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Parents - Arthur George Foulke and Mary Frances Underwood
Parents - Iva  
Children - Helen Irene Foulke ID1999
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19 Jan 1894 Birth of Arthur - Hamilton County, Indiana - S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10,
1900 Arthur is Living With His Parents on a farm in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana on the Family Farm - S3, I-3,
Abt 1901 Birth of Iva - Indiana - S9,
1910 Arthur is living with his parents on a farm in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana on the Family Farm - S4,
11 Apr 1911 Father, George Foulke, Dies - S39,
Apr 1916 Residence:  Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana  S47,
1917-1919 Military:

It appears that Arthur spent his entire enlistment at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, but was sent to Fort Leavenworth after his trial in 1918.

Note: According to an article that appeared in the Noblesville Ledger in Sept 1940 Arthur may have served at Camp Taylor, Kentucky at the same time that Wendell Willkie served there during WW 1. Arthur is listed among the Hamilton County boys. The list indicates they also went to France. As far as I know Arthur never went to France.  S49,

5 June 1917: – WW 1 Draft Card (Acc000831/Doc2543.pdf)  S7,
     Described as having a Medium build, Blue Eyes and black hair - was a machinist at Shaffer Bros. Garage and resided in Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana
13  June 1917:  "Jackson Township Registrations":  S46,
14 Aug 1917:  "The Exemption Claims of Fifty-Eight Boys Denied" - S35,

17 July 1917:  "Official Registration Numbers"  S33,
21 July 1917: News Article: “Order of Call ...” Col. 5: "154-1114 Arthur Foulke." (Doc2127.pdf)  S20,

24 July 1917:  News Article:  "List of Local Boys Who Expect to Be Called First"  S37,

   Arthur listed as one of 66 of 93 accepted from Physical exams 

9 Aug 1917: News Article: “Result of Examination of Drafted Men in State” (Doc2128.pdf)  S21,
     Col. 3: "160-1,114, Arthur Foulke, Cicero"

     Listed: Arthur Foulke, Cicero. (Doc2129.pdf)

17 Aug 1917: News Article "Result of Examination of Drafted Men in the State" (Doc2130.pdf)  S23,
17 Aug 1917:  "Thirty-One Boys Appealed From the Local Board" - (Doc4544.pdf) S30,

22 Aug 1917:  News Article:   "Exemption Denied"   S24,

27 Aug 1917: Newspaper Article, Exemptions - Arthur Foulke. (Doc2131.pdf)
     Col. 3: Arthur Foulke, of Cicero asked to be exempted on the ground that they are members of a well-organized religious sect. whose existing creed forbids its members from participation in war The board denied the claims of these men, but will notify the local boards that these registrants should not be compelled to serve in any capacity except that which has been declared by the President to be noncombatant.

30 Aug 1917:  News Article:  More Boys Accepted for Service - S41,

20 Sept 1917: Enlisted Camp Taylor, Kentucky (Bk3934, page 32 - Online Page 57/77) - [1]

Nov 1917:  Arthur a Private at Camp Taylor, Kentucky - S34,

21 May 1918: Newspaper Article, "Hoosiers on Trial" Arthur Foulke (Doc2132.pdf)  S25,

27 Sept 1918: Discharged Camp Taylor Kentucky (Bk3602, page 32 - Online Page 57/77) - [1]

Nov 1918: Sentenced to Fort Leavenworth [3]

March 1919: Held at Fort Leavenworth [2]

1930: Veteran, WW

[1] Foulke, Arthur, private, son of Mary and George Foulke. Born Jan. 19, 1894 in Hamilton Co. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1917 at Camp Taylor, Ky.,
assigned 325th Bat. B. F. A. Discharged Sept 27, 1918 at Camp Taylor.
(Source: 1922 Hamilton County Plat Book, Page 32)

[2] The Friend, 6 March 1919, page 456
[3] The Friend, 7 Nov 1918, page 235

- Reported to have spent time in Prison because of being a conscientious Objector during WW 1  - S11, S12, S21, S22, S23, S24, S25,
1920 Arthur was living on the Family Farm - His sister Sarah and her husband Rob Ross were running the farm and Rob was listed as Head of the household for this Census. in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana - S5,
17 Apr 1920 Arthur and Iva are married - Putnam County, Indiana - S1, S6, S8, S9, S13, S14,
1921 Residence:  Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana - S50,
Occupation, Arthur:  Kellam's Garage - S50,
28 Jan 1922 Daughter Helen Born - Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana
May 1923 to Jan 1924 Employed at Ilg Car and Tractor Co. in Arcadia - S36, S42,
-  8 May 1923 - Injured when a sliver of steel scratched his left eyeball S37,
8 July 1924 Lions Club Dinner - Attended by Arthur, Iva and Helen  - S13,
Abt 1929 to 1934 Arthur was an Auto Mechanic and was part owner of Foulke and Long Garage in Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana - S1, S2, S5, S6, S9,
abt 1927 to 1934 Guardian for his mother - S45,
1930 Family living in Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana - S9,
Arthur was an Auto Repairman, the house was valued at $2000 -
Arthur answered "Yes" to being a veteran
Bet 1931 and 1934 Arthur was a member and treasurer of the Arcadia Lions Club - S1, S6, S13,
March 1931 Arthur and Inez attended a Church Function - S18,
Oct 1931 Exchanged Farm Homes - Arcacia, Indiana - S48,
Oct 1933 Attended A Century of Progress in Chicago - S43, S44, - Wikipedia Link
Bef 1934 Arthur, Religion:  Member of West Grove Friends Church - S1,
6 June 1934 Death of Arthur from Suicide - Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana - S1, S6, S8, S19,
His nephew, Walt Robbins, Sr, according to stories he remembers from his youth, stated that part of the reason for Arthur committing Suicide was the inability to save his mother's farm.  Another reason was that his being in prison had always weighed heavily on his mind (For his Mother not allowing him to serve in WW1)
- S11, S12, S26, S28,
8 June 1934 Arthur was buried in Crown View Cemetery - I-1, I-2,
June 1934 Probate for Arthur - S29, S32,
1934 Ina and Helen move to Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana - S15,
2 June 1935 Mother, Mary Frances Underwood Foulke, Dies -
Bef Dec 2007 Ina/Inez Dies - S15,
22 Dec 2007 Daughter Helen Dies, Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana - S15,
  Arthur was a member of the Arcadia Lions Club  - S40,
  Arthur was a member of the Masons - S1, S6,
  Arthur Nickname:  Pete - S1,
  Arthur Misc - according to his nephew:
-- Arthur was a genius at fixing anything mechanical - most anything he attempted he was successful.  After
Oscar Robbins and his family moved to the George Foulke Farm in an attempt to save the farm, Arthur
spent a great deal of time at the farm, working on the machinery, fixing up the house.  He enjoyed being
at the farm - not farming, but being there and helping out. 
-  Arthur may have picked up his mechanical ability from his father who was said to be a natural mechanic - S51,
-- According to his nephew Arthur was one of the nicest guys he has ever known.

