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Coed y Foel Isaf
The Ancestral Home of Edware & Eleanor Foulke
who left Wales in 1698 and came to Pennsylvania

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Coed-y-Foel Isaf
Foulke Home near Bala, Merionethshire [present-day Gwynedd] County , Wales
Location of Coed y Foel Isaf
5256'08.70"N, 336'47.74"W
1.77 miles northwest of Bala, Wales on road B4501
.79 miles southeast of Fron Goch, Gwynedd, Wales
1.24 miles northwest of Rhiwlas on road B4501
Google Map of location of Coed y Foel Isaf
Google Street View Map of Coed y Foel Isaf
"It's name signifies 'the wood of the bare hill', i.e. a wood around the base of a hill whose crown is bare . . ."  S9 page 37,
"It lies along the river Treweryn, in a charming valley, on the east side of the stream.  Rhiwlas is distant a mile, and the market-town of Bala about two miles.   The Treweryn is a considerable stream, coming down from the mountains, northwest of Bals, and flowing for several miles east and south through a narrow valley between the mountains called, on one side, Arenig Vawr (great), and Arenig Bach (little).  The parish is Llanvor, from which many of the Welsh settlers in Eastern Pennsylvania came, ad the region, picturesque and romantic, is fairly characteristic of northern Wales."    S9 page 37,
Back to Our Roots: Coed-y-Foel Isaf -
-- An article on several visits by members of the Foulke family to the ancestral home
-- Article by Patricia and Robert (Bud) Foulke - A trip made in 1960   S6 - Nov 1991
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Business Name: T R Thomas
-- Location tags bala, gwynedd, GB
-- Business tags livestock, others
-- Business Address Coed Y Foel Isaf, Bala, Gwynedd
-- Zipcode / Postcode LL23 7NR
-- Country United Kingdom
-- Phone Number 0167-852-0353
-- Source:
LLANFOR 1871 census/ PENMAEN
-- Compiled by John and Doreen Jones of Hamilton, Canada. Copyright 2004
-- Shows several people listed as living at Coed Y Foel Isa and Coed y Foel Uchaf
-- Source:  [Acc001148]
During the afternoon we visited Rhiwlas, the home of Colonel Price. We then proceeded to Coed y Foel Isaf, the home of Edward Foulk (1651-1714). He and his family left Penllyn in 1698 on board the Robert and Elizabeth. [5], page 14
"The people at Coed y Foel Ichaf (M/M Thomas descend from the Foulkes."  Frongoch-L Mailing List, 13 May 2000, Subject:  FRONGOCH News!  Acc001151.
As for the Coed-y-foel of our ancestors, they came from Coed-y-foel Isaf. My father (Raymond H. Foulke) and I visited the area in August of 1997 and stayed with the Davis family at Fern Frongoch - just down the road a piece from Coed-y-Foel. We had a heck of time finding it (Coed-y-Foel), because everyone kept telling us to turn right at the statue - and there was no statue. They all forgot that to keep it from harm, it had been removed during the Eisteddfod, which, incidentally was held in the fields just below Coed-y-Foel on the Price's land while we were visiting.  [FronGoch-Wales-L RootsWeb mailing list - 6 Dec 1999 - Subject:  Foulke>Evan Welsh & American Connection].  Acc001150, page 11.
During the afternoon we visited Rhiwlas, the home of Colonel Price.  We then proceeded to Coed y Foel Isaf, the home of Edward Foulk (1651-1714). He and his family left Penllyn in 1698 on board the Robert and Elizabeth. Time prevented us going to Llwyn y Brain and Laithgwm butwewereableto see that area from a distance. We ended the afternoon with a visit to Frongoch - the home of Cadwalader Evans, the ancestor of Abraham Lincoln. S5 page 14, 15


