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    Foulke Thomas ID0168
Lowery Edwards ID0171

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Parents - Foulke Thomas Lloyd and Catherine Unknown
Parents - Lowery Edward David Ellis and ??? - S2 pages 298-302, S5 page 120,
Children Edward Foulke



  Foulke Born - Wales, United Kingdom - S3,
14 Apr 1623 Foulke Baptized - S1, S2 pages 298-302,
1627 Lowery Born - England, United Kingdom - S4,
  Marriage - S2 pages 298-302,
  Residence - Tenant of farm Coed-y-Foel - Wales, United Kingdom - S1,
1677 Lowery Dies - S4,

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S1 Family History Sheet - "The Ancestry of Edward Foulke, of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania" by Charles M Ffoulke.  - Acc000972 Doc0297.pdf
S2 Browning, Charles H. Welsh Settlement of Pensylvania. Philadelphia: William J Campbell, 1912 - Bk2912 - Repository:  Google Books  
S3 Information Obtained from Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr., ID0016, Source Unknown  
S4 Web Page, . Acc001147  
S5 Roberts, Clarence F and Warren S Ely. Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks with some account of their Descendants. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Clarence V Roberts, 1925  Bk2905  -Repository:  


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