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Mary Audrey Robbins ID0052 
Paul Edward Jarrell

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Parents - Mary Oscar Clifton Robbins and Grace Gertrude Foulke    - MRM Page -
Parents - Paul Everett Jarrell, ID0599 and Mary Hazel Adair, ID0600    - MRM Page -
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3 Feb 1916 Mary Audrey Robbins Born:  Hamilton County, Indiana  Birth Certificate S6,
21 Nov 1917 Paul Born:  545 am, Tipton County, Indiana - Birth Certificate,
1920 U.S. Census:  Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana   S2,
Apr 1934 Mary Graduated Cicero High School, Cicero, Hamilton County, Indiana -
16 Oct 1937 Married - Mary & Paul - Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana   S4,
10 Apr 1940 U.S. Census - 429 North East St., Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana - S3,
Bef 1949 Residence:  New Lancaster, Madison County, Indiana -
abt 1955 Residence:  Blackford County on the Paul & Mary Farm
1957 Residence:  Mechanicsburg, Henry County, Indiana
28 Dec 1984 Paul Death - Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana - 1220 am of Cardiopulmonary Arrest due to Myocardial infarction
Death Certificate,
BurialMechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, Henry County, Indiana   Find a Grave
23 Aug 1987 Attended Robbins Reunion, Bakers Corner, Indiana  S5,
13 Aug 1989 24th Robbins Reunion at the Apartment Complex of Ina Robbins Henderson, Greenfield Indiana (Vid2027)
12 Sep 1989 Mary Death - Massive stroke - Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana - Death Certificate, Obituary,
Burial: -
Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, Henry County, Indiana   Find a Grave
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Donald Joe Jarrell, ID0054

Born:  11 Mar 1939 - Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana  - Birth Certificate,
1940 U.S. Census - S3,
Died: 3 Feb 1998, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana  - Death Certificate -
Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana   Find a Grave
Spouse:  Teresa Karen Brophy ID1857 (10 May 1939 to 29 Nov 2002) - Death Certificate,

Images:  I10, I11, I12, I13,
Living,   ID0055
Living, ID0056
William Paul Jarrell, ID0057  I6,  

Born:  4 Oct 1946, Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana
Died: 16 Sep 2008, Anderson, Madison County, Indiana - Death Certificate,
Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana
Spouse:  Living - Divorced
*  Paula May Jarrell, ID1861 - (April 1972-April 1972) - BuriedMechanicsburg Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana
*  Living
*  Warren Paul Jarrell, ID2065 - (6 March 1977 - 6 March 1977) - BuriedMechanicsburg Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana - Death Certificate -
Images Ph3742.jpg

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Source Citation

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S1 1920 Federal Census, Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 63, Sheet 2B, Dwelling 45, Family 45, Line 51, Oscar C Robbins. Original Data: NARA,T625 Roll 437.  Acc000642/ Ph7822.jpg

1]  Oscar C Robbins: 42 yr old white male - head of household - married - owned with mortgage - born Indiana, father North Carolina, mother Indiana.
2]  Grace G Robbins: Wife, 39 yr old white female, married - born in Indiana, father in Ohio and mother in Indiana.
3]  Myron F Robbins: Son, 8 yr old white male, single - attended school.
4]  Ina M Robbins: Daughter, 6 yr old white female, single, attended school.
5]  Mary A Robbins: Daughter, 3-2/3 yr old white female, single.
6]  Walter C Robbins: Son, 1-2/3 yr old white male, single.
Family]  All, except for Mary & Walter able to read, write and speak English. All children and their parents were born in Indiana
S2 1930 Federal Census, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. ED 14, Sheet 4A, Dwelling 87, Family 87, Line 25, Oscar Robbins. Original Data: NARA, T626 Roll 590.  Acc000645 

1]  Oscar Robbins: Head of household, 54 yr old white male, married, 34 yrs old at first marriage - rented farm, own radio set, he and his mother born in Indiana, father in North Carolina - Occupation: Farmer - not a veteran.
2]  Grace Robbins: 50 yr old white female, married, 30 yrs old at first marriage - She and her mother born in Indiana, Father in Ohio - no occupation.
3]  Myron Robbins: 18 yr old white male, son of head - attended school.
4]   Ina Robbins: 16 yr old white female, daughter of head, single., attended school.
5]  Mary Robbins: 14 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school.
6]  Walter Robbins: 12 yr old white male, single, attended school.
7]  Esther Robbins: 9 yr old white female, daughter of head, single, attended school.
8]  Milton Robbins: 3 yr old white male, son of head.
9]  Frances Foulke: Mother-in-law of head - 76 yr old white female, widow, born in Indiana, parents in Ohio.
Family]  Everyone, except Esther and Milton are able to read and write and speak English. All the children and their parents born in Indiana. Nobody has an occupation with the exception of Oscar

S3 1940 U.S. Census: Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, Ward 3. SD 5, ED 80-3, Sheet 7A, Line 14, Visit 133, Paul Edward Jarrell Household. Original Data: NARA, T627_1100. , accessed 25 July 2012. Acc002241/Ph9550.jpg

1] Paul Edward Jarrell: Head of household - 22 yr old with male, married - highest grade in school: 8 - Residence, 1 Apr 1935: Elwood, Madison County, Indiana, not on a farm - Occupation: Spot welder, Insulator Co., Private Work - Weeks worked in 1939: 36 - Earned in 1939: $700.00, other income: Yes

2] Mary Katherine [Audrey] Jarrell: Wife of head - 24 yr old white female, married - Highest grade in school: 4 yrs of high school - Residence, 1 Apr 1935: Rural Hamilton County, Indiana - Homemaker -

