Walter C. Robbins: Son, 1-2/3 yr born Indiana old white male, single.
S4 1930 US Census, Population Schedule, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. ED ??, SD 6, Sheet 4A, Stamped 154, Lines 25-33, Oscar Robbins Household. Census Date 17 Apr 1930. Original NARA Data: Roll T626., accessed 28 Apr 2018. Acc000645/Doc4749.pdf

From Image:
1] Oscar Robbins: Head of household, 54 yr old white male, married, 34 yrs old at first marriage - rented farm, own radio set, he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farmer - not a veteran. Able to Read, Write and speak English.
2] Grace Robbins: 50 yr old white female, married, 30 yrs old at first marriage - She and her mother born in Indiana, Father in Ohio - no occupation. Able to Read, Write and speak English.
3] Myron Robbins: 18 yr old white male, son of head - attended school, Able to Read, Write and speak English. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
4] Ina Robbins: 16 yr old white female, daughter of head, single., attended school, Able to Read, Write and speak English. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
5] Mary Robbins: 14 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school, Able to Read, Write and speak English. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
6] Walter Robbins: 12 yr old white male, single, attended school, Able to Read, Write and speak English. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
7] Esther Robbins: 9 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
8] Milton Robbins: 3 yr old white male, son of head. Born Indiana, parents born Indiana, no occupation
9] Frances Foulke: Mother-in-law of head - 76 yr old white female, widow, born in Indiana, parents in Ohio, no occupation, Able to Read, Write and speak English. 
S5 Obituaries for Ina
1:  Ina M Henderson, 91. Muncie StarPress Online (Muncie, Indiana), 23 May 2005. Acc000447-1/Doc0809.pdf
2: Ina M Henderson, 91. Muncie StarPress (Muncie, Indiana), 23 May 2005, page 4A. Acc000447-2/Doc0809.pdf
3: Ina M Henderson. The Herald Bulletin Online (Anderson, Indiana), 23 May 2005. Acc000447-3/Doc0809.pdf
4:  Ina M Henderson Dec 21, 1913 - May 21, 2005. The Herald Bulletin (Anderson, Indiana), 23 May 2005. Acc000447-4/Doc0809.pdf
S6 Death Certificate:  Ina M. Henderson. 21 May 2005. Delaware County, Indiana Dept of Health, Registered No 2005-0526. Acc000429/Doc0810.pdf

Certified Death Record Delaware County Department of Health/Bureau of Vital Statistics/Delaware County Building/Muncie, Indiana. This Certifies, Ina M. Henderson Died Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 645pm Place: Elm Croft Living Center - Age: 91 - DOB: Dec 21, 1913 - Sex: Female - Race: White - Marital Status: Widowed. Primary cause of death given was: A. Rheumatoid Arthritis B. Arteriosclerosis C. Hypothyroidism - Signed by: M. Saber Bahrami, MD - Place of Burial: Gardens of Memory Cemetery Muncie, IN - Funeral Director: Garden View Funeral Home Muncie, IN - Date of Burial: May 24, 2005 - Registered No: 2005-0526 - Date Issued: May 26, 2005.

S7 "In Loving Memory" UAW 662 Sparks Newsletter V 67, Issue 4 - July/August 2005 - Acc000434/Doc0327.pdf


S8 Funeral Poem for Ina:  Photo and poem "God's Farm". Ina Robbins Henderson ID0197, May 2005. Acc000436/Doc0811.pdf
S9 Employment Record. General Motors Hourly Pension Plan, Direct Deposit Confirmation. 1 June 2005. Gross: $639.90, Net: 570.90. Acc001437. Doc0812.pdf Doc0812.pdf
S10 Funeral card for Ina. Garden View Funeral Home, May 2005. Acc000451/Doc3720.pdf Doc3720.pdf
S11 Newspaper Article: "Sheriff's Sale" The Tipton Daily Tribune (Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana), 14 March 1938. , accessed 6 Apr 2012. Acc002138/Doc0817.pdf

Notice of Sheriff's Sale of personal Property on Decree Foreclosing Chattel Mortgage.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana by virtue of an execution with decree attached, issued by the Clerk of the Tipton Circuit Court, in Cause No. 3296, of said court, wherein CIVIC LOAN & INVESTMENT CORPORATION is plaintiff, and E. G. Castetter, Flossie F. Castetter and E. Norman Castetter are defendants, and a levy made thereunder, requiring me to make the sum of Twelve Hundred Sixty-Sis Dollars and Seventy-Seven Cents ($1263.77), and Nine Dollars and Twenty Cents ($9.20) costs and accruing costs, I will offer for sale at public sale on


