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  Ancestor List
  George S Snyder ID0412  
  Joseph Snyder ID0410 (1790-1863)  
  Elizabeth Snyder ID0407 (1826-1910)  
  William Alfred Worthen ID0386 (1866-1941)  
  Mabel Marie Worthen ID0378 (1899-1978)  
  Norma Louise Haas ID0006  (1919-2004)  
  Walter Clifton Robbins, Jr., ID0001  


Orphan Research
Index to Defective, Dependent & Delinquent Census for Wabash County, Indiana (1880)
Indiana Genealogical Society
Accessed: 26 Jan 2011
Source: The 1880 DDD (Defective, Dependent & Delinquent) Schedule was a supplemental schedule to the 1880 federal census. It listed additional information about individuals who had an entry in columns 15 through 20 of the population schedule, identifying them as disabled in some way. There were seven categories for which the census enumerator was asked to enter additional information: Insane, Idiotic, Deaf and Mute, Blind, Homeless Children, Inhabitants in Prison, and Indigents.

Snyder John         Noble Twp.     Homeless Children     190
Snyder John         Noble Twp.     Idiot                           190
Snyder John         Noble Twp.     Indigent                     190     Wabash Co. Poor Asylum
Snyder Susan       Noble Twp.     Indigent                     190     Wabash Co. Poor Asylum
Snyder Susan       Noble Twp.     Idiot                         190

Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 190, Page 37, Inmates of County Infirmary, Line 26, Susanne Snyder, Line 27, John Snyder. Original Data: NARA, T9, Roll 315, FHL Film 0254315, page 392A, Image 0786. , Accessed 26 Jan 2011. Acc001596/Ph8557.jpg

[Extract: Susanne Snyder: 39 yr old white female, divorced, Idiotic, Born Indiana. John Snyder, 10 yr old white male, single, Idiotic, Born Indiana]
Jesse Owen Snyder - Blackford County, Indiana - S1, page 837,
Crawford County, Ohio marriages - Snider, Snyder  S2, page 168 - Several listed
Crawford County, Ohio - Index of Wills & Estates - Several Snider, Snyder listed - S2, page 92
Wm. Snider - Early Wills of Crawford County, Ohio - S2, page 20, #116
Mary O. Swift
-  I have a certified copy of her Death Record - Acc001470
-  Received from Wilma Haas Lucas
-  The Swifts I have are part of the Snyder Family

Source Citation:  Mary O Swift, 25 Feb 1925, Blackford County Health Department, Book 2, page 81. Acc001470

Extract: Blackford County Health Department - Local Record of Death - Social Security No -(Blank) - Address: Hartford City, Indiana - This is to Certify, that our records show Mary O. Swift, Died February 25 1925 at Hour of death (Not Recorded) - Licking Township - Age at Death: 65 years, Female, White, Widowed - Primary cause of death given was Lobar pneumonia - Signed by Charles Sellers, MD, Hartford City, Indiana - Place of burial or removal: IOOF Cemetery, Hartford City, Indiana - Date of Burial - (Blank) - Funeral Director: J Will Baxter, Hartford City, Indiana - Signed, George P???, MD, Secy, Hartford City, Indiana 8-20-[19]82 - Seal - Recorded locally in book No 2 Page No 81. (Back of document: Mary Swift, Date of Birth: February 12, 1858 - Birthplace: Indiana - Father: Abram Johnson, BP: Ohio - Mother: Nancy Ward, BP: Indiana)


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Shiloh Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana
-  Mary Snyder - Find a Grave:
-  Thomas A. Snyder - Find a Grave:



Source Citation

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S1 Book:  Biographical and historical record of Jay and Blackford Counties, Indiana. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co, 1887. Bk3504. Link
S2 Book:  Fisher, Jane and Carolyn Ratz. Crawford County Oho Probate Court Records. Galion, Ohio: Closson Press, 1988. Bk3373  


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