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  Jesse M. Foulke: Individual Summary - FamilySearch Profile - Find a Grave Memorial -
  Mary Baker Foulke: Individual Summary - FamilySearch Profile - Find a Grave Memorial -
  Mary Yost Foulke: Individual Summary - FamilySearch Profile - Find a Grave Memorial -
Parents - Jesse Judah Foulke and Sarah McCarty 
Parents - Mary Baker Amasa Baker and Sarah Hayburn
Parents - Mary Yost Michael Yost and Rachel Unknown

Timeline       Family Group Sheet   (Updated   25 March 2012)

9 Sept 1803 ?? Mary Yost was born to Michael and Rachel Yost
18 Sep 1805 Jesse M. Foulke was Born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania  S1, S5, S7, S8, S9, S10, S13,   S21,

Jesse was the 10th of 15 children born to Judah and Sarah McCarty Foulke
25 Oct 1814 Mary Baker Born - Pennsylvania  S4, S8, S10, S13, S17,   S21,
31 March 1831 Married, Jesse and Mary Yost - S5, S7, S21, S34, S35,
March 1840 Mary Yost Dies - Short Creek mm, Ohio - S3,   S21,
1843 26 Apr:  Married, Jesse & Mary Baker- Highland County, Ohio   S7,   S21, S38,
26 Oct:  Mary Baker - rocf Fall Creek mm, Highland County, Ohio  S18 page 312,
31 Oct 1844 Sarah McCarty, mother of Jesse, Dies - Belmont County, Ohio
31 Mar 1844 Son John Baker Born - Harrison County, Ohio
6 Jun 1845 Son George Born - Ohio -
20 Nov 1846 Daughter Sarah Ann Born - Ohio
30 Nov 1847 Judah Foulke, father of Jesse, Dies - Belmont County, Ohio
5 Dec 1847 Son William Born -  Ohio
28 Aug 1849 Son Amasa Born - Ohio
3 Oct 1850 U. S. Census:  Harrison County, Ohio S6,
Occupation, Jesse
:  Cooper and Farmer - S4 page 703, S6,

In the 1850 Census for Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio the father, Jesse was shown to be a farmer. The census showed the following persons in the household: Jesse, 45 - Mary, 36 - John, 6 - George, 5 - Meary A. (Sarah), 4 - William, 3 and Amasa, 1. Jesse was also reported to have been a Cooper and manufactured barrels to support his family. [2]

[2]  Obituary for John Baker Foulke, 23 Jan 1924 - Doc2925.pdf
24 June 1852 Quaker - Short Creek mm, Harrison County, Ohio (gct [Granted Certificate] Fall Creek MM, Highland County, Ohio  -  S1018, S1019, S1020, page 202
  Migrated to Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S4 page 703, S15, Jesse M. Foulke Farm
- The family moved to Hamilton County, Indiana and Jesse and Mary eventually purchased a 285 acre farm in Jackson Township which was located on Anthony Rd., just south of present E 236th St, about 5 miles west of Cicero.
9 Dec 1859 Sarah Hayburn, mother of Mary, Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana
1860 U.S. Census:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S8,

1 Sept 1862 Tax Assessment:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S12,
1863 Tax Assessment:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S2,
1866 Jesse M. Foulke Farm - Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana   -  I4, I5,
1866:  284 acres -

Jesse involved in Spiritualism  S27,
1870 -  U. S. Census - Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S13,
-  Occupation:  Retired Farmer  S13,
-  Building a new house in Westfield?  S26,
-  Jesse, Jury Duty  S28, S32,
1874 Residence:  Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S19, S20,
2 Aug 1874 Amasa Baker, father of Mary, Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana
9-14 Feb 1875 Jesse and Mary testified at son Amasa's second Murder trial - S14,
Amasa Page
Murder Trials Page
18 Feb 1875 Jesse Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana -   S21, Rumor of Death of Jesse, Obituary,
Baker Cemetery   Find a Grave Page    S1, S4 page 703, S5, S7, S9, S10, S11,   S21,
Oct 1876 Mary visits The Centennial - S30,
28 May 1877 Son William Dies - Madison County, Indiana
1880 Residence, Mary:  Timbercreek Township, Marshall County, Iowa - living with son Amasa and his wife Bell  S17,