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Helen Irene Foulke - ID1999       MRM Page



28 Jan 1922 Born - Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana - S1, S6, S9, S15,
1930 US Census - S9,
abt 1934 Moved to Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana - S15,
1940 Graduated from North Madison High School, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana - S15,
1940 Married to Elbert Leroy Facemire, ID3973- (Died 1997) - S15,
    Dennis Lee Facemire, ID3976 - S15,
    Living Facemire, ID3977 - S15,
1949 Married Kenneth Darrell Jewell, ID3974 - (Died 1977)- S15,
    Living Jewell, ID3979 - S15,
1955 Married Theodore Martin, ID3975 (Died 1988) - S15,
    No Children - S15,
Between 1955 and 1988 Residence was Indianapolis - S15,
22 Dec 2007 Death:  - Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana - (Living with her Daughter) - S15, S16, Death Certificate,
28 Dec 2007

Buried:   - Manville Cemetery, Manville, Jefferson County, Indiana - S15, S17, Find a Grave Page,

    Meyers Mfg Co, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana - S15,
    L S Ayres - Making Custom Curtains - Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana - S15,



Source Citation

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1] George Foulke - Head of household - 55 yr old white male, born June 1845 - married for 21 yrs - born in Ohio, parents in Pennsylvania - Occupation: Farmer - Own Farm Free -
2] Frances Foulke - 47 yr old white female, born Dec 1852, married for 21 yrs - mother of 5 children all living - born in Indiana, parents in Ohio.
3] Grace Foulke: Daughter, 20 yr old white female, born Feb 1880, Single.
4] Carrie Foulke: Daughter, 18 yr old white female, born Dec 1881, single.
5] Alice Foulke: Daughter, 16 yr old white female, born Nov 1883, single, attended school.
6] Sarah Foulke: Daughter, 14 yr old white female, born March 1886, single, attended school.
7] Arthur Foulke: Son, 6 yr old white male, born Jan 1894, single.
Family] All the children born in Indiana, Father in Ohio and mother in Indiana. Everyone can read, write and speak English

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1] George Foulke - Head of household - 64 yr old white male - married for 31 years - Born in Ohio - Parents both born in Pennsylvania - Occupation: Farmer - Owned farm free - Indicates that he is not a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy - Not blind, deaf or dumb -
2] Mary F Foulke - Wife of head - 55 yr old white female - married for 31 years - Mother of 5 children, 4 of whom are living [Carrie died in 1908] - Born in Indiana - Parents both born in Ohio - no occupation.
3] Grace Foulke: Daughter - 30 yr old white female, single, born in Indiana, father in Ohio and mother in Indiana.
4] Sarah Foulke: Daughter, 24 yr old white female, single, born in Indiana, father in Ohio and mother in Indiana.
5] Arthur Foulke: Son, 16 yr old white male, single, he and parents born in Indiana [Father S/B Ohio] - attended school.
Family] Everyone Can read, write and speak English

S5 1920 Federal Census, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD 9, ED 100, Sheet 2, 26 Jan 1920, Line 6, Family & Dwelling 26, Robert Ross Household. Original Data: NARA, T625, roll 435, Image 1000. , accessed 10 Jan 2007. Acc000833/Ph2856.jpg.

1] Robert Ross: Head of household, 32 yr old white male, married, Renting farm, He and parents born Indiana. Profession: Farming on General Farm, own account.
2] Sarah Ross: wife of head, 33 yr old white female, married, she and mother born Indiana, father in Ohio. No profession.
3] Paul K. Ross: 8 yr old white male, single, son of head, he and parents born Indiana.
4] John W. Ross: 7 yr old white male, single, son of head, he and parents born Indiana.
5] Robert C. Ross: 5 yr old white male, single, son of head, he and parents born Indiana.
6] Mary F. Foulke: Mother-in-law to head, 66 yr old white female, widowed, born Indiana, parents in Ohio, no profession.
7] Arthur Foulke: Brother-in-Law to head, 26 yr old white male, single, he and mother born Indiana, father in Ohio, Profession: Automobile ???, Home Garage, worker. -
Family: Everyone able to read and write except for Robert C Ross (Left blank). The adults marked as able to Speak English, but none of the Children marked - Paul K. and John W. attended school

S6 Obituary, "SUICIDE OF A. FOULKE AT ARCADIA, WED.", Noblesville Daily Ledger, Thursday, 7 June 1934, page 1. Acc000877/Doc0783.pdf

Garage ad Filling Station Man Blew Off Top of His Head
Friends Say Deed Was the Result of Financial Troubles

Arthur Foulke, aged forty, committed suicide at his home in Arcadia, Wednesday afternoon, by shooting himself with a shotgun. The top of his head was blown off and it is evident that he died instantly. No funeral arrangements have been made but it is thought that the services will be held Friday afternoon.