3] Donald Joe Jarrell: Son of head - 1 yr old white male, single -

- Property: Owned Home, worth $1000, not a farm - 429 North East St.
- All Born Indiana
- None of the household members were the respondent

S4 Database Online: "Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Sep 2012), Paul Edward Jarrell and Mary Kathryn Robbins. AND "Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Sep 2012), Paul Edward Jarrell and Mary Kathryn Robbins, 16 Oct 1937. Acc002328

Extract from Database, no image:

groom: Paul Edward Jarrell
groom's race: White
groom's date of birth: 21 Nov 1917
groom's place of birth: , Tipton, Indiana
groom's residence: Elwood, , Indiana
groom's number of marriage:
groom's father: Everett Jarrell
groom's mother: Mary Hazel Adair
bride: Mary Kathryn Robbins
bride's race:
bride's date of birth: 03 Feb 1016
bride's place of birth: , Hamilton, Indiana
bride's residence: Arcadia, , Indiana
bride's number of marriage:
bride's father: Oscar Clifton Robbins
bride's mother: Grace Gertrude Foulke
informant name:
date of license:
county of license:
date of marriage:
place of marriage:
record number:
film number: 1940150
digital folder number: 4204531
image number: 00544
number of images: 1

Source Citation
"Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Sep 2012), Paul Edward Jarrell and Mary Kathryn Robbins,
Second Record:

date of license: 16 Oct 1937
county of license: Hamilton
date of marriage: 16 Oct 1937
place of marriage: , Hamilton, Indiana
record number:
film number: 1939733
digital folder number: 4186016
image number: 00553
number of images: 1

Source Citation
"Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Sep 2012), Paul Edward Jarrell and Mary Kathryn Robbins, 16 Oct 1937.

S5 1987 Oscar & Grace Foulke Robbins Family Reunion -
23 Aug 1987
Home of Myron and Mary Elizabeth Robbins, Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana
Photo:  Mary, Walter, Esther, Milton, Myron, Ina Robbins

Hi-Res Image
S6 "Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940" [database on-line]. Original data: Indiana State Board of Health. Birth Certificates, 1907-1940. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana., accessed, 1 July 2016. Mary Audrey Robbins, 3 Feb 1916, Fall Creek Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. Doc3597.pdf

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/ Certificate of Birth
No. 6693 - Registered No. 35-17877
Place of Birth: Fall Creek Township, Hamilton County
Name: Mary Audrey Robbins, Girl, Legitimate
Date of Birth: 3 Feb 1916, 220 am
Father: Oscar C. Robbins, Fall Creek Township, White, 39, born Indiana, Farmer
Mother: Grace G. Foulke, Fall Creek Township, White, 36, born Indiana, Housewife
Number of children born to this mother including present birth: 3
Number of children, of this mother, now living, including present birth: 3
Were precautions taken against ephbalmia aeonatorum? Yes
Obituary:  "Mary R. Jarrell, 73"  The Muncie Star, 14 Sept 1989, page 24, Col. 2., accessed 13 Feb 2017.  Doc4065.pdf
From Image:
Mary R. Jarrell, 73
     Knightstown, Ind. -- Mary R. Jarrell, 73, R.R. 2, died Tuesday in Hancock County Memorial Hospital, Greenfield, after a brief illness.
     Mrs. Jarrell was born in Hamilton County but had lived most of her life in Henry County.
     Survivors include three sons, Donald Jarrell, Greencastle, Arthur Jarrell, Noblesville, and William Jarrell, Anderson; a daughter, Sharon Walker, Knightstown; three brothers, Myron Robbins, Sheridan, Walter Robbins, Yorktown, and Milton Robbins, Montpelier; two sisters, Ina Henderson, Greenfield, and Esther Robbins, Muncie; seven grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.
     Her husband, Paul Jarrell, died in 1984.
     Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in Ballard and Sons Funeral Home, Middletown, with Rev. David Oakes presiding.  Burial will be in Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg.
     Calling hours will be 2-9 a.m. Friday at the funeral home


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I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
Mary Robbins Jarrell Robbins Family,
abt 1932
Oscar, Milton, Grace, Mary
Esther, Ina, Walter
Robbins Family
Christmas, 1955
Grace, Esther, Walter, Oscar,
Ina, Mary, Milton
Robbins Family, abt 1940
Back:  Grace, Oscar, Ina, Mary, Donnie
Paul, Myron, Sr., Irene
Front:  Esther, Myron, Jr., Helen
Robbins Kids on Pony
Ina, Mary, Walter, Esther,
Myron behind pony
Grace, Christmas
abt 1960
N of Daleville House
Ph10433.jpg Ph9183.tif Ph9188-002.tif Ph7642.tif Ph9296.tif Ph3880.tif

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I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
Robbins Family, abt 1950
Top:  Ina, Mary, Walter, Myron
Bottom:  Grace, Oscar, Esther
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther, Ina, Walter
Before 1989
Oscar/Grace Robbins Family Reunion
Myron, Ina, Esther, Milton, Walter, Mary
Before 1989
Don Jarrell
Oct 1943
Don Jarrell
Paul Jarrell
Walt Robbins, Sr.
March 1944
Don Jarrell
March 1944

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I13 I14 I15 I16 I17 I18
Don Jarrell
March 1944
Paul & Mary Ina, Mary, Paul
Conner House
Hamilton County
abt 1935
Paul, Mary
Indiana War Memorial -
abt 1935
Mary, abt 1937 Mary, Paul
abt 1937
Ph11231-002.jpg Ph11231-003.jpg Ph11247-001.jpg Ph11247-002.jpg

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I19 I20 I21 I22 I23 I24
Robbins Family Reunion
Abt 1987
Myron, Milton, Mary, Esther,
Ina, Walter
Ina, Mary - abt 1940        
Ph11251.jpg Ph11256-004.jpg        

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