According to Edward Foulke ID0168, his family lived at this farm and it was owned by Roger Price in 1698 at the time of their emigration.  S9 page 36-37,
". . . Coed y Foel . . . is VERY near Fron Goach.  The problem is that I see TWO, with an additional
                word on each.  I find Coed-y-foel-isaf between Bala and Frongoch (the town) on a road (B4501)
                 just east and paralleling A4212 which rund [runs] from Bala to Frongoch.  It appears to be
                 about 2 1/2 miles north of Bala.  On the same road and even closer (maybe a mile) form [from] Bala is Rhiwlas,
                 another tiny place.  Coed-y-foel-uchaf is on the same road a bit north of Frongoch."  S3,  
"We spoke to Mr Robin Price about his grandfather, R J Lloyd Price, and with Tom and Morfudd Roberts, Coed y Foel, about the history surrounding the Ffowc family."
-- Source: [Acc001148]
Natural woodland now owned by the Woodland Trust and open for public access. 
-- Subject Location:  52:3.4226N 4:17.7698W
-- Source:  [Acc001148]
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 Coed y Foel Isaf
COED-Y-FOEL [Isaf], 1888 
Coed y Foel Isaf
Coed y Foel Isaf 
Cod y Foel Isaf
Coed y Foel Isaf
Coed y Foel Isaf, 1997  S1,    From a photograph made in 1888
for Mrs Robert S Corson - S2
S5 page 15  S7  S7 S7 
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 Coed y Foel Isaf - Satellite View
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Misc. Information
The following information was first brought to my attention by a post to the FRONGOCH-Wales-L list [Acc001140]
"The name of the first wife of Evan Robert Lewis is given in one of the Evans MSS. as Jane, and there is no doubt,
            although not proven, that she was one of the daughters and eventual co-heiresses of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd,
            of Coed y Foel, in the township of Penmaen, Llanfor.  At any rate, Cadwaladr (or Cadwalader) ap Evan,
            eldest son of Evan Robert Lewis, and heir to his mother, acquired, apparently by inheritance, one half of
            Coed y Foel, and John Wynne, the grandson of Thomas Wynne who is proved to have married the other
            daughter of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd, held the other half, in 1698, hence the place, so divided, was 
            afterwards known as Coed y Foel isaf and Coed y Foel uchaf (viz., lowest and uppermost).  Coed y Foel
            adjoins Fron Goch." S4 - Vol 2, page 86, 87
". . . The Coed y Foel farm upon which he [Edward Foulke] lived was that part of the original estate
            of Coed y Foel owned, in 1688, by Cadwalader ap Evan, whose manager, no doubt, he was.  Grace, the
            widow of Cadwalader ap Evan, appears not to have survived very long, and the place thus fell to the next heir
            of Cadwalader named in the deed of trust, presumably Robert Owen, eldest son of Cadwalader's brother,
            Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, deceased.  Robert Owen removed to Pennsylvania in 1690, and he, or
            whoever was the tail heir, must have sold the property to Roger Price, Esq., of Rhiwlas, who was
            Edward Foulke's landlord in 1698."  S4 - Vol 2, page 88, footnote 5
"The mother of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd was Elin, daughter of Cadwaladr ap Robert, of Thiwlas, son of
            Sir Robert ap Rhys of Yspytty Evan (see Roberts pedigree)."  S4 - Vol 2, page 87
[Roberts Pedigree]:  "Cadwaladr ap Robert, the third son of Sir Robert ap Rhys, had a lease . . . for the
            'Grange of Penllyn,' consisting of Rhiwlas and other lands, near Bala. . . Cadwaladr ap Robert, called of
            Plas yn Rhiwlas which formed a part of the 'Grange of Penllyn,' married Jane, daughter of Maredydd
            Wynn ap Ieuan ap Robert of Gwydir, by whom he had six sons and seven daughters.  John, the eldest son,
            assumed the surname of Wynn.  He inherited Plas yn Rhiwlas, and was High Sheriff of Merionethshire,
            in 1577 and 1588.  His eldest son, Cadwaladr, assumed the surname of Pryse, or Price, which was
            retained by his descendants, and the family still own and reside at Plas yn Rhiwlas. . ."  S4 - Volume 2, page 24, 25
Coed-Y-Foel - Misc. Info - Doc0716.txt