It is not known when the deed was committed but he is believed to have taken his life shortly after one o'clock in the afternoon soon after leaving the garage of Foulke & Long, he being a partner in the firm.

The wife and daughter, Helen, aged twelve, left the home in the car shortly after noon to go to Indianapolis and did not return until late in the evening. They left dinner on the table for Mr. Foulke. William Odle, employed in the Ledger office, was in Arcadia shortly after 5 o'clock on business and was told by some boys that Foulke was lying on the floor of his home. He could find no one about the town who had seen him since about noon. Meeting Dr. E.V. Shockney on the street, Odle, who by this time suspected something was wrong, asked the doctor to accompany him to the Foulke home and they found the body in the screened porch in the rear of the house. Brains were scattered over the floor but the gun was still between the legs of the deceased, indicating that he had held it there when he fired the fatal shot. The load from the gun had also broken glass in the rear door.

It is said that the suicide was the result of financial worries. At least several Arcadia friends of the family say that he had talked to them during recent weeks about his financial condition.

Mr. Foulke has been associated with Elmer Long in a garage and filling station business in Arcadia for several years and he was always held in high esteem by all.

He served three years as treasurer of the Lions Club and was re-elected recently.

The deceased was born on the Foulke homestead five miles west of Cicero, February 8, 1894, being the son of George and Frances (Underwood) Foulke and spent most of his life in that community until his marriage to Miss Inez Everman in May, 1920. A year following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Foulke moved to Arcadia and have since resided there. He is survived by his mother, who spent the past winter in his home and who is in feeble health; the widow and daughter; a half brother Alvin Foulke, living near Cicero, and three sisters, Grace Robbins, who resides on the home farm where the mother is now living; Mrs. Alice Phillips, near Sheridan, and Mrs. Sarah Ross, residing on the Range Line Road.

It was announced late Thursday afternoon that the funeral will be held at the home at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon and interment will take place in the Sheridan cemetery. The masons will be in charge. Friends may call at the residence to view the body at anytime until the hour of the services. Raymond Shaffer is in charge of the funeral arrangements. He is survived by his mother, who spent the past winter in his home] - [Microfilm Repository: Hamilton East Public Library - Noblesville, Hamilton Co, Indiana]





S7 Document, Federal - US, "World War 1 Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918", Arthur Foulke. Original Information: World War 1 Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 - NARA, M1509.  accessed 10 Jan 2007. Acc000831/Ph2854.tif/Doc2543.pdf

Registration Card: Name: No 38 - Name Arthur Foulke - Age: 23 years - Home Address: Cicero 14R, Ind - Date of Birth: Jan 19 1894 - Natural born citizen - Where born: Hamilton Co Ind USA - Occupation: Machinist in garage - Employer: Shaffer Bros, Arcadia, Ind - no dependents - Marital Status: Single - Race: Caucasian - Signature: signature of Arthur

Registrar's Report: Medium height, Medium Build, Eyes: Blue - Hair: Black - Bald: No - No loss of arm, leg, etc. Signature of Registrar J F Holloway - Precinct: Deming - County: Hamilton - State: Ind - Date of Registration: June 5, 1917

S8 Database On-line, "Family Data Collections - Individual Records". Arthur Foulke. , accessed 8 Dec 2006. Acc000740.

Extract: Name: Arthur Foulke - Spouse: Ines Everman - Parents: George Foulke, Mary Francis Underwood - Birth Place: Hamilton CO, IN - Birth Date: 19 Jan 1894 - Marriage Date: 17 Apr 1920 - Death Place: Sheridan, Hamilton CO, IN - Death Date: 6 Jun 1934

S9 1930 Federal Census, Arcadia, Hamilton County, Indiana. SD 6, ED 10, Sheet 3B, Line 93, Dwelling 99, Family 101, North West St, Arthur Foulke Household. Original Data: NARA, T626, Roll 590, Image 825.0. , accessed 10 Jan 2007. Acc000832/Ph2855.jpg

1] Arthur Foulke - 38 Yr old white male Married - value of real estate: 2000 -- Owned home -- Does not live on a farm - Had radio set - Able to read, write and speak English - Occupation: Auto Repairman - at an Auto Repair Shop - Military: Indicated to be a veteran of WW - He and both his parents were born in Indiana -
2] Inez Foulke - 29 yr old white female - Married -- 20 yrs old when first married - Able to read, write and speak English - Born in Indiana - Father born in Missouri - Mother born in Indiana - No occupation -
3] Helen I. Foulke - Daughter - 8 yr old white female - single - Attended school during the year - She and her parents were born in Indiana]

S10 Foulke Family Sheets. Created by Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr ID0016. Acc001131/ Ph8404-001 to 007.jpg, page 7, George Foulke page. Link
S11 Interview:  Living Robbins ID0005. Interview 29 Sept 2005. Interviewed by his son, RobbHaas,

According to Dad, Arthur had to spend time in prison because his parents would not let him serve because of his religion. [Conscientious Objector]

