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    George S. Snyder ID0412
Mary Magdalena Unknown ID0413

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Parents - George Unknown
Parents - Mary Magdalena Unknown

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Timeline      Family Group Sheet   (Updated   29 Sept 2013)

  George born in Pennsylvania  S1,
1766 Mary Magdalena born in Pennsylvania  S1,
  George and Mary Magdalena Married -
1790 Son Joseph Snyder born in Pennsylvania
  George dies in Grant County, Indiana  S1,
25 Jan 1848 Mary Magdalena creates a Will  S2, S5,
8 Oct 1849 Mary Magdalena dies in Grant County, Indiana  S1,
After 8 Oct 1849 Mary Magdalena buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Jackson Township, Grant County, Indiana  S3, Find a Grave
27 Feb 1850 Probate of Mary Magdalena's Will, Grant County, Indiana  S4, S5,
14 Jan 1863 Son Joseph Snyder ID0410, dies in Upland, Grant County, Indiana

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Children   S1,
Joseph Snyder ID0410  S1,  (My Ancestor) - MRM Page -
Daniel Snyder ID1479  
Henry Snyder ID1480 
Jacob Snyder ID1481  
David Snyder ID1482 
Samuel Snyder ID1483  
Christian Snyder ID1484 
George Snyder ID1485  

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Source Citation

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S1 Family Group Sheet. George S. Snyder, ID0412 Family and Joseph Snyder, ID0410 family. Prepared by Marjorie Haas, ID0381. Acc002632/Doc1561.pdf

Page 1: George S. Snyder Family
Page 2: Joseph Snider Family

S2 Will - Magdalena Snyder, Grant County, Indiana, 25 Jan 1848. Photocopy.  Original Source: Unknown. Acc000850.

Will Extract:
Magdalena Snyder's Last Will

I Magdalena Snyder of the County of Grant in the State of Indiana
do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and
form following that is today. First it is my will that my funeral
expenses and all my just debts be fully paid. Second I give unto my sons
George or his heirs Daniel, Henry, Jacob, David & Samuel Snyder or their
heirs and to my daughter Christian Sumfrote one dollar each or to
their heirs. Third I give devise and bequeath to my son Joseph Snyder
all the residue of my Estate or dower which is or may be coming to me
in Pennsylvania and Ohio or other debts dues or demands or property
personal or real. And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son
Joseph Snyder to be the executor for this my last will and testament
revoking and (crossed out) annulling all former wills by me made
and certified and confirming this and no other to be my last will
and testament, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 25th day of January AD 1848. Signed published and
declared by the above named Magdalena Snyder in and for her
last will and testament in presence of me to be at her request have
signed as witnesses to the same,
Noah Reasoner [Signature]
Thomas Dean [Signature]
Magdalena Snyder  [Signature??]


Doc1557.pdf, p 1

S3 Web Page, "Grant County Indiana/Shiloh/SHILOH" , accessed 14 Apr 2010
Mary wife of T. Snyder died Oct. 5, 1856 aged 76y.
Mary M. wife of G. S. Snyder died Oct. 8, 1849 aged 83y
Joseph Snyder died Jan. 14, 1863 aged 73y.
Thomas A. died Apr. 17, 1860 aged 74y.7m.
S4 Probate Witness Statement, probate of Magdalena Snyder, Grant County, Indiana, 27 Feb 1850. Acc000850.

Witness Statement Extract:
State of Indiana
Grant County, Be it Remembered that on this 27th day of Febru
ary AD1850 personally appeared in the clerks
office of the Grant Probate Court. Thomas Dean a man of lawful
age being one of the subscribing witnesses to the last will and testa
ment of Magdalena Snyder late of said county deceased who being
duly sworn upon his solemn oath saith that he Thomas Dean and
Noah Reasoner were the subscribing witnesses to the last will and
testament of Magdalena Snyder late of Grant County deceased
as made and published by her on the 25th day of January
AD 1848 and that said will was duly witnessed by us in the
presence of the said Magdalena Snyder and in the presence of each other
and that he Dean truly believes that said will was duly ex
ecuted by the said Magdalena at the time of making the same and
the said Magdalena requested the said Dean and the said Noah
Reasoner to sign their names to the said will in her presence
and that said testator was at the time of making and execu
ting said will of lawful age to divise her property and of
sound mind and memory and that said testator acknow
ledges said will and required the same to be signed without
co-_____ or restraint.
Thomas Dean [Signature]
Subscribed and sworn to this 27th day of February 1850
A Steele Clerk [Signature]


Doc1557.pdf, p 2

S5 Will Book Listing:  Wills of Grant County, Indiana, page 8, Listing for Magdalena Snyder, 25 Jan 1858. Will Book A, Page 40. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc001652/Doc1560.pdf

Magdalena Snyder
Date: January 25, 1848
Entered for Probate: February 27, 1850
Husband: None Mentioned
Children: Sons George, Daniel, henry, Jacob, David and Samuel, Joseph daughter Christien Sumfrote
Item: to son Joseph all residue of estate or dower which is or may be coming to me in Pennsylvania or Ohio.
Executor: Joseph Snyder
Attest: Noah Reasoner & Thomas Dean



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