Jesse M. Foulke Farm - Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana   -  I4, I5,

1880: Link,
   -  J. Foulk Est. 102.64 acres
   -  G. Foulk (George Foulke) 73.32 acres
   -  S. McShane (Sarah Ann Foulke McShane) 36.96 acres
   -  J. B. Foulk (John Baker Foulke) 73.32 acres

6 Mar 1888 Mary Dies - Hamilton, Indiana -   S21,
Baker Cemetery  Find a Grave Page  S10, S16,
Alt death date:  6 March 1889  S4 page 703, S7,
Son, Amasa comes home for the funeral - S31,
She had remained on the family farm for 3 or 4 years after Jesse had died but then spent the rest of her life living with her children.
4 July 1906 Daughter Sarah Ann Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana
13 Apr 1911 Son George Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana
23 Jan 1924 Son John Baker Dies - Hamilton County, Indiana
8 Apr 1934 Son Amasa Dies - Los Angeles, California -
  Politics:  Jesse was a Republican - S25,
  Religion:  Quaker Friends Church - S29, S38,
  Migration of Jesse Foulke Family

Jesse Foulke was born on 18 Sept 1805 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was the 10th child and the 4th son of Judah and Sarah McCarty Foulke. At the time of his birth they were associated with the Richland mm in Bucks County. On the 22nd day of February 1831 Jesse and Mary Yost made their intention to marry known to the members of Short Creek mm in Harrison County, Ohio where they were married in a ceremony at the meeting house on the 30th of March 1831. The record of the marriage and the list of the witnesses are included in the minutes of the meeting. Jesse and Mary Yost were married for 9 years when Mary died in March 1840 in Highland County, Ohio. Jesse and Mary did not have any children.

Jesse and Mary Baker were married in Highland County, Ohio at the Clear Creek mm on 28th of April 1843 which was Mary's home meeting at the time. According to the 1850 US Census on October 3rd they were living on a farm in Harrison County, Ohio. At the time they had all five of their children living with them, John Baker was 6 and the youngest, Amasa, was 1.

According to records, sometime in the fall of 1852 the family moved from Harrison County to the Hamilton County, Indiana area. They are shown to be a part of the Fall Creek mm in Madison County, Indiana which was close to Hamilton County. So, it is possible they were actually living in Hamilton County but were attending the Madison County meeting. According to the Short Creek mm records they requested a transfer to Fall Creek mm in Indiana on on May 20th 1852 and the certificate was granted on June 24, 1852. According to Fall Creek mm records they received the certificate from Short Creek on Aug 12, 1852.

At some point, and it may be the 1852 time period, Jesse purchased 285 acres of farmland in the southwestern portion of Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. At some point they built a large brick farm house and a huge bank barn. This barn was later home to various meetings, some of which, reportedly concerned Spiritualism. This land, which is shown on an 1880 map as the Estate of Jesse Foulke, was on both sides of what is today Anthony Road south of 236th Street.

In about 1868 Jesse and Mary rented the farm to their sons George and Amasa and they moved to Westfield. Son Amasa was married to Lucetta Carlisle on August 1, 1868 and Jesse and Mary had a house built for them somewhere on the farm. I belive this house was built on 236th Street just east of Anthony Road. This house would later be referred to as the "Tennant House". In August 1870 Jesse and Mary were living in Westfield, Hamilton county and it was reported in a newspaper article that they were having a new house built in Westfield. Son George was living with Amasa and Lucetta according to the 1870 census. Lucetta was killed by a gunshot wound on Novemeber 16 1873 and died in this Tennant House.

Amasa was tried for the murder of Lucetta and was found guilty in the first trial and sentened to life in prison. He was able to get a new trial and in that one he was found not guilty and set free on 14 February 1875. Both Jesse and Mary, along with George and several other relatives and friends testified during this second trial.