S12 Web Page, Conscientious objector - WikiPedia article. URL:


S13 Newspaper Article, "The Members of the Lions Club---" Tipton Daily Tribune, Friday, 16 Dec 1932, page 7, Col 7, 8. Acc001581

Extract: The Members of the Lions Club and their wives and several guests were entertained at a supper Tuesday evening at the Salem Methodist church. The Billtown Quartet of Williamsport was present and gave several numbers and readings were given by Misses ?anelle Thomas and Lucille Mun-?ell. Talks were given by Rev. Graham, Dr. Roy Fisher and others. The remainder of the evening was spent in a general good time. The guests and members present were: Several listed, in column 8: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Foulke and daughter Helen,

S14 Database On-line, "Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941, Arthur Foulke, Inez I Everman, 17 Apr 1920. Original Data: Putnam County, Indiana, Index to Marriage Records 1850-1920 Part One A-G I, Original record located in the County Clerk's Office; Book: 17;Page: 11. , accessed 17 Jan 2011. Acc001586 -

Extract: Name: Arthur Foulke - Spouse Name: Inez I Everman - Marriage Date: 17 Apr 1920 - Marriage County: Putnam - Birth Date, Arthur: 19 Jan 1894 - Age of Arthur: 26
S15 Obituary, "Helen I. Foulke Martin", 22 Dec 2007. Original Source:  Acc001582

Mrs. Helen Irene Foulke Martin, age 85, of Vevay, Indiana formerly of Madison, entered this life on January 28, 1922, in Arcadia, Indiana, the daughter of Arthur & Iva Inez Everman Foulke, both of whom preceded her in death. She resided in Arcadia until the age of 12, when she moved to Madison. She was a 1940, graduate of North Madison High School and had served as the editor of the school newspaper. She was first united in marriage in 1940 to Elbert Leroy Facemire, to this union arrived Dennis Lee & Barbara D. to bless their home. She was married in 1949, to Kenneth Darrell Jewell and to this union arrived Darlena Gayle to bless their home. In 1955, she was united in marriage to Theodore Martin and they enjoyed 33 years of marriage together until his death in 1988. She was employed at Meyers MFG in Madison for several years and later at L.S. Ayres in Indianapolis making custom curtains for several years. She resided in Indianapolis area for 33 years and was a member of the Post Road Christian Church where she taught Sunday school and was a member of the Joy Class. She was raised in the Smyrna Monroe Presbyterian Church where she played the piano. After the death of Theodore she moved to live with her daughter in Vevay for the past ten years. She was a faithful member of the Manville Christian Church in Manville, Indiana. In her spare time she enjoyed reading, gardening, sewing and crossword puzzles. Helen died Saturday, December 22, 2007 at 3:07 pm at her home near Vevay, Indiana.

Mrs. Martin will be missed by her daughters: Darlena Gayle Jewell Stewart & her husband: Larry of Vevay, Indiana and Barbara Facemire Mays & her husband: Carl of Madison, Indiana; her grandchildren: Scott Mays; Rulena Smith; Brian Mays; Carla Elston, Travis & Neil Stewart; Robin Fulk, Diane Henry, Denise Facemire & Roxanna Turner; her great grandchildren: Charity, Gabriel, Lindsay, Isaiah, Kayla, Aaron, Trent, Desirae, Chad, Bridget, Trevor, Kassidy, Kaleb, Cameron, Brandon, Brock, Bryanna, Joshua, Rebecca, Rachel & Mika; her great great grandchildren: Hope & Faith. She was preceded in death by her parents: Arthur & Iva Inez Everman Foulke; her son: Dennis Lee Facemire died in 1987; her husbands: Elbert Leroy Facemire died in 1997; Kenneth Darrell Jewell died in 1977; and Theodore Martin died in 1988.

Funeral services will be conducted Friday, December 28, 2007 at 11:00 am, by Bro. George A. Severn, at the Morgan & Nay Funeral Centre, 325 Demaree Drive, Madison, Indiana. Interment will follow in the Manville Cemetery near Manville, Indiana.

Friends may call Thursday from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am until time of the service at the Morgan & Nay Funeral Centre, 325 Demaree Drive in Madison, Indiana.

Memorial contributions may be made to Manville Christian Church. Cards are available at the funeral home.
S16 Social Security Administration, "Social Security Death Index", database, Social Security Death Index, Helen I Martin, 304-24-9616. Original Data: Social Security Administration. , accessed 17 Jan 2011. Acc001584.

Extract: Name: Helen I. Martin - SSN: 304-24-9616 - Last Residence: 47043 Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana, United States of America - Born: 28 Jan 1922 - Died: 22 Dec 2007 - State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951)
S17 Web Page, Find a Grave - Helen Irene Foulke Martin - Manville Cemetery.

URL #1:

URL #2:
S18 Newspaper Article. Tipton Daily Tribune, 9 March 1931, page 7, Col. 7, Par. 3, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Foulke. , accessed 3 Apr 2013. Acc002606/Doc1538, A.pdf


"Mr. and Mrs. Verle Winders delightfully entertained the members of Class No. 8 of the Christian Church and their husbands at their county home southwest of town Thursday evening. . . and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Foulke."

