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  Joseph Snyder ID0410
Mary Unknown ID00411

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Parents - Joseph George S Snyder and Mary Magdelena Unknown    -
Parents - Mary Unknown

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Timeline       Family Group Sheet   (Updated  29 Sept 2013 )

1790 Birth of Joseph in Pennsylvania  S1 page 1, S6, S7,
  Birth of Mary in Pennsylvania  S6, S7,
13 Aug 1826 Daughter Elizabeth born in Stark County, Ohio
1829 Son George born  S1 page 2,
1829 Son Oscar born   S1 page 2,
11 Aug 1840 Joseph owned land in Jefferson Township, Grant County, Indiana  S3,
25 Jan 1848 Was named and made executor in the will of his mother  S4,
1860 Census - Nemaha County, Nebraska  S8,
14 Jan 1863 Joseph Dies, Upland, Grant County, Indiana   S1 page 2, S2,
Aft 14 Jan 1863 Joseph is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Jackson Township, Grant County, Indiana   S1 page 2, S5, Find a Grave
6 Dec 1910 Daughter Elizabeth dies, Hartford City, Blackford County, Indiana 

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Elizabeth Snyder ID0407      (My Ancestor)    -
Mary Snyder ID1903  - [Seriously ill, 1910] -
John Snyder ID1471 - Children Research - Photo with brother Jeremiah -
George Snyder ID3629
Oscar Snyder ID3630
Jeremiah Snyder ID4008 -  Photo with brother John  - 



Source Citation

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S1 Family Group Sheet. George S. Snyder, ID0412 Family and Joseph Snyder, ID0410 family. Prepared by Marjorie Haas, ID0381. Acc002632/Doc1561.pdf

Page 1: George S. Snyder Family
Page 2: Joseph Snider Family

S3 Land Record, "Early Land Records of Jefferson Township 23 Range 9, Grant County Indiana" Joseph Snyder. 

Extract:  Date: 11 Aug 1840 - Name: Joseph Snyder - Section: 1 - Acres: 80)
S4 Will - Magdelena Snyder, Grant County, Indiana, 25 Jan 1848. Photocopy.  Original Source: Unknown. Acc000850.

Will Extract:
Magdalena Snyder's Last Will

I Magdalena Snyder of the County of Grant in the State of Indiana
do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and
form following that is today. First it is my will that my funeral
expenses and all my just debts be fully paid. Second I give unto my sons
George or his heirs Daniel, Henry, Jacob, David & Samuel Snyder or their
heirs and to my daughter Christian Sumfrote one dollar each or to
their heirs. Third I give devise and bequeath to my son Joseph Snyder
all the residue of my Estate or dower which is or may be coming to me
in Pennsylvania and Ohio or other debts dues or demands or property
personal or real. And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son
Joseph Snyder to be the executor for this my last will and testament
revoking and (crossed out) annulling all former wills by me made
and certified and confirming this and no other to be my last will
and testament, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 25th day of January AD 1848. Signed published and
declared by the above named Magdalena Snyder in and for her
last will and testament in presence of me to be at her request have
signed as witnesses to the same,
Noah Reasoner [Signature]
Thomas Dean [Signature]
Magdalena Snyder  [Signature??] 


Doc1557.pdf, p 1

S5 Web Page, "Grant County Indiana/Shiloh/SHILOH" , accessed 14 Apr 2010

Mary wife of T. Snyder died Oct. 5, 1856 aged 76y.
Mary M. wife of G. S. Snyder died Oct. 8, 1849 aged 83y
Joseph Snyder died Jan. 14, 1863 aged 73y.
Thomas A. died Apr. 17, 1860 aged 74y.7m.
S6 1880 Federal Census, Hartford City, Blackford County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 166, page 27 (Penned) P 458 (Stamped). Dwelling 294, Family 305, Line 38, James P Worthen. Original Data: NARA, T9, Roll 266. . Acc000719/Ph8223.jpg