At some point around late 1873 or 1874 Jesse and Mary moved back to the farm in Jackson Township and lived there until the death of Jesse on the 18th day of February 1875. It seems to me that the stress of the trial took its toll on Jesse and probably contributed to his death. According to newspaper accounts he had been in feeble health for several years and he had quite a bit of trouble during the trial. According to one account he died of a hemorrhage of the lungs.

Reportedly after Jesse's death Mary continued to live on the farm for a few years but then moved in with some of her children. The farm became part of the estate of Jesse and was divided up. The main farm on the west side of Anthony Road which consisted of 102.64 acres and the farm of son George was listed at 73.32 acres, this farm was located at the southeast corner of Anthony Road and 236th street. The rest of the property, which was located on the east side of Anthony Road, south of 236th Street was divided between son J. B. Foulke at 73.32 acres and daughter Sarah Ann, at 36.96 acres.

The George Foulke Farm later consisted of 108 acres (The original George Foulke Farm of about 68 acres, plus the 40 acres that had belonged to his sister Sarah Ann)

By 1922 the original 285 acre farm of Jesse Foulke was divided as follows: 102 acres belonging to Alfred Graham, 108.61 acres belonging to Mary F. Foulke and 47.50 acres belonging to M. H. Foulke, who was the son of J. B. Foulke.

Written by: Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001, Jan 2019

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George Foulke  ID0076   I3, S6, S8,   S21,  -

Born:  6 June 1945 - Ohio
Died: 13 Apr 1911 -
John Baker Foulke  ID0091  I3, S6, S8,   S21,  - 

Born:  31 March 1844 - Harrison County, Ohio
Died: 23 Jan 1924
Sarah Ann Foulke  ID0093   I3, S6, S7, S8, S18,  

Born:  20 Nov 1846, Ohio
Spouse:  William Francis McShane, ID0094, Married 26 Feb 1868, Hamilton County, Indiana -  Civil War Service - Obituary - Obituary - Estate Sale -
-  Eva J. McShane, ID3659 - (1869-1930) - MRM Page - Obituary - News Art, Will Probated - Inheritance Tax Report -
-  Nona B. McShane, ID3664 - (1871-1935) - MRM Page - Teacher Evaluation - Obituary -
-  Alma F. McShane, ID3666 - (1881-1959) - MRM Page - Obituary -
-  James William McShane, ID3669 - (1884-1945) - MRM Page Indiana Medical School Qualification Certificate -
     -  James Owen McShane, ID3890 - (1908-) - MRM PageDelayed Birth Certificate -
-  Lena A. McShane, ID3670 (1887-1979) - MRM Page -
     -  John Amiey Eveleth, ID3887 (1879-1941) - MRM Page - Obituary -

Died: 4 July 1906, Hamilton County, Indiana - Death Certificate - Obituary -
Buried:  Carmel, Hamilton County, Indiana - Find a Grave Memorial -
1880:  Property in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana   Link,
Images Ph9275-011E.jpg -
William Foulke  ID0095   I3, S6, S8, S18,   

Born:  5 Dec 1847 - Highland County, Ohio 
Spouse:  Caroline Garretson, ID0096 - Married 23 Apr 1874
Children:  Mary Foulke, ID3671
Died: 28 May 1877  Madison County, Indiana
Buried:  Friends Cemetery, Madison County, Indiana - Find a Grave Memorial -
Images:    Ph9275-011F.jpg -
Amasa J. Foulke  ID0097   I3, S6, S8,   S21,  -

Born:  28 Aug 1849 - Highland County, Ohio
Died: 8 Apr 1934 - Los Angeles, California -




Source Citation

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S1 Headstone Inscription, Bakers Cemetery.

Extract: Jesse M. Foulke/Died/2 Mo. 18, 1875/Aged/69Y. & 5M/Foulke.