Article Clip:

S19 Obituary. "??? Shotgun", Arthur (Pete) Foulke, ID0086. The Tipton Daily Tribune, Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, 7 June 1934, Page 9. , accessed 3 Apr 2013. Acc002602/Doc1534.pdf  
S20 News Article:  "Order of Call, Registrant's Number, Name and Address" The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), Saturday, 21 July 1917, Page 23, Col. 5, No. 154-1114. , accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2127.pdf

Col. 1: "Following are the names of the men in Boone, Hamilton , Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan and Shelby counties, all contiguous to Marion county, who probably will be called in the increment for service in the army. The allotment for each was obtained from Jesse Eschbach, state conscription agent, and is his best estimate. The names published below were taken in order as they were drawn at Washington until names representing twice the allotment had been obtained. It is estimated that it will be necessary to call twice the allotment for each county in order to provide for exemptions. The list given below for each county therefore should be about the list that will be used in the first call for service. The numbers 1, 2, 3, etc., at the beginning of each paragraph indicate the order in which the numbers were drawn. The serial numbers follow.
Col. 4, near bottom: "Hamilton County."
Col. 5 "154-1114 Arthur Foulke."
S21 News Article:  "Result of Examination of Drafted Men in the State" The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), 9 Aug 1917, Page 11, Col. 3. , Accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2128.pdf

Col. 1
   The summaries published at the head of each list below cover the work of the boards from the time they began work up to the present time.  The list of names in each case covers the work of the board during sessions today, and late yesterday.  The names of others whose cases were acted on earlier were published earlier in the week.
Col. 2
"Hamilton County."
"Passed--Exemption Claims Filed"
Col. 3
"160-1,114, Arthur Foulke, Cicero"
S22 News Article: "RESULT OF EXAMINATION OF DRAFTED MEN IN STATE" The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), 15 Aug 1917, Page 10, Col 4. , accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2129.pdf

Col. 4
Hamilton County
(Special to the Indianapolis News)
   Noblesville, Ind., August 15--The county conscription board today issued a call for 120 young men to report in this city for examination for military service.  Forty will be examined on Friday, Forty on Saturday and Forty on Monday.  Although the board is still working on exemptions filed by the first 300 who were examined the members are satisfied that the county's quota of 148 will not be obtained from that number.  One hundred and six have been accepted and their names certified to the district board.  Today the board transferred ten from the rejected list and placed them among those who have been accepted without re-examination.  This was done because the government permitted the board more latitude on the question of weight and also for the reason that the government promises to repair the teeth of those who were rejected on that account.
   Today the board announced the appended list of those who had filed exemptions and had them denied.  All except six of the fifty-eight claimed they had wives and children to support.  Others said their parents were depending on them for support.  All are married men.  These names have been certified to the district board.  The list follows:
Arthur Foulke, Cicero.
S23 News Article:  "Result of Examination of Drafted Men in the State" The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), 17 Aug 1917, Page 5, Col. 5. , accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2130.pdf

Col. 5:
(Special to the Indianapolis News)
   NOBLESVILLE, Ind., August 17.---Thirty-one young men in Hamilton County, examined by the conscription board last week, are not satisfied because the local board denied their claims for exemptions, and have appealed to the district board at Indianapolis.  All of these thirty-one, except two, claimed exemptions on the grounds of dependency.  The two said they were members of the Friends church, and the discipline of the organization forbids its members from bearing arms.  The board completed this list of appeals today.  It follows:
#8:  Arthur Foulke, Cicero. 
S24 News Article:  Exemptions - Arthur Foulke. The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), 22 Aug 1917, Page 5, Col. 3. , accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2131.pdf

Col. 3: 
   Blanchard H. Commack, of Noblesville, and Raymond T. Briles and Arthur Foulke, of Cicero, all asked to be exempted on the ground that they are members of a well-organized religious sect. whose existing creed forbids its members from participation in war.  The board denied the claims of these men, but will notify the local boards that these registrants should not be compelled to serve in any capacity except that which has been declared by the President to be noncombatant.
S25 News Article:  "Hoosiers on Trial" Arthur Foulke. The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana), 21 May 1918, Page 3, Col. 3. , Accessed 27 Apr 2014. Doc2132.pdf.

Col. 3:
Hoosiers on Trial
   When Capt. William E. Reilley of Indianapolis, Judge advocate, announced to the court that the Rev. Mr. Deeter desired to represent Heminger and Studebaker at their trials, Lieut. Col. Edward B. Mitchell, president, said that he had never before heard of a minister appearing as council for a defendant at a military court-martial, but that there would be no objection by the court.  The cases were then set for Tuesday.
   Seven Conscientious objectors were tried.  They are Stanley Porter, Jacob Mezelin, Charles E. McPherson, Arthur Foulke, Elmer Leichty, Amos T. Borntrager and William Nussbaum.  There are from Indiana with the exception of Porter, who was inducted into the national army from Kentucky.  It is expected that the trials of the fifty-four against whom charges have been preferred will be completed this week.  Twelve cases were hear Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Another prisoner's trial was suspended when he asked that he be transferred into a noncombatant unit, where he agreed to serve.
S26 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 1900–2011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 16 June 2016. Arthur Charles Foulke, 6 June 1934. Arcadia, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. Doc3556.pdf.