at one o'clock p.m. on the real estate described as the east half (1/2) of the northwest quarter (1/4) of section twenty-nine (29), township twenty-one (21) north, range six (6) east, in Tipton County, Indiana, being one (1) mile south and one-half (1/2) mile east of NEW LANCASTER, in said county, the following described personal property, to-wit: One Holstein cow, named Betty, one Jersey cow, named Daisy, one Holstein cow, named Molley, one Guernsey heifer, named Beauty, one Jersey heifer, named Jersey, one Shorthorn bull calf, one Holstein cow, one farm wagon, one manure spreader, one roller, one spike-toothy harrow, one Black Hawk corn planter, one sulky plow, one drag, one disc. Harrow and tandem, one walking plow, one Farmall tractor, tractor plows and tractor cultivator, one gray mare, named Bell, one gray horse, named Bill, one Arabian mare, named Flora, one Arabian mare named Spot, one Chester White sow, one red sow, two black sows, 28 shoats, one Guernsey heifer, named Star, said sale being made under foreclosure of chattel mortgage against said mentioned personal property. Said sale will be made to the highest bidder, without relief from valuation and appraisement laws, and will be sold in lots and parcels as shall be calculated to bring the best price.
Dated this March 5th, 1938
Clarence D. Hobbs, Sheriff Tipton County, Indiana.
Everett Orr, Auctioneer.

S12 1940 U.S. Census: Elwood, Pipe creek Township, Madison County, Indiana. Ward 5, SD 11, ED 48-68, Sheet 9B, 1219 S. 24th St, Line 46, Norman Castetter Household. Original Data: NARA, T-627. , accessed 6 Apr 2012. Acc002137/Ph9440.jpg

1] Norman Castetter: Head of household - 30 yr old white male, married - Highest school grade attained: High School, 3 - Code B: 20 - Occupation: Farm Hand on a farm - Pw [Private Work] - 1939: Worked 26 weeks, Earned $300 - Code E: 3

2] Ina Castetter: Wife of head - 26 yr old white female, married - Highest school grade attained: High School, 4 - Code E: 5 - No occupation, Housework

- Rented house at 1219 S. 24th St., Rent: $10
- Born Indiana
- Code C: 60
- Code D: 6012
- Residence 1 Apr 1935: R [Rural] Tipton County, Indiana - on a farm

S13 Document: Chase Bank Signature Card. Ina Robbins Henderson Account, Walter C. Robbins Signature. 8 March 2005. Acc002211/Doc0845.pdf


Ina Robbins Henderson, ID0197
Walter C. Robbins, ID0005

Chase Bank - Account No: 100000710058
Social Security Numbers:
- Ina: 306-14-8007
- Walter: 315-07-0428
Date of Birth:
- Ina: 21 Dec 1913
- Walter 19 March 1918
- Ina: 8 March 2005
- Walter: 8 March 2005

S14 Marriage Record:  Louis Henderson and Ina Marie Castetter. State of Indiana Original Marriage Certificate. 21 Sept 1963, Madison County, Indiana. Acc000430/Doc1033.pdf

State of Indiana/Original/ Marriage Certificate -
I, Rev Maurice E Kessler, hereby certify that on the 21 day of September, one thousand and hundred and 63 at Grace Methodist Church in the County of Madison, State of Indiana, Groom Louis Henderson of Madison County, State of Indiana, and Bride Ina Marie Castetter of Madison County, State of Indiana, were by me united in Marriage as authorized by a marriage license issued for that purpose by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Madison County, and State of Indiana, dated the 21 day of September, 1963. Signed: Rev Maurice E Kessler - Official Designation: Minister - Witnesses: Esther Robbins [and] Tommy Henderson

S15 Death Record:  Certificate of Death, Louis Henderson, 20 aug 1986. Issued by Madison County Board of Health Anderson, Madison Co., IN. Book No. H50, Page no. 107. Acc000349/Doc1038.pdf

Madison County Board of Health/Anderson, Indiana/Certificate of Death
This is to Certify, That our records show: Louis Henderson Died August 20, 1986 at 1:20 PM at Mercy Hospital - Age at Death: 85 - Sex: Male - Race: White - Marital Status: Married - Immediate cause of death given was: Acute Myocardial Infarction - Certified by: Steven R Gatewood, Md - Elwood, IN - Place of Burial: City Cemetery, Elwood, IN - Date of Burial: 23 Aug 1986 - Funeral Home: Copher & Fesler F.H. Elwood, IN - Record was filed August 22, 1986, Book No H50, Page 107. Signed: Evrett Gaunt, MD (Health Officer) - Issued on: August 22, 1986

S16 Indiana State Drivers License for Louis Henderson, ID1856, License Number S303-67-4713, issued 30 Nov 1983. Acc000350/Doc1039.pdf