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From Image:
Foulk Jefse M - Jackson Tp - Qty: 1 Two horse carriage - Rate: 2$ - Valuation: $100 - Rate of Tax: Class: C - Class C Enumerated Articles: 2.00 - Total Amount of Tax Due: 2.00.
S3 Information Obtained from Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr., ID0016, Source Unknown.  
S4 Book:  John F Haines, History of Hamilton County, Indiana...., (Indianapolis, Indiana: B. F. Bowen, 1915), Bk2922, pages 702-704.

Page 703:  "John B. Foulke was a lad of six years when his parents came to Hamilton county, Indiana, in the fall of 1850, and settled near Cicero.  Some time later the father bought two hundred and eighty-five acres oaf land in the southwestern part of Jackson township, and there the family made their permanent home.  Jesse Foulke was a cooper by trade, but after coming to Indiana, he devoted all of his time to farming, although he made a few barrels and kegs for himself and neighbors.  He died February 18, 1875, leaving his widow and five children, John B., George, Sarah Ann, William and Amassa.  The widow remained on the farm for three or four years, and then spent the rest of her days with her children, her death occurring in 1888."

- Hamilton East Public Library (Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana) Call#: 977.256

S5 Book:  Clarence F Roberts and Warren S Ely, Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks with some account of their Descendants (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Clarence V Roberts, 1925); Bk2905, Page 136.

Extract: Jesse, b. 9-18-1805; d. 2-13-1875; m. first, Mary Yost; second, Mary Baker; 5 children.

Repositories: -

1850 US Census, Population Schedule. Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio, Typed page 442A, Line 13, Dwelling 1598, Family 1627, Jesse M. Foulke Household, Census Date 3 Oct 1850. Original Data: NARA Roll M432_693., accessed 26 May 2018. Doc4775.pdfFrom Image:
1] Jesse M. Foulke: Head of household - 45, male - Farmer - Real estate value $2200 - Born Pennsylvania
2] Mary Foulke: 36, Female - born Pennsylvania
3] John Foulke: 6, male, born Ohio
4] George Foulke: 5, male, born Ohio
5] Meary A. Foulke: 4, female, born Ohio
6] William Foulke: 3, male, born Ohio
7] Amasa Foulke: 1, male, born Ohio

S7 Book:  Lancaster, Harry Fred, The Lancaster Family: A History of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Huntington, Indiana: A J Hoover Printing Company, 1902. Bk2930), page 235.

Extract: Jesse Foulke, son of Judah and Sarah, was born September 18, 1805 and died February 18, 1875. He married Mary Yost, March 31, 1831. No issue. He married Mary Baker, April 26, 1843. She died March 6, 1889. Five children: John B., George, Sarah Ann, William, and Amasa J.   Bk2930

Repositories:  Google Books -

S8 1860 US Census, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. Page 60 and 61, Line 34 and Line 1, Dwelling & Family 411, Jesse Foulke Household. Original Data: NARA M653_263, Page 60, Image 61. Family History Library Film: 803263, accessed 25 Jan 2018. Acc000753/Doc3125.pdf.
Note:   Page 60, as created by the census taker, lists the place of residence as "Washington Township". Pages 59 and 61, however show the place of residence as "Jackson Township" as it should be. Thus Page 60 is incorrect.

From Images:
Page 60, Line 34:
1] Jesse Foulke: 50 yr old male, farmer, Born in Pennsylvania - Value of real estate: $12000 - Value of Personal estate: $1200
2] Mary Foulke: 45 yr old Female, born in Pennsylvania
3] John D [B] Foulke: 16 yr old male, born Ohio, attended school
4] George Foulke: 15 yr old male, born Ohio, attended school
5] Sarah Foulke: 13 yr old female, born Ohio, attended school
6] William Foulke: 12 yr old male, born Ohio, attended school
7] Amasa Foulke: 11 yr old male, born Ohio, attended school
Page 61, Line 1:
8] Amasa Baker: 79, male - Born Pennsylvania
S9 Web Page:  Judah Foulke ID0109:  
S10 Book:  Nellie E Evans, compiler, Hamilton County Cemeteries, Vol 1 (Sheridan, Indiana: Nellie E Evans, nd; Bk3411), page 6.