Fron Goch
"Fron Goch, which gave its name to the present ecclesiastical district of the same name, is a large farm partly in
the parish of Llandderfel, to which it still pays tithes, but mostly in the township of Ucheldre, in the parish of Llanfor, Merionethshire.  It was formerly of much greater extent than at the present time, several parcels of land having been cut out of it, and appears to have extended into the township of Cynlas, formerly part of Llandderfel, but now locally in Llanfor.  The principal residence was in Llanfor, near the present Fron Goch Station, but there were other tenements, some of them on detached parcels, belonging to Fron Goch.  The tenants have of late times always baptized and buried at Llanfor church, but in earlier days they occasionally buried at Llandderfel, especially if residing at the time in any of those tenements belonging to Fron Goch which lay within the latter parish.  There is evidence to show that Fron Goch was sometimes considered to be a township of itself." 
S4 -Vol 2, page 85
Frongoch, Wales is about 3 miles from Bala, Merionethshire in Northern Wales. The town of Frongoch derived its name from a 14th Century farm by the same name. Over the years, various spellings have been used, including: Fron Goch, Frongoch, Fron-goch and Vron Goch.

The Fron Goch farm was the home of Evan ap Robert ap Lewis, also known as Evan Robert Lewis. Among others of his family, four of his grandchildren came to American and settled in William Penn's Welsh Tracts near Philadelphia, PA about 1689. These four children of Evan ab Evan, who was born at Fron Goch, have many descendants with many, many surnames throughout the US, given the Welsh system of naming at that time

        -- Source:  Posted: 9 Sep 1999 12:00PM GMT  "Fron Goch Farm Descendants" - General - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -


Coed y Foel uchaf
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LLANFOR 1871 census/ PENMAEN
-- Compiled by John and Doreen Jones of Hamilton, Canada. Copyright 2004
-- Shows several people listed as living at Coed Y Foel Isa and Coed y Foel Uchaf
-- Source:  [Acc001148]
Market Report - 7 Dec 2006 - Farmers Mart report entries of 7 prime cattle and 2208 prime lambs
-- J Roberts of Coed y Foel Uchaf, Bala is mentioned several times
-- Source:   [Acc001148]
Rhiwlas Farms
National Library of Wales site. If you go to the home page and register, which is free, then type
'Rhiwlas' into the search box, you will get quite a few hits. [259 Records 22 July 2008]
Meirionydd Archive Office:



Source Citation

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S1 "Picture taken by and map furnished by Donald Foulke, Jr., son of Donald Foulke, Sr., son of Herbert Foulke, son of Alvin Foulke, son of George Foulke.  Donald, Jr visited there, I understand, earlier this year, 1997."
-- This text was printed below the photo of the house at Bala, Wales
S2 Edward and Eleanor Foulke:  Their Ancestry & Descendants:  1698-1898:  A Memorial Volume.  Association of descendants of Edward & Eleanor Foulke.  Philadelphia, PA:  Loughead & Co, 1898.  Bk2931
-- Also available at the Foulke Family Association web site:
S3 Post to the RootsWeb Frongoch-Wales-L mailing list, 2 Dec 1999.  Acc001139  
S4 Glenn, Thomas Allen. Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Oxford Ed. Fox, Jones & Co, 1911-1913.   Bk2909  
S5 Capel Newsletter No. 11, Summer 1990.  [Cymdeithas Treftadeth Y Capeli - The Chapels Heritage Society].  Acc001149  
S6 Foulke Family Herald - Acc001166 -  
S7 Google Street View Map of Coed y Foel Isaf  
S8 A Visit to Coed-Y-Foel - Link  
S9 Book:  Jenkins, Howard M. Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd: A Township of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Settled, 1698, by Immigrants from Wales, with some data referring to the Adjoining Township of Montgomery, also settled by Welsh, Second edition. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Howard M Jenkins, 1897. Bk2910 Read Online


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