1. Name: Louis Henderson
2. License Number: S303-07-4713 [Soc. Sec. #]
3. Address: 229 N. 5th St., Elwood, IN 46036
4. Description: Gray eyes, Brown Hair, Height 5'6", Weight 185, Sex M
5. DOB: 22 Feb 1901
6. Issue Date: 30 Nov 1983
7. Signature

S17 Obituary:  "Ina M (Robbins) Henderson". Our Hometown Online, 1 June 2005. Acc000310

INA M. (ROBBINS) HENDERSON, age 91 of Muncie and formerly of Elwood, Greenfield and Chesterfield, passed away May 21st. Retired from Delco Remy in Anderson after 30 years of service. She was the daughter of Oscar and Grace (Foulke) Robbins, graduated from Cicero High School in 1931, and was retired with 30 years of service from Delco Remy in Anderson.
Survivors include three brothers and a sister-in-law, Walter Robbins of Yorktown, Myron Robbins of Westfield and Milton and Ellen Robbins of Montpelier; a stepson, Tom Henderson and his wife, Sue of Columbus, Ind.; two step grandsons; four step great-grandchildren; 6 nieces and 5 nephews, She was preceded in death by sisters, Mary Jarrell and Esther Robbins and two husbands, Norman Castetter and Louis Henderson.
Burial: Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Muncie
Memorials: Ball Memorial Hospice

S18 Document: Statements from Elmcroft, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Ina Henderson, ID0197. Jan and Dec 2002. Acc002399/Doc1192.pdf

PDF File Contents:
1. Statement 31 Jan 2002 - Total Cost: $2166.36
2. Statement 16 Dec 2002 - Total Cost: $2398.47

S19 Document: Individual Summary History. Elmcroft, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, 2003. Ina Henderson, ID0197. Acc002400/Doc1193.pdf

PDF File Contents:
1. Letter from Elmcroft
2. Page 1 of report
3. Page 2 of report
- Total cost for 2003: $34,945.00

S20 Document: Elmcroft Statements, Jan and Dec 2003. Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Ina Robbins Henderson, ID0197. Acc002401/Doc1194.pdf

PDF File Contents:
1. Statement, Jan 2004 - Cost $2726.00
2. Statement, Dec 2004 - Cost $3301.00

S21 Document: Elmcroft Invoice History, 2005.. Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Ina Robbins Henderson, ID0197. Acc002402/Doc1195.pdf

PDF File Contents:
1. Page 1 of statement
2. Page 2 of statement
- Total Cost for 2005 (Jan-21 May) - $16,685.50

S22 Document, Federal:  IRS Form 1310, Statement of person claiming Refund Due a Deceased Person. Ina Robbins Henderson, ID0197 by Walt Robbins, Sr., ID0005. 2005. Doc1196.pdf Doc1196.pdf
S23 Probate Document: Inheritance Tax documents for Ina Robbins Henderson, ID0197, 2005. Acc002410/Doc1206.pdf

PDF file Contents:
1. Letter from UAW Legal Services, 27 June 2005
2. Indiana Form IH-9 (Amount of tax $36,683.44)
3. Letter from UAW Legal Services, 29 June 2005
4. Delaware County Treasurer Office Doc# 1853383, 29 June 2005
5. Letter from UAW Legal Services, 11 Aug 2005
6. Letter from Indiana Dept. of Revenue - 8 Aug 2005 "Indiana inheritance Tax Closing Letter"
7. Letter from UAW Legal Services, 5 Dec 2005
8. Letter from Indiana Dept. of Revenue - 2 Dec 2005 "Indiana inheritance Tax Closing Letter"
9. Indiana Dept. of Revenue Form IH-22 - "Certificate of Inheritance/Estate Tax paid to State of Indiana"

S24 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 19002011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 24 June 2016. Norman Castetter, 24 Feb 1947, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. Doc3580.pdf  
S25 "Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940" [database on-line]. Original data: Indiana State Board of Health. Birth Certificates, 1907-1940. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana., accessed, 1 July 2016. Ina Marie Robbins, 21 Dec 1913, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. Doc3596.pdf
From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/ Certificate of Birth
State No. 17544 - Registered No. 305
Place of Birth: Noblesville Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
Name: Ina Marie Robbins, Female, Legitimate
Birth: 21 Dec 1913, 235am
Father: Oscar C. Robbins, Noblesville Township, white, age 37, born Indiana, Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Grace G. Foulke, Noblesville Township, White, age 33, born Indiana, Occupation: Housewife
Number of Children born to this mother including this birth: 2
Number of children of this mother now living , including present birth: 2
Were precautions taken against Ephtialmia D???: Yes
S26 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 19002011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 14 July 2016. Ina M. Henderson, 21 May 2005, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Doc3625.pdf