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/Certificate of Death (Coroners)
Registered No. 27348
Place of Death: Arcadia, Jackson Township, Hamilton County
Name: Arthur Charles Foulke, Arcadia, Ind.
White, male, married
Wife: Inez Foulke
Birth: 17 June 1894, Indiana, Age: 40y 4m 19d
Occupation: Garage Mechanic, last day worked: 6 June 1934 - Total Years: 15
Father: George Foulke, born Indiana [Ohio]
Mother: Mary Underwood, born Indiana
Informant: Mrs. Inez Foulke, Arcadia, Ind
Place of Burial: Sheridan, Ind. - 8 June 1934
Undertaker: Raymond B. Shaffer, Arcadia, Ind.
Was the body embalmed: Yes
Coroner's Certificate of Death
Date of Death: 6 June 1934
Per inquest he died at 130pm from suicide by firearms - 12 gauge shot gun
Autopsy: No
If death was due to external causes (violence) fill in also the following:
Accident, suicide, or homicide? Suicide
Date of Injury: 6 June 1934
Where: in home Arcadia, Ind.
Manner of injury: 12 gauge shot gun
Nature of injury: Shot top of head off
Was disease or injury in any way related to occupation of deceased?: No
Signed: C. M. Donahue, M.D., 7 June 1934, Carmel, Ind.
S27 "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 1900–2011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Archives and Records Administration., accessed , 24 July 2016. Helen Irene Foulke Martin, 22 Dec 2007, Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana. Doc3654.pdf.

From Image:
Indiana State Department of Health/Certificate of Death
Local No. 12-1720-07 State No. 045272
Name: Helen Irene Foulke Martin, Female, white, widowed
Date of Death: 22 Dec 2007, 307 pm, age 85
Date of Birth: 28 Jan 1922, Arcadia, Indiana
Veteran? No
Place of Death 17 Whitewater Camp Road, Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana
Usual Occupation: Custom Curtain Maker, L.S. Ayres
Residence: 17 Whitewater Camp Road, Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana, 47043
Education: 12 years
Father: Arthur Foulke
Mother: Iva Inez Everman Foulke
Informants Name: Darlena Gayle Jewell Stewart, 17 Whitewater Camp Road, Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana, 47043, Daughter
Burial: 28 Dec 2007, Manville Cemetery, Manville, Indiana 47250
Funeral Home: Morgan & Nay Funeral Centre, 325 Demaree Dr., Madison, Indiana 47250
Cause of death: sepsis due to pneumonia & urinary tract infection lasting 1.5 weeks
Other conditions: arterial Fibrillation
Autopsy? No
S28 Obituary, "Ends Life with Shotgun" The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana), 7 June 1934, page 4, Col. 7. Ph11981-021.jpg
NOBLESVILLE, Ind., June 7 (Spl.) -- Arthur Foulke, age forty, owner of a garage at Arcadia, committed suicide at his home, yesterday afternoon by blowing off the top of his head with a shotgun. The body was not found until several hours later, when members of the family returned home. no reason for the act is known.
S29 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 25 June 1934, page 4, Col. 6 Ph11983-002.jpg.

(C. M. Gentry, Atty.)
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the judge of the Circuit Court of Hamilton County, State of Indiana, Administrator of the estate of Arthur Foulke, late of Hamilton County, deceased.
Said estate is supposed to be solvent.
Newton Wiles, Administrator.
June 11, 1934
June 11-18-25.
S30 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Friday, 17 Aug 1917, Page 1, Col. 3 and Page 6, Col. Doc4544.pdf

Not Satisfied Because of Their Exemption Claims Were Denied
Board Began The Examination of 120 More Young Men Today
There are thirty-one young men in Hamilton county examined by the conscription board last week who are not satisfied because the local board denied claims for exemptions and have appealed to the District Board at Indianapolis. All of these thirty-one except two claimed exemptions on the grounds of dependency. The two [Arthur probably being one of these] said they were members of the Friends church and the discipline of that organization forbids its members from bearing arms.
The board completed this list of appeals today. It is as follows:
Martin H. Mallery, Noblesville.
. . .
Arthur Foulke, Cicero
. . .
S31 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Friday, 17 Aug 1917, Page 1, Col. 3 and Page 6, Col. Doc4545.pdf.

Medical Examinations Likely to Be Concluded This Evening
Twenty-Seven Were Rejected Because of Physical Defects
The County Conscription Board began its third and last day's work on medical examinations Wednesday morning. Before the day is over they hope to examine the third one hundred that has been called to help fill the county's quota of 148 and if this job is finished this evening or tonight the board will begin work early tomorrow morning p[assing on exemptions. This forenoon 188 exemptions had been filed and these must be gone over carefully before there is a final decision as to whether or not those who have passed the necessary physical examination are accepted. Those who are going to claim exemptions for any reasons must file their applications with the board not later than this evening, other wise they will not be considered.
Should they want to present their exemption papers at a later date the privilege will not be granted and if these young men should pass the physical examination they will be taken in the service without any additional ceremonies.
The Board examined 93 Tuesday. Of this number 66 were accepted and 27 were rejected. Rev. F. F., Bray, Clarence Jerrel, Don Jenkins, and lewis Bray are assisting the board as clerks.
Those accepted and rejected yesterday were as follows:
. . .
Arthur Foulke
. . .

S32 Newspaper Article, Arthur Foulke, Probate Notice. Noblesville Ledger (Noblesvile, Indiana), Saturday, 28 March 1936, page 2, Col. 4. Ph11990.jpg.