Extract: "Foulk, Jesse d. 2m 18 d 1875 69yrs 5m."

Extract: "Foulk, Mary w - d 3-6-1888 - 73 yrs 3m 6d"] -
Note: According to this age calculation she would have been born 29 Nov 1814

S11 Web Page, Find a Grave Page - Jesse M. Foulke.  
S12 Tax Record, U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918 [database on-line]. Original data: Records of the Internal Revenue Service. Record Group 58. The National Archives at Washington, DC. Indiana, District 11; Annual Lists; 1862. Jesse M. Folk, Jackson Township., accessed 18 Jan 2019. Doc5044.pdf .

From Image:
Sept 1st 1862 - Folk, Jesse M - Jackson Tp - 2 horse carriage - Valuation: $100 - Tax Amount: $2.00 - Tax Due: $2.00
S13 1870 US Census, Population Schedule. Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. Census Date 20 Aug 1870. Page 85, Line 24, Dwelling 659, Family 650, Jesse M. Foulke Household. Original Data: NARA, Roll M593_319., accessed 26 May 2018. Acc000752/Doc4776.pdf..

From Image:
1] Jesse M. Foulke: Head of household - 64, white male, Retired Farmer, Real Estate value $18000, Personal Estate Value $800 - Born Pennsylvania
2] Mary Foulke: 55, white female, Keeping House - born Pennsylvania
3] Amasa Baker: 89, white male, born Delaware
4] Anna J. Jones: 10, white female, born Minnesota, Attended school
S14 Web Page:  Amasa J. Foulke:  Newspaper Accounts - 2nd Murder Trial 9-14 Feb 1875 Link
S15 Map:  Hamilton County, Indiana Family Property Maps  H on top map - then see Detail map #4

Shows location of the farms of:  Jesse Foulke, George Foulke and John Baker Foulke and several others

S16 Headstone Inscription, Baker Cemetery, Baker's Corner, Adams Twp, Hamilton Co, Indiana.

Extract: Mary B/Wife of/Jesse M Foulke/Died/3 Mo 6, 1888/Aged/73Y 4M 10D/.

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From Image:
1] Amasa J. Folk - 30 yr old White Male - Married - Farmer - Born in Ohio - Parents both born in Pennsylvania -
2] Bell Folk - 27 yr old White Female - Wife of head of Household - Married - Housekeeper - Born in Ohio - Parents both born in Pennsylvania -
3] Charles Folk - 7 yr old white male - Son of head, at school - Born in Indiana - Parents both born in Ohio -
4] Mary Folk - 65 yr old white female - mother of Head of household - Widowed - Housekeeper - Born in Pennsylvania - Both parents born in Pennsylvania


S19 Database On-line, "Residents of Hamilton County, Indiana (1874)" Original Data: The People’s Guide: A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Hamilton Co., Ind. by Cline & McHaffie (Indianapolis: Indianapolis Printing and Publishing House, 1874. Indiana Genealogical Society. Accessed 3 Oct 2010. Acc001550 - EN0017

Extract: Last Name: Foulke - First Name: Jesse M - Township: Jackson Twp - Residence: 1-1/2 miles northwest of Deming - Occupation: Farmer - Birthplace: Pennsylvania - Birth year: 1805 - When settled in County: 1850 - Political Party: Republican - Religion: Friend - Remarks: blank.
S20 Book:  Cline & McHaffie, The People's Guide: A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Hamilton County, Indiana.  Indianapolis, Indiana: Indianapolis Printing and Pub House, 1874. Bk2975, page 209.

Extract: "Foulke, Jesse M.; farmer; 11/2 m n w Deming. Born in Pa. 18095; settled in H.C. 1850. Rep. Friend."
S21 Family History Sheet - Foulke Family Sheets, page 6. Created by Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr. ID0016. Acc001131/Doc0764.pdf Doc0764.pdf
S22 U.S., Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I–VI, 1607–1943. Original Data: Hinshaw, William Wade, et al., compilers. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. 6 vols. 1936–1950. Reprint, Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991–1994., page 302. Marriage of Jesse and Mary Baker Foulke.

