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  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Hamilton County, Indiana

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Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  - .13 miles south of 236th St on the east side of Anthony Rd  (23570 Anthony Rd) - (On the George Foulke Farm) -

Coordinates:  40 07' 47.02" N       86 06' 28.30" W

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On land from George Foulke farm acreage of the 1880 era
Caretaker: Jackson Twp. Trustee
A church by the same name is supposed to have been in this location - S1,
The Mount Pleasant Cemetery (also known as Pettijohn) is located in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana,
on the east side of Anthony Road (County road E-33) mile south of the intersection of Anthony Road and 236th Street.
It about 100 yards from the highway on what is known as the McFarland farm."   [S2],
"There is an earlier listing of some of the gravestones in this cemetery in the
Noblesville Library on which the names appear differently (with maiden names, additional
dates and relationships) which lead us to believe that the person who compiled that earlier
list had additional knowledge of these families and included the information in their
listing even though it did not appear on the gravestones.  We have noted some of this
information in our listing but have shown the names and inscriptions as they actually appear
on the grave stones.   [S2],

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Jesse Baker ID0759     Find a Grave   
Nancy Spivey ID1620     Find a Grave   
Ann Bates ID1621    Find a Grave   
Children of Jesse and Ann:  
James T. Baker ID2166     Find a Grave   
Nancy C. Baker ID2167     Find a Grave   

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Source Citation

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S1 "Most Famous Railroad in All History" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 8 June 1916, page 1, Col. 3., accessed 30 Jan 2018. Doc4620.pdf

". . .Then, across the road, hidden away from sight now, is the old Mt. Pleasant cemetery, and the site of the old church, where great religious occasions happened fifty and more years ago. ..
S2 Correll, James L & Velma B. Hamilton County, Indiana, small cemeteries, Jackson Township. Kokomo, Indiana: Selby Pub & Printing, c1986. Bk2956, page 153  
S3 Newspaper Article, "Seeking to Locate Grave" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 12 Aug 1933, page 1, Col. 6., accessed 5 Feb 2018. Doc4632.pdf

Seeking to Locate Grave   W. L. Cutts, of Hortonville, is attempting to locate the grave of his great-grandfather, Wm. Cutts, who died and was buried in this county in 1849.  Mr. Cutts is of the opinion that his ancestor was buried in what is now an abandoned cemetery on what is known as the George Foulke farm in Jackson township. Records of the burials in this cemetery are not available to Mr. Cutts at this time be he hopes ot locate them.  [Mt. Pleasant Cemetery]

Note:  I checked the burial list on the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Find A Grave page and did not find any people buried there by the name of Cutts (5 Feb 2018)


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