(C. W. Day, Attorney)
Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Arthur Foulke, deceased, to appear in the Hamilton Circuit Court, held at Noblesville, Indiana, on the 15th day of April, 1936, and show cause, if an, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares.
WITNESS, The Clerk of said Court, this 23rd day of March 1936.
Chesley E. Baldock.
Clerk Hamilton Circuit Court.
(SEAL) Mch. 24-31-Apl. 7.
S33 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 17 July 1917, page 2, Col. 2 & 3, Arthur Foulke, Record Link

The following is the fifth installment of the young men of Hamilton county who registered for military service and the new serial number given each by the County Conscription Board:
Col. 3:
1114--Arthur Foulke [ID0086]
1120--Robert Earl Ross [ID0085]
S34 Newspaper Article:  Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Friday, 9 Nov 1917, page 6, Col. 1, 2, 3. Ph11981-032.jpg

Roster Contains Many Names Familiar in Hamilton County

Many soldiers from Hamilton county are at Camp Taylor, Ky., and it will be of interest to know something about the organization to which they belong. Most of them are in Battery ?? 325th Field Artillery. Recently [a] fund was raised amounting to something over $100. In a few days subscriptions will be closed, and the money sent to the Battery. This organization is largely from Hamilton county, and the names of the soldiers will be familiar to our people. AT the request of those in charge of the fund Captain Charles C. Rees, their Commander, has furnished the roster, which is here published for the information of all concerned:
Charles C. Rees, Captain; . . . The Privates areas follows: . . . Arthur Foulke, . . .
S35 Newspaper Article:  Newspaper Article, "The Exemption Claims of Fifty-Eight Boys Denied" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana),. Tuesday, 14 Aug 1917, page 1, Col. 5, page 6, Col 2 and 3. Arthur Foulke, ID0086. Doc4547.pdf.

First Announcement of Conscription Board On Matter of Exemptions
SAID EVERYONE ON LIST IS MARRIED [not true, Arthur Foulke not married at the time]
Local Government Agent Ordered To Appeal All Dependency Cases

The county conscription board posted the names of fifty-eight men Tuesday for army service. They are men who had filed exemptions but they board denied their claims. It is the understanding of the board that all of them are married. With less than half a dozen exceptions all of the fifty-eight based the exemption claims on the grounds that they had wives and children depending on them for support. A few claimed that their parents were depending on them for support. It is the intention of the board to have a partial list of the exemptions which will be granted ready for publication tomorrow. However, the complete list of these claims which have been accepted and rejected will not likely be finished until the latter part of the week.
Prosecutor Mendenhall, who has been appointed to represent the government in this conscription work, received a telegram from Washington Tuesday ordering him to appeal every case where the local board grants exemptions on account of dependency. This is a new phase of the situation which the Hamilton county board nor Mr. Mendenhall had any knowledge of until the message came and they take it to mean that the government is going to be very strict on the exemption question. The following is the list of the men that was posted in the office of the Sheriff Tuesday morning for military service because (Continued on Page 6) their exemption claims had been denied: . . . [Col. 3] Arthur Foulke, Cicero. . . .
S36 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Thursday, 3 Jan 1924, Page 6, Col. 4. Doc4550.pdf

Arcadia News Items:
Arthur Foulke is again working at the Llg Car and Tractor Co., after enjoying several weeks vacation. Mr. Foulke is known far and near as an expert mechanic and the firm is glad to have him back again.
S37 Newspaper Article:  "List Local Boys Who Expect to Be Called First", Arthur Foulke. Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana) , 24 July 1917, Page 1, Col. 1 and Page 5, Col. 4. Doc4553.pdf

Page 1, Col. 1:
While The Allotment Is 146 About Three Hundred Will Be Summoned
Much Maligned Number "13" Was Vindicated In The Draft

The much maligned number "thirteen" was vindicated by the army draft Friday. While many young men in Hamilton county scanned the number as they were drawn expecting to be called with No. 13 well up in the first division, the capsule containing the supposedly ill-fated number must have been reposing on the bottom of the glass bowl used in the drawing. Thirteen was the y809th number drawn, leaving that class well outside of the first army. To be sure it is quite possible that some men who held 13 as their serial number insist that it is unlucky, as they wished to be drawn early.
But opportunities to serve Uncle Sam in the war are still open to volunteers. Number 13List Local Boys Who Expect to be called Fist in Hamilton county was held by John D. Brandon of Fishers.
Men personally interested in the relation of the numeral "2" to the draft were relieved when the figure failed to appear in the list until 10811 other numbers had been drawn. Many men whose understanding of the draft regulations were hazy expected Nos. 1 and 2 to swing them into the war service among the first.
According to the latest information the quota for Hamilton county is 146 About double that number will be in the first call in order to take care of all of the exemptions that may come up. The names published below will probably b e the first boys called from this county. The names appear in order in which they were drawn at Washington. The numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. at the beginning of teach paragraph indicate the order in which the numbers were drawn. The serial numbers follow:

Page 5, Col. 4:
154--1114 Arthur Foulke.
S38 Newspaper Article, "Steel in his Eye" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Friday, 11 May 1923, Page 1, Col. 1, Doc4557.pdf.

Arthur Foulke, of Arcadia, is suffering from an injury to his eye that is causing him a good deal of pain. Foulke is employed by the Llg Car and Tractor Company and on Tuesday, while working with some of the machinery, a sliver of steel struck him in the left eye. the eyeball was scratched and it became necessary for him to have the assistance of a physician. It is not believed that the eye ball is inpured [injured] permanently or that the sight will be impaired in any way.
S39 Newspaper Article, The Sheridan News (Sheridan, Indiana), 1 Dec 1911, page 1, Col. 1. Doc4573.pdf
The Wainwright Trust Company has been appointed guardian for Artur Foulke, son of the late Geo. Foulke, of Jackson township.
S40 Newspaper Article, "Rev. Lutes Head New Lions Club at Arcadia" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 14 Nov 1930, page 7, Col. 4. Doc4574.pdf.  
S41 Newspaper Article, "More Boys Accepted for Service" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 30 Aug 1917, Page 6, Col. 5. Doc4577.pdf

Seventeen Have Been Certified For Service in New National Army

The county conscription board received from the third district board Thursday morning the names of the following Hamilton county boys who have been certified to the government for service in the new national army:

Talford James Denny, Westfield.
Arthur Foulke, Cicero.
S42 Newspaper Article, "Arcadia News Items" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana) Thursday, 29 March 1923, page 14, Col. 5. Doc4578.pdf

Edw. Ilg and Arthur Foulke were Indianapolis visitors Tuesday [27 March 1923].
S43 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 31 Oct 1933, page 2, Col. 5. Doc4579.pdf

Lee Sowers, Ira Black, Arthur Foulke and Harvey Hiatt have returned from Chicago where they attended A Century of Progress.
S44 Newspaper Article, Tipton Daily Tribune, Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, 30 Oct 1933, Page 5, Col. 6,, Arcadia, Arthur Foulke, Century of Progress, Chicago., accessed 4 Apr 2013

"Lee Sowers, Harvey Hiatt, Arthur Foulke and Ira Black spent Wednesday night and Thursday in Chicago where they attended the Century of Progress and also saw the Graf Zeppelin." (25, 26 Oct 1933)
S45 Newspaper Article, Guardianship Notice for Mary Foulke. Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Tuesday, 14 Nov 1933, page 1, Col. 2. Doc4549.pdf  .

Arthur Foulke, guardian for Mary F. Foulke, in making a report to the court, shows receipts to the amount of $134.29 and expenses in the sum of $931.50, leaving a balance of $2.79. The land of the ward has been leased to O. C. Robbins, the guardian reported.

Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger, Monday, 24 Sept 1928, page 6, Col. 5. Robert E. Ross Vs. Mary F. Foulke and Arthur Foulke. Ph11981-015.jpg

"Robert E. Ross filed a suit in court, Monday, against Mary F. Foulke and Arthur Foulke, as guardian of Mary Foulke. The plaintiff is represented by R. R. Foland and Christian & Waltz and is asking $9,000, representing advancements made to Mrs. Foulke, he alleges in the way of materials, labor, repairs and replacements of property on her farm. An itemized statement of the expenses of the plaintiff is contained in the complaint."


Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Thursday, 19 July 1928, page 1, Col. 4. Doc4551.pdf.

The Court has granted Arthur Foulke, guardian for Mary Frances Foulke, the privilege of borrowing $3,500 and has increased the bond of the guardian $7,000. The money, it is understood, will be used for the minor child.


Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), Wednesday, 23 Jan, 1929, Page 6, Col. 1. Doc4552.pdf.

In the estate of Mary Foulke, who is living with her daughter Mrs. S. C. Phillips, at Sheridan, the total receipts by the guardian were $6,066 and the expenses were $5,975.


Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 4 Nov 1927), page 4, Col. 4. Doc4582.pdf

(Gentry, Cloe & Campbell, Attys.)

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will receive bids on or before November 26, 1927, at the Office of Gentry, Cloe & Campbell, for the dale of the Mary F. Foulke farm, consisting of 109 acres, on the Cicero and Sheridan Pike, one mile east of Range Line Road.
Good fertile soil. Ten room house, slate roof, barn 40 x 60 feet, other out-buildings and tenant house, three driven wells and one flowing well.
Terms: Cash one-third and balance in six and twelve months.
Arcadia, Indiana.
Nov. 4-11-18
S46 Newspaper Article, "Jackson Township Registrations" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 13 June 1917, page 4, Col. 3, 4. Doc4585.pdf

Those Who Registered in Nine Precincts for Military Service

The official list of military registrations in Jackson township is as follows. With the publication of the list, the Ledger has printed the name of eery young man in Hamilton county between the ages of 21 and 30 who registered for military service on June 5th:

Deming -- . . . Arthur Foulke, . . .
S47 Newspaper Article, Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 18 April 1916, page 6, Col. 5., accessed, 15 Jan 2018. 

"Arthur Foulke, of Arcadia, was at home over Sunday [16 Apr] with his mother."
S48 Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 3 Oct 1931, Page 4, Col. 4., accessed 15 Jan 2018. Doc4587.pdf

Much Moving Reported In Northern Part of the County
ARCADIA, Ind., Oct. 3.---Three families exchanged farm residences Saturday, when Glen Gunning and family moved to the farm known as the Lewis homestead a few miles west of Arcadia; Arthur Foulke and family moved on the W. G. Jones farm, southwest of Arcadia, and W. G. Jones to the place vacated by Mr. Gunning near Buffalo Corner. The three men had exchanged or traded the Foulke farm of 115 acres which is well improved.
S49 Newspaper Article, "Comment" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 12 Sept 1940, page 1, Col. 1 and page 4, col. 2., accessed 16 Jan 2018. Doc4589.pdf.

S50 Arcadia Notes" Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 12 Jan 1921, page 2, Col. 4., accessed 16 Jan 2018. Doc4590.pdf

Arthur Foulke and family of Bakers Corner have moved into the Gordon's property, Mr. Foulke has excepted employment in Kellams garage.
- Added to RM-7
S51 Newspaper Article, "Will Make Butter on a Large Scale" The Hamilton County Ledger (Noblesville, Indiana), 11 Oct 1904, page 1, Col. 5., accessed 2 March 2018. Doc4673.pdf.

Will Make Butter on a Large Scale
     George Foulke, a prosperous farmer of Jackson township, has concluded that there is money in what some people on farms consider insignificant things and is arranging to engage in the butter business on a large scale.  He is milking nine cows now and expects to add to this number in the near future.  He is already shipping from 50 to 60 pounds of butter every week and he hopes to increase the output to 100 pounds weekly.  He has just completed a 60 ton silo and is remodeling his barn.  He is a natural mechanic and has the reputation of being the most up-to-date farmer in his neighborhood.



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