From Image
1843, 4, 28.  Jesse M., s Judah & Sarah, Highland County., O.; m in Clear Creek MH, Mary Baker, dt Amasa & Sarah, Highland Co., O. (H)
1843, 7, 22.  Mary gct Short Creek MM (H)
Doc2274.pdf Record Link
S23 Obituary, Jesse M. Foulke, Noblesville Ledger, 26 Feb 1875, page 1. Scan received from Hamilton East Public Library, 18 Sept 2017. Doc4474.pdf.

From Image:
Last week, as our forms were on the press, we made room for, and published as a rumor, the death of Jesse M. Foulke, from internal hemorrhage. The report was but too true, and it is this week our painful task to confirm it. Mr. Foulke was about seventy years of age, and had been in feeble health for several years. During his attendance at court as a witness in the recent trial of his son, he was so weak as to be scarcely able to stand up in giving his testimony. And immediately after returning home he was attacked and Thursday of last week died. Mr. F. was a native of Pennsylvania, and first settled in Ohio, from whence he moved to this county settling on the farm where he died, we believe. He was esteemed as one of our best citizens, and his death is regretted by scores of warm friends throughout the county. We have been unable to get any reliable data as to his life and services, and would be obliged to any one acquainted with the facts to furnish them for use in our columns.
S24 Obituary, "Rumored Death of Jesse Foulke." Noblesville Ledger, 19 Feb 1875, page 1. Obtained scan of article from Hamilton East Public Library, 18 Sept 2017. Doc4474-002.pdf.

From Image:
The Ledger
William Bodenhamer/ Editor
Rumored Death of Jesse Foulke.
It was rumored on the street Thursday evening that Jesse Foulke, father of Amasa, had expired at his home during the day of hemorrhage of lungs. We hear this as our forms are going to press, and have not the time to investigate as to its correctness.
S25 Newspaper Article, "70 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 23 Apr 1942, page 4, Col 2. Event Date: April 1872., accessed 27 Jan 2018. Doc4599.pdf

The Republicans of Jackson township met at Winders' School house with F. M. Warford, chairman of the township central committee, calling it to order. J. F. Sims was called to the chair and F. M. Warford was secretary. A committee was appointed to select delegates to the different conventions the committee being: T. B. Smith, A. P. Sanders, F. M. Warford, Jesse Foulke and Matthew Wright. The committee reported the delegates to the Congressional convention: E. Reeves, T. B. Smith, A. Pettijohn and H. B. Sanders; alternates: J. R. Carson, Jesse Foulke, A. P. Sanders and J. F. Sims. Delegates to the Judicial and representative conventions: J. Stanton, F. M. Warford, A. Jettijohn, A. Walton, Jesse Foulke, H. B. Sanders, . . . It was decided to hold the mass convention at Cicero in August, 1872, to appoint delegates to the county convention and that township officers be nominated then.
S26 Newspaper Article, "70 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 7 Aug 1940, page 4, Col. 2., accessed 27 Jan 2018. Doc4602.pdf.

. . Westfield: George Baker is completing a fine two-story house in the north part of town. Talk of two more going up in the same locality, one by Uncle Jesse Foulke, and one by Hezekiah Collins. . .
S27 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 16 Nov 1936, page 1, Col. 1., accessed 27 Jan 2018. Doc4603.pdf.

. . . Some of the Madison County towns call to mind incidents in the history of Hamilton County. Going through Chesterfield, in Madison county, the seat of the Spiritualists of Indiana, recalls the great debate on Spiritualism at the great barn of Jesse Foulke, northwest of Deming, seventy-five or so years ago. . .
S28 Newspaper Article, "70 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 9 Apr 1940, page 4, Col 2., accessed 28 Jan 2018. Doc4607.pdf.

