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North of Eaton Farm
Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana

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Location -
Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana
-  North side of CR 1200N just east of the Norfolk and Western railroad tracks and west of CR 200E
-  This farm was located approximately 1.75 miles north of Eaton
- Coordinates:    4021'51.70N     8521'24.31W
Google Custom Map      (Also Shows location of Poor School)
Address when the Robbins Family lived here:  R R 1, Eaton, Indiana
Current address:  2770 E CR1200N,  Eaton, IN 47338
   -  1874 Plat Map - Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana - S11,
   -  1952 Plat Map - Bk1869 - Ph8576.jpg  S5
-  House Floor Plan - Doc0609.pdf
This farm consisted of 26 acres. There was a small house, a barn and a 2-hole outhouse. I cannot remember the layout of the house. Dad stated that he installed a bathroom in the house but I don't remember any of that. I do remember the 2-hole outhouse though and that there was an apple orchard to the east of the house. The neighbors to the east were named Rector and they had two older boys.  I remember the railroad tracks which were to the west about 400 feet from the house.  I was scared of the trains which were the old black steam engines at that time with the cow catcher on the front.  I also remember several tramps that road the rail cars and sometimes they would stop by the house and ask if we had any work for them.  Mom always said no but fixed them a sandwich and other things for them to take. 

Postcards sent or received while living on this farm: - Link - (See:  Index/North of Eaton Farm)
Norma Haas Robbins, 1992:  "we soon decided we wanted more acreage - so we sold it [Centennial House] and bought 25 acres in Eaton. The house was an old schoolhouse not too bad - but the yard looks like a weed patch. We cleaned it up - remodeled the house & barn. I was slowly learning to be a farm wife. I had to milk the cows - no running water in house - we had a pump house right by the house - had to get our water there - now, you realize that meant - No Bathroom once again. So now here we go again, remodeling, changing the kitchen, adding a bathroom. It was nice except for the ceilings. They were 9 feet high. I stood on the top of an 8 foot ladder painting the bedroom ceiling - I could barely reach the ceiling; but I got it done"  S2,
Interview, Walter Robbins, Sr., ID0005, 22 Sept 2005, page 17, 18:  Walter sided the barn as one of the first things after they purchased the farm. He also put in a new bathroom in the house. He built the shed on the north side of the barn and constructed new stalls for cows, probably about 6 stalls with stanchions, and poured a concrete floor with the groove for the drainage behind the cows. He bought a cement mixer because of this project. Probably had 3 - 5 cows and he planted hay and corn in the field directly behind the house and barn where the new house and pond sits today. The field next to the railroad was used as pasture. There was an old wide-wheeled tractor on the farm when purchased. It was a John Deere with steel wheels with studs as I remember. Dad later purchased a Farmall F-20 tractor. He also had an old truck at this farm that he really liked - I remember one time while dad was at work at Chevrolet I got into the truck and was playing around and somehow got it started and ran it into the barn.   Doc0551.pdf
From My Baby Book:  Under "Birthdays" in the center of the book it states that I was living at R R 1, Eaton, Delaware County, Indiana on my fifth and sixth birthdays - the farm north of Eaton was described as: "1 mile north of Eaton. East of State Road 3 about 2 mile. 25 acres"  S4,
Poor School:  We were told when living at this property that the house was originally the Poor School that had been moved to the location on the 26-acre farm.  It is quite possible that the story is only that - a story.
Property in 2005:

-  The property now has a large brick home on the back of the property [north] along with a 3-acre pond behind the house.  The little house we lived in is in bad shape. The barn is still in good shape.
-  The new house was built in the late 1990's  - No information about why the new house is now abandoned [15 Sept 2005]

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16 July 1853:  Deed - Thomas Williams to Thomas C. Poor - (Doc2235.pdf) -
120 acres - $1500. 
1860's Thomas C. Poor (Sec. 12) - S15,
9 Dec 1871:  Deed - Thomas C. and Martha Poor to William H. Poor - (Doc2237.pdf)
40 acres - $1200.00
1874 W. H. Poor, 40 acres -  S11, (1874 Plat Map)
1887 Catherine Haynes, 25.89 acres - S1, (1887 Plat Map)
Before June 1948:  Carl O. Tobias - S16,
June 1948-1953:  about 25.89 acres  - S16,
Walter C. Robbins, Sr., ID0005 and Norma Louise Haas Robbins, ID0006
Children:  RobbHaas, ID0001, Phillip Eugene Robbins, ID0007, Living, ID0013 [born while living on this farm]
Duke Dog

-  1953 Taxes:  Walter and Norma Robbins - S8,
Closing Statement, 14 Jan 1955 - When Walter and Norma sold the Farm - S7,
1953-  :  Leo and Rachel Bettegnies, about 26 acres - S7,

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Source Citation

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S1 An Atlas of Delaware County, Indiana. Philadelphia: Griffin, Gordon & Co, 1887, reprinted., Knightstown, Indiana: Mayhill Publications, 1971.  Bk1849.

Plat Map, Union Township, page 18:  Doc2234.pdf

PDF Pages:
1 - Title
2 - West half of township
3 - East half of township  Bk1849
S2 Haas, Norma ID0006. Autobiography of Norma Haas Robbins. Yorktown, Indiana, 1992.  Transcription
S3 Book:  Helm, T B, History of Delaware County, Indiana, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (Chicago: Kingman Brothers, 1881), Bk1595.  
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S5 Plat BookFarm Plat Book and Business Guide Delaware County Indiana (Rockford, Illinois: Rockford Map Publishers, 1952. Bk1869), page 43.