1] James P Worthen: 60 yr old white male, married, works at spoke factory, born Maryland, parents born in Maryland.
2] Elizabeth Worthen: 52 yr old white female, wife of head, keeping house - cannot write - born in Ohio - parents born in Pennsylvania.
3] John W Worthen: 22 yr old white male, son of head, single, Occupation: teaming, unemployed 3 months - born Indiana, Mother born Maryland, father born Ohio.
4] Oscar Worthen: 21 yr old white male, single, Occupation: clerk in grocery. unemployed 2 months - Born Indiana, Father born Maryland, Mother born Ohio.
5] Marvel N Worthen: 18 yr old white male, son of head, single, works in flax factory, unemployed 4 months, attended school, born Indiana, Father Maryland, Mother Ohio.
6] Emma A Worthen: 15 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, at home, attended school, born Indiana, Father in Maryland and mother in Ohio.
7] William Worthen: 13 yr old white male, son of head, single, at home, attended school, born Indiana, Father Maryland, Mother Ohio.
S7 1900 Federal Census, Washington Street, Hartford City, Licking Township, Blackford County, Indiana. SD 67, ED 27, Sheet 1 . Dwelling 24, Family 24, line 90, James P Worthen. Original Data: NARA, T623, Roll 360. . Acc000720/Ph8224.jpg

1] James P Worthen: Head, white male born June 1820, 79 yrs old, married for 51 yrs - born Maryland, Father born England, Mother born Maryland, Occupation: Capitalist, Not Employed 12 months, Owned home free.
2] Elizabeth Worthen: Wife of head, white female born Aug 1826, 73 yrs old, Married for 51 yrs, Mother of 9 children, 6 still living. Born in Ohio and parents born in Pennsylvania.
3] William Worthen: Son of head, white male, born Sept 1866 and 33 yrs old, Married for 3 yrs, born in Indiana, Father in Maryland and mother in Ohio, Occupation: Painter, not employed 6 months.
4] Mattie Worthen: Daughter in Law to head, white female born Apr 1879, 21 yrs old, married for 3 yrs - 2 children, 1 living, she and her parents born in Ohio.
5] Mabel Worthen: Grand D of head, white female, born July 1899, 11/12 old, single, born Indiana, Father born Indiana, Mother Ohio.

Family: The entire family, with the exception of Mabel, Can read, write and speak English.
S8 1860 Federal Census, Nemaha, Nebraska Territory. Page 24. Dwelling 190, Family 170, Line 14 Samuel Snyder. Dwelling 194, Family 174, Line 32 Jeremiah Snyder. Line 37 Joseph Snyder. Original Data: NARA M653_665, Page 150. Family History Library Film: 803665. , accessed 15 Apr 2010. Acc001429/ Ph8040.jpg


Line 14:
1] Samuel Snyder: 30 yr old male, Farmer, Real Estate Value: $1600 - Personal Value: $700 - Born Pennsylvania -
2] Elizabeth S. Snyder: 47 yr old Female, born in Pennsylvania, Cannot Read or Write.
3] Henry Snyder: 19 yr old male, Laborer, Born in Ireland, Attended School, Cannot Read or Write.
4] Francis Snyder: 14 Yr old female, born Ireland. Attended School, Cannot Read, Write.
5] Rosetta Snyder: 10 yr old female, born Ireland, Attended school, cannot read or write.
6] Franklin Snyder: 7 yr old male, born in Ireland, attended school, cannot read or write. -

Line 32:
1] Jeremiah Snyder: 30 yr old male, Farmer - Real Estate Value: $800 - Personal Value $250, Born Ohio.
2] Francis Snyder: 26 yr old female, born in New York.
3] Mary E. Snyder: 5 yr old female, born in Indiana attended school.
4] George W. Snyder: 3 yr old male, born in Nebraska.
5] Emilie Snyder: 5/12 yr old female, born in Nebraska.
6] Joseph Snyder: 70 yr old male, Mason, Personal Value $370, Born in Pennsylvania.
7] William Miles: 24 yr old male, Artist, Real Estate Value $400, Personal Value $300, born in New York



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