Common Pleas court commences Monday, May 2nd, with a full docket. The jury: Stephen White, Eli Brooks, Noblesville Township; James Yow, and Jesse Foulke, Washington; . . .
S29 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 21 June 1937, page 6, Col. 4., accessed 28 Jan 2018. Doc4609.pdf

   The recent write-up of the three Friends churches . . . He referred to one man that I want to call attention to. He said that Jesse Foulke was not a member of Friends. I think the record will show he was a member of the "Hicksite" branch of the Friends, and possibly his membership was at Pendleton where there is a church. . .
S30 Newspaper Article, "70 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 28 Oct 1946, page 4, Col. 1., accessed 29 Jan 2018.

Mrs. Jesse Foulke has returned from a visit at the Centennial.

Note:  Was this the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia?
S31 Newspaper Article, "50 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 12 March 1938, page 4, Col. 3., accessed 29 Jan 2018

Amasa Foulke, of Lincoln Nebraska, came back to Hamilton County to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Jesse Foulke.
S32 Newspaper Article, "75 Years Ago" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 14 Apr 1945, page 4, Col. 1., accessed 1 Feb 2018.

The Common Pleas Court will commence Monday, May 2nd [1870], with a full docket.
The members of the Jury are: . . . James Yow and Jesse M. Foulke, Washington; . . .
S33 Obituary, "Death of Mrs. M'Shane" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 5 July 1906, page 1, Col. 3., accessed 5 Feb 2018. Doc4630.pdf

    Mrs. Frank McShane, a well-known Hamilton county woman died Tuesday afternoon at her home, three miles south of Carmel.  She was sixty years of age.  She was a sister to John and George Foulke, of near Cicero. Four daughters and one son survive her.  The funeral service will be held at the house, Friday morning at 10 o'clock.  Interment at the Farley cemetery.
S34 Database Online. "U. S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1994"., accessed , 18 Sept 2014. Short Creek mm, (Jefferson County, Ohio), Marriages 1829-1911, page 7, 8. Doc4790.pdf

From Image:
Page 7:
Whereas Jefse M. Foulke of Harrisville Harrison County Ohio Son of Judah Foulke Guernsey County same state ??? (smudge on page) [and Sarah] his wife, and Mary Yost Daughter of Michael Yost of Harrison County aforesaid and Rachel his wife having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before a Monthly Meeting of the Religious society of Friends held at Harrisville and having the necefsary approbation of Parents their said proposals of marriage were allowed by said meeting. These are to certify whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions this thirtieth Day of third month in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and Thirty one, they the said Jefse M. Foulke and Mary Yost appeared in a public Meeting of the said People held at Harrisville aforesaid and the said Jefse M Foulke taking the said Mary Yost by the hand declared that he took her the said Mary Yost to be his wife promising with divine afistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until Death should separate them and then the said Mary Yost did in like manner declare that she took him the said Jefse M Foulke to be her Husband promising with divine afsistance to be unto him a loving and faithful Wife until Death should separate them. And moreover they the said Jefse M Foulke and Mary Yost she according to the custom of marriage adopting the name of her husband did as a further confirmation thereof then and there to these presents set their hands.
Jefse M Foulke
Mary Foulke

Page 8:
And we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present at the Solemnization of the said Marriage have as witnefses ??? (Smudge) our hands the Day and Year above written.
Daniel Warton, Edward Morris, John Booth, Samuel Anderson, Henry Hoeverling, John Weers, Samuel Griffith, Anna Warton, Jane Hutchison, Martha Strod, Rachel Armstrong, Samuel Battin, Aaron Parker, James Shallerofs, Elizabeth Doan, Wm Lewis, John Kirkwood, Elijah Yost, James Roberts, Wayne Strode, Joseph Patterson, Harriett Rickets, Sarah Johnson, Lydia Lewis, Ruth Battin, Amy Battin, Lydia Battin, Hannah Butler, Rachel Larkin, Joseph Larkin, Eleanore McEfee, Martha Warton, Ezra Wharton, Elizabeth McKee,Michel Yost, Rachel Yost, Ann Grubb, John Yost, Elias Yost, Isaac Yost, Sarah Yost, Penelope Smith, Edward Morris, Silas Foulke