Notes: Shows the 26 acre farm owned by Walter & Norma Robbins in 1952. and the farms owned by Oscar C. Robbins and Milton Robbins.
S6 Delaware County Indiana Official Farm Plat Book and Directory (Madison, Wisconsin: County Plat and Directory Co., Inc., nd [1957]);  Bk3332, page 33, 43.

Doc1138.pdf Contents
Front Cover - PDF, 1

Page 7 - PDF, page 2 - Delaware County Map showing Townships

Page 12 - PDF, page 3: WLBC ad -

Page 33 - PDF, page 4: Section 11, north of Eaton - Shows 26 acres belonging to "L. B." [Leo Bettinger]
Section 7 & 8 Show the relationship of the Farms of Walter, Oscar and Milton Robbins

Page 43 - PDF, page 5: Robbins, W [Walter] - Muncie, Union (Owner) and Eaton, Union (Renter)
Robbins, M [Milton] - Muncie, Union (Owner)
No listing for Oscar Robbins

Note: I estimated the publication date, 1957, from page 12 - the ad for WLBC Radio - they state they have been serving the farm home for 31 years and they were established in 1926.
Plat Book Pages

Select Pages (See left)  Doc1138.pdf

S7 Real Estate Closing Statement, sale of Closing Statement, N of Eaton Farm, 14 Jan 1955. Acc000204 

January 14, 1955
Closing Statement
Noel - Bettegnies - Robbins
Buyer Bettegnies - $10500.00
Seller Noel - $10500.00
Seller Robbins - $7859.00
Expense - Bettegnies
Expense Noel - $564.03
Expense Robbins - $23.30
Accepted Settlement
Buyer Signatures of Leo and Rachel Bettegnies
Seller Signatures:
   -  Elmer T. and Ruby T. Noel
   -  Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins



S8 1953 Taxes for Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins. Federal and State Forms. Acc000206/Doc1132.pdf

Doc1132.pdf Contents:
1: Withholding Statement - Walter - Chevrolet-Muncie
2-11: Federal Income Tax Papers
12-13: Indiana Income Tax, Walter
14-15: Indiana Income Tax, Norma

S9 Research: Land Purchase Timetable Research. Walter C. and Norma Haas Robbins, 1948-1958. Acc002365


1948: Walter and Norma purchased the North of Eaton Farm
- Acc000206/Doc1132.pdf, page 6

21 Jan 1953
Walter and Norma purchased the 110-acre Farm
- Acc001322, Doc1135.pdf, page 26

4 Mar 1953:
- Walter and Norma sold the N of Eaton Farm to Elmer & Ruby Noel on Contract S10,
- 1953 Taxes: Acc000206/Doc1132.pdf, page 6 - Sale Price $11,000
- 1954 Taxes: Acc000205/Doc0386.pdf, page 2 - Interest Income from Contract: $482.37

14 Jan 1955:
- The Noel couple sold the North of Eaton farm to Leo and Rachel Bettegnies and paid off Contract to Walter and Norma
- Closing Statement - S7,
- Acc000201/Doc0385.pdf, page 5, 6 (1955 Taxes)

Fall 1958:
- Stoney Haven Motel Purchased by Walter and Norma - Personal Knowledge

7 Nov 1958:
- Farm Sale 110-acre Farm - S3,

- 110-acre Farm sold - Personal Knowledge

S10 Financial Record: Farm Journal. Walt & Norma Haas Robbins, 1953-1957, 110-acre Farm, Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana. Acc002909/Doc1862.pdf Doc1862.pdf
S11 Map:  1874 Plat Map - Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana (Received in an email from C. H., 6 July 2014) Doc2231.pdf
S12 Map:  1876, Delaware County, Indiana - 
Map of Delaware County. (Published by Baskin, Forster & Co. Lakeside Building Chicago, 1876. Engraved & Printed by Chas. Shober & Co. Props. of Chicago Lithographing Co.)
S13 Email from C. H., ID5641,  6 July 2014.  "Poor Schoolhouse/Eaton, Delaware Co. IN
S14 Email from C. H., ID5641, 9 July 2014, 251pm.   
S15 Hand-drawn Plat Maps:   Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana
(N of Eaton farm part of the 39/40 acre parcel)
1861 -  Thos. Poor:  80 acres and 40 acres
1862 -  T. Poor:  80 acres and 39 acres
1863 -  T. Poor:  80 acres and 40 acres
1865 -  Thos. Poor:  80 aces and 39 acres
Newspaper Article:  "City and County Statistics/Real Estate Transfers"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 11 June 1948, page 2, Col. 4., accessed 29 March 2017.   Doc4180.pdf
From Image:
     Carl O. Tobias, et ux. to Walter C. Robbins, et us, 25.89 acres in section 11 Union Township, One mile north of Eaton.  Real estate appraised for taxation $750, improvements $360.


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Farm House
Poor School Marker
northwest corner of
CR1200N and CR200E
  New House, Barn, Old House
28 Sept 2014
Looking NE
New House
28 Sept 2014
Looking NE
Old House
28 Sept 2014
Looking NE
Ph9205-003.tif Ph9205-001.tif   Ph10492-015.jpg Ph10492-017.jpg Ph10492-018.jpg

I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
House, 2005 House, NW Corner, 2005 Barn, 2005      
Ph10985-004.jpg Ph10985-002.jpg Ph10985-001.jpg      


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