Indiana State Department of Health/ Certificate of Death
Local No. 05-526 State No. 018686
Name: Ina M. Henderson, female, Widowed
Date of Death: 21 May 2005, 645 pm - Age: 91
Place of Death: Elmcroft Living Center, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
Date of Birth: 21 Dec 1913, Fisher, IN
Veteran: No
Occupation: Laborer, Automotive Industry
Residence: 1601 N. Morrison Rd, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana 47304 (Elm Croft Living Center)
Race: Caucasian
Education: 12
Father: Oscar Robins [Robbins]
Mother: Grace Foulke
Informant: Walter Robbins, 8400 W CR400S, Yorktown, IN 47396, Brother
Burial: 24 May 2005, Gardens of Memory, Muncie, IN
Funeral Home: Garden View Funeral Home, Muncie, IN 47303
Cause of Death: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arterio Sclerosis, Hypertension, Failure to thrive at age 91
Autopsy: No
Reported to Coroner: No
S27 News Article:  "Ina M. Henderson, 91"  The StarPress (Muncie, Indiana), 23 May 2005, page 4-A, Col. 1., accessed 18 Feb 2017.   Doc4072.pdf  (Full Page and Clip of Article) -  
S28 Employment Document, Health Ins Card - UAW Card - Auto Insurance Card - Doctor Bus card. Louis Henderson. Acc001435/Doc1035.pdf

1. Social Security, Health Insurance Card
2. Blue-Cross Card
3. UAW Retiree Card
4. Auto Insurance Card - The National Mutual Insurance Co.
5. Doctor Appointment Card - Dr. Thomas P. Mengelt, Elwood


Images    Click Thumbnails for larger Images    Photo Album    - Higher Res Versions Available for most Images - Contact Me
I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6

Ina, Oscar with Prize hogs
Abt 1925
Robbins Family
Christmas, 1955
Grace, Esther, Walter, Oscar,
Ina, Mary, Milton
Robbins Family,
abt 1932
Oscar, Milton, Grace, Mary
Esther, Ina, Walter
Robbins Family, abt 1940
Back:  Grace, Oscar, Ina, Mary, Donnie
Paul, Myron, Sr., Irene
Front:  Esther, Myron, Jr., Helen
Robbins Headstones
Gardens of Memory
Near to Far:
Ina, Esther, Grace,
Oscar, Norma, Walter
Headstone for Ina
Gardens of Memory

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I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
Robbins Kids on Pony
Ina, Mary, Walter, Esther,
Myron behind pony
Robbins Family, abt 1950
Top:  Ina, Mary, Walter, Myron
Bottom:  Grace, Oscar, Esther
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther, Ina, Walter
Before 1989
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Ina, Esther, Milton, Walter, Mary
Before 1989
Myron's 80th Birthday
Walter, Milton, Esther, Ina, Myron
25 Aug 1991
Ina, 17 Months Old
May 1915

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I13 I14 I15 I16 I17 I18
Aft Sept 1963
Ina, Mary, Paul
Conner House
Hamilton County
abt 1935
Norman, Ina
Indiana War Memorial
abt 1935
Norman, Ina
abt 1935
Norman, Ina
abt 1935
abt 1935
Hi-Res Image-1
Hi-Res Image-2
Ph11231-002.jpg Ph11231-004.jpg Ph11231-006.jpg Ph11231-007.jpg Ph11231-001.jpg

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I19 I20 I21 I22 I23 I24
Ina, abt 1945 Ina, abt 1945 Ina, abt 1940 Ina, abt 1940
Probably the Fairview Farm
  Robbins Family Reunion
Abt 1987
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther,
Ina, Walter
Ph11248-001.jpg Ph11248-002.jpg Ph11248-003.jpg Ph11248-004.jpg   Ph11251.jpg

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I25 I26 I27 I28 I29 I30

Ina, abt 1995 Esther, Ina - Abt 1963 Ina, abt 1960
Photo Booth Photos
Ina, abt 1960 Ina, abt 1940 Ina, abt 1960
Ph11253-001.jpg Ph11253-003.jpg Ph11254-001.jpg
Ph11256-001.jpg Ph11256-002.jpg Ph11256-003.jpg

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I31 I32 I33 I34 I35 I36
Ina, Mary - abt 1940 Ina, Louis
abt 1963
Abt 1960
abt 1960
abt 1963
abt 1963
Ph11256-004.jpg Ph11261-001.jpg Ph11262-001.jpg Ph11262-002.jpg Ph11263-001.jpg Ph11263-002

I37 I38 I39 I40 I41 I42
abt 1963
Ina, Louis
Louis giving Ina a Permanent
abt 1963
Ph11263-003.jpg Ph11263-005.jpg        

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