S35 Database Online. "U. S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1994"., accessed , 21 Sept 2014. Short Creek mm, Minutes of Women Friends, page 20, 22 Feb 1831. Doc4791.pdf

From Image:
Page 20:
At Short Creek monthly meeting of women Friends held 22th of 2nd mo 1831
Jefse M Foulke and Mary Yost inform this meeting that they intend marriage with each other. Rachel Larkin and Iona Hollowell are appointed to inquire into the young womans ??? with others and report to next meeting
Page 21:
At Short Creek monthly meeting of women Friends held 25th of 3rd mo 1831
Jefse M Foulke and Mary Yost appeared at this meeting and declared the continuation of their intentions of marriage with each other and no obstruction appearing they are left at liberty to accomplish the same according to decispline. Martha Wharton and Rachel Larkin are appointed to attend the marriage observe the order thereof and report to the next meeting
. . .
and of the friends appointed to attend the marriage of Jefse M Foulke and Mary Yost reported that they attended and considered it orderly accomplished
S36 Birth Record, "Iowa, Delayed Birth Records, 1856-1940" [database on-line]. James Owen McShane, 26 Feb 1907., accessed 21 Aug 2018. Doc4832.pdf.

From Image:
Iowa State Department of Health - Division of Vital Statistics
Birth Certificate
I, Mrs. Edna C. McShane, being duly sworn, depose and say that I am 55 years of age; that I have known the person named herein for 32 yrs years; that I reside at 5210 Florida Str., in the County of Wayne-Detroit, Mich.; that the answers given to the following questions are true and correct
Full Name of Child: James Owen McShane
Place of Birth: County of Woodbury City of Sioux City, Iowa.
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: Feb. 26th 1907
Name of Physician: Dr. Lawrence
Father: James William McShane,
Residence at time of birth: Sioux City, Iowa
Color White, Age at time of birth: 23 years
Occupation at time of this birth: Dairy-Man
Mother: Edna C. Owens
Residence at time of this birth: Blank
Color White - Age at time of this birth: 23 years
Occupation at time of this birth: Housewife
That the basis of my knowledge for answers given above is as follows Mother of child
Signature: Mrs. Edna C. McShane, Relationship: Mother
Date: 29 July 1939
S37 Civil War Service, William F. McShane.  News Articles

Newspaper Article, "Civil War Review", Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 5 June 1964, page 4, Col. 4., accessed 10 Nov 2018. William F. McShane. Doc4938.pdf

Newspaper Article, "Subscriber to a Local Newspaper for First Time", Noblesville Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 3 Nov 1922, page 1, Col. 6., accessed 10 Nov 2018. Doc4939.pdf .

Newspaper Article, "Veterans of Two Wars: List as enumerated in City and three Townships" Noblesville Daily Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 20 May 1913, Page 1, Col. 3 & 4., accessed 10 Nov 2018. Doc4940.pdf.
S38 Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 5, Original Data: Hinshaw, William Wade, et al., compilers. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. 6 vols. 1936–1950. Reprint, Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991–1994. Bk2934., accessed 3 Nov 2015. Amasa Baker Family, Fall Creek mm, Highland County, Ohio, page 297. Doc3223.pdf  


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Mary Baker Foulke
Abt 1880
Mary Baker Foulke
Abt 1885
Jesse Foulke Family, Before 1875
Seated: Mary Baker Foulke - Jesse M. Foulke
Back: John, ID0091 - William ID0095 - Sarah ID0093 -
George ID0076 - Amasa ID0097
Hi-Res Image
Jesse M. Foulke Farm
West side of Anthony Rd.
Just south of 236th St.
Taken:  17 may 1986
Taken 1986

Hi-Res Image
Jesse M. Foulke Barn
West side of Anthony Rd.
Just south of 236th St.
Taken:  17 may 1986
Taken 1986

Hi-Res Image
Jessed Foulke
Bakers Corner Cemetery

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